Neighbours – Chapter 13


Liam, no doubt knowing just when we would be arriving thanks to the cameras, was out in front of his house and ready to welcome us. I saw in his smile a teasing knowledge of the torment he had given me just moments ago. Everything was set up out back, he told us, so rather than go through the house, he ushered us back via a nicely landscaped path between the houses. He adopted a very friendly and congenial attitude towards us, and with Cheryl in particular. I noticed he placed his hand on her waist to help guide her towards the path. I felt the plug inside me with every step.Seeing this happen right in front of me gave me a flood of confusing emotions. Had he not taunted me with his supposed intentions, I would likely not have read anything into such a simple gesture. He had told me, however, and this was also happening the day after he’d used his power over me to effectively deny me sex with her. Their backyard was everything that we were planning ours to be one day. There was a large raised deck off the back of the house with steps that came down to a spacious area of interlocking stone paving, all surrounded by lush and varied planting. “Oh, what a great yard you have,” Cheryl exclaimed. “Thank you. We really enjoy spending time out here when the weather allows,” Liam replied. “Your yard has a lot of potential, as I recall.”“Oh yes, doing some more work back there is on our list,” Cheryl replied. “We think that we want to finish the basement too, and that may have to come first.”“Really? Well, I don’t want to impose, or to put you in any awkward position, but I run a small construction company, we happen to do a lot of interior renovations. At the very least, I could have a look sometime and let you know what you might be in for.”Perhaps I was imagining it, but I felt Liam’s eyes on me as he had said “awkward position.”“Oh, ücreti elden alan escort that’s incredible, and so generous of you. Of course, you will simply have to come by and have a look,” Cheryl said. “Great, I’d be happy to. I’ll set up with Chris this week then. Am I right in thinking that you work from home?” “Yes, that’s right. I do some writing, some consulting, and it’s given me a lot of flexibility, so all I need is my home office and I can work from anywhere.”He smiled, looking right at me.“It’s nice to be your own boss, isn’t it? To be in charge.” I had to pause and gather myself, as I was sure my voice would break.“Yes, it certainly has its advantages.” I was certain my face was beet red. I had never felt less in charge. Suddenly there was a voice from the open door at the back of their house. “All husbands think they are in charge.”It had to be Liam’s wife. She stood there for a moment, as though giving us all a chance to take in her entrance. She was stunning. She had auburn hair with blond highlights that were either natural or very expensively done, and her hair flowed over her shoulders. Her body had sensuous curves that I worked hard not to let my eyes linger on. Despite the supposed casual nature of our get-together, she was also dressed impeccably. Her skirt, barely reaching down to her knees, clung to her, and revealed shimmering stockings covering her legs.“Hello, all. I’m Lydia – Liam’s obviously better half. I’m so glad to meet you both and to welcome you to the street!”I rose to my feet to greet her but then became suddenly very nervous that looking at her, combined with Liam’s teasing, the plug, and the ribbon around me, would make my arousal obvious. If she noticed, she didn’t let on, and so I thankfully ücreti elden alan gaziantep escort just let the introductions continue. Despite everything going on in my mind, it really was a fun afternoon. I hadn’t had much chance to have any normal interaction with Liam, but in this environment, he was charming and friendly and generous. We chatted as if we were just a couple of men getting to know each other. Lydia was similarly friendly and congenial, and I could tell already that she and Cheryl were hitting it off. Cheryl was obviously enjoying them both. They were fun and her laugh rang out often. I saw flirting in some of Liam’s words, but she clearly didn’t mind. I couldn’t blame her. Liam was handsome and confident, and he made you feel like he was focussed entirely on you when he spoke to you. “Well,” Liam announced. “I’d better get things started with the grille, or we’ll end up just drinking all night. First though, I’d better get a few more bottles of wine. Chris, do you mind coming along and helping me to carry some up?”“Of course,” I said, feeling my heart pound as I rose to my feet. As soon as we crossed the threshold, I felt him bring the plug to life. I stumbled as it began to hum inside me, but then caught myself. “The wine cellar is downstairs,” he said, leading the way. What I saw of the main floor of their house was well styled and well appointed. It felt a step above our home in the same way their yard did. They could exist on the same street, but you could see the effort and money in it. Their basement was well lit and well finished as well. Such pedestrian functions as laundry rooms and furnace rooms were hidden behind doors. He led me into a large sitting room. There were four comfortable-looking lounge ücreti elden alan gaziantep escort bayan chairs, alone with a full wall of shelves filled with wine bottles. He sat in one of the chairs and looked at me intently. He reached into his pocket where the plug’s control must have been, and shut it off for the moment. “Strip,” he ordered. “Quickly.”My heartbeat seemed to pound out seconds passing as I got out of my clothes as quickly as I could, until I was wearing just the ribbon and the plug. I was very aware that Cheryl was just outside, and that we were supposed to be returning soon.“Step your feet about shoulder width apart. Place your hands behind your head, with your elbows out to the side.”I adjusted my posture and stance as he instructed. “This pose is called ‘inspection.’ I will expect you to remember it, and to take this position when instructed. “Yes, Master,” I replied.“Your little sissy clit looks good with a ribbon tied around it. Very feminine, and very submissive. Do you like decorating yourself for your Master?”“Yes, I do, Master.”“That is not how I taught you to refer to yourself, nor how to answer questions your Master asks you. Try again.”I blushed warmly.“Yes, Master. Sissy Crissy likes to decorate herself for Master,” I said. The words tormented me as I said them. “Do you like to feel the presence and surprise of the plug inside you as well?”“Yes, Master. Sissy Crissy likes to feel the plug so tight and full inside her, knowing that Master can tease her with it whenever he wants to.”“Tell me again that you’re a good little sissy who likes to be plugged and decorated for me.”He was smiling wide, clearly enjoying himself, and pointing his phone camera at me. “Sissy Crissy is a good little sissy, who likes to be plugged and decorated for Master,” I stated. “Louder,” he said.I repeated every word, louder, and I started to get worried about how far my voice would carry.“One more time, and louder,” he insisted.Once again, I recited the humiliating words, feeling my voice seem to echo all around me.“Good sissy,” he said, and I felt a confusing rush of pleasure at his approval. He turned on the plug again, and I felt it rumble and hum inside me, as strongly as it ever had. My bound cock started to react, stiffening and tingling. 

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