Pretty Clitty


I’ve been between relationships, so diddling my twat on a regular basis relieves the tension until someone new comes along.

For some reason, lately I’ve been hornier than a goat. My thoughts are constantly about sex and I’m evaluating everything around me as something I can or cannot use to fuck my sweet pussy. It has become an obsession to the point where I’m taking days off work just to lay in bed while my cunt suckles a finger, a thick rubber spoon handle, a shampoo bottle, or just about anything else I can glide in and out of my love tunnel.

When I am at work, shopping, or anywhere in public, I am totally distracted. I find myself staring at men’s crotches, trying to guess the size of their dick. My panties get so wet, I have had to wear a pad everyday to keep my cream from leaving a public wet spot. My clit gets hard just from walking around the house, and the vibration from driving in the car send shivers through my groin.

One chilly day I turned on the car’s seat heater and drove to town down a country road which was bumpy from all the built-up snow and ice. Oh, God … my labia lips got so swollen and wet as they jiggled and vibrated. Every bump and pothole sent an electric bolt of joy through my pussy. I gyrated and humped against the hot leather seat, moaning until I finally had to unzip my pants and slide a wet finger to my clit. “Oh, sweet little clitty you feel soooo gooood.”

I softly flicked my clit like a tongue gently licking until my legs went weak and began shuddering in anticipation. Then I rubbed circles around the slick little bugger faster, faster, faster until I thought it would catch fire. “Uggggaaaaaaggh!” I came with a scream Escort Beylikdüzü and the car spun out on the ice. Good thing the road was deserted.

That night I had a wet dream about sliding naked down a banister made of ice. The top of the banister was studded with thousands of smooth bumps and nubbins that caressed my hot hard clit as I slid along the cool wet shaft. Oh, I think that banister was ten miles long! I rode it all night and woke up in the morning to an explosive orgasm. My fingers were as wet as my pussy.

Being in this constant state of arousal, I am always looking for something new to titillate my appetite. One night I was cruising the net and I Googled “huge clit.” The results included a website with free amateur videos of sex in every possible position, and from every angle.

Occasionally I get off at the site of men cumming. Seeing them lose their minds with ecstasy, voices grunting rhythmically higher and higher until they finally burst, … it’s a real turn on. Oh, how I love to see cum erupt. All I’ve ever enjoyed watching were men’s bodies, so I was really surprised to find myself searching for huge clits.

What I found was the most amazing clit sucking video known to womankind. It has turned me on so much that I can’t think of anything else. All day, every day, my total purpose is to get back home and diddle myself all night in the flickering light of that movie.

When I get home, just three steps into the house and I’m naked from the waist down. I grab the dildo du jour and head for the bedroom where my laptop has been quietly recharging from last night’s fuck session. As I lay back into a Beyoğlu escort pile of pillows, my legs spread, and that first rush of cool air hits my pussy lips. “Oooooohhh, good to be home.”

I fire up the laptop and my cunt begins to drool in anticipation. Even at work, that Windows launch tune gives my clit a hard on. Now my pussy lips wetly kiss the makeshift prick as I slowly prod, ever so slightly in and out … in and out … in and out. “Awwww yeah,” if there is a heaven on earth, this is it. One hand keeps the piston beating while I work the computer with the other.

My fingers jerkedly type in the URL of the porn site where the pretty clitty is waiting. There it is … a closeup view of the biggest clit I’ve ever seen. It looks like a small penis sticking straight out and completely unhooded. It’s hard, wet and sooo red, like it’s just had a good licking. My clit leaps at the sight of her big sister. My own clit is bigger than most, and when fully engorged, she pokes out for all the world to see too, and so hard … like the ball end of a hammer. One night I even rubbed my bud against the computer screen so the two could go head to head while I got off.

I start really pumping now, my pussy sucks and tightens with each thrust of the prick deeper and deeper, while I watch a clear plastic clit sucker being gently placed over the huge clit on the screen. “Ooooooooh aaaaahhhh oooooo,” I moan along with the faceless babe as her engorged clit gets sucked up into a clear tube. As her clit blushes redder, my finger & thumb squeeze the skin around the shaft of my own pretty clitty now fully erect and yearning to be stroked. “Ewww yes, Bomonti escort bayan yesssss.”

Her clit is now almost two inches long, and dancing with jerks and spasms as someone slowly slides a vibrating dildo past her pussy lips and halfway up her cunt. I moan and fuck myself in time with her while I lick my clit with a wet finger. My dildo is covered with sweet cunt cream and it dribbles down my butt crack onto the bed.

On-screen the dildo gets shoved into the hilt and drawn out slowly, … I feel the hard shaft strike to my very core, twist and glide out. “Uuuuggggghhhhh awwww.” I can’t wait anymore, now I’m ramming my pussy out of control. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, …” I pant with steady deep full strokes. My legs are shaking so bad my tummy starts to convulse with pleasure. My fingers are drawing quick circles around my clit as it wiggles and jerks. “Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh,” I squeal higher and higher.

The grunts and screams of on-screen bliss send me over the edge too. I watch a hand frantically jerking the clit sucker as her cunt writhes around the hard shaft in her pussy. Impaled on my own prick, I twist and screw in circles as my pussy convulses and sucks the thick pud. One finger jerks strokes across my clit faster and faster until I explode. “Aaaaaaaagggggghhhhhhhhhh oooooohh fuuuuuck!” My hips buck up off the bed as my twat clamps down and my clit goes wild with pleasure. I cum so hard I think my back will break.

When the first explosion subsides, my clit stroking slows down to milk every sweet spasm. I’m enveloped in a blissful fog, nursing wave after wave of orgasm, suckling the thick prick with my pussy and tenderly tickling my clit for a full ten minutes before it becomes too sensitive and I have to stop.

Mmmmmm I sleep exhausted for a couple of hours, then wakeup to my hungry cunt and throbbing clit yearning to be caressed. Usually I can get one to two more good fucks before morning, but then the workday begins again. I can’t wait for Friday …

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