Old Friends

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Tanya couldn’t wait to get home that day. She hadn’t seen her friend Suzy since she had moved out to California three years ago. It was Saturday and Tanya had just finished her shift at the bank where she had been working as a loan officer for the past two years. During the cab ride back her to her apartment she planned what she was going to prepare for dinner. She remembered how much Suzy loved Italian food and decided that she would make chicken Parmesan with pasta and a salad. Tanya had thought about taking her out to eat, but since her flight didn’t arrive until 9pm and she probably wouldn’t get to the apartment until 10:30, she decided it would be better to eat at home the first night.

The cab arrived at Tanya’s apartment building, but before heading up stairs she went to the market across the street. There she picked up a package of chicken breast, some fresh pasta, sauce, and some vegetables to prepare the salad with. One more stop, she thought to her as she left the market. Tanya made her way up the busy sidewalk to the liquor store just three buildings up. Inside she selected two bottles of red wine to go with dinner and headed back to her apartment building.

During the elevator ride up to the 15th floor, Tanya remembered how much fun she and Suzy used to have when they shared an apartment here in New York. She thought how alone she had felt when Suzy took a job out in California. Although they talked often on the phone, it was not the same as the when they were roommates. She looked forward to her week of vacation and spending time with her old friend. The elevator arrived at the 15th floor and Tanya made the short walk down the hall to her door, unlocked it and stepped inside.

It was nearing 5 O’clock as Tanya began to put the groceries away. Once finished she headed for the bedroom to change out of her work cloths and into something more comfortable to relax and prepare dinner. After she had removed her business suit she headed for the closet to find something to put on. As she past the full-length mirror on the wall she stopped to examine herself. Standing in only her bra and panties she thought she still had a nice body for a 26 year old. Although she didn’t work out much anymore her legs were still tone and her belly was firm. Tanya was 5’9″ and had gorgeous, wavy red hair. She took pride in her 36C all natural breasts, and felt each one while gazing in the mirror, deciding that they were her best feature, firm and supple. Reaching into the closet she pulled out some old jeans and a tee shirt and got dressed.

It was still way too early to start dinner so Tanya lay down on the couch to watch some TV. She clicked through the channels until she found an old movie she had not seen in years. As the movie played she half paid attention while her mind wandered about what the next week would bring. Suzy was going to be here for eight days and she wanted to make sure she had a good time. She had purchased tickets to a play on Wednesday, but other than that she really had no other plans for the week. Tanya’s eyes began to sag as the long week caught up to her and she drifted off to sleep.

When Tanya finally awoke it was nearly half past seven. She stretched her arms and legs and lay on the couch for a few moments gathering her thoughts. Her body felt rejuvenated from the much-needed rest. Tanya headed for the kitchen to get a glass of water and begin to prepare dinner.

From the refrigerator she got some eggs and milk and beat them together in one bowl and filled two other bowls, one with flour and the other with breadcrumbs. Tanya cut the chicken breast into thin cuts and dipped each one, first into the batter, followed by the flour, back into the batter and finally the breadcrumbs. Each piece was fried slowly in a pan until golden brown then lay out in a baking dish and covered with sauce and cheese. She covered the dish with foil and put in the fridge, she wanted to wait until 9:30 before baking it in the oven. Next she prepared the salad and covered it and put it in the fridge as well. After cleaning up it was just after 8:30 and she decided to take a bath while she waited for Suzy to arrive.

As the tub filled with water Tanya added some bath salt and bubble bath before removing her cloths. Once naked she shut off the water and slipped her body into the warm water. The water was very relaxing and Tanya could feel her body unwind. As she lie there with her eyes closed she thought about her friend Suzy. Suzy was tall and blonde with a spunky attitude. She was always the life of the party, never afraid to bursa escort try something new. She had a very pretty face, but was constantly battling with her weight. Not that she was fat, but she tended to carry an extra 15 to 20 pounds.

As Tanya’s body soaked in the calming water of the bath she began to imagine herself with another woman. She often had these fantasies, but nothing of the sort had ever come to reality. She imagined herself nude; lying on her back in bed as a beautiful woman slowly licked her soft pussy. As her mind drifted so began her fingers, easing their way up her tender inner thighs, caressing the soft skin of her supple legs. As she dreamt of the warm breath of a woman upon her sweet little pussy her fingers began to work their magic. She gently massaged her swollen clit with two fingers while she tweaked her left nipple with her other hand. It was only a matter of a few minutes before her body started to quiver with the onset of her orgasm. She rubbed her clit harder and faster as her orgasm shook through her body. The soft moans of pleasure echoed through the tiled room. When the rush had finally left her she washed her body and let the water run out of the tub. She finished with a quick shower so that she could wash her hair.

By the time she emerged from the bathroom it was quarter past nine. Tanya hurriedly dressed herself; deciding on a knee high, blue skirt and a light blue blouse. Once she was dressed she went to the kitchen and turned on the oven. Tanya was looking for a pot to cook the pasta in when the phone rang. It was Suzy letting her know that she had arrived at the airport and was heading outside to hail a cab for the 25-minute ride to Tanya’s apartment.

Tanya could not stop grinning for 5 minutes at the thought of seeing her friend again after so many years. She put some music on the stereo and made herself a drink as she waited for Suzy. While she waited Tanya set the small table in the kitchen with plates, silverware and wine glasses. Just as she was finishing her drink there was a knock at the door. Tanya rushed across the apartment to open it. There for the first time in three years was her old friend Suzy. She looked amazing, the extra weight she had always carried was gone and her skin was a wonderful golden tan.

“Suzy, it’s so great to see you. You look fabulous” Tanya shouted as she wrapped her arms around her.

“It’s great to see you. I have missed you so much” Suzy replied as she dropped her bags to the ground and hugging Tanya.

“Come in, Come in” Tanya said as she helped bring Suzy’s bags into the apartment.

“Let’s put your bags in the bedroom. I’ll take the couch”

“Don’t be silly this is your place I’ll take the couch”

“We can argue about this later, but for now let’s bring your stuff in here” Tanya insisted as she motioned her friend to follow her into the bedroom.

“Your apartment is lovely Tanya, much nicer than that dump we shared downtown”

“Thank you, I like it here. The building is safe and the rent is reasonable. I started dinner, I hope you hungry”.

“I’m starving; I haven’t eaten since I left California”

“You poor girl. Would you like a drink while I start the pasta?”

“Yes please, something strong if you have it. Do I have time to take a quick shower before dinner?”

“Sure, the bathroom is across the hall and there are towels in the cabinet. I’ll go get your drink”

“Great, Thanks Tanya, you’re the best”

Tanya went to the kitchen and turned the stove on to boil the water for the pasta. She fixed and vodka tonic for Suzy and headed back toward the bedroom. Suzy was already in the bathroom when she arrived, but the shower was not yet on. Tanya knocked on the door.

“Suzy, I have your drink, should I leave it in the bedroom?”

“No, bring it in please; I’m dying for a drink.”

Tanya opened the door and was awestruck over what she saw next. Suzy was buck-naked and was leaning into the tub to turn the faucet on. As she bent over Tanya got a wonderful view of Suzy’s vagina from the rear. It was gorgeous; the way the soft, pink lips parted as she bent at the waist sent a shiver up Tanya’s spine. Her pretty little pussy didn’t have a hair on it from what Tanya could see.

“Here is your drink Suzy” Tanya was able to speak at last

“Thanks dear” Suzy replied as she finally adjusted the water to the right temp and turned the shower on.

As she turned to take the drink, Tanya could not help staring down at Suzy’s pussy as she handed her the drink. It was indeed completely bursa escort bayan shaved and Tanya was immediately infatuated with its appearance. She felt her cheeks blushing as she realized how obvious she was and handed Suzy her drink.

“Enjoy your shower. I’m going to finish cooking dinner,” Tanya said

“Sounds good, Thanks Tanya. And Tanya It feels great to back here with you again” Suzy smiled

“It’s wonderful to have you back” Tanya couldn’t help run her eyes down Suzy’s incredible body one last time as she left the room.

Back in the kitchen Tanya put the pasta into the boiling water and started to prepare two salads for her and Suzy. She opened one of the bottles of wine and set it on the table. The oven alarm sounded and Tanya removed the chicken and placed it on the counter to cool. She was just starting to drain the pasta when Suzy entered the kitchen.

“Mmm! Smells delicious” Suzy exclaimed licking her lips.

“I know how you love Italian food so I made your favorite, chicken Parmesan”

“You are just too good to me”

“Looks like you can use a good meal. Don’t they feed you out in California?”

“You noticed huh? I lost 24 lbs”

“You look stunning”

“Thank you Tanya, I did happen to notice you starring at me in the bathroom”

“I’m sorry it’s just that I’ve never seen you so thin. I can’t get over how good you look”

“Well this week I’m on vacation and I’m going to enjoy it so let’s eat, I’m starving”

“Everything is ready. If you pour the wine I’ll serve the food”

Suzy poured two glasses of wine while Tanya served the salad. The two women ate their salads as they talked about how things have changed in the last few years, Tanya’s job at the bank and Suzy’s job out in California as a make up artist. When they finished their salads Tanya served the pasta and chicken and the two continued catching up on each other’s lives over the past three years. When they finally finished their meal, along with a bottle of wine, they cleared the table and headed for the living room with the second bottle of wine.

They sat together on the couch and continued their conversation from dinner. The girls talked and talked unaware of how late it was getting.

“Wow! I can’t believe it’s almost 2am” Suzy exclaimed

“You’re on California time still, so it must only feel like 11 to you” Tanya replied

“True, but I don’t want to keep you up all night. Besides we have the entire week together and my legs are killing me from the long flight in coach”

“Here lay back and put your legs up and I’ll give you a foot massage like the old days when you worked at the department store and had to stand up all day” Tanya said as she helped to pull Suzy’s feet up onto the couch

“Yes I remember. I don’t miss that job”

Tanya pulled off Suzy’s shoes and began to massage her bare feet. She worked her fingers into the soles of Suzy’s feet trying to loosen the tension. Gently she began to use her thumbs and rub under each toe of her foot.

“That feels so nice Tanya”

“Are your legs sore as well?” Tanya asked with a smile.

“My whole body is sore” Suzy whimpered

“Why don’t you go lie down on the bed and I’ll give you one of my famous massages and then you can go to sleep”

“That would be so sweet of you Tanya. You really are the best.”

Tanya led Suzy to the bedroom and sat her on the bed.

“If you want a real massage your going to have to get out of those pants and lose the shirt” Tanya declared”

Without a word Suzy slid her pants down and kicked them off onto the floor. Then she grabbed hold of her shirt and pulled it over her head leaving her in only a pair of white thong panties and bra.

“Now lie down on your belly and relax”

Standing beside the bed Tanya started to massage her friend’s legs, kneading the tense flesh of her calves. After she was satisfied that the muscles in her calves were relaxed she moved up to her thighs again working her hands through the soft, tanned skin of Suzy’s legs. Next Tanya climbed up onto the bed and straddled Suzy’s legs as she began to work on her neck and shoulders. Suzy began to moan softly as the tension escaped her body. The next area Tanya concentrated on was Suzy’s back. She worked up one side and then down the other, but Suzy’s bra was getting in the way.

“I’m just going to unhook this for a minute” Tanya said as she undid Suzy’s bra allowing the material to fall to either side of her golden body.

“That’s fine” Suzy whispered

Tanya escort bursa was getting aroused at the sight and feel of her nearly naked friend. She wondered what it would be like to massage those gorgeous globes of flesh that were pressed into the mattress just below her. Tanya worked her fingers down to Suzy’s lower back and slowly toward the voluptuous curves of her ass. Without hesitation her hands worked their way over the soft skin of her hips. Suzy was moaning louder and her breathing seemed to be more rapid. Tanya had to know if this was going where she hoped and leaned forward and gave a soft kiss to Suzy’s neck.

“That feels wonderful sweetie,” Suzy whispered in a low sultry voice

Again Tanya leaned forward, but this time she gave a longer more passionate kiss behind Suzy’s right ear while at the same time running her finger nails down the side of Suzy’s beautiful body.

“Tanya, that feels so good, please don’t stop”

“I wont, roll over so I can get your front”

Tanya took her weight off Suzy’s legs allowing her to roll over. Her beautiful 34C breasts stood firm in front of Tanya’s gazing eyes. Trying not to be overly aggressive, Tanya began to massage the front of Suzy’s shoulders, but her eyes remained focused on her creamy tits.

“It’s okay Tanya” Suzy said looking at her friend

“What’s ok?”

“You can touch them, I know you want too”

Tanya smiled as her hands slid down Suzy’s chest and wandered there way onto Suzy’s gorgeous tits. They felt like soft bags of sand and Tanya gently caressed each one eventually lowering her mouth onto one nipple, then the other, bringing each one to full attention.

“Oh Tanya, this is unlike you, but I love it” Suzy moaned

“I have been thinking about this for a long time and when I saw your sweet little pussy in the bathroom I knew I wanted you”

Suzy ran her hands through Tanya’s shiny, red hair and gently urged her head downward. Tanya got the message and kissed her way across Suzy’s stomach, spending a few moments kissing her naval. Eventually she was where she had only been able to dream about. Her face just inches away from the sweet honey of her imagination. She moved closer, and through Suzy’s panties Tanya took her first whiff of another woman’s vagina. It was like the smell of a blooming flower in the spring and it sent a shiver down through Tanya’s body. She gently tugged at the sides of Suzy’s panties as Suzy raised her ass up slightly off the bed to aid in the removal of her panties. As the soft white flesh of Suzy’s pussy began to appear from under the thin, white material of Suzy’s thong, Tanya’s heart started to race. It was a rush she had never felt before as she continued to work the thong over Suzy’s hips and down the supple length of her legs.

Once Tanya had successfully removed Suzy’s panties she once again stared into the pink flesh of her lover’s smooth pie. As she moved in, Suzy’s legs began to part. Tanya watched as the tender folds of pink flesh parted and the small nub of her clit became visible. The first feeling of her tongue against a warm, wet pussycaused a rush of heat to her own pulsing vagina. Her tongue began to slide up and down through slippery lips of Suzy’s steamy pussy. Gently she worked her tongue in tiny circles around the stiffening clit of her partner. Gently she eased a finger up to the opening of Suzy’s bald beaver and gently pushed up inside. Once there she moved it about in a similar pattern that her tongue was making. Suzy’s hips began to rock as the juices started running down the interior walls of her pussy. As Suzy passed the point of no return she grabbed her lover by the back of her head and held it against her crotch as she exploded in orgasm. Tanya’s tongue lapped up and down her swollen pussy enjoying ever drop of honey she could get. After a few moments Suzy released her grip so that Tanya could get some air. Tanya crawled up next to Suzy and the two held each other in their arms.

“That was such a wonderful feeling to make you cum” Tanya told her new lover

“That was by far the best orgasm I’ve ever had” Suzy replied.

“Now lets get you out of those cloths” Suzy said as she began to tug at Tanya’s shirt.

Between the efforts of the two girls they managed to get Tanya naked.

“Now it’s my turn,” declared Suzy

“You know what honey. You had a long trip, you are nice and relaxed and although I am very horny, I am happy to just hold you in my arms for now. In the morning when you are rested we can start up where we left off.”

“You truly are a great friend. I missed you very much” Suzy said as her eyes began to fade.

“Goodnight love”


With that the two embraced in a passionate, lengthy kiss, held each other tight in their arms and fell asleep.

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