Sarah’s Photos

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My Facebook friend Sarah from Australia told me how she’d finally worked up the courage to seduce her Daddy. She asked me to write it down for her, so here it is. Congratulations Sarah!

When the TV show was over, Sarah was ready. She’d been waiting for this moment for months. She’d been unable to think about anything else for days. No, it was worse than that. She’d been waiting for years. Yes, years. Now she was tense, nervous, scared, but, most of all, horny. Very horny. She had to do it or she’d jump through her skin. It was now or never.

Sarah had finished her bedtime shower. It had been a long shower and she’d given her pussy extra attention because it really needed it. Now she was in her night clothes, just a tank top and panties, looking like she was ready for bed, but that wasn’t quite the truth. She was ready for bed alright, but not for her own bed. Not for sleep.

She’d planned carefully. The photos were all organized on the computer. She had a lot of photos — Good photos, good lighting, good poses, nicely arranged in a logical order. She’d taken some of them herself and her bf David had taken a few. There was even some that her bestie Amber had taken of her and David together. The best ones were ready in slide-show mode with the first photo already on the screen. That first photo was conservative, just a pretty head shot of Sarah wearing her favorite red top, her beautiful smile radiating. Gorgeous. A perfect first photo.

David and Amber had helped with the planning and had encouraged her to do what needed to be done. They’d helped her select the photos and helped her imagine what her Dad might say and what Sarah might do. They’d helped her work up her courage, and now she was ready.

Her Dad was watching the TV and the show was over now. It was the time. Sarah was ready. She called out to him.

“Daddy, can I show you something on the computer?

He turned off the TV, looked at her and came over. “Sure. What’s up Sweetie.” He saw the first picture on the screen. “That’s a great picture. You’re such a pretty girl. Is that what you wanted to show me?”

Sarah answered, “It’s one of the things. I’m thinking of posting some pictures on an Internet site and I wanted to show them to you to see what you think.”

Daddy had a puzzled face, “What Internet site?”

“I’ll show you,” Sarah answered. “But first I want to show you the pictures.”

She clicked the mouse and the second photo appeared. It was a full-body shot of Sarah outdoors, in a park somewhere, in a skimpy two-piece blue bathing suit. Her breasts were almost spilling out. Very sexy, but it was a little distant, not a close-up. She let Daddy take a look, watching his face out of the corner of his eye. He’d seen her in this bathing suit many times so he wouldn’t be too surprised. He was puzzled, but he didn’t comment.

She held her breath and clicked the mouse, and the third photo appeared. It was the same park, the same pose, but no bathing suit. Naked. All naked. She knew he’d say something now. There’d been a few “accidents” here and there over the years, but Daddy hadn’t really seen her naked since she was five years old. This was the big moment.

“You’re naked! You’re putting a naked picture on the Internet?” He looked away from the computer screen and at her.

Sarah looked back, trying to be calm. “It’s OK Daddy. I just said I was thinking about it. That’s why I’m asking what you think.” She hoped that would calm him, just a little. Then she added, “It really gets me going thinking of thousands of boys looking at my body. I have a great body and I want people to look at it. It’s fun. There’s nothing wrong with that. Lots of girls do it now.” He didn’t look convinced so she added, “It’s not like it was when you were my age.”

Daddy looked at her with an intense expression that she didn’t know how to interpret. “You want me to look at your naked pictures?”

Sarah knew he’d say something like this and had rehearsed what to say. “Please look at the pictures Daddy. I’m not embarrassed for you to see me naked. I want you to. You’re my Daddy and I love you and want you to see how pretty I am. Please look.”

She didn’t give him a chance to answer and clicked the mouse. The next photo was from the waist up, topless, close-up, same beautiful smile, but nobody would be looking at that. Her tits were the main feature. They were big and beautiful. Her nipples were perfect and hard and firm and shining. She remembered that David had kissed and licked them just before he took the picture so that they’d be stiff and wet and glistening.

Daddy was looking at the screen now and she didn’t give him the opportunity to look away. She clicked the mouse from photo to photo to photo. Full body, nude, from the side, showing her butt and the profile of her tits. Then a close-up of one tit, from the side, hard wet nipple in profile. Then seated on the grass, naked, legs slightly open. Then seated on a park bench naked, legs more open. Then lying on her back on a bed, bareback studios porno naked, legs wide open. And finally, a nude full-body shot, a little more modest than the legs-open photos. Very, very pretty.

Sarah had many other photos, of course, but had decided that the raciest ones should be saved for some other day. There would be plenty of time to show Daddy the close-up of her pussy with lips held wide open. Or the shot of David caressing her tit, or the one of David on top of her with her legs wrapped around his back, or the one of David’s cock in her mouth. Or the beautiful pinup that David had taken of her and Amber naked and kissing, If everything went OK today, there would be plenty of time to show those to Daddy. But first, everything had to go OK today.

She left the pretty full-body photo on the screen and stopped clicking the mouse.

Daddy had looked away from the computer once or twice but had looked back when Sarah asked him to, “Please look Daddy. Don’t be embarrassed. I’m not.”

The slideshow was over now and Sarah and her Daddy looked at each other. Daddy didn’t know what to say so Sarah led the conversation the way she wanted it to go. “Do you like the pictures?”

Daddy was speechless for a few moments, then answered, “You are beautiful.” He paused, and continued, “But posting them on the Internet for everybody to see?” She saw that he was sweating. It was hot in Sydney in January, but that wasn’t why he was sweating.

Sarah had her answer ready, “I don’t have to post them if you really don’t want me to. I want to though. I want people to see me. But if you really think it’s a bad idea, I won’t do it.” After a pause she looked at him and saw that he was a bit relieved, so she got to the important part, “I especially wanted you to see. I couldn’t show these pictures to thousands of strangers and not to the one person I love most in the whole world.”

She waited for him to digest that. He seemed to be taking it well, and he was looking at her with kindly eyes, trying to understand. He wasn’t angry so she continued, “Daddy, I want you to see me naked and to see how pretty I am and tell me I’m beautiful. Will you do that? Please!” She leaned over and kissed him, then smiled. “Please?”

Daddy answered, “Sweetie, you are beautiful. I know that and I’ve told you that. You are very beautiful and I’m very proud of you. I really am.” He reached out and hugged her and Sarah felt his big warm arms wrap around her. “But I need to think about putting pictures like that on the Internet.”

Sarah broke the hug. “Daddy, it’s not just about the pictures. I want you to see me in person. Will you look at me?” After just a brief pause to gauge his reaction, she lifted her top over her head and stood in front of Daddy, wearing only panties. She looked at him again, then took those off too. Now she was naked. Completely naked. Daddy looked away. She gently took his arm and turned him toward her. “Please look. I want you to. Please! There’s nothing wrong with being naked in front of family. Lots of people do it. Please?”

Daddy was silent. She’d known he would be. Either he’d be silent or he’d just turn and leave. He didn’t turn and leave. He stayed. She knew that he wanted to look but he thought that fathers aren’t supposed to do that, so he was looking at her face, not her body. Sarah knew she’d have to take the initiative, so she took his hand in hers and placed it on her tit and held it there so he couldn’t take it away. He’d look now.

His hand was still and that wasn’t good enough, so she moved it to her nipple and used his hand to stroke her nipple. “Touch me Daddy. They’re not holy relics, they’re just me. You can touch.” Then she picked up the other hand and put it on the other tit, on the nipple.

Daddy took his hands away. “We shouldn’t do this Sarah. You are beautiful and thousands of men would love to touch you, but I’m your father.”

Sarah took his hands back, holding them in hers and put them back on her tits. She held them there so he couldn’t take them away. “Please touch me.” His eyes were on his hands and her tits, just where she wanted them.

Daddy’s hands were still. She wanted them to explore her body, all over. Everywhere. But they weren’t moving. “Are you afraid you might lose control and do terrible things to me?” She giggled and Daddy smiled and laughed and didn’t comment. She knew that’s what he was thinking.

Then she looked Daddy straight in the eye, worked up her courage and said, “That’s what I’m hoping for.”

That caught his attention. Daddy’s face snapped up and he looked at her, astonishment on his face. Sarah spilled it all. “I’ve wanted you to make love to me since I was 14. These past couple of months, it’s all I can think about. All day I’m thinking about what it would feel like to have you on top of me, moving inside me. Sometimes even when I’m fucking David, I’m thinking of you.”

Daddy winced when she said “fucking,” and Sarah realized czech amatör porno that he didn’t like it when she used that word. She hadn’t meant to do that, so she back-tracked a bit and talked about love. “I love you so much. I need you to make love to me. Please make love to me.”

Daddy didn’t respond. His whole life he’d been taught that fathers don’t have sex with their daughters. It was Page 1 Number 1 in the “Daddy’s Handbook of Things Not to Do.” Sarah knew that. She also knew that he loved her dearly and didn’t want to do anything that might hurt her. She also knew that he was a man who had his hands on the tits of a beautiful young girl, the kind of girl that every man desired. It was her job to convince him that it was OK to do what he really wanted to do.

She let go of his hands and lifted his shirt. She lifted it over his head and he didn’t resist. He released her tits and moved his arms into the air so she could take the shirt off, and she threw it to the floor. Sarah looked at his chest, big and muscular, and at the chest hairs flecked with gray. She touched his chest and ran her hand through the chest hairs, and felt the tingling between her legs getting louder and louder.

Daddy was a real man. A real grown-up, with a real man’s chest. All the boys she’d had since she was 14 were just that—boys. Even David, as wonderful and sexy as he was, still had a boy’s body. A 19-year-old boy still has a boy’s body, not like a 19-year-old girl, who was a real woman. Sara knew she had a real woman’s body. Daddy was a real man.

Finally Daddy spoke, “Are you sure you want to do this.”

Sarah was sure. “I’ve been sure for years. I’m not a little kid anymore. I’m not even a teenager. I’m old enough to know what I want, and I want you to make love to me. I’m sure of it.” She put her hands on his face and gave him here sincerest look, hoping it would convince him.

He didn’t say No. He didn’t move away. He wouldn’t be able to say Yes — Sarah knew that. But he hadn’t said No, and that meant Yes.

Sarah moved her hands to his belt and began to open the buckle. She didn’t ask. She didn’t even look at his face. She gave him no opportunity to tell her to stop. She just did it. She opened the belt and unzipped the fly. Daddy did nothing to stop her. She dropped the trousers to his knees and was relieved when he lifted his legs a bit so she could take them off. She could see a bulge in his boxers and knew what must be underneath.

Finally, she took hold of the waistband of the boxers and lowered those. She hadn’t seen more than a fleeting glimpse of Daddy’s cock since she was a tiny little girl, but in those fleeting glimpses she’d seen that it was good and thick, even when it was soft. She’d certainly never seen his erection but she’d often imagined it. Now she finally got an opportunity to look at the real thing and it was everything she’d hoped it would be. For some reason, she’d assumed it would have a dramatic upward tilt like David’s did, but it stuck straight out, not upward. It was a little shorter than David’s but a little thicker. Manly and hard and meaty, nestled inside a great tuft of pubic hair, the same hair that was on his chest, continued down his stomach, and wrapped around his cock and balls. Perfect.

She wanted to touch that perfect cock, to rub it, to kiss it, to suck it, but most of all to feel it inside of her. She knew she would.

Sarah took Daddy’s hand and put it back on her body. He didn’t take it away this time, and instead he did what men are supposed to do with a beautiful girl. He touched her. He stroked her tits with both hands and teased the nipples. He moved his hands down her side and stroked her hips and her butt. Then he came back to her tits and kneaded and pushed and pulled on the nipple, just the way she wanted.

Sarah held her Daddy’s cock and admired it, not at all embarrassed to look. The pubic hair was a little gray. That surprised her but it shouldn’t have — after all, Daddy wasn’t as young as David. She felt herself getting more wet inside and her clit was throbbing, but it was still untouched. She wanted to touch it herself but decided she’d rather wait for him to do it. She knew he would.

It was time to kiss now, so they did. Sarah wasn’t sure whether Daddy was kissing her or she was kissing him, but it wasn’t important. They’d kissed often, father and daughter, but not like this. This time it was the kiss of lovers who’d hungered after each other for years. Their tongues were together. Their lips were together. Her hands were wrapped around his big strong muscular back and his were on her soft white butt. His hard cock was against her leg and she could feel it was a little damp. Her pussy was against his thigh and it was damp. Very damp.

Sarah and Daddy kissed for a long time, then they broke the kiss and looked at each other, looking into each other’s eyes. Daddy’s eyes were conflicted but Sarah’s weren’t. He wasn’t sure they should be doing this, but she was czech bitch porno as sure as she’d ever been about anything in her life. She took his hand and led him to his bedroom.

Sarah pulled back the sheet. She didn’t want to do this under the covers. She wanted to fuck– raw and naked, nothing in the way, nothing covering, nothing hiding. Raw and naked.

Sarah and her Daddy lay down next to each other on the bed, on their sides facing each other, both hot and sweating in the summer heat, and they resumed kissing. He put his hand on her tit and massaged it roughly. As much as Sarah enjoyed the touch, she wanted something more, so she moved his hand between her legs, opening a bit to admit him. He’d had years of experience with women’s pussies and knew just what to do, and his fingers opened her lips and used the wetness to very gently and carefully massage her clit.

She stroked his cock and felt it get wet and felt how hard it was and how slippery the head was getting. They kissed and their tongues were together and their eyes were closed. Sarah felt Daddy’s fingers on her clit and his cock in her hand and their tongues together and their lips together and, lost in her emotions, sighed with pleasure.

Sarah had often imagined what it would be like to have Daddy go down on her, how it would feel as his strong tongue opened her inner lips, and how it would caress her clit from side to side, and how it would go deep inside her, and how the stubble of his beard would feel against her thighs and her butt cheeks. She wanted that, but that would have to wait because she wanted something else more.

“Fuck me Daddy,” she whispered. Those were the words she used and that’s what she wanted. It was a fucking she wanted, not love making. Fuck me Daddy. Fuck me Daddy. It was all she could think. It was all she could say.

Sarah rolled onto her back and opened her legs. Daddy climbed on top and Sarah pulled her knees up to admit him. He used his hands to guide his cock into her. The big hard manly cock slid in and they began fucking. Sarah put her feet on his back and moved with him, moving her legs with every stroke. She rearranged her hips just a little so that he was in just the right place.

They were fucking, and Daddy was breathing hard, with moans at each stroke. She knew he’d be vocal—she’d heard him through the thin walls when he’d had girlfriends visiting. His moaning added to her pleasure and she joined him, making little noises with each stroke. Sarah wrapped her arms around his back and held him tight, digging her fingers into his muscles. She felt his chest hair against her tits and he kissed her neck, and they were fucking.

Then Daddy lifted his chest up a little and moved his mouth to her nipple, and began to lick, to kiss, and then to suck, using his lips to pull the nipple hard into his mouth. Then he stopped sucking and used his tongue to massage her nipple, stroking it up and down in rhythm with the strokes of his hips. And they were fucking.

Now Sarah was making bigger noises. His tongue was on her nipple and his cock was moving inside her and her clit was rubbing against his pubic hair. All in rhythm, all in sync, all adding to the pleasure. The pleasure built and Sarah’s noises built and Daddy’s tongue was hard against her nipple, very firmly now, and Sarah’s butt lifted off the bed to meet Daddy’s thrusts and Daddy’s breathing and moaning was heavier now, and Sarah felt an orgasm take over her body. Sarah screamed and shuddered and curled her toes and dug her hands deeper into Daddy’s back. The orgasm overwhelmed her, for a long, long time, and just when it started to go away, it came back, even harder the second time.

When the orgasm finally started to subside, Daddy lifted his head from her tit and looked at her, smiling. She smiled too, then grabbed his head, moved it toward her, and kissed him. No tongue this time, just kisses. “Thank you Daddy,” she said.

Now it was Daddy’s turn. Sarah wanted to give him as much pleasure as he’d given her, so she worked hard, moving her hips up and down to meet his every thrust. She encouraged him, “I want you to cum Daddy. Cum inside me.” Her hands moved up and down his back.

Daddy’s moans got louder now, like the moans she’d heard through the wall many times, and she knew he was ready. He was pumping faster and harder now and Sarah could feel his cock firm against the walls of her pussy and knew he was cumming. He lifted his head a bit and she could see his eyes were closed and his face was contorted and his lips were open. Daddy was cumming inside her. After all these years of waiting, it was finally happening. She paid careful attention to make sure she didn’t miss a thing. She wanted to remember this moment forever – the first time Daddy came inside her. She felt his cock quivering with spasms, deep inside her. She watched his face with the eyes closed and listened to his grunt, and savored the moment.

When Daddy was finished and quiet again, he fell against her breast, sweating, wet, breathing hard. Sarah stroked his head and his broad strong shoulders. When he caught his breath, he lifted his head, and this time it was he who kissed her. They kissed for a long time, sweating together in the summer heat and the sex, until finally it was too hot and he rolled off of her.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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