Sabella , Malcolm Ch. 09


“That was an excellent meal,” Malcolm said joining Sabella on the back porch.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it,” Sabella replied.

“You were kidding about me learning to cook weren’t you?” Malcolm asked sitting in one of the rocking chairs on the porch.

Sabella didn’t answer him, she just smiled.

“Sabella,” Malcolm said.

“It’ll be simple,” Sabella said smiling at him, “and it won’t be tomorrow.”

Malcolm relaxed a little.

“This place is so beautiful,” Sabella said looking around. “It’s hard to believe that in fifty-five years it’s going to be divided up into acres with house on almost every acre. It almost makes me want to cry.”

“I guess that means at some point I sold this place,” Malcolm said.

“I guess so,” Sabella agreed sadly. “Almost makes me wish I hadn’t seen it as it is now.”

The sun was setting creating a beautiful lighting effect off the trees as its rays seemed to dance around them like children at play.

Sabella pulled out her digital camera from off the floor next to the chair she was sitting in, stood up and began taking pictures from every angle of everything around her.

“Can I take your picture?” she asked Malcolm.

“Why would you want to take my picture?” Malcolm asked.

“In case I wake up, and I’m not here,” Sabella said. “I’ll have some tangible proof that I was here, you were real, and I won’t forget you.”

“You won’t forget me,” Malcolm said getting up and walking over to her. “Just like I won’t forget you.”

“Because of the way I just showed up in your life?” Sabella asked.

“And the way you look with the sun glowing behind you right now,” Malcolm replied. “Its like a halo glowing around you, making you look like an angel prepared to bless me with anything I want.”

There was something in Malcolm’s eyes that sent a shiver through Sabella’s body. Mabel’s word filled her mind.

“Would you take my picture please?” Sabella asked feeling the need to change the mood between her and Malcolm.

“If you’ll show me how,” Malcolm replied.

“Sure,” Sabella said handing her camera to Malcolm. “It’s really easy. All you do is look at the screen in the back and when the image is as you like it, you click this button,” Sabella said showing him the shutter button. Malcolm held up the camera and looked at the screen.

“Where do you want me to stand?” Sabella asked.

“You decide,” Malcolm replied.

Sabella looked around the yard and decided that the traditional pose of sitting on the corral fence would be perfect.

As she was deciding where she would pose for her picture and walking toward the corral fence

Malcolm took her picture unbeknownst to Sabella.

“How is this?” she asked after she climbed up onto the fence, crossed her legs and smiled.

“That’s great,” Malcolm said looking at the screen, at Sabella’s smiling face and pressing down the shutter button.

“How about you taking one with me?” Sabella said.

“How do we do that?” Malcolm asked.

“Come here,” Sabella said crooking her finger at him.

Malcolm made his way over to her.

Sabella took the camera, held it out at arm’s length and put one of her arms around Malcolm’s shoulders, her head close to his, adjusted the shutter to where she felt their faces would appear in view finder, said say cheese and pressed the shutter button taking their picture.

“Let’s see what we got,” Sabella said turning the camera over and pressing the display button. An image of her and Malcolm appeared on the screen.

“That’s amazing,” Malcolm said looking at the image.

“Let’s see the one you took of me,” Sabella said. She pressed the display button and an image of her appeared on the screen.

“You take a very good picture,” Sabella said looking at the image and clicking on the next one.

“Thank you,” Malcolm said looking away from the image at Sabella. “It helps to have a very good subject.”

“Thank you,” Sabella still looking down at the other images.

Sensing his eyes on her, she looked up at him.

They stared into each other’s eyes. That things was in his eyes again and Sabella recognized what it was this time.

He wanted to kiss her. Would he, would she let him?

The questions were answered when Malcolm eased his arms around Sabella’s waist. He waited a few seconds to see if she would object to him touching her. He let out a breath when she didn’t move away or tell him to stop.

Malcolm pulled her body close to his when Sabella’s arms came up and went around his neck letting him know she knew where he was going, and she wanted to go with him.

They looked into each other’s eyes and their lips slowly headed towards each other like two magnets being drawn together. When the sound of someone clearing their throat reached their ears ruining the moment.

They both turned to see Frank walking towards them.

“I knocked on the front door,” Frank said slipping his hands into his back pocket as Malcolm and Sabella moved away from each other, adjusting their clothing muğla escort and behaving like two teenagers who had just been caught necking. “When you didn’t answer I opened the front door and came through the house.”

“I’m going up to my room,” Sabella said too, embarrass to be in Frank’s presences.

“Maybe you should find her a place among her own people,” Frank suggested, when he was sure was far away enough from them, she couldn’t hear what he was saying. “It might not be a good idea for her to continue staying here.”

“Maybe you should mind your own business and tell me why you’re here,” Malcolm replied, his frustration at being interrupted coming through in his voice.

“I came by to let you know that the men got everything you wanted done today,” Frank said, “and to let you know the stalls are ready for the horses that’ll be arriving tomorrow.”

“Thank you,” Malcolm said, “I expect you to be here when they arrive.”

“I’ll be here,” Frank assured him, “bright and early in the morning.”

“Good,” Malcolm replied.

“Malcolm,” Frank said.

“It’s not your business, Frank,” Malcolm said his voice tight and tense.

“I’m just a friend offering advice,” Frank said. “You and her are against the law. The only way this thing stands a chance is for you and her to leave Texas, and you know there’s, no way you’ll ever leave Texas, not even for her.”

Malcolm thought about how Sabella talked about how in 2009 the ranch had been broken up and turned into a subdivision with a house on almost every acre. He knew in order for that to happen, he must have sold the Double M at some point.

‘Maybe that’s why I sold it,’ Malcolm thought to himself, ‘to be with Sabella.’

“Are you listening to me?” Frank asked noticing the far away look on his friend’s face.

“I hear you,” Malcolm lied coming out of his thoughts.

“But you’re not going to take my advice are you?” Frank asked.

“I’m going to ask you not to tell anyone what you saw tonight,” Malcolm said to his friend ignoring his, friend’s question. “I need to be able to assure Sabella, she’s not in danger of being thrown in jail.”

“You have my word,” Frank said. “This is your home, you and Sabella are grown ups. All I ask is that you both be careful.”

“We’ll be careful,” Malcolm said. “Oh, the Sheriff knows about Sabella.”

“What?” Frank said stunned by what he’d just heard.

“Sit down, let me explain the situation to you,” Malcolm said.

By the time Malcolm finished Frank was shaking his head.

“Is Mabel alright?” Frank asked.

“She’s fine,” Malcolm assured Frank. “Sabella stitched and bandaged up her hand.”

“Did she go see Dr. Benson?” Frank asked.

“There wasn’t any reason for her to see Dr. Benson,” Malcolm replied. “Sabella stitched and bandaged her hand up.”

“Okay,” Frank said, “as long as Mabel was treated.”

“She was, Sabella took care of her,” Malcolm said talking slow and distinctly as if Frank was having a hard time understanding what he was saying.

“So, if the Sheriff asks about anyone named RaeLynn, he’s talking about Sabella,” Frank said changing the subject and hoping he was getting things right.

“Yes,” Malcolm said. “RaeLynn is Sabella’s middle name. She’s using it while she’s pretending to be her own assistant.”

“You’re giving me a headache,” Frank said rubbing his head.

“I’ll simplify it for you,” Malcolm said. “If the Sheriff asks you about a colored woman named RaeLynn, he’s talking about Sabella. He still thinks Sabella is my white houseguest and RaeLynn is her assistant who’s helping out until Mabel’s hand gets better.”

“So, you’re saying I shouldn’t let the Sheriff know that RaeLynn and Sabella are the same person,” Frank said summarizing the entire situation.

“Yes,” Malcolm replied.

“That’s all you had to say,” Frank told him. “People make things so complicated. I’m going home and I’ll see you bright and early in the morning.”

“Thank you, Frank,” Malcolm said.

“Nothing to thank me for,” Frank said as he walked away.

Malcolm went into the house to find Sabella. He found her in the kitchen cleaning up. Not saying anything Malcolm picked up a dishcloth and started drying the dishes and putting them away.

“Frank won’t tell anyone about what he saw tonight,” Malcolm said after a few minutes.

Hearing his words, a plate Sabella was holding in her hand slipped from her hand into the dishwater. Malcolm went over and put his arms around her to try and calm her down.

“What were we thinking?” Sabella asked leaning against his chest.

“We didn’t do anything wrong,” Malcolm said tightening his hold on her.

“Maybe not in 2009,” Sabella said, “but in 1954 it’s wrong and the only reason we didn’t do anything wrong is because Frank stopped us. We have to stay away from each other, change our thoughts about this entire situation. We can’t do anything that can get us into trouble or bring the Sheriff to your door.”

“The Sheriff won’t muş escort be knocking at our door,” Malcolm said, “and I wanted to kiss you. I still want to kiss you, and you wanted to kiss me.”

“We can’t do that,” Sabella said trying to be the voice of reason.

“Yes, we can,” Malcolm said, “inside this house, we’re not breaking any laws, and I’ve been dying to kiss you for days.”

“You have?” Sabella asked her eyes wide with surprise.

“Yes, I have,” Malcolm said tightening his hold on Sabella

“I don’t think we should to this, Malcolm,” Sabella said knowing that if he tried to kiss her, she would let him.

“You’re right, we shouldn’t think about it, we should just do it,” Malcolm said pulling her closer to him until her breast brushed against his chest. “I want to kiss you Sabella, I want to know how your lips feel on my mine and this is the only way for me to find out.”

Sabella held her breath and closed her eyes as Malcolm’s lips neared hers.

A shiver moved through her body when his lips lightly touched her lips.

“Open your eyes,” Sabella,” Malcolm said his warm breath lightly brushing over Sabella’s skin creating goosebumps.

Sabella slowly opened her eyes.

“Now watch me kiss you,” Malcolm said his voice husky, low and filled with a just a hint of desire.

She watched as his lips neared hers and a second later they were pressed on against hers. Sabella’s arms did as they had done outside and found their way around Malcolm’s neck.

Malcolm’s arms tightened around Sabella holding her so tight that they were meshed against each other, chest to chest, stomach to stomach, groin to vagina.

Sabella gasped when she felt his erection rub against her vagina, Malcolm took the opportunity and slipped his tongue into her mouth deepening the kiss.

Feeling her core beginning to churn Sabella pressed it harder against his hardness causing Malcolm to groan and his hands to glide down her back to her derrière.

Malcolm gripped her bottom and pressed her harder against him causing their clothing to become an unwelcome and impenetrable barrier, they both wanted to rip away.

“We need to stop,” Sabella said pressing her hand against Malcolm’s chest ending the kiss.

“I know,” Malcolm said still holding her and placing butterfly kisses all over Sabella’s face.

“I don’t want to stop, but you’re right we should stop.”

Malcolm leaned down and took her lips again. Sabella fell into the kiss, got lost in the way it made her feel. She wanted the kiss to continue, so she could continue enjoying the way it made her feel, but she knew she and Malcolm had to talk about them and the consequences of what was about to, or could happen between them.

“Malcolm,” she said taking her and pressing it against his chest again, ending the kiss.

“I know,” Malcolm said once again placing butterfly kisses all over Sabella’s face and neck. “I just can’t seem to top kissing you. You taste, smell and feel so good.”

“You do too,” Sabella said, “but we can’t do this, it’s useless for us to even go down this road. Nothing can come out of this it can only leave us hurting, wanting and lonesome.”

“I understand what you’re saying,” Malcolm replied. “But, I see nothing wrong with us living in the moment. I can live with memories of what it feels like to kiss you, to hold you in my arms, and what your lips taste like better than I could, wishing that I had taken the opportunity to find out and realizing I let the chance slip by me. What I’m saying is I can stand the knowing, better than I can the not knowing.”

“But, you have to live here Malcolm,” Sabella said her heart filling with pain at just the thought of what he might have to go through for giving into his desire to be with her. “If people find out about us, their reactions could be very…very….”

“bad,” Malcolm said finishing her statement.

“I can’t bear the thought of you facing the anger of these people alone,” Sabella said.

“I won’t turn my back on this because it might anger people,” Malcolm said his tone showing his determination. “I won’t even walk away from it because it scares you. I want this Sabella for as long as it lasts, and I believe you do too. You’re just not willing to give in to it. You’re worried about the what ifs, instead of enjoying the right now’s.”

Sabella couldn’t argue with Malcolm on that point because he was right the what ifs is what she was afraid of.

To her the what ifs were big, they were scary and could be dangerous for her and him. The what ifs could be something neither of them would survive.

“You know in the bible it says that tomorrow isn’t promised to us,” Malcolm said bringing Sabella out of her thoughts. “I think that means we should live each day as if it were our last. We shouldn’t let the what ifs control us on something as important and precious as this moment. In other words, we should be basking in what we feel right now, this moment and nothing else.”

“So you’re saying if you want to kiss nevşehir escort me, and I want to kiss you, we should.”

“You got it darlin,” Malcolm said a hint of mischief in his eyes.

“Then kiss me cowboy,” Sabella said leaning into him.

Malcolm tightened his embrace and slowly brought his lips down to meet Sabella’s as she brought her arms up and wrapped them around his neck.

She moaned when Malcolm’s tongue eased between her lips and her tongue slid between his as the kiss deepened between them.

As his body began to react to the kiss Malcolm did the gentlemanly thing and tried to keep Sabella unaware of his erection this time.

“You know I am a doctor,” she said after the kiss ended. “I do know how the body reacts when it’s aroused.”

“You do?” Malcolm said blushing because he wasn’t used to discussing sex so openly with a woman, especially one he was so interested in getting to know.

“Yes, I do,” Sabella replied teasing him, “and it’s nothing for you to be bashful about or ashamed of. It just lets me know that you like me a little.”

“Woman I like you more than a little,” Malcolm said.

The way Malcolm’s eyes seemed to glow as he spoke those words sent a shiver down Sabella’s spine.

“May I kiss you again?” Malcolm asked.

Sabella answered his question by kissing him. Malcolm rested his forehead against Sabella’s forehead, and they stared into each other’s eyes both set of eyes asking the same question: What lies ahead for us?

They stayed outside for quite awhile the first night of their relationship finding out things about each other. Like Sabella’s favorite color was red and Malcolm’s was gold. Sabella liked summertime and Malcolm preferred the fall. They both liked rainy days and the sound of it falling on a tin roof.

Sabella surprised Malcolm when she said she didn’t like alcohol at all not even a glass of wine with her dinner.

For Malcolm a glass of wine with dinner was a good way to end the day and an occasional beer wasn’t too bad either.

He was glad to learn that Sabella liked horseback riding, and that she was and that she was an avid sports fan but not for her home team, since they had gotten rid of some of her favorite players.

She turned her back on them years ago and hadn’t been interested at all, in how they were doing in their perspective divisions or leagues.

Sabella told him, her parents were dead, but she didn’t seem to want to talk about how long they had been dead. She told him she had a really good relationship with them when they were alive, and that she missed them.

She told him about her little attempt at changing the goody-two-shoes image her parents and Mark had of her and her family’s reaction to her little attempt.

“You moved in with a man you weren’t married to?” he asked his tone showing his disdain for the idea.

“Yes,” Sabella said. “That’s not a bad thing to do in the future. It’s very common.”

“Wow,” Malcolm replied. “Did you sleep in the separate rooms?”

“No,” Sabella said. “We slept in the same room and in the same bed.”

“And this was an acceptable thing for a couple to do?”

“Yes.” Sabella said.

“Your parents were okay with this,” Malcolm asked.

“No,” Sabella said becoming upset at Malcolm’s attitude. “My father tried to strangle the man I was going to be living with, when I told him. Mark had to hold him back but then Mark tried to strangle him and my father had to pull him off the man”

“I don’t blame either your father or your brother for wanting to strangle him,” Malcolm said a streak of jealousy shooting through him.

“I managed to keep that from happening by reminding both my father and my brother that it was my decision to move in with Edward,” Sabella said. “I also reminded Mark that he was living with Regina and they weren’t married at the time.”

Sabella watched Malcolm’s face for signs of disapproval as she told him about her relationship with Edward.

Malcolm managed to keep his face neutral as he listened to her talk about her relationship with Edward, but he couldn’t keep his emotions out of his eyes.

Sabella saw everything from his jealousy to his disapproval.

The only reason she didn’t get up and walk away from his was because she understood that they were living in different situations in different times.

“I lived with Edward and I slept in the same bed with him, but I didn’t have sex with him,” Sabella said.

A look of surprise and disbelief appeared in Malcolm’s face and the question of, why appeared in his eyes.

“My father thought that my moving in with Edward was done to shock my family,” Sabella said. “He was right. I wanted to show my family that I could be adventurous, surprising and daring, but I didn’t love Edward. I put him off for four months by telling him, I wasn’t ready to sleep with him, but he eventually realized that I would never be ready to have sex with him, so he ended our relationship.”

“Were you hurt when he ended it?” Malcolm asked noticing the sadness in Sabella’s eyes as she spoke.

“No,” Sabella said. “I was glad when he ended it and ashamed of myself for using him the way I did all that time. I wasted four months of his life holding up a temptation, he had no hopes of getting because I wasn’t woman, enough to tell him.”

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