Rekindling the Flame

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The following story was edited by Fullcore2, to whom I am very grateful. It was held up in editing for almost a month and represents my first attempt at a story for this site. Feedback is deeply appreciated, be it positive or negative and especially if it is constructive. – PSLL


It had been years since I discovered physical love with my older brother. Not full sex mind you, just the joy of touching and being touched between two people. Two people old enough to want it but too young to really know any better. Truthfully, I started to doubt that it really happened and began to wonder if it wasn’t just some trick of my memory seeing as we never talked about it; and that seemed like something we would have talked about at some point. There was some apprehension right after it happened, a mix of terror at what we had done mixed with the yearning to do it again. But time went on; I found other boys, he found other girls and it just never came up.

I read somewhere that incest between siblings was the most common kind; despite the fact father-daughter cases get all the press. It was immensely comforting to know that I wasn’t a freak, that maybe my friends might have had the same tight-lipped guilt as me. I even considered admitting it once or twice in intimate late night chats, just throwing it out there and seeing if that broke some tactfully ignored wall between me and my confidant. I never did. Hell, I probably wouldn’t even be admitting it here behind the veil of Internet anonymity and knowing full well that my story would soon be lost in the vast galaxy of perversions, except that it happened again. This time we were both older and experienced enough to not only understand what we were doing, but to also embrace it.

Between my sophomore and junior years in college I returned home, working a summer job my dad had lined up for me in his office. It was nice to be back home with my friends, catching up on who were doing what and seeing how all those big high school plans were turning out. Environment changes people and I felt like an entirely different person back at home than I was at college; frequenting forgotten hang-outs and remembering how awesome stupid high school pastimes were. There were differences, of course. We had all discovered the joys of alcohol in and out of moderation. We talked about the new and exciting ideas we were getting exposed to; late night conversations bastardizing Marx and quantum physics had been elevated to a new level. It was a brief, magical interlude where the wisdom of growing up met the carefree nature of youth and I loved it.

My brother had just graduated. He had a job all lined up for the fall, so he was back in town for one last real summer and we were probably closer now than we’d ever been. He was feeling the weight of the world coming down on his shoulders and I was doing the best I could to be a supportive sister. Mostly that meant making little diversions whenever our parents started drilling him too hard about his long term plans, but it also meant being a sympathetic ear when he needed it.

One night we were watching some late night TV down in the living room. Even in July it managed to be cool enough down there that cuddling under a blanket was pleasant thing to do. I was nestled up against my brother, my head resting on his shoulder. He’d always been more of a jock than me; all lean muscle opposed my soft curves. I did my cardio and all that, but I was still a couple of pounds north of where I wanted to be. A fair sized cluster of empty beer bottles testified to our states of mild intoxication and the warm glow of alcohol spreading through my body made him seem all the more snuggleable.

We were talking about how we were growing apart. We spoke of how things used to be and how things would change; how we would see each other and our parents less now. We’d hated each other when we were little. I told him how he’d been a brat, pulling my hair or teasing me with his friends. He laughed about and apologized, playfully bumping up against me. I was grinning like an idiot. I felt so perfect being there with the person I shared so much of my life with, talking, laughing and feeling his firm, steady body against mine. He felt so good right there, pressed up against me…

Then the talking stopped. We sat there, a heavy silence hanging over us. I felt it suffocating me. There was something between us, like a wedge, separating us and I was desperate to tear it away and get back to that moment of being so perfectly in synch with my brother. I wanted to feel like I could share myself with him. I wanted to be truly and completely open with him, but I knew I couldn’t. It was almost physically painful to feel how cut off I was from him. I knew needed to end it, knew I had break the flood gate. We sat there in uncomfortable quiet for a few moments until I couldn’t take it anymore. I spoke softly, having to shakily force each word out.

“Do you remember those games we used gaziantep escort to play?” I asked.

Even as I said it was panicking, telling myself I was an idiot for saying it. Maybe they had never happened and he would just be confused. Or maybe he would remember them and think I was sick, yearning for them when he was just being friendly. Maybe I would just drive him further away. I looked at him out of the corner of my eye, swallowing down the knot in my throat.

He looked at me, eyes wide in surprise, nervous. “You mean the bed games?” he said.

So they had happened and he knew exactly what I was talking about. But what now, I thought. Was this just a memory for him? Or did he want it to? It wasn’t too late to play it off as a silly reminiscence, to deny that familiar spark I felt; my nipples were perking up under my bra, eager feeling between my legs.

“Yeah,” I managed with a nervous laugh.

He shuffled a bit in his seat, managing to face me a little more. He was wearing a t-shirt that spread over his broad chest, so manly now. I didn’t quite manage to close my lips and I could feel them half parted.

“I do,” he said. At that my mind reeled for a couple of moments. I wanted a signal. A definite signal. Something to let me know I was not going to make myself into an idiot, or worse, a pervert. I wanted it again, but I couldn’t say it.

“Was I any good?” I asked lamely. Of course I hadn’t been good.

He laughed, a sly half grin on his face as he shook his head. He was playing it off. That was a relief. It had been a mistake to bring it up. I had been stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

“Well… I still think about it sometimes,” he said, more confident now. His hand was resting on my knee and making my heart flutter. I had broken up with my last boyfriend before finals and I hadn’t been touched like that in a while. Was I misreading it? Should I make a move? It was wrong, maybe I should just walk out, maybe the silence was better.

“So do I.” I almost hiccupped the words.

He leaned in closer to me, his face hovering over mine, a few days’ stubble accentuating his rugged tan as he gently stroked my cheek. I could feel my breath coming too fast and shallow to do much good. I felt lightheaded as his lips drifted to mine, brushing them in a fleeting trial kiss.

“You were always cute when you were nervous, and you always got so damned nervous,” he said with a chuckle.

God, I didn’t expect him to be this forward, this confident, this… masculine. His slightly parted lips came to mine again starting a second, deeper kiss in slow motion. It wasn’t too late; I could tell him he was reading me wrong, that I had just been remembering times long gone. I could still walk away, be normal. I didn’t though. Instead I tilted my head back, feeling his lips against mine. I felt the warmth of his mouth meeting mine, our tongues intertwining as his arms slipped around me, pulling me against his body. I could feel my tits pressed against his chest and I made muffled noises into his mouth as my arms slid around him.

I don’t know how long we made out but we definitely weren’t the clumsy teens we had been, him in particular. He was strong, confident, and assertive. His hands roved over the arch of my back, pulling me against him so I felt enveloped in his body. I wanted to wrap myself up in him like a blanket and lose myself. He broke the kiss and his lips found their way to my neck, right under the corner of my jaw as he wet it with his lips for a moment before his teeth grazed gently over it. I tossed my head back, offering that secret sweet spot up to him, gasping as I stared at the ceiling hugging tightly to him. Our bodies rubbed against each other through our shirts as my fingers clawed clumsily at his back.

“You’ve wanted this for a while, haven’t you sis?” he asked in a bemused, hungry voice between kisses on my cheek bones.

“And you didn’t?” I teased back, still flustered. I ran a hand up his neck, cupping the back of his head as I kissed his ear, the low thrum of arousal drowning out my nervousness.


Our lips locked in another kiss. My brother’s hand was in my lap rubbing my upper thigh, threatening to give me what I wanted. I scooted my hips forward on the couch and put my hand on his as muffled sounds of urgency escaped my mouth. As I melted into him his fingers brushed my mons and I spread my thighs, offering myself up to him. What if mom or dad woke up? Would they hear us? See us there? The nervous buzz blurred my arousal and amplified it as his hand lay flat on my pussy, rubbing me through my pants.

He pulled back, smiling at my clumsy attempts to follow him. I knew he was enjoying it. Enjoying seeing my need and knowing that he was controlling it, stoking it. All I could do was make a half-formed plea and stare the rising bulge in his pants, realising I wasn’t the only one feeling the need, the want.

“You eskort gaziantep always were eager sis…” he teased as he slipped his fingers under the waist of my pants and panties. He was touching me were no brother should ever touch his sister. I looked up at him afraid yet eager, wanting it so bad but knowing that I shouldn’t. I felt like a virgin all over again.

He crooked his finger, tickled the top of my cleft and teased my clit making me suck in a sudden, shaky breath.

“I missed seeing you like this, but do you know what I really missed?” As he spoke his free hand undid his pants, the zipper easing down. I could see the white briefs stretched out over his cock. It was hidden away and straining against its confines, wanting me like I wanted it.

“Get down there sis.” He ordered as his hand slid out of my panties. I think he wanted to give me a little push down but I was off the couch before he could, slipping straight to my knees and waddling between his thighs. Instead, he pulled down his briefs and his turgid shaft popped out in front of my face.

It was big and veiny, curving up defiantly against gravity and bobbing in my face with his pulse. Confronted with his manhood I felt the full awkward weight of freedom. He wasn’t guiding me anymore, and now I had to take charge, had to lead our obscene dance. I laughed nervously, wrapping my fingers around his shaft, feeling the hot blood throb through it.

“It’s bigger than I remembered.”

He chuckled and rand his fingers through my hair, knees propped wide to let me in. “You’ve grown a lot too sis.”

Lost for words, I leaned in and flicked the tip of tone across the smooth round head of his cock. He moaned and leaned back and I could feel his hand grip the back of his head. I had a flash in my mind of my dad coming down and imagined how I would have to jump upright and buy my brother time to put himself away. The horrifying, ridiculous image made me laugh again.

“Oh, you like that huh?” he asked, petting my scalp again.

“Mm hm…” I affirmed as I lifted his fucktool and lay my tongue flat against the bottom, dragging it slowly up.

He sank back into the couch, moaning, fingers tangled in my hair. That is what I love about blowjobs, the feeling of giving myself to my partner, being an instrument of their pleasure. The fact that he was my brother and this was sick and wrong added to the thrill, gave an energy that charged the slow, wet attentions of my tongue.When his shaft was slathered with my spittle I pulled back and looked at its glistening wet length as I licked my lips. I felt him stir and look down at me wondering what I was doing, his eyes pleading, wanting my mouth back on him. After a brief moment, I dove down onto his cock, feeling it between my lips and holding it in my mouth as I let go of it with my hands. His pant covered thighs brushed my cheeks as I closed my eyes and guided myself by feel, tilting my head this way and that, following what felt natural in this unnatural union.

“One sec, one sec!” he blurted, pushing back on my forehead.

I pulled away from him. I was so lost in the moment that I wondered why for a few seconds before I realised he was pushing down his pants. As I helped him get them down around his ankles I noticed both of us were breathing in short shallow breaths, wanting this awkward interruption done with and as soon as it was, I went straight back to work. I could feel the hot skin of his thighs on my cheeks now and as I tongued his member I ran my hands ran up and down his legs, letting my nails gently scratch him.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah…” His voice was tight with need, feeding my hunger as I dived down as deep as I could on his cock, feeling wayward pubes brush my nose and lips.

Whatever I said back to him was lost in mumbled vibrations around his cock. My hands found their way under him, cupping his tight ass and feeling it as I slurped his cock. A new viscous feel and salty taste let me know that his prick was oozing pre-cum into my mouth.

“Mm, hold up a bit.” He said as he pushed my head gently back so that his now shiny cock bobbed free of my mouth.

I wetted my lips with my tongue, the tang of his pre-cum colouring the flavour of my skin. We looked at each other for a moment, my brother’s big hands brushing a few wayward strands of hair back from my face as his fingers combed back through my hair. I was hot and eager and that momentary stillness made me restless, even as his fingers teased and stroked my hair.

He bent forward from the chair and curled his fingers under my shirt, pulling it up. I raised my arms and let him expose me. When my shirt was off I shrugged off my bra. The look on his face when he saw my tits was priceless. Like a lot of girls I get neurotic about my looks, but when a guy looks at me just like my brother was and I can see the craving in his eyes, it all comes together.

“Do you gaziantep esmer escort like them, big brother?” I teased as I stood up, my hands sliding from my collarbone down under my breasts and cupping them up as I raised them for his inspection.

He was grinning like an idiot as he nodded and when he leaned back in the couch I could feel my own idiot smile as I straddled his lap. I laced my fingers behind his head and drew him to my bosom. He was as eager and attentive a lover as I could have hoped for. He kissed along the inner contours of my tits as his tongue traced along the edge of my areola. He teased me until I gave in, twisting my body to deliver my nipple to his lips. As he teased it with his tongue and lips I sighed and offered my other breast up to his sweet attentions.

After a few minutes like that we stumbled back to his room, our hands still all over each other. I was fumbling backwards, feeling his body push against mine as his strong arms wrapped around me. My feet left the floor and my legs curled around him, needing his closeness, wanting the feeling of him pushed up against me. He dropped me on the edge of his bed and our eyes met for one hungry moment as he crouched down in front of me pulling off my pants and panties all together so I could kick them away without a thought.

Looking down I could see him parting my knees and I reclined back on my palms. A wonderful tense expectation was thrumming through me as I felt his lips on my inner thighs. He raked his nails gently over my skin and followed with a playful nip a little higher up. God did I want it right then. I bit my lip trying to hold back my eagerness. I didn’t wish to give too much away even as my toes curled with excitement as he inched closer. I scooted forward on the sheets to the very edge then reached down and ran my fingers through his hair, coaxing his head towards me. Right up until the last second he teased me. His fingers slowly, and gently parted me, making me whimper as I felt his breath on me before he dove in. He was good, starting with quick flicks of his tongue right across my clit and making me moan and twist over him. Just as I was getting used to that he shifted and began long, slow licks across my slit that left me teased and yearning for more. I curled my legs around, pulling him in, needing him back at my button.

He obliged and soon his quick, cat-like tongue was teasing me up and up. I started to run my hands over my body, every sensation adding to the sizzling pleasure that ran through my body. When I cupped my breasts I could feel my fingers brush my hard nipples. It sent a sudden jolt through me and I seized on it, pinching and pulling them. From my pussy to my tits I was pure hot lust and as I stoked it, pushed it, I tossed my head back and moaned.

“Yeah, that’s it, more…” I didn’t even really know what I was saying, but my fevered mind just moved my mouth. I’d never come from being eaten out before, but that night I thought I might.

Then it stopped. I felt him rising between my legs and scrambled to collect myself. Everything was still tinged by the eager ache in my pussy, the knowing that all it needed was just a bit more, that it was all built up and it could either erupt or peter disappointingly out. I looked at him stand in front of me; his full, fat cock cradled in the one hand that gently stroked it. I wet my lips again, trying to get some composure, thinking about sucking it again. That’s when he started climbing on the bed and I leaned back, yielding to his advance. As he crawled over me I scooted back on his covers and looked up at him and felt fast shallow breaths between my slightly parted lips. I saw the look in his eyes and there was no doubt. He was going to fuck me.

We’d already gone much farther than we ever had before, but this was a whole new level. I was on the pill, but we didn’t have a condom and I didn’t know who he had been with. But right then, in the heat of the moment, it didn’t matter. His lips came down to mine and my world collapsed to just the feel of him up against me. My hands ran along his back as I felt him guide his head right up to my entrance. He broke the kiss and looked down at me. I looked up at him, our eyes locked as I felt him push into me, opening me.

We clumsily kissed a few more times, our teeth bumping as hands groped and bodies rubbed together. He pushed all the way into me and I felt completely full as his wiry pubic hair teased my mons and his hips ground up against my clit. I was so, so close, when he pushed it all the way in I felt it push me over the edge. I gripped onto him and worked my hips as best I could while riding the wave that crashed through my body. As it subsided I fell back to the sheets and I heard the last few grunts of him finishing, emptying his own need inside me. I felt him pull out and roll off me as I stared at the ceiling, breathing and trying to remember how to move.

In the warm afterglow I felt him stroke my hair and kiss my cheek, like a lover should. I turned to him and we kissed again. He lay on his back and I lay beside him propped on my elbow, running my hand down along his chest. In the post-coital haze everything felt new, better.

“I wanted this so bad,” I admitted, happy how natural it was to say that now,

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