Romina Ch. 04


After our first date, Romina and I meet in town for lunch. I see her walking up Union Street towards me and she looks knock-out. It is the middle of summer and sunny so she has dressed accordingly in a light knee length red and white floral pattern summer dress, white stilettos and a white hand bag. The red and white of her outfit compliments her caramel coloured skin and gorgeous shoulder length dark hair.

In her heels she is 6ft tall and turns heads as her hips sway as she walks. I smile to myself as she approaches, knowing how shocked her admirers would be if they knew about the magnificent secret between her legs and her overwhelming assertiveness in using it. Her perfume fills my senses as she kisses me hello, brushing her breasts against me as she slips her tongue into my mouth.

We go for a light lunch and have a couple of glasses of wine and she tells me how busy she had been with studying for her medicine course. There is a brief pause in our conversation and she looks at me softly.

“I’m really glad I’m with you Andy. You’re the only person I have met since being in the UK who seems to appreciate me for who I really am and is comfortable with my body.”

“I can’t remember what my life was like before I met you Rom. I have never met anyone else like you and the last few weeks have been a whirl wind of excitement which I never want to end.”

Rom smiles and reaches across the table, holding my hand and then kisses it.

“Do you fancy coming with me to do some shopping Andy?”

“Ok babe.” Then I have any idea. “Hey my friend Lucy who I told you about works part time in that posh shoe shop called ‘Hot Soles’ if you fancy coming to say hello and looking at some nice shoes?”

“What a good idea; after all a girl can never have too many pairs of shoes.”

We browse through a few shops and Rom buys some clothes for her to wear for her work experience in the hospital which is forthcoming. It is late in the afternoon by the time we get to the shoe shop.

We look in the window and there is a 1940s theme going on with cut outs of vintage war planes, models of retro cars, pictures of girls in retro pin up outfits and of course some very expensive and beautiful looking shoes on display from that era.

“Well I’m glad I didn’t know about this shop before otherwise I might be bankrupt by now.” Rom says laughing.

I open the door and see Lucy serving a customer. She looks great as she is dressed in a 1940s style outfit to compliment the current theme in the shop. Her shoulder length blonde hair has been styled with waves and she is wearing an expensive looking blouse, a fitted tweed pencil skirt and of course a pair of lovely period shoes with a delicate strap across the top of her feet. I notice she is also wearing seamed stockings and I wonder if she is wearing a suspender belt too in keeping with the retro theme. Lucy has even taken the time to apply her make up with a vintage look with thick red lipstick.

Lucy’s boss Gemma, who I had met before, is also dressed in a similar vintage outfit and they both look sensational. Gemma is in her early thirties, with long red curly red hair, fair skin, lovely green eyes and a wicked Scottish accent and sense of humour. I’ve always had a bit of a crush on Gemma and I admire her slender figure as she serves a customer.

As Rom and I walk in, Lucy notices us and does a double take as she sees us. She seems to get quite flustered and loses her concentration for a second as she operates the till. She packs the items in a bag and as the customer leaves the shop she comes over to greet us.

“Hi great to see you!” Lucy says as she kisses me hello.

“And you must be Romina?” Lucy is smiling as she looks into Rom’s eyes, shaking her hand.

“I think I have seen you on the hockey pitch playing for the first team and you’re a librarian too right?”

“Hi Lucy yes that’s right. I am pleased to meet you too and I love your outfit. Please call me Rom.” Rom is smiling as she looks Lucy up and down.

“Thanks honey I love wearing this stuff. Andy has told me all about you.”

Lucy then winces a little as she realises how that could be misunderstood.

“Oh has he now?” Rom laughs giving Lucy a little wink which makers her blush.

Gemma has also finished with her customer and comes over to introduce herself. We chat for a while about some of the clothes Rom has purchased on her shopping trip.

“Well guys I’ve got to dash as we are just closing up now, but Lucy will be happy to show you around and we’ll give you a discount on anything you like.”

Gemma then closes the blinds in the shop window and says her goodbyes to us.

“Honey why don’t you just sit down and I’ll bring up a selection of some of the latest designs from our vintage collection.” Says Lucy as she locks the front door of the shop and disappears into the store room downstairs.

Once Lucy is downstairs Rom sits down on a chaise longue in the middle of the shop and then reaches up under her dress, pulls down her Kurtköy Grup Escort white lacy panties and puts them in her handbag before straightening her dress.

“What are you doing?” I whisper and she looks at me coolly and simply makes a “shhhh” noise as she places a finger to her lips.

“You’re unbelievable girl!” is all I can say and she mockingly blows me a kiss.

“Oh I thought I could get to know Lucy a little better that’s all.” Rom whispers with a wicked look on her face.

Lucy comes back up from the store room with a selection of boxes and kneels down at Rom’s feet.

“What do you think of these slingbacks Rom?”

Lucy takes off Rom’s stilettos and slips the slingbacks onto her feet. Rom makes a point of holding out her long legs horizontally one by one right next to Lucy’s face in order to examine the shoes.

Rom stands up and models the shoes in the mirror.

“Wow you look great in those. I wish I had legs like you Rom.”

“Thanks flattery will get you everywhere sweetie.”

Rom swivels in front of the mirror to show off her incredible body to Lucy through her silky dress.

Lucy looks at me, silently mouthing the words “Oh my god she is so hot!”

Rom walks back over and sits down again on the chaise longue, reclining slightly on the backrest.

“They’re nice but the heels are not high enough for me, but I like the look of those open toe heels.” Rom says pointing to another box at Lucy’s knees.

“No problem honey.”

Lucy takes the slingbacks off Rom’s feet and replaces them with the red open toe heels which compliment the colour of Rom’s nail varnish of her big toes which are now visible through the front of the shoes.

“Ouch I’ve got a little cramp on the arch of my right foot – would you mind taking that shoe off again for a minute?”

“Of course babe would you like me to massage it for you?” Lucy asks eagerly.

“Thanks sweetie that would be very kind.”

“Mmmm that’s nice” purrs Rom as Lucy holds her foot with both hands and uses her thumbs to massage the arch. There is silence for a couple of minutes as Lucy does this, only interrupted by little noises of approval from Rom.

The foot massage is obviously having an effect on Rom. I notice a bulge starting to appear under the thin fabric of her summer dress. Now I realise why Rom wanted to remove her panties. At first the bulge is barely noticeable but then after a further couple of minutes of her foot massage, Rom’s cock has created a tent in her dress almost nine inches high.

Lucy is concentrating on Rom’s foot so does not notice this initially but then she looks up to check for approval again on Rom’s face.

“Oh….oh my god!” Lucy covers her mouth with her hands. The sexual tension in the shop is now palpable.

“Andy told me about you but I’ve never seen anything like this before…you’re so….it’s so b….. big….and you’re so p..pretty!”

Lucy glances across at me in a state of shock and I smile her.

“It’s OK Lucy.” Says Rom holding Lucy in her calm gaze as she leans forward. I can see Lucy trembling as she kneels there.

Rom then holds Lucy’s face with both hands and kisses her softly on the lips.

“Would you like to see what’s under here sweetie?” Asks Rom flicking her eyes at the bulge in her dress.

“Y..yeah..I…in fact I’ve been a bit curious about you.” Lucy says blushing again.

“Well then I’ll show you mine if you show me yours first.” Says Rom with a wicked smile.

“Oh…oh…OK then.”

Lucy stands up and slowly unbuttons her blouse to reveal her D cup breasts bulging inside her vintage bra.

“Andy why don’t you help Lucy out of her bra honey.”

I position myself behind Lucy and un-clip her bra for her letting it fall to the floor.

“Mmmm.” Says Rom stroking her cock lightly through her dress as she feasts her eyes on Lucy’s wonderfully ample breasts and erect nipples.

“Now Andy I want you to suck Lucy’s tits for me.”

I sense Rom transitioning into her assertive and dominant mode.

“But we’re friends!” I plead with Rom.

“Chill out Andy it’s no big deal. Just do as Rom tells you.” Lucy replies as she stares longingly at the bulge in Rom’s dress.

So I move round to Lucy’s front and lower my head to suck each of her large nipples one by one. Even though I consider Lucy to be a friend, the thought of doing this to please Rom is a real turn on and my cock is stiffening in my boxer shorts. Lucy is moaning and sighing with pleasure.

“Now take off your skirt too sweetie.” Rom directs.

As I suck Lucy’s nipples she reaches round and unzips her pencil skirt and wiggles her hips so it falls to her feet to reveal an exquisite retro suspender belt, panties and seamed stockings.

“Very Nice Lucy, now come and sit next to me so Andy can lick your pussy for me”.

Without even a second thought Lucy sits down next to Rom. She then hitches her thumbs down the sides of her exotic knickers and then slowly Kurtköy Manken Escort raises her legs and lifts her bottom so that she can remove her underwear. Lucy’s legs are together and vertical until she whisks her panties off over her shoes and then spreads her legs wide to reveal a neat little trimmed blond bush.

“Now lick her pussy Andy.” Rom says firmly.

I kneel between Lucy’s legs and can smell the scent of her pussy from her long day at work shortly before the tip of my tongue connects with her clit. She arches her back and her fingers are digging into the chaise longue as I push my tongue up her soaking cunt.

I look up and Lucy is toggling between looking into Rom’s eyes and the mountainous bulge in her dress. As I lap at Lucy’s womanhood I suddenly get the sense that Rom has the same power of influence over both men and women and this arouses me further.

Lucy starts to approach climax and starts murmuring that she is going to cum. As soon as Rom hears this she tells me to stop, so I dutifully do so and stand up with Lucy’s pussy juice smeared across my face.

Lucy is in a stupor at this point and looks at Rom with a wobbling voice asks “Please will you show me your cock now honey?”

Rom stands up slowly and coolly and then asks me to unzip her dress which I do so. Her dress falls to the floor so that she is standing in her high heals and nothing else. She looks incredible standing there with her tall, lithe womanly figure and fat throbbing she cock.

Lucy peers between her spread legs, and in awe, all she can seem to say is “I can’t believe how beautiful you are” as she stares at Rom’s massive cock.

“Will you please just put it in me now?” Pleads Lucy.

Rom does not respond as she stands in front Lucy, slowly lifting each of Lucy’s legs up so that they are pressed against her shoulders. Lucy’s pussy is fully exposed now and leaking its juice onto a damp patch on the chaise longue. The smell of sex is overwhelming.

Slowly Rom lowers herself towards Lucy so that her cock is almost touching Lucy’s gaping femininity. Lucy tries to thrust her hips onto Rom’s cock in desperation, without success.

Rom then forcefully presses her lips to Lucy’s and in one stroke her entire cock disappears into Lucy’s womanly body. Lucy’s scream of ecstasy echoes around Rom’s mouth which is still pressed firmly against Lucy’s lips.

I have undressed and am standing wanking myself looking on at this marvel of sexuality.

Rom starts to thrust her glorious hips slowly backwards and forwards so her balls slap off Lucy’s bottom. Lucy is yelling incoherent phrases as she her body adjusts around Rom’s pumping cock.

Suddenly I hear a key in the lock of the shop front door and as the door opens Gemma calls out “Hi guys sorry I forgot my purse” as her head appears round the door.

“What the fuck is going on?” Shouts Gemma, dropping her bags in shock as her mind tries to process the scene before her.

Rom withdraws from Lucy who protests in disappointment as Rom stands up, walking slowly over to where Gemma is standing. Her cock is slick with Lucy’s pussy juice and it is sticking out horizontally, swaying with her hips as she walks in her high heels.

Gemma’s eyes widen in disbelief. “Wh…what are you…..I…..I….I don’t understand?”

Rom stands confidently in front of Gemma with her hands on her hips, before reaching around Gemma’s shoulder to push the shop door closed.

“Do you like my body Gemma?”

Gemma has turned bright red and can hardly string her words together.

“You….you are beautiful but your th…….thing is bigger than my husbands!”

I can sense Gemma is becoming another victim about to fall under Rom’s spell.

Lucy laughs as she hears this which breaks the ice a little, as she lies there on the chaise lounge, with her legs spread, rubbing her clit. “Isn’t she wonderful Gemma, she’s the best fuck I’ve ever had and we were only just getting started!”

Gemma’s eyes flash from Lucy lying naked on the couch apart from her shoes, suspenders and stockings back to Rom’s cock.

“M….my.. g..god… are in…incredible!” Gemma stammers.

Gemma is trembling as Rom slowly inches her lips towards Gemma’s mouth. Gemma initially puts her arms up to press Rom away, but as their lips touch, Gemma relaxes as Rom kisses her deeply.

I start gently wanking my cock and Lucy is touching her clit, also enjoying the view.

Gemma and Rom pause from kissing briefly.

“I….I shouldn’t be doing this, I’m married with children.”

“It’s OK Gemma this is not hurting anyone.” Rom replies, kissing Gemma’s neck and pushing her big cock against her crotch.

“I…..I…..I guess you’re right and my husband hasn’t touched me in weeks.”

Gemma then moves to kiss Rom who presses her hands gently down on Gemma’s shoulders, so as to direct her head down towards Rom’s breasts.

Rom cups her breasts one by one so Gemma can suck her erect nipples. Kurtköy Masöz Escort Rom moans in delight. Gemma then kisses down Rom’s stomach and then adopts a squatting position in front of Rom’s pulsing cock which is still smeared with Lucy’s pussy juice.

Gemma hitches up her pencil skirt around her waist to allow her to squat down further. This reveals the same gorgeous vintage suspender belt, panties and seamed stocking that Lucy is wearing. These girls have really gone to town to support the theme of the shop.

Gemma spreads her knees either side of Rom’s legs as she squats there and a damp spot appears in her panties as she takes the head of Rom’s slippery cock into her mouth.

Gemma seems lost in a trance as she sucks Rom’s cock. One of her hands finds its way inside her panties and the other holds one of Rom’s round butt cheeks to steady herself. Her vintage red lipstick is now smeared around her mouth.

“Andy please can you make sure Lucy is not getting lonely.” commands Rom.

I move to Lucy, lift her legs back onto her shoulders and slide my cock into her. “Oh yes Andy!” Cries Lucy as she peers over my shoulder to watch her boss suck Rom’s slippery cock.

As the minutes go by there is silence in the shop apart from the sound of slapping skin and the moans of pleasure from all of us.

“Now let’s rearrange things a bit.” Says Rom who pulls her cock from Gemma’s mouth and leads her by the hand over to the chaise longue where Lucy and I are fucking.

Gemma is still essentially fully dressed apart from her skirt now being around her waist.

Rom positions Gemma so that she is on all fours on one end of the chaise longue. Her ass is at the end and her head is in the middle of the couch. I withdraw from Lucy and manhandle her into the same position at the other end of the chaise lounge so that the hot boss and her employee are now both on all fours and looking into each others eyes in the middle of the chaise lounge.

Rom pulls down Gemma’s wet panties around her knees.

“Mmmmm very nice Gemma.” Rom says as she looks on at the little ginger bush and then rubs the palm of her hand against Gemma’s mound from behind.

Rom then pulls a little bottle of lube from her handbag and pours a stream down Gemma’s butt crack before handing it to me so I can do the same with Lucy.

“Wait what are you going to do?” Yells Gemma in a concerned voice. “I don’t even let my husband put it in there!”

“I’m just going to give you intense pleasure honey. We can stop at any time if you want.” Purrs Rom.

“Gemma please don’t make her stop!” Lucy shouts.

Rom and I are now facing one another across the chaise lounge behind the exposed asses of each respective girl. Rom gives me a nod and I hold Lucy’s butt cheeks apart and ease my cock into her tight little asshole.

I can tell Rom has just done the same with Gemma by the scream she emits and the look of pain and ecstasy on her face. As Rom and I synchronise our thrusts, the two ladies start kissing one another between their grunts and screams and the slapping noise of skin on skin.

“Let’s not get too carried away just yet.” Says Rom after a few minutes. “Swap places with me Andy.”

So I withdraw from Lucy’s gaping ass and walk to the other end of the chaise longue to be greeted by Gemma’s gaping ass. Rom takes up the same position behind Lucy.

Rom then gives me a nod and we both thrust our cocks into the girls eagerly awaiting behinds. Gemma’s ass is so dilated from Rom’s huge cock that mine slips in with ease. The grunts and screams start up again.

I look across at my amazing girlfriend who is smiling at me as she fucks my best friend up the ass. I am in awe of her beauty and power.

“OK it’s time now.” Says Rom urgently as she increases the speed of her thrusts. I follow suit and can feel myself starting to cum. I can see by Rom’s face that she is starting to ejaculate and the noise from the girls is almost unbearable as my girlfriend and I shoot our loads into the asses of the gorgeous climaxing retro ladies.

We all collapse into a heap on the chaise lounge and spend a couple of minutes recovering. As I withdraw from Gemma, her ass makes a delicious farting noise as my cum starts to escape. I quickly pull up her panties from around her knees to contain the flow of my seed.

Rom pulls out of Lucy too and gives her a little pat on the bottom as she does so. Lucy looks round and beams a big smile at Rom as she does so.

Rom starts to get dressed and as she does so looks at Gemma, pointing to the lovely vintage red open toe heels she is wearing.”I’ll take these please honey.” Says Rom calmly.

Gemma looks shocked and stunned about what has just happening but switches back into professional mode, pulling her skirt down and smoothing back her hair in order that she can serve Rom at the till. To her embarrassment, I can hear little farts of my cum coming out of her ass and into her panties as she moves around at the till.

“How was that for you?” I ask Lucy mockingly who is now standing pulling her panties back up before buttoning up her blouse.

“Fucking hell Andy that was the most intense thing I have ever done. I can see why you are so besotted with her.”

Gemma packages up the shoes for Rom and I get dressed too.

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