Paul Gets His Girls Ch. 01


This is my first submission to , so any feedback is encouraged. I hope you all enjoy and will soon be submitting part 2…

Paul Copers grumbled from the sideline ice pack on his leg, his eyes switching back and forward, watching his team in another gruelling football match with the local rivals Chesington Bears. The sun beating down on this beautiful Sunday afternoon, for once we have sun, and that cunt has to go and take my leg off, he thought to himself. Lifting the ice pack to check on his leg, a blue and purple patch starting to form and a short growl coming from his throat as he attempts to hide that slight tinge of pain.

The final whistle blows, a cheer rising from the families and people watching, and Paul punches a fist in the air, although no one else’s actions are really recognised by him, he just wants to get home and get his leg up and rested. But he knew he would have to do the mandatory handshaking, the winning team liking up in a line and all of his team mates starting to walk down shaking hands firmly, mostly unwanted handshakes.

Pushing himself to his feet, ice pack falling off and a slight limp as he walks, the three girls who Paul DID recognise, very much so, still laying out in the sun, all in short skirts or shorts, one in a crop top others in plain tee shirts. But none the less their young bodies glimmering in the light, all could brag near perfection in their own different but very deserving ways, they were beautiful, and he was struggling to keep his eyes off them as he shook the hands of the winning rivals.

Finally reaching the captain, the one who crippled him to the side line Andy Charles, Paul’s eyes moving to his glaring into the cocky little posers. Raising his foot and stepping down onto his foe’s the metal studs Beylikdüzü escort digging into the feet of his opponent, twisting his foot to add an extra bit of pain. As he steps back to walk off raising his hand in fake apologies, but as he turns a sly grin upon his lips. Bringing his fingers to his lips whistling over to the girls, a wave and a wink to each, before swivelling on his heel, his bag slung over his shoulder, and heading for home.

As Paul walks down the street towards his house, the sun still high in the sky, not a cloud to be seen, his eyes scrolling the streets, pretty much empty, the smell of barbecues enflaming his nostrils. The faint sounds of garden conversations and the odd shout along with the chirping of birds quickly cut out by the familiar barking of his beloved dog Ruud.

The second Paul’s foot steps onto his driveway the rampant barking and snarling coming to a stop, looking through his front door he sees Ruud jumping up and down, tail wagging wildly. Slotting his key into the door turning it till he hears that click and swinging the door open, getting pounced on by his best friend, scratching behind his ears as he kicks the door closed with his foot. Managing to push the dog down, a claw scraping over his bruise, Paul yells out with a sharp “OUCH”.

Managing to usher the dog away, slinging his bag down in the hall way, thinking to himself that he will clean his boots later on, slowly dragging his body up the stairs, step by step. As he reaches the top his head tilting to the left looking at his bed, how warm and inviting it looks, but carrying on forward into the shower room, shutting the door to and flicking the lock over.

Resting his back to the wall for a few seconds, Paul takes a Beyoğlu escort bayan deep sigh, before pushing against the wall with his fingertips to rise back to his feet. Reaching behind his back and tugging his shirt over his head, a few drops of sweat still lingering on his body, dripping down his chest and his abs, casting his eyes to the mirror and smirking at the view he sees of himself.

Turning to his right and turning the dial to turn on his shower radio and turning it loud enough to cut out every sound and drown out anything in the house, tuning it to his favourite station, and then leaning forward to turn the tap nozzles. Holding his finger under the running stream of water as he experiments with the temperature, finding it perfect he raises his hand to pull the plug up to move the flow of water to the showerhead. Feeling his arm get lightly showered, until he stands up straight and turns the dial on the adapter for a more powerful streams to flow out, and then taking a step back from the bathtub.

Reaching his hand into the waistband of his shorts and boxers, and tugging them down together and throwing them to the side, lifting each foot in turn tugging the long football socks off and throwing them down with the rest of his clothes. Laying out a towel as he looks over his muddy beaten and bruised body in the mirror, eyeing each muscle, each and every shape to his body, let alone his bruises.

Snapping out of a semi trance as his favourite song clicks on, shaking his ass a little side to side as he steps up into the bath tub. Feeling little cool splashes as the water hits the floor of the tub, then raising his right foot up into the water, which seemingly cuts them out and adjusts his body to the heat. Stepping Escort Bomonti forward into the shower, tilting his head back as he does so, the water flowing down his body through his shoulder length brown hair, down his slightly pale skin, of his neck and toned front. Running his fingers up through his soaked hair as he reaches up for his shower gel, squeezing the bottle a healthy load filling his hand and pressing the cool thick liquid to his chest and placing the bottle down. Stroking it in with both hands, feeling it begin to lather his eyes looking down at his foamy body, rubbing each arm with the other to spread the thick lathering gel.

Trying to take as much time as possible, trying to ignore the gentle growing length between his legs, the water splashing over him not helping him at all. The music seemingly disappeared, just the thumping of his throbbing length getting louder and louder in his ears, having to move his hands lower, but managing to avoid his semi hard manhood for now. Tipping some more gel into his hands and stroking it down his thighs and round the back to his ass cheeks the pound pound pounding in his head all too much for him now.

Wrapping his fist around his shaft, moaning instantly at the sensation, slowly stroking his length, causing it to foam up and slide easily between his fingers quickly building up a fast pace because of this. His head falling back, water spilling into his mouth and down his neck, his hand pumping wildly, hips starting to thrust up against his palm. His free hand moving down to cup his heavy balls and squeeze, his hips now thrusting madly, letting out a loud groan Feeling the first shot of his cum shoot out and splash against the wall of the shower, followed by a few more spurts and a long satisfied sigh.

Shaking his head as he finishes the last few strokes, reaching up to grab the shower head from its hook, and cleaning the cum from the wall and his body. Turning the shower off and stepping out, picking up his towel and drying himself off, “time to get ready for meeting the girls” he mumbles under his breath.

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