Notty High – For Naughty Teens Ch. 07


(Thanks to Drewau for editing. Comments and feedback are always welcome and appreciated. All characters are 18+.)

Mrs. Buchanan gave us a few minutes alone to get cleaned up. Having a threesome with your crush and the school librarian in the librarian’s office can make quite a mess. Especially if you have been genetically altered like Brittany and I were.

“Hey, so, I was curious. I’ve liked you since freshman year. Is there any way you might want to go out with me?” I asked cautiously.

“It took you long enough to ask.” Brittany joked. “But yes, I’ve liked you for just as long. I guess I just had to wait for our formula to grow you a larger pair before you might ask me.”

“Yeah, sorry. This thing has definitely granted me more confidence.”

“I know the feeling.” Brittany groped her huge tits. “I would love to, but I have one caveat.”

“And that is?”

“You have my heart, but I’m having too much fun screwing around. I want us to stay open sexually.”

The request shocked me, but I wasn’t offended by it. “You mean, we’re dating, but we can still have sex with whomever we want?”

“Will that be an issue?” She asked with a fake pout on her face.

Her expression was too cute to pass up, and I kissed her. “No problem at all.”

“Good. Because I’ve never gotten to play the slut that everyone’s hard for, and it turns out, I’m enjoying the attention.”

“Same here.” But then I remembered something. “What about the restraining order?”

“Don’t worry about that. My parents like you. Apparently, they were always expecting us to become an item. We’ll just have to hide it from my grandmother. And she lives out of state, so that will be easy.”

“Wait. I just remembered something else. Ms. Maven, my science teacher, promised to help me replicate the formula to clear my name. You should come to my sixth period to help us.”

I noticed Brittany’s nipples get hard through her shirt. I chuckled to myself. She was probably one of the few girls that would get turned on by the idea of doing science experiments. “I’d love to!” she exclaimed before hugging my neck so tight that I was worried I would pass out.

Mrs. Buchanan was nice enough to write Brittany a pass to accompany me for the rest of the day. It was amazing. We talked and caught up every second that we could. We were so enraptured in each other, that we missed all of the stares. Apparently, all the boys were envious of me, and all the girls were jealous of Brittany.

When we got to Ms. Maven’s room at the end of the day, she was hesitant about the arrangement, but allowed it. We actually made great progress in tracking down the formula we used too. I was confident that in a few weeks we would have it.

After school, Brittany had the great idea of us going on our first date. So I took her to a local fifties style dinner. We talked for hours before I had to run to the bathroom. When I got back to the table, the mood of the table was drastically different, as was the occupancy. Brittany seemed to be facing off with another girl from my school.

I sat next to Brittany and asked, “What’s up?” Once I sat down, I realised it was. The girl sitting across from us was Jennifer. I hadn’t met her personally yet, but Harley told me that there was a video online where she took on the entire football team.

“Jennifer here, thinks that the entire school is her harem. No guy there can date or screw anyone else until they have paid a sexual pittance to her. I told her that if she wanted you, she would have to eat me first.”

“And I told your little girlfriend that I’m not a lesbian.”

“I’m not either, but color me curious. And to be completely honest, I don’t like your attitude, and I think someone needs to put you in your place.”

There was a tense silence. Considering our conversation about having an open relationship earlier, I was surprised to hear Brittany say this. I wasn’t going to question her at this moment though.

“Alright, honey, let’s go home, I’ll let you cum in every hole I have while you bring me multiple of those amazing orgasms you know just how to do with your enormous cock.” Even I could see Brittany was toying with the girl. But it was the reminder of what I was hiding in my pants that made Jennifer blink.

She had obviously heard the stories, but she had yet to actually experience it. And that was driving her mad. “Wait!” She exclaimed, only showing her panic in her eyes. How long do I have to go down on you?”

“We will be both butt naked, as we will 69 each other…”

“No way! You are changing the rules.”

“They are mine to change, but you didn’t let me finish, and I will absolutely finish tonight.” The double entendre made the cum hungry slut shiver at the thought of what she would have to do. “As I was saying, you will do everything in your power to make me orgasm. And if I’m not satisfied with the level of my O, you will not be satisfied either.”

Jennifer took a long moment to weigh how Bostancı Grup Escort badly she wanted what had already become legend at the school. It wasn’t just about lust or her unhealthy obsession of needing to be wanted and desired by every man. She had to see if the stories were true. It was like she was being offered the chance to see what was at Area 51, and her curiosity would not let her pass this up. “Fine. Where are we doing this?”

“Your house.” Brittany was dressing that up as a more demeaning option, but the truth was, with my parents home, we didn’t have a great place to do it.

“That works.” The ease of the answer surprised Brittany. “My dad’s virtually always out of town, and my mom, let’s just say I’ve been waiting five years for her to get back from the grocery store.” The bitterness in her voice was obviously a mask for her pain. I knew Brittany well enough that she immediately felt sorry for Jennifer, and guilty for the hoops she was making her jump through. But that was no turning back now.

We followed Jennifer in my car. “So, what happened to the open relationship?” I asked.

“It’s still there. If she would have asked nicely, I would have let you screw her right there in the booth while I masturbated. But I hate bullies, and I finally have the power to teach one a lesson. Plus, like I said, after this afternoon with Mrs. Buchanan, I am genuinely curious.”

The image of the two incredibly sexy 18 year olds 69ing each other instantly made me hard. Brittany noticed, and said, “Yeah, I figured you’d like that.” And she fondled my shaft through my pants.

When we got to Jennifer’s house, she led us to a bedroom with a large king size bed in it. By the decor, we figured this wasn’t her bedroom. Then she confirmed our suspicion. “It’s my dad’s bed. It’s the biggest one in the house. I figured it could fit three people easily.”

Brittany knew instantly that she was only being partially honest. This girl had bigger daddy issues than Freud’s daughter. But she kept her mouth shut, this was about punishing bad behaviour, not becoming a bully herself.

“Can I at least see it first?” Jennifer now asked in a much more humble attitude.

Brittany responded with graciousness in kind. “You may.” Then she nodded at me. Most men might have felt like a dog being ordered to perform a trick. But I didn’t care, this dog was going to get a treat, and then get to hump. Besides, I knew she was just continuing the role.

I slid my pants off and Jennifer’s jaw hit the floor, as did her knees. She unconsciously began to crawl towards it. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one acting like a horny dog tonight. But Brittany stepped in the way. “We still have an arrangement you need to honor.”

Now that she had seen it, there was nothing she would have hesitated to do to get my bone. As she was already on her hands and knees, Jennifer immediately stripped off Brittany’s shorts and dove in, tongue first into her pussy.

The sudden erotic onslaught made Brittany moan and her knees nearly buckle. But she had to regain control, this was only part of the deal. She pulled Jennifer’s head back and stood her up. The girl’s tongue was still protruding from her mouth. Brittany smiled, swiped two of her fingers through her pussy to gather some of her juices, and pushed Jennifer’s tongue back in her mouth.

Jennifer sucked on the fingers briefly before Brittany pulled them out. “Strip.”

Jennifer was wasting no time now. She was butt naked in record time. Both Brittany and I couldn’t help but take a moment to admire all of her lovely curves. Her perky breasts were the size of half a volleyball. Her nipples jutted out nearly an inch. Her stomach was smooth and tan with a belly button that chose to neither be an innie or an outie. Her pussy was clean shaven and beautiful. Her butt was cute and tight, it was definitely one of her crowning achievements. And she obviously put in a lot of work at the gym to keep it toned.

“Very nice.” Brittany said as she let her hands taste her curves. She weighed the breasts in her hands, toyed with the nipples gently, and even tasted of one. That made Jennifer gasp. Gone was her arguments against being with a woman. I could tell her pussy was wet from my distant view. Brittany continued her inspection by sliding her hands to the girls back and down to her glutes. She groped them greedily. I had never been so jealous of a pair of hands.

Brittany pulled off her top to reveal her own rock hard nipples. She then looked back at me and asked, “Is there anything in particular you’d like to see?”

My mouth answered before I even consciously recognized the question. “You breast feeding her.”

Brittany raised her eyebrows in surprise. “It sounds like someone wasn’t nursed enough as a baby.” She chuckled gently to let me know she was kidding. I blushed and looked away embarrassed.

Wordlessly, she took Jennifer by the hand and gently led her to the bed. Brittany climbed on first, Bostancı Manken Escort sat cross legged with her back against the headboard, and beckoned the other girl to join her. Jennifer climbed onto the bed and crawled towards her. It took a little maneuvering, but Jennifer laid on her back, resting her head in Brittany’s lap, and Brittany cuddled the full grown woman in her arms as much as she could.

Mainly what this meant was Brittanys left hand was cradling Jennifer’s head, while her right hand helped prop up her opposite shoulder towards her. Jennifer’s lips were inches away from Brittany’s nipples. Her breath on the sensitive skin and the anticipation of what was to come was really turning her on.

Jennifer on the other hand suddenly realized how weird this fetish seemed. She looked nervously up at my girlfriend, unsure if she still wanted to go through with this. Brittany looked down at her with a kind gentle expression that I had never seen before.

Brittany whispered, “It’s ok. Just trust me.” As she caressed the girls head affectionately, before guiding her lips to her nipples.

The suckling was a little odd at first, but the longer it went on, the more it seemed to relax her. Almost as if the action reverted her back to the safe arms of her mother. Back when her mother was still around, and still seemed to love her daughter. Jennifer couldn’t remember the last time she felt this kind of peace. It wasn’t erotic, well it was, but the nurturing feelings welling up inside of her were more powerful.

Brittany wiped a tear away from Jennifer’s cheek that she hadn’t noticed was steaming down. She suddenly felt indebted to Brittany for this kindness. The night may have started out mean spirited, but all of those feelings were gone now. In their place was gratitude, and the need to repay.

Jennifer decided that she was going to try to work for our pleasure above her own. This was a new drive for her, sex had always been purely about her own pleasure and status, yet always been about blocking out her own feelings of worthlessness. Her own need to feel desired and wanted. She used pleasure to help her feel less alone in the world.

Jennifer’s suckling immediately turned more erotic. Her tongue batted around the nipple in her mouth. The sudden change made Brittany moan and close her eyes. She felt pleasure jolt through her breast every time her nipple was flicked. Then came a greater onslaught of pleasure, when Jennifer began gently pinching and twisting her other nipple.

Brittany felt she had to return the favor, so she reached down and played with Jennifer’s tit. Jennifer moaned, which sent exquisite vibrations into Brittany’s breast. It was like a pleasure feedback loop. The more they tried to turn each other on, the more they got turned on themselves.

Brittany’s hand slid down Jennifer’s toned stomach, it’s destination clear. Jennifer’s body tingled where she anticipated the path of the hand. Her belly bounced up and down with her rapidly increasing breath. When the hand finally reached her clit she whimpered weakly. When Brittany entered with two fingers while thumbing the clit, Jennifer gasped and spasmed. She had never orgasmed so quickly before.

Brittany was now hornier than she had ever been before. She wanted nothing more than to taste this woman’s juices. She laid Jennifer’s head onto the bed and bent over so that her head came down between her new friends thighs. She kissed her pussy lips with an open mouth and full tongue plumbing her depths.

Jennifer had never experienced this sensation before. Guy’s had eaten her out before, but none of them were anywhere near this good. Not to mention, the soft full female lips and thin jawline lended to a completely different experience as well. She felt another orgasm building quickly.

Jennifer remembered her promise to herself to work for their pleasure above her own. She wormed her way to where Brittany’s thighs were straddling her face, and began returning the attention. She had never gone down on a girl before, so she was just working off of what she knew she liked.

Apparently, that was a good strategy as Brittany gasped as she felt her first orgasm rippling through her body. She grabbed Jennifer’s butt, a little too hard, and bit her thigh as her pussy spasmed around Jennifer’s tongue. The taste of Brittany’s juices flowing into her mouth tasted so sweet to Jennifer. Katie Perry’s song about kissing a girl and liking it had never crossed her mind with this context before.

The two traded orgasms back and forth for nearly an hour. The entire time I was masturbating and edging, begging for a chance to cum. I finally lost control and blasted the girls with an obscene amount of cum. Thankfully, they took it good naturedly. They both laughed at how lost they had gotten into each other.

“I’m sorry, you must have been living through torture over there this entire time.” Brittany said.

The truth was, the roller coaster Bostancı Masöz Escort and constant high of the situation was a little intoxicating. There was a slight torture element to it, but it was worth it. I just hoped they weren’t done. I know my balls were still full and ready to go.

“Yeah, sorry. Here, let us go shower off and then we will take care of you together.” Jennifer led Brittany to the ensuite bathroom hand in hand. I would have been confused at how the two were suddenly acting like best friends, if I wasn’t so mesmerised by their hot naked cum covered body’s walking out of the room.

I stood there stunned for a second before I realised something. There were two incredibly sexy women showering together in the other room, and I wasn’t in there watching it. I stepped into the bathroom and saw them making out in the large four foot by four foot shower. If I wasn’t still hard, that would have definitely gotten me back there in a hurry.

Jennifer opened the glass door and stuck her head out. “It took you long enough.” She joked. “Get in here.”

If there is one thing good students like me are excellent at, it’s following orders. I stepped in and wrapped my arms around both of their waists. I felt so many things at once. Their smooth wet backs under my hands, four nipples wiggling back and forth across my chest, two pairs of lips kissing my neck, and a hand or two caressing my shaft.

It was all too much for me to handle, I came and covered the wall of the shower in my spunk. My legs gave out and I nearly hit the ground. Thankfully, I was caught by Brittany and Jennifer. They held me until I could get my strength back.

“I hope that’s not all you got, because we are far from done.” Jennifer said.

I regained my footing and kissed them both passionately in turn. Then they began kissing their way down my body. Jennifer, who was the more experienced one, knew a few extra erogenous zones. She stopped at my left nipple and lightly nibbled on it. Brittany matched her on the other one and I had to close my eyes for a second to recenter myself.

I opened my eyes back when I felt two sets of mouths kissing and sucking on my cock and balls. Brittany was being generous and letting Jennifer have a go at seeing how much she could swallow. What I found out later, was that Brittany actually really liked the feel of my balls in her mouth. It gave her more to play with than an immovable steel rod.

For her part, Jennifer was able to down a respectable amount of my shaft. Still not as good as Brittany, but no one was good as my amazing girlfriend. It didn’t take much work before I was cumming in her mouth. She managed to contain most of it in her mouth, but a small amount dribbled down her chin.

What happened next shocked me. I never knew this was a thing until this moment. Jennifer kissed Brittany and gave her some of my cum. It was surprisingly hot, especially when they swallowed the load a moment later.

The two stood and pressed into me again. My hands slid down to their hot wet butts and kneaded into the warm supple flesh. I was enjoying the moment so much that I almost missed her question. “Do you think you have one left in you?”

In answer, my erection throbbed upwards against her thigh. Jennifer was leading the show now. She sat Brittany down on the built in stool in the shower, before opening her legs. Jennifer bent over at the waist so that her face was in the other girl’s crotch. She looked back at me over her shoulder. “I trust you can find the correct hole on your own?” She smirked before burying her nose into Brittany’s pussy again.

I took Jennifer’s hip in my left hand, and my shaft in my right. I carefully guided my tip to her entrance. The second I pressed just the tip in, I felt her cum. She must have been building up this entire time. Somehow Brittany managed to orgasm at the exact same time.

Jennifer never stopped eating pussy though. Once I was lined up, I put both my hands on her hips and slid in slowly. Jennifer moaned long and hard the entire trip in. I slid back out slowly as well, until just the tip was left inside of her. She mumbled a curse into Brittany’s lips.

I steadily increased my pace, in and out. I saw Jennifer reach up and tweak Brittany’s nipples, which made her cum again instantly. So, I reached around and did the same to Jennifer’s. When she came, my shaft and Brittany’s thighs were the only things keeping her knees from hitting the tile.

After five more minutes, and two more orgasms each per girl, I felt my balls starting to tingle. The eruption was imminent. I started grunting and groaning as it felt like all of the energy in my body was being summoned to my groin. I could almost count the number of strokes remaining until I burst.

Three, Two, one, explosion! Not just my balls, but I actually saw stars momentarily. I continued to pump into her as I shot one. Two. Three. Was that five or seven? I didn’t care, and neither did Jennifer or Brittany as my cumming caused a chain reaction that made them cum as well.

I felt Jennifer squirt all over my legs and feet, even through the spray of the shower. Her hips twerked violently around my shaft. Brittany squirted as well, but without the impediment of a plug in her, her spray blasted Jennifer in the face.

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