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hey everyone im fine thank you but what do doctors really know lol…………

so yesterday morning me and harvey woke up and had a shower like usual and had are breakfast when we went to get dressed harvey got dressed in my clothes and i said to him “excuse me mr spencer but they are my clothes” harvey walked up to me and said “o i get it you just pissy becuase you would have been with kyle 5 years today” “thats not fair harvey how dare you. i dont care if you like it or not he was a big part of my life!!!! so deal with it” so harvey undressed and said “have your fucking stupid clothes back” so i walked out the room saying “o piss off harvey”

when i was ready for the day i got into my car and drove to mine and kyle spot and sat there for a while smoking cig after cig when a voice i havent heard in a long time said “i really didnt exspect you to be here today leon” i looked up and said “well we was good together kyle sometimes i miss that” so kyle took a seat and we talked for a while when a very uneasy question came up “how is your and harveys marrage going?” i paused before i answered and bit my tounge and said “we are good everything is great” kyle shock his head and said “your lying you still bite your tounge when you lie and you over Anadolu Yakası Escort did it on your answer” i laughed and said “admittedly we do have a few problems” kyle was acting a bit weird and i said “are you okay kyle?” he laughed and said “yeah its just i have a question want to ask you without you blowing up at me” i smiled and said “go for it” kyle took a deep breath and said “would we still have been together if i didnt cheat on you?” my heart started beatting a little faster because in the pit of my stomack i know the answer and said “yes kyle i would like to have thought so” anyway harvey called me on my cell and i answer it “where are you?” “im busy” and i ended the call

so i turned to kyle and said “i have to go but you look good kyle” me and kyle exchanged numbers and said “lets keep in contact” so i walked away from kyle and i got in my car and talked some sense into my self saying “he cheatted on you leon and you love harvey dont cross that line” so i drove over to britneys and said “we need to talk but you cant judge okay?” “sure okay” “i seen kyle today and he looks good he looks really good” “okay so whats your point” “i dont know let me be clear i love harvey but i cant help but think what if” “your playing a dangerous Bostancı Escort game leon harvey is your hustband you promised to love him until death does you part” “yes i know and i do love him so much” “leon there is one more thing you have to factor in your both going to be dads” “britney i know!!! dont you think i feel gulity enough for having these feelings” “are you going to tell harvey?” “yes of course i am i dont keep secrets from my hustband”

so i drove home when i was finshed talking to brit and i told harvey everything and like clock work he kicked off at me shouting and screaming and then harvey did something i never thought he would do he took his wedding band off and though it at me and said “get out!!!” i looked at harvey and said “you cant though me out harvey this apartment has my name on the deeds” harvey looked really serious and said “GET FUCKING OUT!!!” so i packed some clothes and went to my parents house and exsplained why i need to stay a few nights anyway about a hour later i got a message from kyle and it read hey leon i was wondering if you wanted to hang out over at the ice cream parler we use to go to so i messaged him back and said sure i will meet you there in 20 minutes

so i drove off and meet Erenköy Escort kyle and we talked for a bit anyway a woman came over to take are oder and kyle laughed and said “chocolate fudge sunday please with 2 spoons” i laughed at kyle and said “you remembered what we use to get” “i remember a lot of things about you leon but i never remembered the pain and sorrow in your eyes” “its nothing really” “its clearly something for you not to be happy” “its more trouble than what it is worth” so me and kyle ate are ice cream and we said bye to each other and we left when i got home my mom said that harvey has been round to find me and she told him i was out so i did yet more driving and drove over to my apartment as soon as i walked though the door harvey said “lets talk” and i walked over and said “yes lets because this is ball shit harvey you blowing up at me. yes i still have feeling for kyle i dated him for 4 years those feeling are not easy to turn off harvey but your my hustband and i love you but there is something about you that has changed lately and i dont like it if im honest it scares me” harvey laughed in my face and said “sure go on pray tell what it is” “you think this is funny harvey well tell me if you still think its funny when you remember stealing money from me to give to your dad or maybe the time you punched me becuase you thought you was a big man or my favourt of all time then you left me to move away still finding it funny harvey are you?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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