Oliver Teases His Sister Ch. 06

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Miracle licked her lips in an erotic way which instantly made Oliver’s cock twitch.

Giggling, she undid his belt and his jeans, pulling them down with Oliver helping. His cock instantly sprang to life. She giggled again, and wrapped one of her small hands around it. A guttural moan passed his lips at the sudden contact.

Miracle lowered her head onto his shaft, bobbing her head up and down the length of it. As her lips slid off of it, it made a popping sound. Oliver glanced down at his baby sister. Her lips were glistening from the pre-cum on her lips. His cock tingled. She smiled up at him, and went down again tickling his balls.

Moments later, he let go. “Ughh, Miracle! I’m gonna cum!” he said. In one swift motion, Miracle kept her mouth around his cock, and sucked all of his cum up. “Damn, Miracle,” he said, raising an eyebrow at her. She licked the remaining sticky, white stuff off of her lips and wiggled her eyebrows at him.

“I want you.” Miracle said simply.

With that, she climbed on top of him. Oliver’s eyes widened slightly. He loved when a girl took charge. It drove gaziantep jigolo escort him wild. Without another moment’s thought, Miracle wrapped a hand around his cock again and guided it to her hole. She gasped when it entered her.

Oliver groaned again. She was so damn tight. As she rode him, Oliver was in pure bliss.

“Oh, damn, Oliver. Give it to me! Fuck your little sister! Punish me! I’m a bad girl!” Miracle screamed.

Oliver liked a vocal girl; and this was just too much for him. For the second time, he came. For a split second, it crossed his mind that he wasn’t wearing a condom. Seconds later, Miracle orgasmed as well with a final moan.

“Uh, damn.” Oliver said, as Miracle nestled beside him, breathing rather heavily. “Yeah.” She said. Then, they fell asleep; entwined together.


The following day, Oliver woke up first. He rubbed his temple with his free arm. Then, he realized Miracle was there and he remembered what had happened last night.

“I fucked my sister,” Oliver said out loud, as if in gaziantep lezbiyen escort disbelief.

Miracle lifted her head. “What?” she asked groggily.

“Nothing,” Oliver told her, ruffling her hair. He shook his head a bit, and smiled at her.

“What?” she asked again, giving him a strange look. He shook his head again. She shrugged. “C’mon. I’ll make breakfast.” Miracle said, grabbing his hand and pulling him up. “We should probably put some clothes on, first.” Oliver chuckled.

“Oh, right…” Miracle said, dashing into her room and putting on a tank top and pajama pants. “Meet you downstairs!” she yelled.

As Miracle was taking out a pan, the sibling’s parent’s car pulled into the driveway. “OLIVER, THEY’RE HOME!” Miracle yelled. And just in time, she thought, pulling out some eggs to make French toast.

Their parents walked in the door. “Oh, you’re up early!” her mother said, with a smile. Oliver trotted down the stairs. “Oh, you too?” she said.

Miracle grinned mischievously. “We had a long night.” She gaziantep masaj salonları snickered. Oliver shot her a look. “How was your trip?” Oliver questioned, sitting at the table. Their parents began to explain about their trip. However, Oliver wasn’t exactly paying attention. He was too distracted by Miracle’s sweet little butt.

“You guys hungry?” Miracle suddenly asked, turning around and noticing Oliver staring at her. She shook her spatula at him and shook her head. “Oh, yes!” Their parents said, sitting down.

After they were done, Miracle declared she was taking a shower and gave a seductive little smile to Oliver. He dismissed himself as well, following her up the stairs. “What?” he asked, following her as she walked into the bathroom. “Didn’t you just hear me? I said I was taking a shower. Well, we are,” she shrugged.

“They’re right down there! They could hear us; are you crazy?” Oliver said, shaking his head at his sister. “I know. It’s more fun.” She nodded. He shook his head again. “Okay, fine…” Miracle gave a little shrug as she began to undress. “Damnit,” Oliver said. “Fine.”

She giggled. “I knew you’d see it my way.”

He shed his clothes in a matter of seconds, and they both disappeared behind the shower curtain.


Leave feedback, please. It’s much loved. How can I improve? I know it was kind of a crappy ending & short. I’ll try to work on better ones in future stories. Thanks for reading the conclusion!

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