Redo Ch. 06

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I want to apologize for the long wait. I’m going through a transitional period right now and also had a bit of writer’s block. I know that some of you have asked for longer chapters, but they won’t be long. three to four pages on Literotica is actually about 11-12 in Word. All the same, enjoy the new chapter and I’m looking forward to your constructive criticism.

Grandma awoke slowly and inhaled. She could breathe again. She also no longer felt on fire. That wicked witch had cast a spell on her. She should have known that her sister would play dirty. She regarded her mirror with apprehension; she hated the thought of smashing it. It was her only connection back to her world, but if her sister was able to curse her once, what was stopping her from doing it again?

Or, already understanding the risks, she could keep the looking glass and spy on her sister in the hopes of gathering valuable information. She had very limited abilities right now and until the prince was found, she wouldn’t have much strength to do anything other than observe. She sat up gradually expecting an ache in her bones, but felt a calming lightness. She inhaled deeply and stopped, gingerbread and vanilla spice; it was the same scent she had smelled when Rogue held her.

Rogue! She must still be there somewhere. She smiled happy to know that she wasn’t off after all. Rogue had found her proper scent, this should help her find Prince Charming sooner. A prince and his princess had a similar fragrance which allowed them to recognize each other in threatening circumstances. In the kingdom, many have tried to replicate the royals and have caused frequent mishaps upon succeeding, but it was her father who had created the ability to distinguish the true individual from their doppelganger. It had saved numerous lives and recombined countless broken families.

She left her bed in search of her fairy goddaughter and found her in the kitchen with an unexpected visitor. The duo had fallen asleep with their faces pressed against the table, light snores resounded from their lips, travelling through the cozy cottage. Grandma smiled softly, gently petting Rogue’s hair. “You saved my life, little one. Your kindness shall not be left unrecompensed.”

She touched Rogue’s arm, gasping at the intense energy she felt from within her body. It couldn’t be. Rogue was human, right? Why did her essence remind her of home? She stepped back, regarding her goddaughter thoughtfully. She was very much so human when they had first met, but now something was happening. It was as if she was transforming somehow yet it all couldn’t be possible. Then again, Rogue was the prince’s chosen. Perhaps she had been in contact with him and had somehow had experienced an energy transference or perhaps this was all meant to happen from the very beginning.

“Grandma?” Rogue asked, groggily sitting up. She rubbed her sore back, regretting sleeping on the table like a hunchback. “You’re awake. How are you feeling?”

“Amazing,” she replied before gripping Rogue in a warm embrace. “How did you know to come?”

Rogue shrugged her shoulders, “I just did.”

“I said I don’t like tomatoes, Mother!” Lily shouted, jumping awake.

Both Rogue and Grandma regarded Lily bizarrely. “Are you a sleep talker?”

Lily blushed a cherry red, looking down at her hands bashfully. “I was having a strange dream,” she mumbled.

“Who is this young lady?” Grandma asked, curiously eyeing Lily. She edged closer to Rogue, her right hand upon her left shoulder as she leaned into her side.

“This is Lily, Grandma, she came with me to see about you. I hope you don’t mind, I kind of had to tell her the truth after a flock of birds carried us here.”

“I also saw you singing,” Lily softly reminded her, arching a strawberry eyebrow as she looked away.

Grandma’s head snapped in Rogue’s direction as her mouth dropped open. “You sang?”

“Yea,” Rogue answered, nodding her head. She got the feeling that this was something important. She just didn’t understand why.

“You met him, the prince?” She sat down beside her, grasping her hands. “Is this why you were able to heal me?”

“No,” Rogue denied, “I don’t know who he is. I just couldn’t control myself. I felt as if—”

“This well of joy had sprung up inside of you and you couldn’t contain yourself?” Grandma provided.

“Yes, and I couldn’t stop. I was weightless and—”

“Overwhelmed with this warm sensation?” Grandma once again interrupted with growing excitement.

“Yea,” Rogue was breathless thinking about the heady feeling all over again.

Grandma squealed, gripping Rogue’s arms to draw her into a hug. “It’s going exactly as planned. Prince Charming is here somewhere. We’re close and we’ll actually find him. And to think that I’ve been banished for the past three centuries and now I’m closer than I’ve ever been. All thanks to you!”

Rogue watched her jump up to whirl about her kitchen, taking Lily’s hand to spin about with her. She twirled Lily, gracefully dipping her as she hummed merrily. kilis escort The atmosphere was definitely light and Rogue found herself joining in, humming to the unfamiliar tune as they all danced about. There it was, the feeling from before was bubbling up in the pit of her stomach threatening to be released. She stopped suddenly, shaking herself out of her enchanted stupor.

“Grandma, we should probably discuss a few things.”

Grandma continued humming and swaying gently with Lily who was all too happy to humor her. “Yes dear?”

“Is there any way for me to control this…whatever you call it? I can’t just randomly break out in song in public.”

Grandma shook her head, giggling as she spun Lily wide for their arms to display openly then gathered her back to her side. They frolicked side by side, matching the other’s step and rhythm as if it was a dance number they had practiced before. “It’s a natural response the princess feels when she is nigh her betrothed. It cannot be hindered or undone.”

“But I’m not the princess,” Rogue reasoned in frustration. She thought about Antonio and glowered. She really liked him. The last thing she wanted to do was find some random fairy prince and marry him. What about her wants? They were really vibing.

Grandma slowed to a stop, sauntering over to Rogue to grasp her face, “This man that you’ve met could never hold a candle to our Prince Charming. You have desires for him, but the feelings and emotions you will experience from the prince are all natural. They cannot be avoided. No one can run from the call.”

Rogue’s bottom lip trembled as she snatched her chin away. “You asked me to help you find him. You never said that I would marry him. I can’t marry a stranger.”

Grandma gave her all knowing smile as she took both of Rogue’s hands and began to sway with her until she was leading her about the kitchen, down the hall and into the living room while Lily giddily followed. “Oh, dear Rogue, this is not some stranger. You know him.”

“I do?”

“She does?” she and Lily answered in unison.

Grandma nodded as she began to sing. Her voice was strong yet light, elegant and beautiful. “Eyes like a diamond, smile as bright as sunlight; these are the simple things a beauty does like. Skin gold and brilliant, hair dark as moonlight; will you please let him be mine…”

Rogue gasped, her eyes bulging as Grandma winked at her before taking Lily’s hand to bring her into the dance. She recalled the childish poem she had written in middle school about the perfect guy. She had been too preoccupied studying to really have a crush. Besides, when her head was lifted from her books long enough to notice the boys around her, she honestly could confess that none impressed her.

“Button sweet as candy behind his ear might make me smile and melt a while in his twilight. Sweet as roses, calm like the summer; my heart sings only for him…” How did she know? How did Grandma know about her perfect man?

“T-that could be the description of any man,” Rogue surmised as her heart pounded.

“Twin hearts mark the spot on his beautiful mind, a sign that he’s mine, and we’ll dance forever more…” Grandma slowly released Lily before taking Rogue into her arms. She stopped her humming as she gazed into her companion’s eyes, truly searching her soul. “You already know him. This young man that you like, perhaps it’s not wise to get any closer. It could only end in heart ache…for him.”

Rogue could feel the unease overtake her. She liked Antonio. Something about him always seemed to pull her in. She would probably still gravitate towards him even if they were complete strangers. Could she really let go of what they were building together for some random prince? She had a lot to think about. “Grandma, we should probably head out.”

Grandma smiled sweetly, gently cupping her cheek in reassurance. “I know that it’s a lot to take in. All of this is quite bizarre, but the pieces will start to fall together and eventually you will understand, Princess.”

She was confused, very confused. Hearing Grandma refer to her as princess reminded her of the slamming of a gavel. It felt so final, as if she didn’t or wouldn’t have a choice in the matter. Her role was steadily transforming, her lines getting blurred in this process of who knows what. Her mother always told her that fools rush in; apparently, she had been a fool.

“Grandma,” Rogue began, “I’m no princess. I can barely match two pairs of socks much less rule a kingdom. I’ll find your prince, but I cannot be your princess. Besides, I’m not of royal blood.”

Grandma crinkled her eyebrows as she nodded her acceptance. She just knew, something was telling her, that Rogue was the one. She was human, yes, but there was something special about her that she couldn’t quite put her fingers on. Only a grand princess could do “the call,” command nature, heal the wounded, and free her true love. Maybe she had already grown to love Rogue so much that she was transferring her energy to her and willing her kırıkkale escort to be their princess. But a grand princess was a grand princess. She could do things that not even a grand fairy could bestow upon her.


Grandma shook herself from her deep contemplations and sighed with a sweet frown. “My dear, only time can tell.” Rogue went to protest but Grandma gently calmed her worries. She took both of the young women’s arms and led them towards the door. “Come, let me guide you home.” She may not have her full capabilities, but here in her somewhat enchanted forest, her inabilities seemed to disappear. She opened her cottage door, waving gracefully as they entered the car. Once strapped in, she whistled, calling the birds of the forest to once again sweep the women away.

“I know there is that light in you, Princess,” Grandma softly whispered as she watched their car vanish.

Lily looked back at Grandma until she disappeared then faced forward feeling the wheels of the car touch the smooth asphalt of the highway. She eyed Rogue furtively, wondering if her friend was okay. That was a pretty intense conversation they had had with Grandma. It was a lot to take in for a new comer, but she never felt as if she belonged more than she did now.

“Things got a little deep earlier,” she whispered, stealing glances as she put her car in drive.

Rogue sighed then flopped her head back comically as she released an irritated cry and flailed her arms about like a spoiled brat. “What am I supposed to do, Lily? I really like him.”

She pouted, turning her rapidly blinking eyes upon her friend. Lily tried to hide her giggles behind her left hand as she held the wheel tightly with her right. She had always seen the professional side of Rogue, but learning about her childish, funny side and witnessing her panicked emotions, and now seeing her over react with a temper tantrum, Lily wished she had had siblings growing up. Rogue would have been the perfect sister.

“Lily,” Rogue whined as she slumped into her seat.

Lily chuckled more softly, checking her speed to stay within the limit. “R-Rogue, I don’t think you should worry too much. In-In the fairytales, love always conquers all.”

Rogue smiled at her innocence. She wanted to squeeze her tightly but refrained from doing so while they were driving down the highway. She loved Lily’s reassuring enthusiasm. “Should I leave him alone? The last thing I want to do is hurt him.”

“I-I’ve never had this happen to me before. Boys never seemed to like me much.”

Rogue snorted, she thought Lily was absolutely beautiful, then again she was a quiet person and she tended to whisper or stutter her words. Most women these days would grab the bull by the horn; Lily wasn’t ready to touch any kind of balls just yet much less any horns. She was too timid for her own good. But that’s also what made her so adorable.

“I don’t know how relationships work, but I’d like to learn. I can’t give you any advice. Does that make me a bad friend?”

“Oh, no, never, Lily I appreciate you just listening to me. You’re a great friend,” Rogue reassured her. She didn’t realize that they were back at her complex until Lily put her car in park. They exited the car both in deep thought.

“Ouch, what the—”

“Oh, I’m so—”


“Rogue! I-I was—”

She closed her eyes, inhaling his masculine scent as she hugged him. He felt so good in all the right places. His tense muscles relaxed under her warm hands clasped about his waist and he too melted into the hug. “I’ve missed you. It felt like forever since we last saw each other. How’ve you been?”

His penetrating eyes pierced through her causing overwhelming ripples to flutter her tummy. He smiled, shrugging his shoulders as he chuckled. “You’re right. It did feel like forever.”

Lily looked from Rogue to Antonio and back to Rogue. There was an electric attraction between the two of them. They had yet to speak again, only gazing into each other’s eyes with silly little grins on their faces. She didn’t know if she should say anything or slowly back away. She was definitely intruding on something here. Recalling what Grandma had said, she shook her head. Perhaps it was Prince Charming who didn’t stand a chance.

“I guess I should go now,” she told them softly.

Rogue shook her head clear, remembering that they weren’t alone. She smiled once more at Antonio then turned to Lily. “I’m sorry, no, don’t go. How about we all go grab something to eat? You don’t mind, do you Antonio?”

Antonio sighed, smiling faintly down at her before turning his attention to Lily. He frowned slightly, reaching out his hand for a shake, “Hi, where are my manners. I’m Antonio…”

Lily covered her mouth as she giggled, shyly hiding her face as her cheeks turned red. She had completely forgotten about her make over. Maybe it wasn’t as bad as she had first thought. From Antonio’s response, she knew that she looked different, but she didn’t know that she would be unrecognizable.

“Am kırklareli escort I missing something,” he directed at Rogue when she too began to chortle.

“Big guy, this is Lily.” She laughed when his eyes bulged and he did a double take. His mouth dropped open in awe and admiration.

“Oh wow, you look different. I mean, good different, even more beautiful than before,” he praised, grabbing her for a genuine hug. “You must forgive me, I was talking to Rogue and I wasn’t paying attention.

“Talking?” she teased. “It was more like you two were staring at each other.”

Rogue shyly ran a hand through her straightened hair, looking down at her feet in embarrassment. She didn’t realize that she had been gawking at the man. He was just so beautiful. Besides, it should be a sin the way he looked tonight. Why did he have to have his long hair down, billowing about his shoulders and falling seductively into his face? Why was he wearing a lightly worn brown leather jacket with a crisp button up, smelling like the woods and freshly cut pine trees? And why did his faded blue jeans have to hug his powerful thighs so snugly, causing her to have naughty thoughts zooming in her head? Why, just why, did he have to be so sexy yet look so innocent as if he didn’t know he was sexy?

He had to be doing it on purpose. There was no way that she could forget about him now or let him down gently with him literally creating havoc on her insides. Her stomach had yet to cease flipping about, her heart was steadily hammering in her chest, the blood was practically zipping about in her veins, and her nerves were shot. She was becoming overwhelmed and overpowered by it all.

“You look beautiful as always,” Antonio complimented, unable to keep his fingers from combing through her silky strands. “Your hair is amazing and so smooth. I like the makeover, ladies,” he told them as he nodded his head.

“You look pretty good yourself. Going somewhere?” Rogue questioned in a weak attempt to distract herself from fawning all over him.

“The gym had a neighborhood social event. The parking was packed…and I kind of parked here to avoid the traffic,” he explained, pointing back towards the gym where a cluster of cars were fighting to get out into the street. Traffic was tighter than she had ever seen before.

“Oh, what was the event for?”

“We were raising money to support the Children’s Hospital and Leukemia Foundation.”

“Oh no,” Lily gasped. “I always try to participate and I missed it,” she pouted.

Antonio smiled as he shook his head, “Don’t worry, this is a weekend event. Tomorrow we will hold a charity sports event. Today was just the meet up and the auction. Do you play any sports, Lily?”

Rogue bit her bottom lip to stop a growing grin from creeping up her face. She was certainly aware that Antonio had absentmindedly placed his hand on the small of her back as he had stepped closer to her to give Lily his undivided attention. They had been conversing for some time and yet his hand still remained possessively on her body. It was evident that he had yet to realize what he had done or he would have most likely apologized and moved his appendage; nevertheless Rogue appreciated his affection. She willed herself to rejoin their conversation, attempting to ignore how natural it felt for him to touch her so intimately.

Her body was having a field day right now. Underneath his palm a warm heat had begun to spread, gradually, inch by inch, creating an all-consuming warmth that would soon overtake every morsel of her body. She was reminded of the sensation she always felt during Christmas at her mother’s house when she and her siblings would sit by the fire place and wait for their mother’s world famous cup of hot chocolate as they warmed their toes by the fire and munched on her homemade cookies. It was a feeling of love, of belonging, of indescribable togetherness you get when everything is right in the cosmos. She felt this right here, right now with this man who had innocently touched her so gently.

“Rogue, are you all right?” Antonio’s voice was laced with concern. He had made a suggestion to Lily on where they could stop to eat and had been seeking Rogue’s approval when he turned to her only to witness tears coursing down her face. He didn’t know why she was crying, but the intense urge to hold her and make it all right assuaged him.

“Oh dear,” Lily whispered. She knew instinctively that Rogues sudden show of distress had something to do with their discussion with Grandma. Before she could step forward and comfort her friend, Antonio was already wiping away her tears, kissing her on the forehead, and cooing to her softly as he held her in his arms which seemed to only make her cry more. A concerned expression marred his handsome face as he apologetically regarded her.

Lily smiled wantonly, wishing she could find someone like him to hold her so passionately and assure her that everything would be okay. The way he was held Rogue was like a seasoned lover. A lover that knew her inside and out. Someone who had been to hell and back with her, not some guy she had merely met several days ago. This was a personal, private moment, and Lily got the inkling that she was somehow intruding. All the same, she too was worried about her friend; nonetheless she remained in the background watching, wishing, yearning.

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