Our First Real Meeting

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I meet you in a bar somewhere in London,

We’ve agreed to meet here and grab a drink.

I see you walk in and my mouth opens at the beautiful before me.

We greet, like old friends, a strong embrace and our lips lock in our first real kiss, tongues flicking together.

I pull back and look into your eyes, drinking you in, savouring your scent, anticipating the night that is before us.

Our drink passes in a blur of small talk, leg rubbing and flirting.

“Shall we go to my hotel”? I ask.

You don’t need to answer, and within minutes we’re on the tube, holding hands, showing off to the world we’re lovers,

Kissing on the tube, gently letting the back of my hand run over the outline of your breasts,

Feeling your breathing growing, your body mirroring my own nervousness at finally getting to act on the passion we’ve been talking about.

Into the hotel, past reception, people looking at this couple, obviously very intoxicated by each other fingers intertwined, her overnight bag carried by him up the stairs and along the corridor past anonymous doors to my door, hiding our room, our doorway to exploration and to the building Arousal in us both.

I kiss you as I bursa yabancı escort insert the key card, the door swings open and we fall through,

Placing your bag on the floor, I lead you in by the hand, pushing you up against the wall the door closing behind us, our kissing becomes frantic, hungry and animal like, my hands roam over your dress, cupping your boobs, squeezing your ass, tracing the skin up your outer thighs,

Finding your silky smooth pants coved ass cheeks, pulling them apart gently, before moving on.

You hand sliding between our bodies, squeezing my bulge, your fingers expertly popping my buttons and zip, wasting no time in slipping inside my underwear to get your first touch of me, feeling my growing erection in your hand, rubbing me, squeezing me, becoming acquainted with my most intimate possession.

I lift your dress from your legs, up over your ass and tummy, showing me your special lingerie for the occasion, your wonderfully sexy curves, up, up I continue, revealing your bra clad boobs, your hard nipples straining to break free, obviously hard and poking through the material.

Upwards still over your head and cast aside onto the floor.

I bursa sınırsız escort lift off my T-shirt and you pull down my jeans, both of us, lovers together in our underwear, both of us breathing like we’ve run a marathon, both of us turned on, ready, needing to feel the others touch.

You push me back onto the bed, standing over me, letting me drink you in, all the pictures we’ve exchanged couldn’t prepare me for this moment of your standing before me, you unclasp your bra, letting the straps fall seductively down your arms, pulling at the cups, you encourage gravity to assist you, as you look down at me, offering up your body to my eyes, looking for my approval that you already know you’ve got, my obvious election in my pants is all the approval your need, leaning forward, putting your lips over my cock outside my underwear and nibbling playfully, looking up my body into my eyes your finger hook into my waist band and you expertly slide my last hint of modesty from my groin, over my add, down my thighs, as my cock is realised it springs back up to stand at full attention for inspection as my underwear is discarded along with the other clothes on the floor.

Looking görükle escort at my naked body you slide up my body, kissing my thighs, I feel your boobs running over me, as you move up, running your hand over my tummy, into my pubic hair and gently wrap your fingers around the base, before devouring my whole length in your mouth.

Eyes closed as you savour the sensation, the warmth and the taste, you open them and look directly into my eyes.

My hands in your hair, not guiding you, because you need no guidance, but to offer reassurance, to let you know it feels fucking amazing, to join with you in this moment.

You tease and play with me for a few minutes, pumping me with your hand, as you look at it intensely, watching the veins moving, stretching, hearing my reaction.

Looking at you, I whisper “come up here” and I guide you into my arms, our lips lick again, as your offer me the fresh taste of my cock, the salty pre Cum still on your lips, we share our lust hunger, as my hand reaches between your legs, you open them wide stretching your knickers over your pussy, for my fingers to press against you, your heat like a furnace and wet like a waterfall. I press into you. Sliding them to one side and slipping 2 fingers inside you.

Feeling your juices cover me, lubricating me, I find your sensitive clit and begin my ministration, working with your cues to deliver pleasure, your hips guiding me to what feels good, your gasps, breathing, and words tell me how much you’re loving it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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