Pizza Delivery


“Cindy, these pizzas will be ready in a few minutes.”

“Okay!” I reply.

That was my boss, the head cook of Papa’s Italiano, the best Italian restaurant in town. I’m just a college student, trying to make some money on the side. My job is to deliver pizzas to customers at their homes on my little scooter. It barely felt like actual work as it was pretty fun to drive the thing. Of course I didn’t have to pay for gas or insurances. Today was just a casual Wednesday. It wasn’t really busy, so it was kind of boring. I only had to work for 40 more minutes and my shift was done.

I was getting ready for another delivery as Luigi, my boss, was putting the finishing touches on the pizzas. He was a middle aged Italian man, with slightly tanned skin and a big belly. “From all the beer and pizza,” he would always joke. He had short, jet black hair and always wore his work uniform, which consisted of green pants and a red-white striped shirt. He often chatted a bit with his employees when it wasn’t that busy. He was divorced of his wife 8 years ago or so. She left him for some young college kid and ever since then, he doesn’t hire any young guys anymore. Not that I mind that much, he was a really cool guy. He was always being goofy and making his stupid jokes around us and the customers. Pretty much everybody in town liked him.

Like I said, I’m just a college girl, working to make some money. I would consider myself to be a typical girl. My name is common, who doesn’t know someone named Cindy? I’m on the short side, about 5’4″ with shoulder length blonde hair that is normally pulled back in a ponytail. At work I’m usually wearing skinny jeans and a red-white striped shirt from the restaurant, combined with a cute, red hat. I occasionally get little compliments on how cute my outfit looks on me. I don’t think it looks that amazing, but I’ll admit it’s nice to hear. Other than studying for college and delivering pizzas, I like to play volleyball. I practice 3 times a week and it has given me a lean and smooth body. My figure was not as ‘well endowed’ as most other girls. I have A cup breasts, which most people didn’t pay that much attention to. I didn’t really hate them, though it did hurt a little when I was with my friends and people’s eyes would usually travel south. My ass was probably my best feature, it often got ogling eyes from interested onlookers.

Everything about me was pretty normal I guess. Well, unless you counted the fact that I had a penis. Yes that’s right. I have a penis. I always felt like I was born in the wrong body. I liked my penis though, so I didn’t want to get rid of it. I wasn’t exactly well hung like some porn stars, only about 5 inches, but I didn’t mind. I still liked it though.

So I was living my life as a girl with a dick and I loved it! I wasn’t a virgin anymore either. Last year I had gotten together with my girlfriend. We were together for 6 months and I finally decided to let her in on my little secret. At first she was shocked, which is normal I guess, but she soon got over it. We talked things over and decided we both wanted to try it out. That night we made love and – despite it being the first time for both of us – it was amazing. We repeated it plenty of times after that. To her, it really must have felt like she was dating a mix of a boy and a girl. A girl on the outside, but a cock for in between the sheets.

A few months ago we broke up though, we had been fighting a lot and we decided it’d be better to just split up. I’ll admit I felt pretty miserable, but I kept telling myself it was for the best. Looking back I was right. During those last weeks we were fighting almost constantly and it was really getting to us. Now we’re back on friendly terms, kind of. We greet each other in the hallway and even though I wouldn’t admit it, whoever made her cry could expect a kick In the crotch from me. I guess we’re better off as friends than as lovers.

I was so wrapped up in my thoughts that I didn’t realize the pizzas were done. “Cindy! Those pizzas ain’t gonna deliver themselves sweetie.” Luigi said, waking me up from my train of thought.

“Right! Sorry, I’m going!” I quickly grabbed the address paper off the top of the box and was relieved to see it was nearby. 17th street was only about five minutes away. I was ready to go, grabbing the boxes and loading them in the scooter, I drove off and headed towards the delivery address.

Delivering pizzas like this made you meet all kinds of people. Sometimes it was as ordinary as the family of four having an easy meal. Sometimes it was as creepy as an old guy, half naked answering the door and trying to flirt with me. And every once in a while it was as fun as delivering a shitload of pizzas to a college frat party, which was usually a lot of fun. Some guy, obviously high, would open the door and think I was a hovering, pink elephant. Luckily, I’d always get the cash and usually get tipped generously as well. They sometimes invited me in to party with them, but I always declined istanbul escort because I was still working. If I really wanted to, I suppose I could call Luigi and ask him if I could stop a little bit earlier, but I didn’t want to bother him with that.

The ride through town went pretty smoothly. It was kind of late, so there wasn’t a lot of traffic at this time of the night. I passed through the town square, where a few guys were still hanging out. The police tended to pass by and check on them every once in a while. It was a pretty small town, so they had plenty of time to check up on little crimes and patrol big areas. But ultimately it’s still an easy job for them, even if they have to deal with some minor crimes.

I arrived at the house and hopped off my scooter. Making my way up the driveway I notice it is a pretty average looking place. I stopped in front of the door, peeking in through the glass. Not bad looking, nothing fancy either. I did see a nice painting hanging in the hallway. I think it featured a crowd of people with two people standing in the middle, holding a gun and a flag in the air. I shook my head and remembered why I was here. Taking one last look at the order sheet I knocked on the door.

After a few moments a young guy opens the door. He didn’t look too bad, short blonde hair. His eyes were covered by sunglasses. He was wearing black pants and a white tank top. His body looked pretty smooth.

He grins as he looks at me and checks me out. I mentally groan, but hid it as best as I could. Only two kinds of people wear sunglasses inside, blind people and assholes. I was pretty sure he wasn’t blind. “one vegetarian and one hamburger pizza?” I ask, giving him a polite smile.

He nods, “That’s right sugar. Why don’t you come in and eat with us? I’m sure we have way too much anyway.” He says in a cocky kind of way and flashes me one of those ‘killer’ smiles.

I tried not to glare. I wouldn’t mind if the flirting was done by a cute girl, but I wasn’t even interested in guys; so this was mostly just plain annoying.

Luckily for me, a cute girl came to my rescue by appearing in the doorway. She was dressed in denim shorts and a loose black tank top. Her auburn hair was done in a bun, which looked kind of good on her. She jabbed the guy’s arm and glared at him. “Are you flirting again?” she asked in an annoyed, slightly angry tone.

The guy just grinned, apparently this was pretty normal for them and he looked a little too happy. “No, of course not baby.” He said in this same cocky tone.

The girl just sighed in frustration. She grabbed him by the arm and pushed him back towards where she came from. She looked at me and softened up a little, “Sorry about that. He likes to get a little adventurous despite being with me.”

I just shook it off and smiled at her. “It’s okay. I’m used to it.”

She smiled at me as well and nodded. “Good. So how much for the pizzas?” She asked, reaching for them.

I hand them over to her and reach for the bill. “$ 27.50 please.”

She nods and goes back in the house, putting away the pizzas and getting her money I assumed. After a few minutes she returned and handed me 30 dollars. “There you go, keep the change.”

I smiled at her and nodded. “Thanks! Enjoy your meal!” It wasn’t that much of a tip, but every bit counts.

“We will. Thanks!” she happily replies and returns inside.

I go back to my scooter and put the money in my bag. After another small drive, I arrive back at the restaurant. Luigi looks up as the doorbell rings.

“Aaah Cindy, did everything go alright?” He asked.

“Of course!” I said in a happy tone. He usually asked me, even though deliveries rarely went wrong. There wasn’t a lot of trouble in this city. I rarely got customers that didn’t pay or any other troubles, but Luigi liked to ask anyway.

As I entered the restaurant, I saw Luigi was cleaning his ingredients boxes. I took a quick glance at the clock and saw it was near closing time. I grabbed a broom and started cleaning the place up a bit. Even though we delivered, we also had plenty of tables for eating in, which usually caused a bit of a mess. During rush hours there would be a few waitresses handling all the orders. Still no male staff of course. People might even think Luigi was some kind of pervert, though everyone who came here more than once knew that wasn’t the case. It was clear from our manner of talking to our way of interacting that we all kept this business strictly professional, while having fun in the meantime of course.

A few minutes after I arrived, the phone went off again. Luigi picked it up and answered. During the conversation he nodded and gave affirmative answers. The conversation didn’t last long and he soon put down the phone. He looked at me and said, “One large pizza, 3rd street.”

I pouted, “Awww, that’s the other end of town.” I was familiar with most street names, which was necessary as I had to deliver to them. Delivering escort bayan to 3rd street now meant that I’d be home pretty late. Luckily for me Luigi was an understanding boss and he said, “I know Cindy, I know. But I already told her we would get it to her. How about you deliver this last one, then I’ll close up and you can give me the money next time you come to work?”

That’s one of the things I liked about him. He didn’t mind if we cut a few corners during work. Some bosses – either mine or having heard rumors of friends – were known to be huge tyrants. They’d demand everything was done by the book and if it wasn’t, you could expect a big lecture.

I smiled widely, “Sure! Thanks bo- I mean Luigi!” It always was a bit of a reflex of me to call him boss out loud, even though I knew he preferred to be called by his first name. It took a while to get used to calling your boss by his first name.

He was beaming himself by now and shook his head slightly as he went to make the pizza. I helped him a bit and soon the pizza was ready to go. I loaded it in my scooter and set off for the final customer of the night.

After the 15 minute drive I finally arrive at the house. It looked pretty big actually. One large pizza either meant a lonely soul inside or a fuzzy couple wanting to share their pizza.

I knocked on the door and waited for an answer. It took a few minutes for me to hear any sign of life. I rung the bell again and just as I was about to leave or maybe call Luigi, the door opened. In the doorframe there was a flushed woman standing in a towel. She blushed and shyly looked at me.

“God, I’m so sorry! I thought I had enough time to take a quick shower before you arrived, but I sure got that wrong.” She explained.

I smiled and shrugged it off, “It’s okay, really. No problem.”

She smiled in relief. I was able to get a good look at her and saw she was quite attractive. She had light skin that still had a few drops of water, but otherwise was mostly dry. A white towel was wrapped around her body, covering her breasts till her upper legs. Her auburn hair was in a loose bun. It was completely dry, probably because she didn’t wash it in the shower. As she looked back at me, I saw she had beautiful piercing green eyes. I found myself smiling at her.

Before I realized what was happening, her towel began to loosen, sliding off her body. She yelped in surprise, and quickly reached for the edges. She was able to yank it back in place, but not before I caught sight of her breast. She began to try and rearrange her towel, she looked up at me blushing fiercely.

“A large barbeque pizza, right?” I ask, only now realizing that I was shamelessly staring at this half naked woman.

“Yes, yes.” She quickly answers, “umm would you like to come in? It’s kind of cold outside…”

Seeing as she was dressed in nothing but a towel, I could understand why she would be cold. I nod and step inside with the pizza. “Yeah sure. Thanks.”

She smiles as she steps aside and I step in. “No problem, sorry I ordered so late by the way, kind of forgot about your closing time.”

She was just so cute, I wanted to tell her that no excuses were needed. There was no way I could ever care about such a mistake, especially if it made my heart pound like that. I giggled softly, “It’s ok. I don’t mind.” I say in a warm tone and give her a friendly smile.

Her cheeks turn a deeper shade of red and she mumbles, “Thanks, I guess.” She looks at one of the nearby doors and says, “Well come on in, please don’t stay in the hallway.”

She goes inside the living room and I follow her. It was quite spacious and decorated nicely. Modern style I guess. I still had her pizza in my hands as I followed her inside. She turned around and looked at me. Our eyes connected and we seemed to stare into each other’s eyes for what seemed like an eternity. She slowly stepped closer to me, which made me do the same. Soon we both felt the pizza box bump into our stomachs. We looked down and immediately back up from each other. We both giggled in embarrassment, now equally blushing.

She grabbed the box, which I somewhat reluctantly let go of, as if it meant I had to say goodbye to her. She put it on the table and looked back at me. I saw a sultry look on her face, desire in her eyes, her lips were only slightly apart. She had a look of suppressed lust, as if it only needed a small trigger to unleash it all. We stepped closer to each other and I put an arm on her hip. She looked down and for a split second I thought I’d made a huge mistake. But I must have had a similar look on my face and I felt her own hand on top of mine.

“What’s your name?” She asks softly, almost in a whisper.

“Cindy,” I replied, barely understandable.

“I’m Emily,” she said. After a few moments of hesitation, she asked. “D- do you have a girlfriend Cindy? Or a boyfriend?”

I shake my head slowly, still hypnotized by her striking eyes. “No … do Kurtköy escort you?”

She shakes her head in reply. “No. Not anymore.”

She takes a step back and looks at me hesitantly. Her hands move up and my heart skips a beat as I see them moving to her towel. She loosens it and lets it fall to the floor. I gasp as I look at her.

In front of me was one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. Her breasts were slightly bigger than mine, though not much, about a B cup I think. Her nipples were pink and smallish, cute. Her areoles were slightly larger than normal, which looked pretty hot on her otherwise small breasts. Her entire frame was so slender, yet so curvy. I saw a cute, short patch of auburn hair between her legs, which looks really sexy on her otherwise smooth, shaven body.

By then I notice my mouth was slightly open in astonishment and quickly closed it. I look up to see her biting her lower lip.

“D- do you want to…?” She asks softly, still unsure of herself.

I can’t do anything else, but nod and step closer to her. “I’d love to…” I reply softly, extending my arms to her.

Before I get the chance to wrap my arms around her, she almost jumps at me and embraces me in a tight hug. She buries her face in my neck. I automatically close my eyes and do the same with her. I let out a small sigh against her neck and she shudders slightly.

“You must think I’m a slut or something. Seducing the pizza delivery girl like some college bimbo …”

I couldn’t stop a little giggle and said, “I don’t think you’re a slut Emily, you’re cute.”

She loosens her grip around me and I do the same. She looks at me and says, “Thanks.”

I smile, give her a quick kiss on the lips and whisper, “You’re welcome. Now, want to have some fun with me?” I lean back a bit, so she can take a good look at me again, as if I’m presenting myself to her instead of the other way around.

She stares for a moment at me, then she nods. As an answer, she pressed her lips against mine. I eagerly returned the passionate embrace and we spend the next few minutes making out, tongues wrestling with each other. We softly moan in each other’s mouths and press ourselves closer against the other. Our hands roam over each other’s bodies, though we avoid the most erogenous zones for now, just touching parts like hips, legs and back. After a while we separate and look at each other again, panting heavily from the make out. She grins seductively and gently pushes me backwards. I’m in too much of a daze to realize what’s going on. My eyes widen slightly as I realize I might fall over and just as I think I’m about to fall against the floor, I fall on the sofa instead. She grins mischievously and straddles me with her body. I smirk at her sudden change of heart, from shy to naughty. I run my hands up her sides, going near her breasts, but not touching them. She leans in and we press our lips together again. We start making out, while our hands are exploring the other one’s body again. Our lovemaking had become more passionate now. I’m massaging her boobs, fingers going over her hardening nipples while she does the same with me.

She pulls back from our hungry kiss, biting my lower lip, making me groan in excitement. She let go and I giggled. “Mmmm I want you.” She said. She grabs the edge of my shirt and pulls it over my head, revealing my small, black bra. I can’t help but blush slightly as she sees my small breasts, but she doesn’t seem to mind the least. She grabs my boobs through the bra and starts playing with them, squeezing and rubbing them like a boy on his first date.

“Err you don’t mind …?” I ask softly, slightly insecure about my small boobs.

She looks up like I just said something stupid, “Of course not! I love them!” She exclaims. She quickly puts her hands around me and strips me of my bra so quickly, I’m pretty sure she has done this quite a few times before.

I sigh in relief and relax as she starts to lick my nipples. “That’s good. I always thought they were kinda small…” I mumble as I enjoy her tongue on my boobs.

“What? No, they’re perfect!” She exclaims again and I’m immediately convinced. She increases her efforts on my pink nipples and I feel them slowly start to stiffen. I let out a long moan and stroke her hair. I accidentally loosen up her bun, making her hair flow free, but apparently she doesn’t mind. I look down and notice her hair reaches down her shoulders and she looks even more amazing than she did before.

She looks up again and grins at me. She shuffles her hips slightly, making her pussy grind against my thigh. She bites her lip down in pleasure and I kiss her lips again. “Like that?” I whisper in her ear.

“Love it.” She replies and lets out another gasp as I gently bite on her neck.

I keep this up for a while, biting and licking all over her neck as she grinds herself on my upper thigh. I lower my mouth a bit and take one of her nipples in my mouth, licking it and gently razing my teeth over it, while my fingers take care of the other one. When I think the first one had enough attention, I go to the other one and repeat the process. All this time Emily is moaning softly and pressing me against her chest, encouraging me to keep going.

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