Pool Reversal Pt. 01


I fucking hate the kids’ beach parties. Oh, I love, I mean fucking LOVE my beach house, but my daughter’s stuck up friends, their pretentious parents, and general teen drama is more bullshit than anyone should handle. Even now she’s eighteen, they’re all little douches, or to use more appropriate vernacular, cunts.

Notice I didn’t say “beautiful” or “loving” to provide a politically correct adjective to my initial introduction of this shallow parasite of a daughter? Because she’s a bitch.

She has been since her father left.

That cock-sucking bastard.

That’s not just vitriol; he left us for the fucking pool boy of all the fucked-up clichés. Manuel, Pedro, Jose, whoever the fuck he was; he was ripped, toned, polite, hard-working, and I would have ridden him to nirvana if that dirtbag husband of mine hadn’t sucked his cock first. Actually, I probably would have sucked him off second if only that scrawny-ass turd hadn’t commanded the Adonis stay away lest we turn this into Gomorrah or Sodom or wherever the fuck you went to have a fun time.

Damn, that kid was beautiful. There’s no greater sight for a bored housewife than seeing the sweat dripping down the abs of a guy you’re paying to mow the lawn.

How many nights did I sit in my chez, just my silk robe around me, letting my fingers flick around my pussy lips, my thumb slipping delicately over my clit while my eyes fixated on the muscles pounding the machines in the garden. I could get off at night when that fuckwit husband was snoring next to me by just imagining that toned body sharing all its juices with mine. It was the best of shitty times.

All that dumb fuck had to do was ask “want to join in?” as he gagged on the help’s head, and we’d probably still be together, having the fucking time of our lives enjoying Manuel…who-the-fuck-ever. They’re both gone and now I’m left with this spoilt-ass bitch. And by that, I mean wonderful daughter who I’d tell to go fuck herself if I wasn’t convinced that she was way, way beyond that already.

The party was, of course, her idea. She invites tons of friends, I buy all the food, restock the parental liquor cabinet (I can’t argue it was overdue), get bakers and chefs to prepare, and waiters to serve; I add decorations and amenities like showers, towels, first-aid kits, and…oh… Fuck. That. Bullshit. I arranged, managed, and executed the most fucking amazing 18th birthday party any bitch this side of old- or oil-money could expect.

As I plunged the burning resentment down my esophagus, followed by the latest in a long line of champagne flutes, it seemed the party was turning into the legend of the summer.

It started demurely enough with parents dropping off polite, well-dressed kids. Most carried a bag, which I was told was for swimwear, and it didn’t take long for the boys to race to the master bedroom while the girls were directed to the indoor pool room. Boys will change together no matter what, I figured. Some girls, even at this age, might want their own space in the shower stalls that surrounded the pool.

But however the fuck they went about it, it didn’t take long for all the kids to be running down the short steps onto the beach. I took this time to change into my own beige with red rose accent bikini. It was big enough to cover what it needed, and sexy enough I didn’t have to truly consider the age difference, wrinkles, or any possible sagging. I wrapped my favorite light orange silk robe around and loosely tied a knot.

Volleyball on the beach was always popular since it was clear the boys didn’t give a crap about playing, but relished seeing each of these bikini-clad bodies jump, bounce, and jiggle. Even as I looked from a short distance through the binoculars mounted on a tripod in my bedroom—for whale watching, of course—it was hard not to get aroused by these nubile bodies cavorting on the sand and on the edge of the surf.

“Mrs. Eckersley,” a pale, frightened voice said behind me.

I turned to see a kid who had arrived late and was almost pushed into the house by his mother standing sheepishly in the hallway, unable to step into the bedroom from which I was leering at those bodies.

“Who the fuck are you?” I barked.

He Esenyurt Escort recoiled, and looked like he was about to bolt for the door.

“Wait…wait…” my voice hit a resigned, deepened tone. “Sorry kid, a lot going on, what can I do for you?”

“I’m Kyle. Where can I change?” he stuttered quietly.

“Right there for all the fucks I give,” I snorted derisively.

He stared at his shoes and again turned to leave.

“Wait, no. In here,” I said as I ushered him through to the bathroom of the master bedroom. The bespectacled kid had clearly never been afforded a decent haircut or outfit. He really didn’t need the bad-mood shit I could issue without trying, and it might just be his unlucky day that he wandered into range.

He emerged a couple of minutes later wearing blue swim shorts mostly obscured by the brown towel he held around his torso like he’s seen done by hundreds of women in movies as they emerged from showers.

“Ready?” I asked, trying to be positive.

He nodded, sheepishly.

“Okay, let’s get you to the others,” I said matter-of-factly.

I turned to see his shoulders curl under the towel. I didn’t have the time or patience for another weedy kid who quite literally had barely grown a pair. Damn, Jose, whoever he was, wouldn’t be this wimpy, even if he’d be supremely polite.

“What the fuck is your problem?” I barked, “there are a ton of fucking hot girls in bikinis out there, all about to get shit-faced, and some of them are going to make bad decisions. Why aren’t they going to make bad decisions with you?”

Kyle recoiled, stunned by the aggressive tone. “I…I…I…’ve never…”

“What? Never been with a woman?” I said, trying to get less aggressive, probably failing.


“But you like them?”

“Oh yes.”

“You just don’t know what to do?”

“…oh god…er…”

“Okay,” I say, calming down and appreciating the shaking, slim toned body of this shy 18-year old, “come here. NOW.”

Kyle slowly edged towards me and I moved to the edge of the bed and slowly sat down, looking up at the deer-like eyes.

“Okay Kyle, we can do this one of two ways. You do what I say and don’t ask questions or tell anyone, or you get the fuck out of here and I tell the girls not to fuck you because…oh, I don’t know, I’ll make some nasty shit up…and you enjoy your senior year.”

Kyle stared, wide-eyed.

“Drop the towel,” I yelled, and without hesitation Kyle dropped it to the floor revealing his slim but, well, it had to be said, shapely torso.

I reached for his glasses and he flinched, but I put my hand on his, and slowly removed them. “Don’t ever be ashamed of these,” I said, “but for right here, right now, they might get in the way.”

Looking up from my seated position on the bed into Kyle’s terrified eyes, I reached for the string on his shorts and quickly dispatched the knot. His eyes widened as I slowly pulled the bottom of the shorts to the floor. Now I was faced with a thick bush of hair around a circumcised cock.

“You should trim,” is all I said, before lowering my head, bringing his nubile cock into my mouth, and starting to suck.

It seemed like Kyle was trying to pull back, but with every thrust of my mouth his cock got harder and his resolve to end this situation ebbed. Steadily I brought him to full attention, at which time I looked up to lock eyes on my young charge.

Every sinew of Kyle’s body was tense, apart from those enjoying the moist breath of my mouth, so I pounded harder, taking his innocent cock deeper into my mouth, pausing momentarily for air and to allow for my tongue to flick across his glans. Though young, I fully expected him to cum quickly. But Kyle was feisty. As I sucked he writhed, clearly trying to find his own moment for ultimate release.

How could I deny a young man this moment? So I remained focused and shockingly patient, and then I felt his body twitch, then twitch again, his breathing increased, and finally he shot load after load after…oh my fucking god where the hell is this coming from…load into the back of my mouth. I pulled back and Kyle’s cock was still flexing and shot cum Esenyurt Escort bayan over the left side of my face, and as I backed away the next stream hit my neck and started its slow ooze down my cleavage before another rope landed on my robe. But I kept ahold, and while my left eye was closed, I pulled again at Kyle’s powerful cock and another burst of warm cum dropped between my upper thighs. With that, I dropped his cock and lay back.

“Fetch me a towel,” I commanded, and with my eyes closed heard the rapid patter of his feet into the bedroom, and shortly after a towel drop on my tits. I grabbed it and wiped his cum from my face so I could open my eyes and see this young man.

He stood, seemingly petrified, in position. His cock had drooped, though was still thick and impressive. I droplet of cum lingered at the end of his slit for a moment before dropping to the floor. I was about to yell again about staining the carpet, but held back for a moment. Another started to fail the gravity test and emerged, so I sat up, causing Kyle to tense as I engulfed his soft cock and sucked his semen on to my tongue. I held it there for a moment, wondering if he would move, but he was frozen to the spot. I held out my tongue for a second, showing him what he had done, then threw my head back with an exaggerated swallow.

“You made a mess of my robe,” I stated accusingly.

“I… I… I…”

This might be fun.

“You shot your junk on my face.”


“You did that without even seeing my tits.”


“Let alone get a whiff of my pussy.”

With that I slowly spread my legs, his goo creating a small white barrier. I reached down my middle finger and scooped up a small amount of his cum, raised it to my open mouth, looked Kyle in the eyes, and closed my lips around, sucking loudly.

He remained frozen, but his young cock flicked a little, indicating it had recognized what just happened.

“You like that?” I teased, “like your cum in my mouth, your cock jerked off by your friend’s mom?”

Frankly, it appeared I was turning myself on and terrifying Kyle.

“But here’s a lesson for you, young man, if you want to please a woman: it’s a two-way street. We do for you, you do for us. Know what I mean?”

Kyle barely nodded.

“How this happy understanding of pay-off works…well, I frankly don’t give a fuck. But I made you cum, so now you repay. Hear me?”

Kyle nodded again, this time a little more snapped to reality.

“Stand there and make your cock hard again while I get myself wet.”

Another nod, and Kyle flicked his broad, soft dick and lifted it into his hand.

I reached my finders to my lips and applied some saliva, then went straight for my clit. Kyle was already pulling slowly on his cock, but had his eyes fixated as I pulled my bikini bottoms to the side and rubbed broadly at my swollen outer lips. I was pretty sure Kyle had never seen anything like this, certainly not in real life.

In that impressive way that 18-year olds can manage, Kyle was fully hard again within a minute.

“Fuck it,” I sighed, “keep going.”

And with that I pulled down my bikini bottoms and pulled open the knot of the robe.

“This thing has to go in the wash anyway with your splooge covering it, so you should make amends. Bring. That. Here.”

I gestured to the hard, large cock in Kyle’s trembling hand, and leaned back on the bed, propping myself on my elbows, spreading my legs wider.

Let’s assume Kyle had some online experience, since he knew to bend down slightly, line his bright red head against my pussy lips, and thrust in.

“Damn…” I gasped out loud as he pushed in hard and deep. Kyle pulled out immediately, a look of horror etched by every muscle in his face.

“Damn…” I yelped again, watching him once again assume the frozen motif of terrified-kid-in-presence-of-woman-who-might-kill-him.

I took a deep breath as hideous insults flooded through my mind.

“Look, I know this vag pushed out my beautiful bitch of a daughter, but it’s not so stretched that I can take your, well, let’s call it how we see it, magnificent cock.”

Kyle stared vacantly as his Escort esenyurt jaw dropped down.

“Now, get it hard again, line it up, and gently…GENTLY…ease it in. Pro tip, kid: read my body movements, tenses, relaxation points, and respond to those. This is not a jackhammer contest. My pussy is waiting for you, for fuck’s sake, treat it with a bit of fucking respect.”

Kyle pumped on his hard cock a few more times, my juices providing sufficient lubricant to make his action smooth and the color of his deep veins glisten as the sun started to set outside.

I rubbed my pussy a couple of times and spread my inner lips to help provide some direction for this rookie. Kyle seemed to tremble as his knees bent and his hand gripped his cock, guiding it towards my inviting gash. I placed my hand over his and he loosened his own grip, allowing me to guide the pink tip towards my lips. I pulled his cock slightly so the head entered me, then released and relaxed as he so very slowly and carefully pushed it further inside.

It felt so big, so strong, so good. I couldn’t believe he came only minutes before. But now he could let himself loose, and so could I.

I sat up and clamped my hands around Kyle’s back, pulling him into me. He stayed there deep inside, the tip of his cock massaging my cervix. It was about as deep as anyone had ever taken me. So I clung on, shifting slightly back then letting him push that deep once more.

Once, twice, a few times before I leaned back, propping myself with one hand while taking my other to massage my clit as I could feel Kyle pounding inside me. Kyle, good to his rookie self, just kept going; it was so easy as my juices started flowing and making his entry so easy.

Kyle cooed when he saw me massage myself as my finger nails grazed on his impressive cock.

From my clit to his unkempt pubes, up his taut torso, ripped abs, to the chest that had a hint of hair but beads of sweat tumbling down, he was a sight. His shoulders were tense, his eyes were closed, but with such intensity that I knew what he was thinking; he wanted to last as long as possible for me. And that kicked me further towards my own explosion.

“Fucking hell, Kyle,” I whispered, “if you come before me, I’ll fucking chop your balls off, you got it?”

Not that I would, but I wanted him to stay inside me, and I could tell immediately that the words had impact, so I worked furiously on myself, delighting in this young, thick cock.

I was about to blow. I flicked at my clit as slow, then fast, then slow, then slower as I could. I felt my butt clench, my abs—for what they were—tighten, and my pussy grip Kyle’s cock.

Then I came.

I squirted a little, under Kyle’s cock and on to the carpet—I couldn’t be made about him now. I squealed, I think, not totally sure of the guttural noises permeating from my being. This kid made me cum in a way I hadn’t in months.

Kyle followed suit, tensing then thrusting, then pushing, letting his cum squirt deep inside me. Again. And again. And then his knees buckled, and he regained composure to slowly pull out, this time each drop deposited deep inside my pussy.

I threw him the towel and he quickly mopped up the cum seeping from his cock. He offered it back to me, to which I nodded towards the bathroom and he immediately received the message, scurried off, and returned with a fresh towel that I used to clean myself off.

Kyle remained stood to attention as his erection subsided.

“Lessons,” I offered, as I came down from my own orgasmic high, “are take care of the woman, and ask what they want if they’re not willing to tell, and then do it. Carry protection, since not everyone is as old as me. Be confident in what you want, but don’t push it if it’s not what they want. Enter gently, then read signs. And lastly, most importantly, don’t you ever, EVER, fuck my daughter.”

“I wouldn’t dream…” Kyle stuttered.

“Of course you’ve dreamed, douche-nozzle, she’s a hot girl with big tits and lose morals. Just don’t do it. For me.”

This last part was softened in tone. Maybe I liked this weak-ass kid. Maybe he was just what I needed. But now was time for fucking responsible fucking parenting.

“Go outside. Have fun. Don’t look me in the eye. And if you get to fuck a girl tonight, think of me.”

Kyle nodded, smiled—which was a more confident reaction than I’d figured—and headed for the door. The kids would be coming back from the beach soon; best make sure the house was in order.

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