Satisfying a Problem Resident


Jake watched the alarm clock that sat on the heater at the end of his bed impatiently. Eight forty-two the bright red LCD digits glared. Only eighteen more minutes before he had to report the front desk for duty. He secretly hated his job as an RA especially in the dorm building that was primarily for freshmen, but needed it for the money. Besides the Job had its perks, such as having a room all to himself. He was just hoping he couldn’t finish the response he was writing before his biology class that was due at midnight tonight. All he had left to write was conclusion for he was response, which normally didn’t take him to long. He knew he could easily finish it before he had to report for duty at the front desk in the lobby, but damn, was he feeling horny at the moment. He was conflicted between watching a quick porno to jerk off too, maybe just for like ten minutes to get it out of his system, and then head to the front desk. It was only him on duty tonight from nine until one in the morning and nothing was worse than going on around while trying to conceal a boner. Jake started searching for a video, just of some cute girl giving a blowjob. He was on his favorite porn site pornhut while he began gently massaging his nine-inch cock through his jeans. He saw tons of recommended videos show up when he searched the term “cute girl gives blowjob.” However, none of the videos were quite right for him. He was very indecisive when it came to watching porn, and usually had to browse through a couple of them before finding just the right one to jerk off to. Unfortunately, he had lost track of time while browsing through porn videos as his alarm clock now read eight fifty seven. Three minutes before he had to be at the front desk, which was much too short for him to jerk off let alone find a porno to jerk off to. “Dammit,” Jake thought to himself as he closed the pornhut window on his laptop then packed away his laptop. His boner that had arisen from browsing through videos was still very visible and was tightly pressing against his jeans. He quickly grabbed his RA staff sweatshirt since he knew the sweatshirt was big enough to fall past his hips, hopefully just enough to cover his massive boner. He walked out of his room with his laptop tucked under his arm and quickly locked the door to his room. He headed down the hallway and into the lobby where the front desk was. The lobby was peculiarly active on this Wednesday night, with people playing pool, air hockey, and even a small crowd gathered in front of the huge flat screen TV that was across the lobby from where the desk was. Jake saw two of his residents playing pool, Mackenzie and Steve as Mackenzie was teasing Steve about how bad at pool he was. “Watsup Jake?” Steve said after taking a horribly aimed shot that didn’t even hit any of the balls on the table he seemed to be going. “Oh, not much, just signing in for duty tonight,” he said as he quickly walked past them to the front desk. Jake couldn’t afford to be even a second late since his RD Danna had been on his ass all semester about being late for duty. Waiting at the front desk was Sharron, the other RA he was on duty tonight with. He figured she would be there first as she usally liked to sign in at least five minutes early before they started on rounds. “It’s about time you showed up,” she said to him as he approached the front desk. “I told you earlier I was gonna be here on time,” he said to the petite redhead. He had a slight crush on her in the beginning of the year, but abandoned the thought of it after he found she had a boyfriend back home. Jake had only been late once before for duty, and that was only because his alarm didn’t go off when he was taking a power nap before he had to sign in, yet still Acıbadem Escort he hadn’t heard the end of it. When he got to the front desk, he quickly called in on the radio that was stationed to the desk. “Hello, this is Jake, the RA signing on for tonight, starting at eight fifty-nine,” he spoke into the radio where all the calls were logged by the main operator at campus safety. Jake blew a sigh of relief that he had made on time as indicated by the clock mounted on the all above the flat screen. Just by a minute. He then recorded what he had called in on his radio in the RA staff logbook and then signed out the portable radio that was assigned to his building. He looked at Steve and Mackenzie playing pool in which it was quite clear that Mackenzie beating Steve by a lot. “Man, you suck at this,” Jake overheard Mackenzie giggle. He always saw the two of them together yet always questioned their relationship. Steve was tall and gangly looking with unkempt wild brown hair and also a pretty nerdy looking guy which was evident by his Star Wars T Shirt. Mackenzie on the other hand looked as if she could be the polar opposite of him. She was a girl of average height with long blonde hair and a curvy body, the kind that would make any guy walking by her take as second look at her. Jake himself knew he was guilty of this plenty of times. “Why is she always with that loser? Maybe he’s fucking her really good,” Jake though since he figured Mackenzie could probably get any guy she wanted with her curvaceous body and charming personality. Jake himself didn’t know if they were officially a couple since he didn’t ever see them showing any affection towards each other in public, and never bothered to inquire either of them if they were anyways. Jake reached into his jean pocket to check his phone only to realize that he had forgotten it in his room in the hurry to sign in on time. “Fuck! What am I gonna do now?” he thought to himself. He could go get it now and tell Sharon that he would be quick since he knew she usually liked to start a round as soon as both her and the other RA on duty for the night had signed in. “Wana start a round now?” she asked him just as he had expected. They were supposed to do between 3-4 rounds on a weeknight and 5-6 rounds on a weekend, but Jake never likes starting early. Usually the residents expected the RAs to start rounds right at nine. Jake always thought it best to start around ten after nine, just to catch residents off guard. “If you want to, sure. But I have to just grab my phone first. Left it in my room,” he told her. He slowly got up, being careful enough to make sure his boner was still hidden (even though it was starting to go away, probably from the relief that he thought Sharon hadn’t noticed it when he came to the front desk. “Sure, just don’t be too long,” she responded. “I won’t,” Jake said as he headed back towards his room. He was about halfway down the hall where his room was, literally just about to unlock his door, when he noticed at the end of the hallway was a girl fumbling to unlock her door while holding a half empty bottle of Vodka in the other. The girl was Alice, whom Jake had labeled his “problem resident” because the majority of times when he wrote someone in his section of the building up, it was usually her. Alice was quite a wild party girl, always coming back late in the early hours of the morning still drunk in some cocktail dress that barely covered her. She had to be one of the most obnoxious people in his section since she always fought him on everything he wrote her up for such as all the times she had been caught trying to smuggle alcohol into her room, just one of her many offences. She was a pretty good looking Acıbadem Escort Bayan girl though, with her slender body and cute face that had short wavy brown hair flowing down from it. It was a shame she always had to be such a problem with Jake. He knew he had to go and confront her about it as much as he didn’t want to at the moment; for if he didn’t stop her he knew for sure Sharon would find out that Alice was drinking in her room at write her up for it, and then probably inquire if had known about the incident beforehand. Jake figured he could just lie to Sharon and say he had know clue that Alice was drinking, but he was already sort of on thin ice as it was. Jake therefore went into his room first and grabbed his phone before heading to Alice’s room to confront her about what he just saw. He came out again to lock the door, noticing that Alice must have finally gotten into her room in her drunken state. Her roommate was probably gone too he figured, because Alice’s roommate hated when she had any type of alcohol in the room and usually reported her straight to Jake. “Hopefully this won’t take long,” he thought as he walked down the hallway and knocked on the door. No answer. He knocked again. “RA,” he said knocking a third time and still not getting an answer. “Alice, it’s me Jake. I know you have a bottle of vodka in there. I just saw you go into your room with it.” Finally after saying this, the door opened a crack a and Alice’s cute face popped out with an innocent look on it. “What are you talking about Jake?” she asked, pretending she had no clue why he was knocking on her door when clearly she knew why. He hated when she pulled this stunt. It always just delayed the inevitable of her being written up. “The vodka you just came into your room with?” he asked in an accusing tone. Alice then opened the door wide enough for Jake to come in, which he did to further investigate. As he looked around the room for the half-empty bottle, Alice crawled under her bed to fetch the bottle. Jake stared at her ass, which was very nicely shown off in the denim short shorts she was wearing. This made his boner start to rise again, making him feel a little uncomfortable since he knew he couldn’t just leave until he was done with Alice. She popped out from under the bed with half empty bottle of Grape Smirnoff that Jake had just seen her go into her room with a moment ago. “You mean this? It’s just water. Honestly,” she said maintaining her cute and innocent look. Jake rolled his eyes at her right after she said this. It was an excuse she had used whenever she got caught with Vodka that he was just tired of hearing it now. “Alice, I’m not stupid. I know it’s Vodka. And you know you’re not supposed to have it in this building,” he said to her in a firm tone. “But…it’s not even mine. I’m just holding on to it…for someone else,” she said in a drunken stutter. “Alice, I know you’ve been drinking tonight. I can practically smell it on your breath,” Jake said now starting to get frustrated with her consistent excuses. Alice looked down at the ground as if she finally had run out of excuses. Jake took this opportunity to catch a quick glimpse of her chest while she wasn’t looking where his eyes were. Her boobs were relatively small, though you could still see her figure usually whenever she was wearing one of her many tight tank tops; one of which she was wearing tonight. This once again made his cock press against his jeans, though Jake just couldn’t help himself. Alice may have been a trouble maker, but damn, did she have a nice body. She then looked up at him with a devilish grin on her face as Jake quickly looked back up at her. “Well…if you know I’ve been drinking tonight, then Escort Acıbadem you also know I get pretty slutty when I get drunk,” she said taking a step towards him. This was another fact about her that Jake knew. Sometimes she would come back to her room completely hammered with a guy standing behind her, and later he would hear her screaming “Harder!!! Hader!!! Fuck me HARDER!!!” He tried to ignore this fact because he knew it would only make him hornier at the moment, and Alice certainly wasn’t helping. She took another step towards him, now with her mouth nearly touching against his as she spoke. “How about I make a little deal with you this time? You don’t write me up for this little “incident” and I give you a blowjob. Deal?” she said. “Alice…I uhm…can’t do that…I could lose my job over something like that,” he said nervously to her. He could smell the vodka quite potently on her breath now that she was so close to him, however he was too aroused at the moment to care. “Shhh….I won’t tell if you won’t tell…” she sang into his ear before planting a trail of soft kisses down his neck. “Besides…it looks…, no, feels like you could use one,” she said as she put the vodka bottle down and then placed her hand on his crotch. She could easily feel his boner while she began to gently massage Jake’s cock through his jeans. Jake tried as much as he could to resist, but it felt so good to him to feel her hand pressing against his cock and gently stroking it. Jake realized he was far too horny to resist Alice’s offer, and therefore decided to go for it. “Fine, you win then,” he said before placing a hand on the back of her head at pushing their mouths together; his tongue entering her mouth as they embraced in a slow, passionate kiss. “I always do,” she grinned after their kiss as she unzipped Jake’s jeans and pulled his now fully erect cock out of his boxers. “Oh my, I didn’t know you were this big,” she said looking down as cock, slowly jerking her hand on it back and forth. “Oh really?” Jake said as he watched her hand on his cock. “While I have actually wondered about it before,” she giggled, lowering herself to her knees and putting her mouth right in front of his cock. “You dirty girl! Thinking about how big your RA’s cock is?” he said to her teasingly. “I am a dirty girl, with a dirty mind,” she said smiling as if she was proud to say it. Then she slowly wrapped her mouth around the head of his cock. She slowly continued inching her mouth down the long shaft before stopping halfway and slowly pulling back. Jake let out a soft moan as he felt her wet and warm mouth sliding down his cock. Suddenly a thought interrupted them as he pulled out of her mouth. She looked up at him hesitantly. “Something wrong?” she asked. “Nope, just being careful,” he said as he locked the door to her room. “Wouldn’t want anyone walking in on us, would we?” he added while slowly jerking his cock himself. “Certainly not” she grinned. Jake walked back up to her mouth and gently slipped his cock in past her lips. She continued slowly inching down on it and pulling out a bit, going further and further down on his cock each time. She began to gag a little when she got all of him in her mouth as she felt the tip of his head poking the back of her throat, but she didn’t care. He pulled out of her mouth again. “Now what?” she asked looking up at him. “Oh nothing. I just wana see some tits,” he said smiling down at her. “Sure thing,” she said as she took off her tank top, then her cute pink lace bra that she was wearing underneath. “You like what you see?” she asked him. “Very much,” said Jake as he grabbed and gently massaged each of her boobs. They were nice and smooth, a little on the small side but not too small, with some perky pale nipples on top. Jake then put his cock back in her mouth as he stared happily at the bare tits he was now seeing while getting his cock sucked. She began to increase her pace going down his long shaft, going faster and further down on his cock each time only stopping to occasionally lick down the sides of his cock.

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