Room 14 – Meeting My Master Pt. 03


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Room 14: Meeting my master. Pt. 03

The lights of the streets reflected on the pavement, it had been raining. I started walking home and thought that this was the first time I had wanted to meet a guy again. I was so intrigued, I didn’t even knew his name and yet he knew mine. He wanted to make me his slave, which scared me. Still, I craved for his hands to touch me again or at least to listen to his voice telling me nasty things. I got home and felt my body ache in a different way. Finally, I grabbed the phone and typed.

“I want to meet you again.”


A week passed since this stranger introduced me to the BDSM world. Between my work and the gym, I was eager to meet him again. Dating apps and porn had lost their appeal, as I was finally interested in one particular man. I remember I would check over and over my inbox just to see whether he had messaged me. After our first encounter, his last message was ‘I’ll let you know when we can meet.” which was a bit disappointing. Little did I know, that we would meet again so soon…

It was the following day, a Sunday morning that I decided to hit the gym. I was feeling a bit stressed and decided to go and do my routine. I put on my shorts and a grey sweatshirt and went there. As always, the gym was almost empty at that time so I could use the machines freely and check myself in the mirror without worrying about other people. I wasn’t the biggest guy in the gym, but I took pride in my muscles. My ass was definitely feeling the burn after doing so many squats that morning. I completed my routine and headed to the showers, my body all drenched in sweat.

I was taking some stuff from my locker, when all of a sudden I saw him.

There he was, casually entering the locker room wearing a dark gray suit and looking all tall and handsome. He was carrying the same duffel bag I saw in the room. It only took seconds for me to panic, my closeted gay ass was not ready to meet this guy in such a place.

He left the duffel bag on the bench and looked at me.

“Hi, there. Damian.” He said in a low voice.

He was using my name for the second time. He came closer and my back hit the blue lockers. I felt terribly nervous and embarrassed. With a towel in one hand and him in front of me, some dirty thoughts flashed through my mind. “Nice and clean, I can’t let my boy be all dirty and sweaty” His voice and the memory of being cleaned like a dog, flashed through my mind.

“What…what are you doing here?” I replied trying to put myself together.

“Are you following me?” I added sounding a bit paranoid I must admit.

A genuine smile appeared on his beautiful tanned face. He looked amused.

“Relax. This is my gym.”

“What do you mean?” I asked puzzled.

“Well…I’m one of the owners, I work in the accounting department.”

He explained looking down on me, as he was several inches taller than me. Although it was hard to believe as he looked nothing like an accountant aside from wearing a suit.

He then looked at the floor and looked at me like he wanted to say something. I waited for him to speak. He scratched his shaven chin and started talking.

“I must admit that this is how I got your name. I saw you one time before, when I came here to work out.”

” I wasn’t sure if I would see you again so I asked Melissa, the girl at reception, for your name. When we met, I realized you were the same guy. It was just a happy coincidence.” He said with his cool tone and deep voice.

“Oh… ok…” I replied feeling relieved that that was how he got my name and that he wasn’t stalking me.

Although, I was also excited to see him again and a part of me wished he was there to meet me.

“Anyway…” He said removing his tie and jacket, and looking at me with his sultry green eyes. He got close to my ears, and I could smell his perfume.

“Sadly, I’m not here to play with you, Damian. I’m here to work out.”

“But you can come to my room this evening if you want to.” He said softly looking at me with his determined gaze.

I covered my evident erection with my towel.

“O…Ok… sure,” I said with a firm voice trying not to seem intimidated by this god of a man.

“Great!” He said smiling.

As soon as he said that a guy entered the room, and he continued changing into his workout gear. The guy went by and greeted him.

“What’s up, Julian.” He said casually.

“Hey, how’s it going?” He replied, the guy walked past us into the toilet stalls.

It was a short interaction but the name was stuck in my head. ‘Julian’. That was the name of my master. I felt strangely happy that I knew more about him. I knew his job and his name. I was looking forward to the evening.

With bağdatcaddesi escort my peripheral view, I saw him changing into a black top and some navy shorts that revealed his strong muscular legs. He looked delicious. I just wanted him to take me right then and there. The tension was too much for me. We were the only ones there besides the guy that had just entered and was in the toilet. Quickly, he put all his stuff in the locker. He was ready for his training and I was ready to hit the showers. He was about to leave when he approached me.

“Hey…you better be on time this evening… or else I’ll have to discipline this body of yours.” He said casually touching my cock with the back of his hands.

He knew his words would send me to the edge. To say such things in a place where anyone could see us…

“Yes…sir…” I replied excitedly and ran to the showers.

I quickly turned on the water and tried to process what had just happened. My cock was rock hard so I had to take care of it, I couldn’t go home like that. Up and down my firm right hand jerked my cock. My left hand was supporting me against the white tiles, and my eyes were closed.

Feeling the warm water wash my sweat, I kept thinking of him: his hands, his eyes, that voice, that name, Julian… Man, he was driving me nuts… My body was craving for his touch, I couldn’t wait for him to use my body. One of my hands went down between my ass cheeks. My hole sucked two of my fingers right away. I was getting closer to an orgasm. After a minute or two, I was shooting my load in the shower.

I went back home and received his message.

‘See you at 5 pm.’

Quickly, the hours passed and I got ready to visit my soon to be master? I knew he wanted me to be his slave but I had no idea what that meant for me, all I was certain was that I loved to be near him and I wanted him to touch me. Even though we had only met two times, I was already captivated by him. He was so experienced, and his confidence made me feel like I could trust him completely.

As I was getting ready, my anxiety went through the roof. I didn’t know what to wear, I looked in the mirror and caressed my pale lean body. Lucky for me, my short blond hair didn’t need much fixing and I shaved pretty much every day. I took some black boxer briefs and decided to wear just a pair of dark jeans and a gray long sleeve shirt.


I looked at my clock and it was 16:45, I had plenty of time to get there. I was just some blocks away. As I was turning around a corner, I received a message.

“The front door is unlocked.”

“Enter and close the door behind you. “

“Come to my room.”

“I’ll be waiting for you.”

My whole body got excited, as soon as I read his message. My steps became faster as I approached the house. I went up the steps and I hesitated for a moment, but then I pushed the door and it opened.

I knew I didn’t want to keep him waiting, I closed the door behind me and walked the hall towards the room. I entered the room and saw him sitting in the middle of the room, there were some things on the bed next to him. He was looking stunning with some big leather boots, black shorts, and his chest harness. He was not to be messed with in that outfit and I was about to find that out.

I just stood there for some seconds waiting for his commands.

“Do you know what time it is?” He said in his calm and deep voice.

“It’s five o’clock?” I dared to ask.

“It’s five-oh-six, boy. You’re six minutes late.” He said looking at his expensive watch and then looking at me.

“But sir, I was here at…at five…at the door.” I tried to explain myself when I should have been asking for his forgiveness.

“Take off your clothes and get on your knees.” He demanded and I didn’t say a word. My instincts told me to shut up and just follow his instructions.

Soon, I dropped to my knees scared. I didn’t know what the punishment would be or if I should just beg for mercy. Either way, I could feel the excitement build up in my body. My cock was getting hard in my black briefs. This submissive side was something new to me, something that he had unlocked.

He got up and looked at the choker on the bed. Slowly, he picked it up and walked around me and I just followed the steps of his black boots around the room. Not knowing what was about to come. With his large hands, he put the same choker I wore last time, on my pale neck.

“Come lay on my lap, boy.” He demanded sitting back on his chair and patting on his huge muscular thighs.

Quickly, I crawled towards him following his command. He had a grin on his face that I hadn’t seeing before. His sadistic side was starting to show. I laid on his lap, feeling my whole chest and abs on his strong legs. It was the first time, my body was this close to his. His musky perfume filled beykoz escort the air as he took his right hand and started caressing softly my short blond hair. With his other hand, he began grabbing and touching my round butt over my dark underwear. I could feel his fingers trace the line between my ass cheeks.

“I’m sorry, master…” I managed to muster when suddenly I felt his big hand slap me on my ass making me jump in response.

“Agh!…” I yelled in surprise.

“Punctuality is very important to me, boy…” He lectured me while he caressed my ass cheeks. I knew he would continue with the punishment.

Slowly, he raised his left hand and dropped it fast and hard on my ass making a loud sound that combined with my moans. Over and over again. I could feel my head getting dizzy, my behind was at his mercy. He was spanking me relentlessly, sending waves of pain and pleasure down my spine.

“….please…agh…forgive me… master…” I pleaded in pain, although my cock was getting hard inside my underwear.

My thighs were feeling a burning sensation, and my body started to sweat from the excitement. I couldn’t believe I was getting spanked like a brat by this hunk of a man. I knew it was supposed to be a punishment but maybe I was getting addicted to pain.

“…Ahh!… I’m sorry… It won’t happen again..”

“Next time you better be on your knees and on time, boy. Understood?” He said next to my ear and pulling my hair with his right hand.

“Yes, master!… I promise.” I replied looking at him with my big brown eyes. He smiled at me looking like he was not finished with me just yet.

With his nimble fingers, he pulled my underwear down to the floor. My pale ass was slowly turning red and was now exposed to his touch. He grabbed my fat cock and began stroking it from behind. All the while, his thumb began to caress my twitching pink hole. I was moaning and biting my lower lip from pleasure.

Suddenly, I stopped feeling his hand as he grabbed something from the bed. Something hard and wooden was now pressing my ass cheeks. I felt goose bumps down my spine, as my mind tried to identify the object. His other hand ran down my back and held my waist. This was the real punishment.

A loud noise echoed in the room, as the wooden paddle slapped my flesh.

“AGHHh!…fuck!” I yelled arching my back.

His hand had been replaced by a spanking wooden paddle. Each time he swatted my ass, my whole body would jolt. I held onto the legs of the chair and tried to take the punishment like a man.

“Oh ..God!…I’m sorry… I..” I continued begging while the paddle continued to pound my ass.

His spanking grew steadily harder. I began to shake and yell after each hit. My cock dangling hard between my legs. The pain was too much. In the heat of the moment, he slapped me way too hard. My mind went crazy trying to recall the safe word…

“Fuck!… mercy…please..ff…fourteen..” I managed to muster while panting in pain, some tears had wetted my red face.

He stopped immediately and left the tool on the floor.

His hand caressed my head, soothing me. I felt him blowing and kissing my sore ass. His rough manners had changed into a gentle touch. My body was shaking. He pulled me up and I was sitting now on his lap. I looked at the ground avoiding his gaze.

“Look at me, boy.”

He grabbed my blushed face in his huge hands, and I stared at his green eyes. He got my face closer and kissed me passionately. In between kisses he kept telling me I was a good boy, making me feel so happy. The back of his hand caressed the side of my face drying a tear. Slowly, his hands went down my back and pulled me closer to him. I could his warm chest held by his harness, next to mine.

I put my hands around him as he held me tight. His mouth felt warm and inviting. Our bodies were so close together, his lips kissed me slowly for some minutes. Then he moved onto my neck, licking and softly biting until he got to my nipples. He pinched them softly and continued sucking on each one. I moaned in pleasure with my head pulled back. My hands were holding onto his strong neck.

All of a sudden, he stopped and told me to stand up. He cleared the bed next to us and told me to get on top. I was on my knees, naked with the exception of my choker, waiting for his instructions. My ass was still sore and red from the spanking.

He rummaged through his bag and took some pieces of fabric. He got on the bed in front of me. Even though he was on his knees too, he was still towering over me. Gently he grabbed my wrists together.

“There’s so much I want to show you….but I don’t want to scare you. So we’ll start slow.” He explained rubbing softly my wrists.

“Yes, master…”

“I usually use ropes but we’ll begin with this so you can get used to it…” His deep voice made my body tremble.

He caddebostan escort tied my wrists together with a red and silky piece of fabric. Then he pushed me back and tied my hands to the bed frame. I was firmly bound to the bed but the restraints were not hurting at all. He then proceeded to put a blindfold with the same soft fabric on my eyes. My breathing became fast and nervous, as I couldn’t see anything. Bound at his mercy, I couldn’t touch myself or see what he was doing.

“You are mine now, boy.” He whispered running his thumb on my soft lips and I instinctively began sucking it.

“You are only allowed to cum when I say so, is that clear?” His breathing felt close to my body and was making me hard again.

“Yes, master…”

The darkness intensified all my other senses. His warm breathing tickled my chest as he began sucking my nipples until they were hard. Slowly, he licked his way down my abs and reached my fat cock. His warm tongue wetted the head that was already dripping precum. He was driving me nuts. I felt the need to stroke my cock but my hands were bound, so I just moaned desperately.

I heard him laugh softly. He was delighted to have me right where he wanted me. He stroke my cock, which felt a lot smaller in his massive hand. His lips kissed the tip making lewd sounds.

“Oh… god… please suck it…” I pleaded.

But he continued teasing me. He then pulled my legs up, leaving my pink hole exposed. Gently, his hands caressed the rim of my twitching asshole. Soon, something warm and wet touched my hole. He was licking, moving his tongue up and down making me all wet. He pulled my hips up and he began to literally eat me out.

“..fuck….feels so good… master,” I mumbled, being so numb by the pleasure I couldn’t even articulate a sentence.

“You like this, boy?” He asked with his face buried between my ass cheeks.

“Yeah…fuck.. use my hole, master…” I was surprised at what I was saying.

With his expert hands, he spread my ass as wide as possible and spat on it. I was shaking from the excitement. He was teasing me too much and taking me to the edge. He continued kissing and licking, for what seemed an eternity.

Then I heard a rustling sound, he had grabbed something from the bag. A liquid fell on my ass. Soon, his fingers began pushing and sliding in me. I knew he was planning on finally fucking me with his huge cock so I was glad he was stretching me out first. Two of his fingers went right up my hole, while his other hand was firmly stroking my cock. It was so intense. Most guys would have just fuck me but he was actually enjoying making me crave for him. He was patient.

“Please…fuck me…please…” I begged him in despair. I needed him inside me.

He lowered my hips and I spread my legs, my hole was wet and ready for him. I heard something rip, and I guessed he was putting on a condom. I sensed the head of his cock pushing. It was so thick. I moaned loudly, while he softly touched my chest and my face. With a little pleasure, the head went inside. After that, it wasn’t that difficult for me to take the rest. I was a greedy bottom after all.

Still, I was surprised by the size of it. It felt huge inside, my body was trembling and adjusting to it. He continued slowly pushing it, inch by inch.

“You can take all of it, can’t you boy?” He commented on my hungry hole.

“Yeah…god… it’s so big…”

In no time, his balls touched my ass. I knew he was completely in. His hands held my legs and he started moving his meat in and out. Slowly at first, making me moan and pant. He was huffing in pleasure too, I knew he wouldn’t be able to control himself.

Soon after, he wasn’t moving but he was actually pounding my ass. The bed frame was creaking and I was yelling. Our bodies were making lewd slapping sounds in the room. He grabbed firmly my neck and began fucking me hard. I was in heaven.

At that pace, I could have cum at any second without even touching my cock.

“…Fuck!…Can I cum please?” I asked feeling my imminent orgasm.

“Cum for me, boy,”

“Oh god… I’m cumming…”

With his permission, I yelled and shot a ridiculous amount of cum all over my chest. My load was one of the biggest I had ever had.

Briskly, he pulled out and got close to my face. I stuck my tongue out waiting for his load. Hot cum was shot in my mouth and all over my face. He collected all of it with his hand and fed it to me. He removed the blindfold and I blinked, focusing on his handsome face. He had a satisfied smile. I smiled back. I was still tied to the bed frame, and I wanted to touch him so badly.

We kissed passionately, feeling our orgasms subside. He rubbed all the cum on my chest. Then he slowly untied my hands and wrists. He didn’t need to ask if I wanted to be his slave, because I was already his. With or without a choker.


Julian became my master that day, and I was happy to fulfill his every demand. After that day, he continued showing more things about bondage and the S&M world. I was eager to experience everything with him, so I began to regularly meet him in the same room.

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