Office Hours

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When she arrived, the door to the office was slightly ajar, so she gently knocked. Immediately, an answer followed in the familiar low voice, “Come in.” As she lightly pushed on the door, she could feel the butterflies already. Her professor was seated behind his desk, turned sideways towards his computer on a smaller space against the wall. Turning, he smiled, “Oh, hi. You’re right on time. Close the door and come have a seat,” motioning to the chair across the desk from him. “I’ll only be one more moment,” he said as he turned back and continued writing what appeared to be an email.

She walked to the chair and set her stuff down as she inched the chair a bit closer to the desk. She had carefully chosen her outfit, a pink tanktop with a lacy bra underneath — all thin enough that the outline of her young, puffy nipples could easily be seen. She paired that with a black, pleated skirt, the kind you see on tv shows that goth schoolgirls always wear. It was short, but not lingerie short — perfect for what she wanted. She wanted him to see just enough to want it. And to, hopefully, show him that she wanted it, too. And she really wanted it. As she sat down on the chair, she could already feel the faintest warmth in her pussy — probably the slightest little wet spot beginning to form. As she waited for him, she slightly shifted her crossed legs causing just the right amount of friction to periodically radiate miniature waves of pleasure throughout her body. She was just teasing herself.

“Alright, sorry about that,” he said as he turned to look at her. He wasn’t teaching that day, so he was wearing a t-shirt with an unbuttoned short sleeved oxford shirt and some shorts.

“I really like that shirt. What are those, little cacti on them?”

Looking down, “Oh yea,” he said with a slight chuckle. “I don’t know. I just bought a bunch of these when they were on sale. I don’t really pay much attention to my clothes.”

“Well, it looks really nice on you. The fit is really flattering.”

“Yea? It’s funny actually. When I was younger, I was skinny and couldn’t gain muscle to save my life. But as I started getting older, it finally hit. I never thought I’d ever look like I do now. I mean, I’m not muscular, but I’m not the bean pole I used to be.”

“Dad bods are really popular right now. I actually prefer them. I think you look great.” She could immediately feel her face flush as she looked down at her feet. She could feel her stomach drop, waiting what felt like forever for a response from him. Looking back up, she met his eyes, and he was looking straight at her with a knowing, sly grin.

“That’s very sweet of you. Anyway, I’m glad you agreed to come in today. I’d like to talk about your paper. As you know, I gave it a perfect score because it was REALLY good — the best in the class by a wide margin – and I think with a few improvements, you could present it at the annual Undergraduate Philosophy Seminar and win. You really captured the heart of Dworkin’s criticism of conflict theory of liberty and equality. Honestly, I can’t say that I’ve ever seen an undergraduate write so well and fully grasp this material as you have.”

She could feel herself beaming. And the way he was smiling made her melt.

“I’ve marked a couple things on your paper I’d like to discuss with you and help clarify some things that would add some depth. I know you won’t have any problem with this at all.” With that he opened up the paper on his desk to the second page. “This desk is really too big though. Come around to this side so I can show you,” he said standing while motioning for her to walk around to where he is.

Somewhat surprised, she set her notebook down and awkwardly stood up. She could immediately feel the butterflies bouncing around. As she walked around the desk, she sheepishly stood off to the side, not sure where he wanted her to be.

“Here,” he said as bursa escort bayan he placed his hand on her lower back and pulled her closer to the desk beside him. With that he stood close and slightly leaned over the desk, looking at the paper. She could feel his warmth as his body brushed by her arm. She could smell his cologne — like spices and oranges. But mostly, she could feel the tense building pressure around her clit and lips, begging for a touch. This was the closest she’d been to him — a situation she’d masturbated to so many times before. As it was playing out, it was sending her body back to those fantasies and it was responding accordingly.

For the next few minutes, he pointed out a few things in the paper, all excellent points to help her improve, all the while praising her work and her attentiveness to detail. A few times, he gently placed his hand on her back and her shoulder, drawing her closer both times, making her feel each time like she might burst in anticipation for something more.

Near the end of the paper, she decided to press further. Instead of just slightly leaning over the paper, she bent at her hips and put her elbows down on the desk, resting her chin in her hands, and sticking her ass straight out. This must have surprised him as he stumbled in his thought and stammered a bit, quickly finishing the point he was making before saying, “You really are a good girl, aren’t you?”

Her heart leapt a bit. She quickly stood back up and turned to give him a shy look. He stood above her and off to the side, but as she turned around, he put each hand on either hip and drew her near to him. Her surprise at his sudden move caught her breath, and she could immediately feel her body flush. Her stomach dropped and her eyes must have communicated her surprise. But she didn’t pull back. She instinctually put one hand on his bicep and the other gently on his chest. This couldn’t be happening. She had fantasized about this exact thing but it couldn’t be real. “Is this what you want? Tell me this is what you want.”

At this point she could feel her heartbeat in her chest and her pussy. She was sure her panties were thoroughly wet by now. Barely able to make the words out, in both shock and anticipation, she looked at him right in the eyes: “I want this so bad.”

With that he pulled her body right to his and leaned forward so she was pressed between him and the desk. He was looking down at her with his hands on her hips and gently whispered, “Kiss me.” Looking up, she closed her eyes and brought her lips to his, holding his face with both hands.

They sat like that for a few minutes, making out. As they did, she could feel his bulge grow as their bodies pressed against one another. His hands wandered off her hips, one reaching around and gripping her tiny little ass, the other moving up her side with his thumb gently brushing under her breast. She could feel her body radiating with anticipation, several times wanting to reach down and take hold of his cock but not having the confidence to do so.

Slightly pushing away from her, he looked at her without an ounce of uncertainty. She could see the earnestness in his eyes. “Take off your panties, but leave the skirt on,” he said as he started taking off his belt. Without hesitation, she reached under her skirt and slid her panties down to the ground. She could feel the air-conditioned air on her now-bare pussy and could feel the wetness. Even just the slightest friction of removing her panties sent a wave of pleasure through her body.

He slid his shorts off, revealing his erection. He sat down in his office chair and reached forward, grabbing her hands. Pulling her forward, he guided her hands to his penis. “Don’t you want to kiss it? Here, kneel here and kiss it for me, sweet girl.” As she knelt before him, she ached to feel him inside her. The anticipation was making her gorukle escort feel like just the slightest touch on her clit would send her over the edge.

Taking his cock in her hand, she brought her mouth to it, gently teasing it with her lips up and down the shaft. Each time her lips touched it, she could feel it tense in her hand. After a minute of this teasing, she grabbed it firmly and finally put her lips around the head, slowly easing it into her mouth. He immediately let out a muffled moan as he eased further into his chair. “That’s a good girl,” he said, praising her work.

She needed no more direction. She had fantasized about this moment so many times and every time he shuddered with pleasure, she could feel the ache of anticipation all through her pussy and even into her belly. All through her body, she could feel the want — the need — for him to be inside her. With her other hand, she gently cupped his balls and lightly massaged them, causing him again to let out the quietest moan. After spending the next few minutes worshipping his cock with her mouth and hands, she began to taste the salty precum that told her she was doing a good job.

That wasn’t his planned finish, though. Looking down, he motioned for her to stop and stand up. He stood with her and brought his body right next to hers, gently pressing her once again against the desk. With both hands cupped under her ass, he lifted her up just on the edge of the desk. Using one hand placed on her lower back, he pulled her closer to the edge, pushing her pussy right onto his thigh. “Show me how wet you are. Let me feel it,” he whispered into her ear.

With that, he started grinding his thigh against her. This had never been a part of her fantasy but to finally have contact sent waves of pleasure throughout her entire body. She could feel his strong thigh muscle, hairy and rough. She could feel her wetness now all over his leg. “Don’t stop stroking me,” he said as he guided her hand back to his cock. “That’s a good girl. You know exactly how to do it. You really are the best student, aren’t you? Are you the teacher’s pet now? Keep stroking like that. Yea.” With every grind her breath was becoming more and more shallow. She needed to feel his cock inside her. She had to have it. She was just waiting for his command.

Leaning forward, his free hand pushed her shirt and bra up over her breast, revealing her perfectly pointy nipple. “What a perfect little Hershey Kiss,” he whispered before putting it in his mouth. She could feel his tongue rolling around her nipple. She closed her eyes and just let her senses take it all in. She felt like at any moment she might burst. Her entire body was filled with pleasure radiating throughout. Her heart was beating so fast she was afraid people outside the office might hear it.

Finally, looking right in her eyes, he whispered: “Do you want my cock yet? I want to hear you say it. Do you want to feel me inside you?” She could barely contain herself. She immediately whispered back, “Yes, please, professor. I need to feel you inside me.”

“How bad do you want it, princess? Would you beg for it?” he said with a sly grin.

“Oh god, please. Professor, I’d do anything for it. I’ve dreamt of this moment. Please.”

With that, he pushed her ass further onto the desk and gently rested her back on the desk below. Grabbing her hips with both hands, he pulled her right to the edge of the desk. She could feel his dick pushing against her thigh between her legs, stiff and ready. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he pulled her forward. She was so wet there wasn’t any resistance at all. She felt her pussy lips open and ripples of pleasure shoot through her body as she took him in for the first time. She arched her back and stifled her moan, the same moans she had made dozens of times before, back in her dorm, as she imagined bursa merkez escort bayan this exact moment.

“That’s a good girl,” he said as he took her hand and guided it to her clit. “I want to see you cum. Be a good girl and cum for me.” He didn’t have to say twice. She immediately began rubbing her clit just the way she liked it. First in a round motion, drawing her fingers across the clit. As she found her rhythm, she noticed he matched it with his thrusts. She could feel his balls tapping against her asshole with each thrust. She was so turned on, she knew this wouldn’t last long at all. She felt like she might explode any minute. She slowed her circular motion and placed her middle finder directly on the clit, with her pointer and ring fingers on either side. Lightly, she moved her middle finger up and down, keeping her clit solidly in place with the other two fingers.

“Cum for me babydoll. Cum for me.” Each thrust was in rhythm with her finger moving up and down her clit. She focused on the warm pleasure that continued to build. She could feel her legs begin to shake, still wrapped around his waist. She could hear the quiet tap of his balls on her ass as she took him in. Both of his strong hands held her small waist, pulling her closer with each thrust of his hips. Opening her eyes, she knew she was there. Opening her mouth but holding any sound from escaping, she finally felt the release as every muscle in her body tensed and relaxed in the quickest moment. She could feel the rhythmic waves of pleasure emanating from her clit and passing through her pussy and into her core.

As she was cumming, he took his penis out and with a few strokes, came on her torso. She could feel the warmth of it as it hit her belly. Above her, he stood grinning as he looked at her, holding his glistening dick still dripping with the last bit of cum.

“Don’t move just yet,” he said as he stepped back and reached down. Standing back up, he had her panties in his hand. He leaned forward and used them to gently wipe his cum off her. Then he balled them up and slid open the bottom drawer of his desk, setting them inside before closing it back.

He pulled her up off the desk, his penis still wet from her. Pressing himself against her, he gently caressed her face and kissed her once again. Stepping back, he pulled his shorts back up as she fixed her shirt and pulled her skirt back down. After they had both re-clothed themselves, he pulled her in once more. She could still feel a slight bulge in his shorts as his body pressed against hers. She could barely breath, still shocked and surprised this had all actually happened. And here he was still holding her close, surrounding her with his height and warmth. Even after having just came, she could still feel an ache, wanting more.

“My favorite student. Talented in so many ways.” He pushed her hair back around her ear and put his hand gently around her head, tilting it back slightly as he kissed her. “I think we still have a lot to talk about with your paper and the upcoming Seminar. I really hope to see you in my office hours again so we can talk about this. I’d love to help you some more with this if you’re interested.”

“Yes, professor. I’d really appreciate any help you can give,” she stammered out, the butterflies still fluttering around in her belly.

“It’s settled then. I’ll see you next week.”

With that she grabbed the paper off his desk, now crinkled from having laid on it, and rolled it up in her hand as she grabbed her bag from the other side of the desk.

He had sat back down and was redirecting his attention back to his email.

“Um, sorry professor, what about my… my…”

Without looking at her, “Those are mine now.”

She blushed and grinned. Turning, she opened the door to his office and left, gently closing it behind her. While he had used her panties to wipe the cum off her, he had not dried off her pussy. Walking back to her dorm, she could feel the breeze gently blowing up her skirt and onto her wet, freshly-fucked pussy, giving it a cool sensation. She was still throbbing with pleasure and she knew she would need to masturbate again when she made it back to her room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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