New friends 3 -Picking up Sam


Picking up Sam
I phoned Chris just as I pulled up outside of Sam & Ben’s house, whilst talking to her Sam opened the door and waved I returned it finished the call and went in. Calling for Sam her voice replied that she was upstairs in their bedroom and to come up. As I entered the bedroom she was laid on the bed a slim vibrator in her hand moving up and down her slit, her other hand pinching and pulling at her nipples, my cock stiffened and I quickly stripped off my clothes.
My head was soon replacing the vibrator, but Sam had raised her hips and had now started pushing it against her arse. Her first orgasm hit very quickly I moved up to kiss her nipples then her mouth, our tongues dancing with one another. My fingers were now switching between her pussy and arse hole, her moans now continuous her breathing laboured.
“Put that fucking cock in one hole or the other, now” she demanded.
I pulled her onto her knees and lined up on her pussy, my cock slide in until I could get no deeper. With hard urgent thrusts I pounded her pussy, rubbing at her clit at the same time, moments later with a scream and “OMG fuck, fuck, fuck” she came again coating my cock with her juices. I pulled out and lined up on her other hole my cock seemed to just slide in, I bottomed out and once again got into a rhythm. Sam was now just saying either OMG or fuck over and over, then with one final thrust I emptied my load into her arse, we both collapsed into the bed our bodies covered in sweat, our pubic areas coated in one another’s juices, breathing heavily I rolled off her and we kissed, this time more tender.
We lay for a while caressing each other’s bodies and talked about how things had turned out for the four of us and how we felt. Sam then propped herself on one elbow and said “what would you do if you found Chris fucking someone else”?
“Don’t tell me something happened with Tony”
“I don’t know but Chris did seem interested”
“I know she told you about what happened in the kitchen, but do you think Ben would allow anything to happen”?
Sam just looked into my eyes trying to read my thoughts.
“If you were in her shoes what would you do” I asked.
“Honest I don’t know I’m not the same person that allowed Ben and Chris to fuck”
“And you’re not the same either Sam, things change for better or worse”
Sam pulled me close and asked could I manage to go again before we left, my cock began to harden Sam took that as a yes. I rolled her onto her back and slide in this time my strokes were long and slow until I came again.
I arrived home with Sam just after 8 o’clock, the table was set and dinner was waiting to be dished up. Chris asked if Ben would help Sam dish up as she wanted a quick word Sex hikayeleri with me before we all sat down, taking me upstairs to our bedroom so that we could talk. Before she could say anything I came out with what was on my mind.
“Have you let Tony fuck you”?
Chris looked me straight in the eye and replied “yes today”.
“Did you enjoy it”?
Again Chris replied “yes”. “Ben filmed it so you could watch it”.
“Ok let’s have dinner”.
Chris grabbed my hand and pulled me to her, “what have I become” she asked.
“Someone who is enjoying sex, someone who is honest to tell me”
“I love you more than anything in this world you know that don’t you” she whispered.
“Don’t you think I know that otherwise why would I leave you allow with Ben and Tony”?
Tears ran down her cheeks as we kissed again.
“Dinners on the table if you two can pull yourselves away from one another” Sam called out.
We walked into the dining room holding hands tears wiped away and smiles on our faces. Ben had two large glasses of wine which he handed to us then picked up his glass, we all raised our glasses in an unspoken toast. Mike looked at Tony who was sitting very quite in the corner raised his glass again and said “friends”.
Dinner turned into a question and answer session with Tony asking most of the questions and the rest of us answering them, by our third glasses of wine both Sam and I had lost most of our inhabitations and were being quite candid. Tony’s eyes got bigger and bigger as he heard what we’d got up to since meeting on holiday, Sam even mentioned that she had thought Tony hot but had never felt it right to mention before tonight.
“You should see him in action love” said Ben.
“Would you mind if I did”.
“Did what”? Ben said.
“Am I allowed to see him action then, you know what happened with Mike”?
Ben just looked at Sam and smiled. I know he gets a buzz watching me fuck her, but could he take Tony fucking her only time would tell.
Tony and I cleared the table and talked as we did, he asked had I could allow him or anyone else to fuck their wife. I told him that before Chris and I had dated I’d been quite a bad boy and the truth is Chris had never screwed round and it was the one thing that seemed to hold us back sexually, but since meeting Ben and Sam she was a better sexual partner and our sex lives had really improved. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea but it suited us now.
“Would you object if I fucked her again” he asked.
“Only with her agreement and my knowledge” I replied. Tony had a big grin on his face.
Dishes put away we joined the other three in the living room, Ben sat next to Sam on one sofa, Tony choose the arm chair and Chris and I Sikiş hikayeleri the other sofa. Ben had already put the disc into the player, shall we he asked looking around we all nodded and he hit play.
The action began Ben obviously filming Chris naked on our bed with Tony pumping into her from behind. Sam let out a gasp at the size of his cock, Ben whispered that it wasn’t as long as his but it was thicker; she looked at Chris bloody hell girl you didn’t do you she asked. Chris just nodded.
Chris was rubbing at my cock as the action unfolded he whisper that’s a thick one, you’re really into it aren’t you? She took my hand and slid it up her skirt (no knickers on ago) just a sopping wet pussy, my fingers went straight in to the knuckle and began to finger fuck her hard and fast.
I noticed Ben had Sam’s top off and was sucking on her nipples as she pulled on his rock hard cock, Tony was looking from one couple to the other not believing what was happening I guess, his cock in his hand which was moving slowly up and down. Sam looked across at him her eyes fixed on his cock; Ben stopped sucking her tits as he noticed that her attention was no longer focused on his cock. He moved his month to her ear and whispered something, they exchanged looks before she stood and dropped her skirt, the small triangle of material that covered her pussy was soaked through she walked towards Tony dropping to her knees. Her hand reached out and grasped his cock they looked at one another then she bowed her head and took his cock into her mouth.
Chris and I had also shed our clothes; I had slide down the sofa so she could sit on me in the reverse position to watch the other two, my cock embedded into her pussy. Ben had got the camera out and was filming the action.
Tony couldn’t last with the attention Sam was giving him, he told her he was about to cum but she just carried on until he erupted in her mouth, the amount more than she could manage the excess running down her chin. She scoped as much as she could with her fingers and licked them clean Tony was still hard as iron. Sam moved back from her and lay back on the carpet easing her thong off to expose her juice covered slit and beckoned him to her; Tony pulled the rest of his clothes off and got down between her thighs positioning his cock to enter her; Ben had moved closer, nodding to Tony as he began to enter his wife. Sam turned her head towards her husband’s cock and began to lick and suck it.
Chris had got off me and moved toward the others on the carpet, her pussy running with her juices I knelt behind her and aimed my cock head at her puckered arse. From our earlier fucking there was enough lubrication to ease into her back passage; Erotik hikaye her back arched as I slide in. The room was now filled with the sounds of sex. Sam moaning, Chris breathing heavier as was Ben and both Tony ‘s and my cock making that sucking sound you get when a cock is being pumped in and out of a soaking wet hole.
I filled Chris just as she orgasmed again just as Tony gave one final thrust himself and emptied another load into Sam; pulling out it was hard to believe but the guy was still hard, Chris span round and offered her pussy to him. I took the camera from Ben as he slide into his wife and began an unbelievable pounding of her pussy the like of which I’d not witnessed; this put even his arse fucking of Chris in the shade. Both Tony and Ben went at it like men possessed, sweat running off their bodies both women moaning and having orgasm after orgasm. Twenty minutes later with first Ben then Tony giving a growl as they pushed in as far as they could they emptied their cum into two very battered holes; collapsing onto the carpet all four wore smiles of sheer bliss and exhaustion.
Chris looked up at me and thanked me for making yet another fantasy come true. We took turns to shower and came back to the living room to have a last drink and watched the film Ben and Mike had taken. Tony thought it was “fucking hot” and could he have a copy?
Ben looked him in the eye and said “fucking my wife and best friend is one thing mate but having a copy isn’t going to happen”.
Chris then looked at him and added “it was great having you fuck me, but this was a one off”.
Tony smiled a little dejected but admitted it had been a great thrill and something he’d remember for a long time. Then getting serious looking at each of us in turn said “thanks guys I think you’re fantastic and your secret is save with me”. He got up and headed to bed.
“Can we trust him”? Sam asked.
“He’s worked for me for five years; yes we can trust him” Ben replied.
We finished our drinks and took our own wives to bed.
Sunday morning as I was sitting at the table talking to Ben, the girls were still asleep, Tony came in.
“Have you had a text from Lee” he asked.
“No my phones still in the van, why” asked Ben.
“He’s going to meet us on site in the morning, so I thought that as he doesn’t live too far I’ll crash at his”.
I looked at Tony and asked was he sure.
“Thanks Mike the last couple of days have been mind blowing, but this is your thing not mine, could someone give me a lift over there”.
I knew what Tony was getting at as did Ben, Ben just gripped his shoulder and nodded, 2I take you when you want”.
Later when we told the girls they very quietly agreed it would be for the best.
Sunday turned out to be a quite day in true both girls said that their pussy were a little sore, so we just chilled with some old movies on the telly. Until Ben said it was time to run Sam home.

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