Poor Angel Ch. 06

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Sherry had had as little communication with James as possible in the Ryan-less days following what happened in the boys’ change room. Which was good. It had been good, for her mind to steer clear of him. Wesley, on the other hand, doted on her subtly at school. He smiled at her more than he used to. But he didn’t text her or message her. Like he’d promised, he didn’t try to change things—he respected what she and Ryan had. And no one suspected a thing. Not even Haden Preston—as far as Sherry knew. Wesley had said he’d gone home sick and Sherry claimed to Haden that she’d snuck off to have…er…a phone call with Ryan? She could only assume that Haden assumed by phone call she meant phone sex. And Haden didn’t ask for further details on that.

Haden wasn’t close enough with James to notice his absence from whatever class he’d had to be in during that time. So the coast was clear. Sherry didn’t have to hold her breath. The boys were keeping her secret.


The words of one of Sherry Tandon’s last texts in particular were still in Ryan Daney’s head when he boarded the flight going home to Anchorage.


Ryan had texted her back and told her not to worry, and that she could tell him about it in person.

But just thinking about whatever shenanigans she had gotten herself-and her beautiful body-into, in the changing room no less, made Ryan miss her. He wanted to take her away. Bring her away from stupid Alaska, have her drinking strawberry lemonade on the beach, cover her cute ass with sand, and fuck her right there in the ocean wind. For hours on end. Fuck. Being apart from her was beyond annoying.

Ryan was settling in his airplane seat, sending text message replies to his dad who wanted to make sure he was alright and not missing anything. This time around had been a solo trip, with his parents staying back home in Anchorage. It was Ryan’s first significant trip alone. And it had been peaceful that way. No one on his tail, he had done just whatever he wanted. Very free.

And there had been a lot of entertainment, in the form of cute girls. He didn’t know what it was about him, his muscled figure, or how he had that whole tall, dark, and handsome thing going on, but young women loved him, only to find out he was still in high school—and was loyal to his amazing girlfriend. As pretty as some of these girls were, Sherry Tandon was still the extraordinary one in his mind’s eye. Sherry’s light brown eyes, looking like fiery amber in dim lighting and bright hazel on a cloudy day, contrasted so beautifully with her smooth sun-kissed skin, and then there was her gorgeous black hair and her body, thin and so easy to hug, hold, caress, touch, squeeze… She had the lips of an angel, and the most beautiful little nose. She was his secret, stowed away in their quaint home state of Alaska. And he knew he was her first, and only love. Nothing-and no one-would ever be able to take that power away from him.

And he had wanted her to enjoy herself, and enjoy others’ affection. He didn’t want her feeling guilty, or worse, the agony of unfulfilled longing. He didn’t regret his choice to let their relationship be sexually more…fluid.

But thinking about her and visualizing her appearance always lead to some other…less savoury thoughts. Not to mention, he knew he had those gorgeous pictures of her on his phone, the ones of her in his hockey jersey, licking his cock, holding his cock… He tried to distract himself now, and find a movie to watch for the duration of his flight.

“What a babe.”

Ryan heard some slight giggling from down the aisle. The female flight attendants were making small talk, probably. Ryan didn’t turn his head to look in their direction. If they were talking about him, to be honest, he was a little over it at this point. He wanted to sink into the realm of a good movie and then sleep until he could open his eyes to Sherry.

Or so he thought.

One of the flight attendants rolled a cart out next to him and lingered abnormally long, gazing at him. Ryan finally turned his eyes to her. She had strawberry blonde hair, thin arms, and big breasts for her frame. Implants maybe? Or just genetically blessed? Ryan wasn’t complaining. She was definitely hot.

“Do you want some water?” she finally said. “Or we also have orange juice, or tea or coffee.”

The man in the window seat next to Ryan replied, “I’d like coffee.”

“I was talking to him,” she said.

The man cleared his throat, a little taken aback. Ryan just smiled charmingly. “I’d like water, please, thank you,” he said to the flight attendant.

“Sure thing.” She grinned, her blue eyes shiny and flirtatious. “So do you live in Anchorage?”


“Do you go to college?”

“No, I’m a senior in high school.”

“Oh. Are you 18?”

Ryan smirked, amused by how forward she was. “Yes.”

“You look… bonus veren siteler I don’t know. Built.”

“Oh. I play hockey.”

“That makes sense. High school athletes are usually pretty fit.” She nodded, seemingly appreciative. She placed a cup of water on his seat desk, and then she poured some coffee for the man next to Ryan. She proceeded as usual, and smiled at Ryan again before moving down the aisle.

Ryan decided to watch a movie from the classics section. He was a little sentimental.


At the end of the flight, Ryan was getting up out of his seat. He allowed the man who had sat beside him to retrieve his suitcase and go ahead of him down the aisle, because he had seemed a little grumpy after that first encounter with the flight attendant paying so much attention to Ryan. The strawberry blonde flight attendant appeared again, and she beckoned Ryan. “Can I speak with you?” she asked, nothing short of polite and official.

“Yeah, did I do something wrong?” Ryan asked, although he was 100 percent certain that he had done nothing, other than be attractive to her. The other passengers were exiting the plane beside them, and Ryan made sure to stand off the path so that they could all get through.

“No, no, nothing like that. I just wanted to…give you my number.” The strawberry blonde flight attendant smiled brightly. Her coworkers laughed quietly behind her.

Ryan noticed a small sprinkle of freckles on her snowy white cheeks as he chuckled. “What for, though?”

“For…whatever.” She smiled. “I’m Mia. By the way.”

“Nice…to meet you… Mia,” Ryan said slowly, suspiciously.

“Are you, um, taken?”

“Taken? Well, yeah. I have a girlfriend.”

“Oh, right. Yeah, and- And you like her?”

Ryan squinted his eyes at Mia. “Yeah. That’s why she’s my girlfriend.”

“Ok. Don’t take this wrong. But do you still want my number then?”

“You’re still offering it?”

“Yeah. Of course.” Mia glided her hand up his bicep. “Do you think I’m being too forward?”

Ryan took a half step back so that they weren’t touching. “You don’t care that I have a girlfriend?” He raised an eyebrow. He was sort of judging her, but at the same time, maybe this would be fun. She was pretty. He might think Sherry was prettier, but Mia was pretty, nonetheless. They had completely different features, so they weren’t even comparable.

Mia ignored the question. “What’s your name?”

The flight attendants started to leave, and Ryan assumed the plane was empty now. Mia just smiled and ushered him out, her hand on his back.


Now Ryan was in Mia’s hotel room. Why? He asked himself. He was in Anchorage. Sherry lived here. He could take a car a half hour and get to her, and see her perfect, soft lips and those beautiful, watery light brown eyes. But Mia was staring at him, and waiting for him, and she wore her flight attendant uniform still, and Ryan had to admit, she was alluring.

“How old are you?” he asked her.

“Just turned 21. Why?”

Ryan exhaled a little, and Mia started to unbutton her blazer. Ryan shrugged, and he sat next to her on the bed. “I let my girlfriend fuck other people,” he said randomly.

“Really? Is she also a senior?”

“Yes. We go to school together.”

“Well, then, that’s good to know that… I’m not getting in between anything. If you guys are open like that.”

“We are. We-“

Mia pushed her finger to Ryan’s lips. “Let’s not talk about you and her.” She placed Ryan’s hands on her bra clad breasts, one hand on each. He squeezed, instinctively. Tight.

“You had me so hot and bothered,” Mia said, as she turned around then, lifting her hair so that Ryan could have the pleasure of undressing her. She was a ten, alright. Ryan wasn’t blind. She had that hourglass figure, that voluptuousness that Sherry lacked. But who was he kidding? This was not Sherry. And he hadn’t had sex with anyone but Sherry for nearly two years, around. He felt a little…okay, a whole lot wrong about this. But that was what made it exciting.

At the same time, Ryan’s mind was still racing. If he’d been high or drunk, that would have subsided the tension that came along with his overachieving, overthinking, perfectionist inner self. He could have focused on running his fingers down the curve of her back, and relished caressing her white skin. Instead, he thought of how Mia’s hair was thinner and a hell of a lot blonder than Sherry’s. Sherry’s hair was light at times, under the sun. But she had that raven black hair, and lips like a seductress, and maybe—maybe Ryan liked brunettes better than blondes. Or maybe he just liked Sherry.

Mia was placing her bra, which Ryan had just undone, on the bedside table. “How do you want me?” she asked, almost like a purr.

“On all fours,” Ryan replied swiftly. “That’s what you like, isn’t it?”

Mia turned around, looking at him, smiling demurely. She nodded slightly, tucking her chin in before she did as Ryan had commanded.


Sherry bedava bahis opened the door. It was past midnight, nearing 1am. Ryan Daney stood there, and he jangled his car keys. “Come with me right now,” he said simply.

Sherry furrowed her eyebrows. “I look like… death.” She was wearing a stained old t-shirt and pajama pants, and her hair was a greasy mess.

“Freshen up at my place. I’m only saying to come out right now because we can’t really bother your family anymore. Your parents would be upset if—” Ryan stopped himself short, figuring Sherry already knew what he meant.

“Why right this instant, though?” Sherry asked. “You’ve never done this before.”

“You don’t like spontaneous me?”

“No. I do. I like…everything you.” Sherry blushed. He looked so handsome. He took her hand forcefully. “Wait, should I change?” she said hurriedly.

“It doesn’t matter.” Ryan winked, and he pulled her out her door as soon as she had stuffed her feet into a pair of slip on sneakers. “I miss being with you.”

“I miss being with you, too,” Sherry said softly. Sometimes she felt like she meant it more than he did. He dragged her to his black sports car. It looked shiny even in the night.

“I missed you so much I couldn’t wait until morning to see you,” Ryan said, more like a whisper now.

“I should’ve come to the airport, it’s just, my project for Geography class—”

Ryan cut her off. “You’re done it now, though, right?”


“Good. ‘Cause you’re not going to go back home ’til morning.”

Sherry smiled a little, looking up at him as they stood by his car. “Kiss me,” she said.

“Sher, if I start now, I won’t stop,” Ryan muttered, but he picked her up, making her giggle, taking her to the other side of the car. He opened the door and placed her in the shotgun seat.

Sherry settled into the seat, getting comfortable, as Ryan sat beside her and sped them onto the street. She turned to him, her hair blowing in her face. “I can’t believe you’d say that. When I look like this.”

“Unwashed hair or not, you still look good,” he replied.


“I don’t wash my hair everyday. Why should you?”

“I don’t,” Sherry said.


“I feel like guys make everything more simple than they are.”

“I could say the opposite is true. But I won’t. I have no desire to disagree with you. Zero.”

Sherry rolled her eyes, even though Ryan couldn’t see.

“I have something to tell you,” he said, one hand on the steering wheel. He was driving awfully fast, which was unlike him. Was he anxious? Sherry stayed silent, letting him continue. “I know I said I wouldn’t go outside of us. But I did. A few hours ago. With a flight attendant. That okay?”

“Ryan…” Sherry chided. “Are you nervous just because of that?”

“I’m not nervous. I just need to get you in the shower.”

“Oh so you’re expecting that I’m fine with it. And that I’ll shower with you.”

Ryan grinned. “Yeah.”

“Then why ask me if that’s okay?”

“I’m polite.”

“I love you, Ryan.”

“I love you, Sherry.”

“God, we’re mushy.” Sherry laughed, propping her elbow on the door on her side. “How was she? She must have been really hot.”

“I don’t want to talk about it right now. I’ll tell you later.”

Ryan parked in the driveway of his house, and he got out quickly, while Sherry undid her seatbelt. He opened the car door for her and took her hand, bringing his mouth to hers, like he needed to be quenched. He slid his hands underneath her baggy t-shirt, holding the sides of her delicate waist, and she brought her arms over his muscular shoulders. Was this a scene out of a movie? That was what she felt like it was. And then he was moving one of his hands down into her pajama pants, stroking her clit through her panties with one finger.

“Stop,” she said into his mouth.

Ryan just laughed and took his hand out, but he grabbed her ass with both hands, hoisting her up onto him, making her wrap her legs around him to hang on as he kept kissing her. He carried her to the front door, which he unlocked, and proceeded upstairs to his bedroom. She clung to him the whole way, smiling.

“You’re so hot,” Sherry said. She held his neck and kissed his temple.

Ryan stepped into the shower with her, in the bathroom that he had in his bedroom, and finally let her stand on her own. “Get wet and naked,” he said, smirking.

Sherry grinned up at him, giving him a knowing look. She pushed him against the wall of the shower and opened his jeans, pulling them down. He kicked them off onto the bathroom floor. Then he pulled his gray hoodie over his head, showing he had nothing on underneath but beautiful skin and hard muscles. “What did I do to deserve you?” she asked, ogling him. He even smelled good, like lemons and honey, like he’d done something before he went to pick her up.

Just from anticipation, or from the fact that she was looking at him the way she was looking at him, deneme bonus his member began to stiffen and poke against his black briefs. She reached her hand out to fondle him but he interjected, holding her face in his hands and looking at her, eye to eye. He was thinking of something to say, Sherry knew that much, but he was taking too long and something else popped into her mind. “Aren’t you satisfied, though? Nameless flight attendant and all. Don’t you want to rest tonight? We can snuggle instead. It doesn’t have to be this long, sensual, two hour ordeal.”

Ryan let go of her face, exhaling a little. “Fuck that. Sherry. No,” he said snippily. “If you must know, I… I really did miss you. It just wasn’t the same. I can’t do that thing that you do.”

“What thing that I do?” Sherry asked, confused.

“Fuck people without having feelings for them.”

Sherry put her hands on his shoulders again, feeling his warm, smooth skin under her palms as she contemplated. “I can’t do that, either, Ryan,” she said quietly. “I’m not heartless.”

“Then…you have feelings for Wes and James?”

“I care for them. I love them. They’re our friends.”

“James isn’t my friend.”

“Right. Forget I said that,” Sherry backtracked. “Point is, I could never in a thousand years have sex with a stranger. The way you did. Today.”

Ryan nodded, understanding. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be.” Sherry looked into his chocolate brown eyes. “But you used a condom, right?”

“Yeah. I’d never hurt you,” Ryan said assuringly. He touched her cheek, and then he hugged her close. She sighed. She did want to fuck him. She wiggled her pajama pants off, smiling to herself, and Ryan pulled her t-shirt over her head, throwing it and her pants onto the toilet seat. He took off his briefs, allowing his half erect cock to spring out, and he threw those onto the toilet seat as well, before he turned on the water and closed the shower door.

“I’m still wearing my—”

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” Ryan watched, his body half under the water, as Sherry became drenched from head to toe, her thin body glistening and relaxing from the wet heat. Her pink panties were soaked, rubbing against her folds and her clit, wedged in between her ass cheeks…an enticing sensation and, for Ryan, a visual stimulus. His cock came alive, but he didn’t touch it, he stood back, watching to see what Sherry would do next.

She smiled at him, before she pursed her lips, giving him an air kiss. What a show. Then she grabbed his loofah and his shower gel, squirting some gel onto it and creating white, soapy foam. Her long, wet black hair was draped all over her breasts, her back, and shoulders. She looked like a mermaid. And her pouty, full pink lips were so beautiful, Ryan couldn’t help but to stroke himself now, as he stared at the clear water droplets on the bare skin of her hips and waist, before the white soap water washed through them.

She started to clean herself, but she kept her sopping wet panties on. She had changed into them that morning, and they weren’t really that dirty, so it was okay. That was her reasoning. Plus she knew Ryan would enjoy fucking her while she was still wearing them, and that idea made her excited too. She covered her skin with white foam, although it was being washed off her skin just as quickly by the running water. Then she grabbed his shampoo and squeezed some of that out, too, dutifully washing her long hair. She glanced at Ryan, who seemed entranced. She looked down at his erect, slippery wet cock, which he was petting gently.

“Ryan…” She couldn’t figure out the look in his eyes. “What are you thinking?”

“I just love you a lot.” But he sounded pained as he said this.

Sherry rinsed her hair under the shower water, sighing. She closed her eyes momentarily. And then she looked at Ryan’s cock again. “I want to suck on you,” she said.

Ryan smiled slightly. “But that’s what I want to do, too.”

Sherry laughed a little. She went up to him, running her fingers down the side of his face, getting white soap water on him by accident. “Why do you seem worried? I’ll never, ever leave.”

Ryan groaned again, exasperated. His curly hair was deflating a little under the steam. “I don’t know. It’s so dumb. But having sex with her today, it was-I felt miserable after. I still feel miserable.” He paused, looking at Sherry seriously. “I don’t think I can be happy without you. Sher. That’s absolutely terrifying me.”

“You don’t have to be terrified. I won’t leave your sight.”

“You’re my fucking weakness. You know that? So take care of yourself. Alright? You’re going to be with me for the long haul.”

Sherry nodded, his words hitting her hard. She tiptoed and kissed him, rolling her tongue against his, against the inside of his lips, trying her best to soothe him. “Ryan Daney, I’m yours. Believe that,” she said slowly, after their mouths departed.

“I want to marry you,” Ryan said. He held her, feeling her small rib cage in his palms, and then he traced his hands down to her hips, his cock throbbing with need. She reached behind him, turning the shower off. She put her wet hands in his hair and across his face. He was so cute. She stuck her tongue out and he pulled her to him by the neck, making out with her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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