Paul’s Ultimate Fantasy


Paul couldn’t walk fast enough. His heart was pounding and he kept checking the time on his iPhone every couple of minutes. It was only a ten minute walk to the hotel but it seemed to Paul that he would never get there. He knew that Marie has something very special planned for him and he couldn’t wait to find out!

The day started normally enough. Paul was up before anyone else in the house and had left at his usual time, just after 8am, to catch the bus for work. The day had been busy but not overly stressful. Paul was in the middle of researching background material for a new book that when he received Marie’s text message.

“Meet me at the Chateau Laurier, room 452, 6pm SHARP. A key will be waiting for you at the concierge desk”.

Paul checked his iPhone again … it was 5:45. He wanted to get to the hotel a few minutes early so he had time to get the key. Better to be a few minutes early and wait in the hotel lobby than to be late. Marie has been quite clear in her text message – 6pm sharp.

Paul turned the corner onto Elgin Street and he could see the hotel. He slowed his pace slightly and took a few deep breaths to slow down his heart rate. Paul had been exercising regularly so he knew that the pounding of his heart was due to excitement and anticipation, not exertion.

The day was cool and crisp, with a hint of drizzle and a threat of rain. The sun had set a few minutes earlier and darkness was quickly falling. Paul entered the hotel and took the elevator to the executive floor. There was a separate check-in desk on this floor and Paul was greeted by the concierge on duty. “You must be Paul,” she said. “Marie told us to expect you. Here is your key, room 452. Enjoy your evening”. Paul could have sworn that she winked at him. Did she have any idea what was up?

Paul check his iPhone … it was 5:55. He walked slowly down the corridor. Room 452 was all the way at the end. He stood outside the room, watching his iPhone until the time read 6:00. He inserted the key in the door and slowly opened it. His first impression was the smell, a mix of roses and star gazer lilies. He smiled and entered the room. It was a suite, with a separate living room and bedroom. There was a short hall from the door to the sitting area and all Paul could see was soft glow that looked like candle light.

As Paul stepped into the room he could hear a sound that produced a nearly instant erection … a lighter! It snapped twice and Paul paused.

Sure enough, shortly after her heard the sound, he could smell the cigarette smoke. His smile became a large grin and he walked a few more steps until he was in the living room. When he saw Marie he stopped dead in his tracks. He opened his mouth to say something and all that came out was “Wow!”

The room was lit with a variety of candles. All the candles were white. There were tall tapers that must have been at least 2 ft high, smaller tapers, pillar candles in various sizes and tea lights. The candles were scattered about the room, an affect that Paul had seen in several movies and had mentioned to Marie that he found very erotic and, at the same time, very romantic. There were also several vases of flowers, each containing a mix of red roses and star gazer lilies.

Marie was sitting in a wingback chair directly in Paul’s line of site. She was dressed up as a French maid. Paul watched as she brought the long white cigarette up to her lips, wrapped her very red and full lips around it and inhaled deeply. He noticed that she was wearing black opera length gloves. He stared at her as she slowly moved her hand away from her mouth, tilted her head back, and exhaled a long, slow steady stream of smoke.

“Don’t just stand there staring,” Marie cooed. “Take off your coat and have a seat. I am here to serve you tonight and to look after your every need”.

Paul did as he was directed. When he sat down, Marie got up, placed her cigarette in an ashtray, poured a glass of white wine, and headed in Paul’s direction. She handed Paul the glass of wine and suggested that he take a cigarette from a champagne glass on the table beside him. The glass was full of Benson and Hedges 100’s menthols, Paul’s favorite brand. As Paul selected a cigarette Marie pulled a lighter from her ample bosom and lit Paul’s cigarette.

Paul watched as Marie walked slow back to her chair. Her skirt was very short and he could just see the tops of her black fishnet stockings. He could tell from the way she walked and the firmness of her ass that she was wearing high heels. Sure enough, he looked down her very sexy legs and saw a pair of black pumps with 4″ heels.

Marie sat down and reached forward for her cigarette. As she bent over, Paul got a glimpse of the corset underneath her maid’s uniform. It pushed her breasts up and together such that they were nearly spilling out. He watched as she smoked her cigarette, all the while smiling a wicked smile at him.

While she smoked, Paul studied her more closely. His eyes had gotten Kurtköy Anal Escort used to the candlelight and he could more easily make out details. Marie’s makeup was very heavy, just the way Paul liked it. She had chosen a dark plum eye shadow and had outlined her eyes with dark eyeliner. Her eyelashes, though obviously fake, were mesmerizing. She had applied fake eyelashes that had a small rhinestone on the end of each lash. They literally sparkled in the candlelight.

Marie’s hair was piled high in a very sexy up do. Several tendrils tangled in the front framing her face. As Paul studied her hair he noticed that she was wearing long, dangly crystal earrings. Looking a little lower he discovered that she was wearing a gorgeous crystal necklace. The combination of earrings, eyelashes, and necklace reflected the candlelight and highlighted her gorgeous face.

Marie took one last drag on her cigarette and slowly lent forward to put it out, allowing Paul yet another view of her corset and her large, milky breasts. She sat back in her chair, licked her lips and said, “Darling, have a look in the closet. There is a big surprise for you”.

Paul stubbed out his cigarette, got up, and walked over to the closet. With his back to Marie, he opened the closet to find a white wedding dress. He nearly fainted from the pounding in chest. He couldn’t believe his eyes. He had long wanted to dress up as a bride and now it appeared that Marie was going to make it happen. It was difficult to get a good look at the dress in the closet but he could tell that it had long sleeves and fine bead work.

As Paul stared at the dress, he heard the snap of the lighter, further engorging his erection and calling his attention back to Marie. When he turned around he saw her approaching. She took his hand and led him back to his chair. She gently pushed his chest, forcing him to sit.

“Light yourself a cigarette,” she cooed in her low, sex voice. “I’m going to give you some relief before we get you dressed.”

While Paul lit his cigarette, Marie knelt in front of him and unzipped his pants. She gently maneuvered his pants and underwear to expose his rock hard erection. Inhaling deeply on her cigarette, she put the head of his cock in her mouth and let the smoke slowly waft down his shaft. She repeated this action several times, each time taking his cock a little deeper in her mouth. Paul smoked his cigarette and watched, his eyes glued on her red lips. Paul was quite excited and it didn’t take long for him to come in her mouth. She continued to smoke and suck until he went limp and both their cigarettes were finished.

Marie stood up, leaned over Paul to put her cigarette in his ashtray and stopped to kiss him deeply as she straightened up. The tastes of her lipstick, his cum, and the cigarette combined were more delicious than Paul thought possible.

Marie beckoned Paul to stand up and follow her into the bedroom. “Time to start to start your transformation,” she said. “My duty tonight is transform you into a beautiful bride and teach you what you will need to know to please your groom.”

Marie led Paul into the bathroom. She poured some bubble bath into the tub and turned on the water. Once she had the water temperature set just right, she turned to Paul and said “Have a seat on the toilet. We have some preparatory work to do”. Paul obeyed and Marie reached into an overnight bag. She took out some shaving cream and several razors.

“We can’t have any of your hair showing in your bridal gown,” she stated matter of factly. Marie proceeded to lather up his chest and upper back. She carefully shaved his chest hair and then asked him to stand and turn around so she could do his back. When the shaving was completed to her satisfaction, Marie checked the bath water and, finding the tub full to the right level, turned off the water.

“Step into the tub and enjoy a long, hot bath,” Marie commanded. Paul did and Marie disappeared from the room. She came back into the room a moment later with an ashtray, a champagne glass with cigarettes and a glass of wine. She laid these items down along the edge of the tub along with the shaving cream and a new razor.

“Shave your legs and enjoy a cigarette and some wine while I get things ready for you,” Marie directed.

Paul lit a cigarette and proceeded to shave his legs. He loved the look and feel of smooth legs. Periodically, Paul would take a drag on the cigarette and sip some of the wine. When he was done, he laid back, lit another cigarette and enjoyed the warm bubble bath.

About the time that Paul finished his second cigarette, he could hear Marie heading toward the bathroom. She stopped just outside the bathroom and said “Time to get out of the tub and towel dry. I have a couple of more surprises for you. We have spoken of these items before and I spent several months searching on line for just the right ones.”

No sooner had Paul finished drying off then Marie entered the room. She Kurtköy Yaşlı Escort was carrying a black plastic bag. Marie placed the bag on the countertop and peered inside. Very carefully she retrieved what appeared to fake breasts from the bag. “Oh my god, could they be?” Paul thought.

Several years earlier Paul had discovered Proactive Prosthetics, a UK company that made what they called a “crop top”. The “crop top” is essentially a replica of a woman’s chest designed to be worn by a man so that he can have cleavage and wear low cut tops.

“What do you think?” Marie asked, looking both nervous and excited at the same time.

“I have long dreamed of having breasts so that I could wear low cut dresses,” Paul replied. “The crop top is the perfect accessory for my crossdressing!”

Marie helped him put the “crop top” on. When she was finished, Paul made a step towards the mirror to admire himself.

“Not yet,” Marie commanded in a somewhat stern tone of voice. Paul immediately stood still in response.

Marie reached in the overnight back and pulled out what appeared to be latex underwear. As Marie unfolded them Paul realized that Marie had bought another item that Paul had discovered, this time from a company called femskin. The “cherry popper” was really a replica of a woman’s vagina designed to hide a man’s penis and give him his own pussy. There was pocket into which his cock fit and a vaginal canal that ran over this pocket.

“Every bride needs a pussy for her wedding night, don’t you think?” Marie asked.

Paul swore that his heart was going to jump out of his chest it was beating so hard. “Yes,” he croaked in a voice quivering with emotion.

“Before we give you your much desired pussy, I have another little surprise,” Marie said.

Guiding Paul over to the toilet, she bent him over so his hands were touching the toilet seat. Marie gently spread Paul’s legs, exposing his ass and inserted a butt plug. Marie then stood Paul up and helped him put on the “cherry popper”, doing so in a way that Paul couldn’t really get a good look at himself.

“Now, it is time to look at yourself. Turn around and face the mirror,” Marie suggested in a soft but encouraging tone of voice.

Paul stepped in front of the mirror and nearly forgot to breath. He couldn’t believe his eyes. He had breasts and a pussy. The breasts were quite large, a D-cup Marie later told him. They were extremely realistic and moved easily when Paul shook slightly. The pussy completely covered Paul’s crotch and was clean shaven. Paul could make out the labia and even a clitoris.

Marie stepped in behind and started to fondle Paul’s breasts. He swore that he could feel his own breasts tingle as Marie played with the crop top breasts. Marie then picked up what looked like a small remote control and pushed a button. The butt plug began to vibrate and Paul began to moan softly.

“Let’s see if this pussy is functional,” Marie said with a giggle.

Marie stepped back while Paul continued to admire himself. He heard her rummaging around in her overnight bag. She stepped behind him again and fondled his breasts with one hand. Just as Paul began to wonder what happened to her other hand she brought it around in front of him. Before he realized what she had in hand, she quickly dropped her hand towards his new pussy and started to run a small white vibrator around her pussy lips.

Marie dropped her other hand to Paul’s pussy and turned the vibrator on. The vibrator was wet with lubricant and with little effort Marie slipped it into Paul’s pussy with both hands. Paul moaned with delight and his legs nearly buckled from the excitement.

No sooner had Paul recovered from the initial reaction than Marie pulled the vibrator out, turned the butt plug off, and pronounced, almost clinically, “Your pussy is ready for tonight’s delights.”

Marie took Paul’s hand and led him back to the bedroom. Like the living room, this room too was lit with candles. Lying on the bed was an assortment of lingerie, jewelry and a pair of white shoes.

“Time to put on your undergarments, my dear,” Marie purred in his ear. “Your maid is here to help you get dressed.”

Marie walked over to the dresser, took a cigarette from a champagne flute, lit it and handed it to Paul.

“We’ll start with your corset,” Marie said and walked over the bed. She picked up a gorgeous white corset. It was satin, with a lace panel in the front. Marie placed the corset on Paul’s front and proceeded to lace it up from the back.

“Take a deep breath,” Marie commanded and pulled the laces even tighter when Paul did as she commanded.

The corset had half cups that lifted and pulled Paul’s new breasts together. Paul looked down and noticed that he now had cleavage just like Marie.

“Don’t forget to enjoy your cigarette, darling,” Marie suggested. Paul inhaled deep and exhaled slowly while Marie adjusted his breasts.

“Have a seat and put on Kurtköy Zenci Escort your stockings,” Marie directed. Paul sat on the bed, putting his cigarette in an ashtray that Marie placed next to him for his convenience. Marie handed him the first stocking and showed him how to roll it up to put it on. The stocking was white, with a hint of glitter and a wide, white lace band at the top. Paul took a drag on his cigarette before repeating the process with the second stocking.

The corset had six garters and Marie helped him hook the rear most garters since Paul had difficulty reaching them. When she completed this task, Marie took out the remote control from between her breasts and hit a button. Just as Paul’s knees were about to buckle, she stabbed the remote again to turn it off.

Paul finished his cigarette and Marie beckoned him to come over to the desk. On the desk was assortment of makeup.

“Have a seat while I do your makeup,” Marie requested in a sexy, throaty voice. She pulled up a chair across from Paul and proceeded to work on Paul’s face.

“I notice how much you admired my makeup so I am going to do your face in a similar way,” Marie declared.

Marie took off her gloves and applied foundation to Paul’s face. When she was happy with the effect, she offered Paul a cigarette and lit it for him. While Paul smoked, Marie worked on his eyes. She attached the long, fake eyelashes, black eyeliner and plum eyeshadow. She continued to work on his face, brushing on a deep pink blush and then carefully applied cherry red lipstick.

Once Paul’s face was complete, Marie took Paul’s right hand and proceeded to apply very long, red, false nails. She applied a dab of glue to each nail and firmly applied it to each finger. She repeated the same process with his left.

Gently cupping Paul’s face in her hands, Paul lifted his head to look directly into her eyes. She stepped back, picked up a pair of pearl drop earrings, and clipped them to Paul’s ears.

Paul stubbed out his cigarette. “Sit tight,” Marie said. “I’ll be right back”.

Marie stepped into the living room and returned with the wedding gown and a round box.

“Time to put on your dress,” Marie smiled broadly. Paul stood up and Marie helped him step into the dress. It was a long sleeved dress with a plunging neckline and intricate beading. The skirt was a heavy silk and very full. It flared at his waist and literally cascaded to the floor in a series of folds. A built-in crinoline gave the dress lots of body.

Marie zipped Paul into the dress and then gently guided him to back to the chair. She lifted each leg and helped him step into the white pumps. Although plain when compared to the dress, the shoes were a patent leather with an ankle strap and four inch heels.

“Now, for the finishing touches,” Marie declared. She placed pearl chocker around Paul’s neck to hide the line of the crop top at the base of his neck. Turning around to open the round box, Marie stepped behind Paul and proceeded to place a blonde up do wig on Paul’s head.

“Are you ready to see the final product?” Marie inquired.Paul was so excited that the best he could manage was a croak that sounded like “Yes!”

Marie took Paul’s hand and led him to a full length mirror on the backside of the bathroom door. She turned on the hall light so that Paul could fully admire himself. Paul was literally speechless.

Paul stood transfixed, admiring himself. He hardly recognized the reflection staring back at him. After several minutes Marie punched the button on the remote control and the vibrations in his ass jolted him back to reality.

“Wow! Absolutely amazing!” Paul exclaimed. “Better than I ever imagined.”

“OK, time to relax a little before we start our lessons,” Marie proclaimed as she put her gloves back on.

“Lessons?” Paul thought to himself. He couldn’t wait to get started.

Marie and Paul returned to the living room and sat in wing back chairs facing each other. There was a small table in between with a vase of flowers, an ice bucket with wine, champagne flute with cigarettes, and two wine glasses. Marie poured them each a glass of wine and then offered Paul a cigarette. She first lit Paul’s cigarette and then her own. They sat for a while and chatted and enjoyed each other’s company. Marie had arranged for a few hors d’oeuvres that had arrived while Paul was bathing and they nibbled while they chatted.

After finishing their second cigarette, Marie declared, “It is now time to begin your lessons. Relax for a few minutes while I get ready.”

Paul watched Marie as she disappeared from the room. He loved the way her ass moved when she walked while wearing high heels. The short skirt of her maid’s uniform barely covered her butt cheeks and he caught glimpses of black ruffled panties and garters with each swing of her hips.

Paul closed his eyes and concentrated on the tactile feel of his clothing and the seductive smell of the flowers mixed with the cigarette smoke. The dress was made of heavy satin material and he was very aware of the dress on every part of his body. The tight corset forced him to sit up straight and the satin lining of the dress glided over his stockings. He was lost in thought when he heard the lighter snap.

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