On the Loveseat Ch. 27

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On the Loveseat

The Appendix

Hello, once again, Dear Readers!

The story of Jeremy and Jenny is so big (‘how big is it?’), it’s so big that it has even overgrown its own length! The story is over, but the tale goes on! This installment, that I’m calling the appendix, is just a bunch of odds and ends. Some of my notes, clarifications of story bits, and a few scenes that were either deleted or couldn’t be fit in the storyline. If you are only interested in the sex bits, then just skip down to the deleted scenes, but for those of you interested in some of the writing process (for me, anyway!), start right here!

First off, let me give the initial first draft of what would become this epic. This is the original and it is unedited, with only the names of the characters decided and added in at the top before the draft was finished being typed (thus no names in the draft). At this point there was no title but the initial idea was that the ‘action’ would happen on the couch with the aunt on the loveseat, but as I typed the draft, I accidentally switched the furniture. I think it is a happy accident, as using the loveseat as the impetus for the first incident that went on to become somewhat of a love story is more romantic than the ‘couch’.


Son — Jeremy, 18

Mom — Jenny, 38

Aunt — Jessica, 35

Aunt’s Friend — Margie, mid 30’s

Dad —

Brother — Johnny, 11

Sister — Jojo (Joanne), 8

Son point of view

Family has a movie night on Saturday nights (or Friday, then dad tired from work and more likely to be asleep). Mom’s sister lives a few blocks away so she normally comes over. Living room, mother and son on love seat covered with a blanket (mom gets cold; son wears shorts cause not really need blanket but mom wants to ‘cuddle’ with him), dad in ‘his’ recliner (asleep), little brother and sister asleep in sleeping bag on floor, and aunt laying on couch alone. Teen movie gets son hard and shifts to fix cock in shorts with mom leaning on shoulder. When he moves she starts to sit up intending to put hand on his leg but instead her hand lands on hard cock. Doesn’t remove it but grabs and then rubs it up and down, causing head to protrude from shorts and mom rubs hand up to exposed head, feels exposed cock and pushes shorts down on her downward stroke. Does this slow and expertly keeping son from cumming. Eventually he does and mom catches in hand. Then gets up to go to bed and son sees mom lick hand as she walks by couch and aunt (her sister).

The next week son is ready for a repeat of previous week but finds aunt sitting on loveseat instead of mom and is disappointed. But during movie feels aunt’s hand on leg, then shorts, then repeat of previous time but with son aware that mom knows what happening which adds to orgasm. Aunt very clearly licks hand clean as walks past mom on couch to bathroom.

[Maybe have scenes, need more than two scenes with mom and aunt with son — next week mom on loveseat and during movie jerks son until ready and then sucks him off. Son rubs her leg but nothing more. Next time mom and aunt have him between them on couch and both stroke him before aunt goes down and gives blow job. Son has fingers in aunt’s pussy]

Son realizes that mom and aunt have competitive thing going on between them and wants to use it to his benefit. So one day during the week he comes home to mom in the kitchen. He pulls out cock and asks mom to jerk him off. Mom shocked. She is aware she already done it but it was private and under a blanket where she didn’t actually see her son’s cock. And now here it was out in the open in daytime in the middle of the kitchen. She tells him no. This is the kitchen put that thing away! He shrugs and says fine, I bet aunt [ ] will do it. Mom looks at him, but won’t accept him going to her sister for a hand job. She says wait. Pull it out. He does with a grin. Mom jerks him off but as he about to cum she realizes that it’ll make a mess on floor and probably on her. And she loves his taste. So she sucks him as he cums. He thanks her telling her what a great mom she is. Tells her he going to a friend’s to shoot hoops and leaves. Mom shocked she was convinced to jerk off her son and then suck him. She wondered if maybe he used his aunt against her. She would have to talk to her sister. But first she was so aroused she had to take care of herself first. She rushes upstairs, removes her skirt and quickly rubs and fingers herself to a major orgasm.

When son leaves he had intended to go to friend’s, but then thinking of what mom had done and what aunt might do because of it, he went to aunt’s house instead. He gets there and tells aunt that mom just jerked him off and let him cum in her mouth. Aunt shocked, but tells nephew that if he wanted a ‘real’ blow job, then she would show him. He removes pants and aunt gets on knees and starts to give him a lengthy blow job. Ten to fifteen minutes later mom comes ataşehir escort into house to talk to her sister and finds her on her knees blowing her son. She furious. Yells at two. Aunt says nothing you haven’t done today. Mom gasps and shocked. Realizes sister is right and she had no reason to be mad at her. Aunt continues blow job. Mom stares confused. Aunt says come join her there enough for both of them. Son ecstatic. Mom slowly, nervously walks to them. She kneels not convinced she will do this. But realizes she already had, just an hour or so ago. So she joins sister. They suck him individually, passing the cock back and forth as they suck on it. Both still clothed. Aunt in tight sweater and yoga pants, mom in buttoned blouse and skirt. After a few minutes son pulls away from two women. They look at him confused, both trying to reach for his cock. He tells them he wants to see some tits. Aunt quickly removes her sweater and bra. Mom not sure. Son says no sucking until he sees both their tits. Aunt urges sister on. Mom looks at both while fumbling with buttons. Then looks at son’s cock and she does want to suck on it some more. She removes blouse and bra. Aunt already at son’s hip taking him into her mouth. Mom joins her. Son says wait. They look at him wondering what now. I want to see you together. They unsure what he means. He says rub your tits together. They both do, individually. No, with each other. Aunt realizes first and grabs her tits and starts rubbing on sister’s. Mom looks at son concerned. Shouldn’t be doing this. He says kiss. Mom looks at him then sister and aunt already so turned on she only hesitates a moment, then kisses her sister passionately. Son goes yeah! Then pushes cock between two mouths so both women kissing and licking sides. Both now slobbering all over it. Then front door opens and a woman walks in. The three are pretty involved so don’t notice her immediately. She exclaims ‘who’s this cutie?’ Mom gasps, aunt laughs. They recognize the woman as a neighbor/friend of aunt. Aunt says it’s my nephew, continuing to suck him. Woman gasps in mock surprise but giggles. Then looks at mom that she barely knows but knows is aunt’s sister. Now she gasps for real. ‘But then … he’s your … son!’ Mom nods in shame mouth still on his cock. Woman cries out, ‘Well you better share that thing with me!’ Two sisters can’t deny her so all three women are sucking him. Aunt removes rest of her clothes, then starts on friend. Mom removes her skirt and panties. Woman wants son to fuck her. She gets on hands and knees and son behind her. Mom and aunt kiss each other and play with their tits. After a few minutes woman says wants to eat mom while her son fucks her. Mom swings legs around opening them so sister’s friend can eat her pussy. Aunt keeps kissing her then moves down to sucking her tits. Son cums but stays hard and continues banging aunt’s friend. Mom cums. Woman cums. Woman tells aunt to fuck nephew while she sits on aunt’s face so she can eat her nephew’s cum out of her. Aunt cums quickly while eating her friend. Son has cum twice and once earlier with mom so will be awhile before he ready to shoot again. Woman cums on aunt’s face. Aunt says its mom’s turn for son’s cock. Mom hesitant. But wants cock. Aunt and friend get in 69 (not their first!), while son fucks mom until they both cum.


Next, The Marge Dilemma!

This story was meant to be at least semi-realistic, and that events would escalate out of any individuals’ control. Mom would never have allowed her son to have sex with her, and neither would the aunt, even if she was more carefree about sex than her sister. That the mom had allowed what little that had happened to that point was more than she could believe. It was why I came up with the competitive nature between the sisters to move things onward. To get any of them to the point that they would have sex together; they needed some kind of outside impetus. Yes, if the story had originally been conceived as being as long as it came to be, I could have used something else for this, but it was supposed to be a quick stroke story and I needed the action to proceed to the finale without a lot of to-do. A strange woman walking in on them that could possibly blackmail either of them for the little they were doing with the son, made mom and aunt more willing to agree to what she suggested to push them over the top. But how do you introduce a stranger just walking into the house without pausing the action that was happening? She had to be familiar with the aunt to so easily just walk in. Thus, she came to be a part-time lover/friend. Which then meant that the aunt had had lesbian sex and was possibly bisexual. Margie was never intended to be more than that. The story was then going to end with the son having sex with his mom. None of the characters were ever going to go any further!

Initial chapter lengths being so short:

This was my first story on Literotica and I had kadıköy escort no idea of how long pages on the website were. That’s it!

So, when the initial story came out to be almost twenty-five pages (on Word), I thought that would be too long to have as one single part. I then split it up into smaller bits that seemed to be consistent within the context of the story.

And by the way for any future authors, or those curious, each website page is five pages on Word, give or take (single space, 11 pt. font, narrow margins).

When I reached the end of this initial ‘complete’ story, it just felt somehow right to leave it at mom wanting him to tease her and then leave the sex as just implied. I got to that point and it just felt to me that it was done. You know, leave them wanting more!

Boy was I wrong!

That chapter has more comments than almost all the rest put together! Ninety percent of them being complaints about leaving the readers hanging. But then again, it was fortunate that I did so, as without having to add another chapter to include that sex, I wouldn’t have had to fill out chapter six with further story.

So, the story that was originally just a few incidents between a mother and son, with an aunt added in for good measure, that would end with them having sex, turned into a story of them continuing with what they had started and with the fact that they had to keep it a secret from the rest of the family. I had to come up with a number of different ways that mom and son could have sex or sexual incidents with the danger of the dad catching them.

It also meant that I had to think about the characters more in depth than just sex-hungry son, or daring mom, or carefree babe aunt. Why would mom allow any of this to keep going? She had to not be getting enough from dad. I had no idea why; she was hot enough to attract her son’s attention after that initial handjob.

There was no description of Jeremy (besides the size of his dick which was required to get the mom’s attention when her hand fell there!) as that I wanted the reader to put themselves into his shoes and imagine it was their mom doing the things in the story. Jenny had no description at the start because she was just mom to Jeremy; he didn’t see her as anything other than cook and maid, just ‘mom’. Only after things happened did he start to really notice her. He had always ‘noticed’ his Aunt Jess, which is why she is described from the outset. The brother and sister were just another obstacle to mom and son having their ways with each other (which came to be an obstacle to the writer also; with coming up with ways that they were conveniently absent so that Jenny and Jeremy could do things!).

As the story progressed (and became more than just a stroke story), I had to flesh out the characters to become real people and not just porn actors. As I thought about them, little details popped up. Jojo’s little speech impediment and love of stuffed animals, Johnny’s stubbornness and being somewhat of a slob (though as it turned out, not always the case!), and of course, Justin’s obsession for golf.

As to Justin, who for the longest time didn’t have a name, even in the initial draft, he was just dad and stayed that way until after many chapters had been published. Only when it came about in the story that I had to have a name was when I did finally settle on one! Whichever chapter that his name was first used was when I actually decided on it; right up until when I submitted that chapter (though for the theme of the characters, it always would have started with J!). The dad was always just a shadowy figure that mother and son couldn’t let catch them. Many have complained about why he is even in the story, and it has always been that dad was why they couldn’t be open with what they did together. Even if I started this from the beginning again, Justin wouldn’t change much or go away. His character is minor, but his role is pivotal. It was also dad and his ‘fling’ that led to the breakup and then to Jeremy finding Erin.

I never intended this to just be endless scenes of Jenny and Jeremy together. There needed to be some kind of conflict or it would quickly become boring! When it was clear that the short story was going to expand, there needed to something that would eventually come to a head and need resolution before leading to the ending. I didn’t know what the ending was going to be when I continued on after chapter six, or much of anything else. I came up with what I thought was the only reasonable ending; that he finds a girlfriend his own age (but not that would necessarily be a life partner). If Jeremy is carrying on with mom and aunt, then why would he bother looking? He had to be forced to, and that meant that he and mom have to have some kind of break, or interruption. That would lead to having an ending, but not as to how to lead up to the break, or even the cause of it. It caused a slight problem, bostancı escort because as I took longer to get to the break, I came up with more ideas for scenes! A few chapters were a bit overboard there in the middle. I’ve said before that there were some complaints about it, justifiably so and I agreed, but I don’t feel bad for having those chapters. Most of the issue was that I came up with the idea of the week-long Spring Break after Justin took the first business trip, where he was going to have the ‘fling’ originally. This meant the delay of the break between mother and son until after the school break. If this had been all planned out at the start, I would have just altered when the story started in the school year to account for that.

It wasn’t intentional at the beginning for the family to not have a surname. It was just a short story and having them be Wilson’s or Smith’s didn’t matter. Things went on and there was no reason to come up with one (until at one point late in the story, that I just ended up skirting around!). Eventually, it got to be that bringing up the family name in say, chapter sixteen, would seem jarring, and I just skipped coming up with one. In my head they still don’t have one! Even with how intimately I now know them. Call them whatever you like! (:

Also, I gave no location of where the story happens so as to not be limited by real world geography. They live close enough to a city for a short trip there, but also close enough for grandma to live out in the country (even if it is more than a short drive!). There is a lake relatively close, as is a zoo, Erin’s aunt’s lakehouse (though never specified how distant that was), golf courses, and of course Willie World. The weather is mild, even in Feb/Mar when most of this occurs, so as to imply a more southerly locale, but like their surname, Jeremy and his family live wherever you desire. Maybe even next door to you!

Beyond the initial story idea given above, I came up with some scenes that seemed interesting and then tried to piece them together in some kind of order. That is, until I came up with the idea of Jeremy spending time with his mom and aunt together. But how to accomplish this? Dad had to be gone and the kids couldn’t be around either. Dad has a business trip, okay, easy enough. The kids? I was stumped. Then I came up with the grandmother (and at this point she was just a way to get the brother and sister out of the way for what turned out to be an entire weekend!). The amazing weekend was going to end at that time with mom finding out about dad cheating while he was gone (as happened later). I should have kept it this way from an editing point of view, but I came up with a number of additional scenes (most notably, the week of Spring Break!) that I really wanted to include but that couldn’t happen if Jenny broke up with him at that point. Thus, I stretched things out and included another trip for dad. Even to me, it seemed long (as many had told me!), but I still like that I included those scenes. And it did add the effect that too much of a good thing can get old, or boring. It was a nice counterpoint leading up to the heartbreak of Jenny ending things between them.

I plotted a good chunk ahead of writing it, up until the breakup. After that, I had no clue what would happen.

I knew right away that Jeremy would need to find a girl, whether she ended up being anything or not. But how do you continue after having your heart tore out? For either of them? I knew I had a few scenes that I wanted to tell, but that they didn’t include Jeremy, I didn’t know how to tell them from his viewpoint as the whole story had been. Have Jenny tell him in a conversation (that would seem dry and boring)? Have Jeremy somehow discover what had happened (and with no way to justify him seeing mom and aunt together)? I then reread the whole story up to that part and remembered the little bit from Jenny’s POV (before she went to her sister’s and then having sex with her son in chapter 5). But could I manage a whole long section to tell those scenes when there were also other pieces that didn’t have to be from her viewpoint?

The scenes from Jenny’s view were plotted with the rest of the story, up to the breakup in chapter nineteen and as I jotted them down, I then realized something that I hadn’t known until that point: that Jess had feelings for Jenny! I was just as shocked as you when you read it! I thought about it for a long time. Was that where I wanted to go? It caused a slight hiccup in the writing while I tried to resolve this surprise. I looked back over Jenny’s story progression, and that of Jessica, and found that there were offhand references made early on that, unknown to me, suggested that twist. Jess dancing half-naked around the house when they were young, the boyfriend stealing. Then I even realized that it was the cause of Jess’s marriage failure. The pieces just fit too well to try to avoid the twist. I might have worked it out to be otherwise, but sometimes the story writes itself and the writer just puts the words on the page. That is what I did. But that also meant that their whole episode also couldn’t be told from Jeremy’s viewpoint. Thus, chapter twenty-one!

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