Neglected Black Housewife Ch. 02


“So how is this Thursday night thing supposed to work?” I ask Cyn, while we cuddle naked on the bed, having exhausted ourselves in my shower.

“I’m not really sure, Mike.” She confesses. “We’ve never invited anyone to join us before. I’ll call you after I talk with Barbara and Shelly.” She says, while drawing circles on my chest with her fingertip.

We’ve been in bed all day and took a much-needed break about half an hour ago for a shower. While lathering soap on each other, Cyn smiled seductively and turned around. When she bent over and rubbed her luscious ass up and down against my hard cock, I couldn’t resist. With her hands braced against the tile wall for support, I pounded into her hungry pussy from behind.

“Call them now.” I suggest as I plant kisses all over her luscious brown tits. “Let me listen in.”

“I don’t know, Mike.” She says, as I suck her thick black nipple into my mouth.

“Come on, Cyn.” I say, between nibbles. “What are you trying to hide?”

We go back and forth for a few minutes, but I finally convince her. Using her cell with the speakerphone engaged, she calls Barbara, who coincidentally is on the phone with Shelly.

“Cyn?” Barbara says excitedly. “We were just talking about you. Hold on, while I conference Shelly in.” She says. We hear a click and Cyn rolls onto her stomach, smiling at me as Shelly comes on the line.

“Well?” Shelly says. Cyn mouths her name to me, so I can associate the voices.

“Well.” She pauses dramatically. “He’s coming over Thursday night to meet both of you.” Cyn says laughing. She’s leaning up on her elbows, holding the phone close to her cheek. I love how her tits look, hanging temptingly between her arms. My cock stiffens at the mouthwatering sight of her thick black nipples crushed against the white sheet.

“Wait a minute.” Barbara says, Cyn mouths Barbara. “Isn’t that pretty fast? I mean… you hardly know this guy!” “Oh, I know him.” Cyn says, running her eyes over my naked body. “I know every inch of him.” She laughs again, her large brown tits jiggling against the sheet.

“Details.” Shelly says, but before Cyn can answer, Barbara cuts her off.

“Come on, Cyn. What do you really know about him?” She asks, cautiously.

“Well, I got here around nine and by lunch time I’d already had four orgasms.” Cyn smiles at me, appreciatively. “I’ve lost track since then.” She says.

“I don’t mean that! It’s not all about sex!” Barbara says.

“The hell it’s not!” Shelly cuts in. “That’s exactly what this is about. Give us the details, girl! He recovers that fast?” Shelly says, laughing.

“Well he’s pretty resilient, but he used his mouth for the first two.” Cyn says, blowing me a kiss. “And what a talented tongue! My God! I’ve never cum so hard!” She says.

“That’s not enough.” Barbara says. “Are you sure you want him in your house, knowing where you live? Do you trust him?”

“Barbara.” Cyn says, calmly. “He’s a sweet guy, He focuses totally on my needs, he’s very loving and yes, I trust him.” She smiles at me.

“That’s good enough for me.” Shelly says, definitively. “What did you tell him about us?” She asks, excitedly.

“I told him the truth and asked if he wanted me to share him with you. He wants to meet you and see where it goes.” She says, caressing my inner thigh with her hand. “He’s not a gigolo, he’s just a guy I met. We’ll have to see what happens.” I move closer to Cyn and my eyes devour her incredible body. Her shapely brown thighs come together in the fleshy firmness and dark skin tone of her perfect ass. As I caress her cheeks, she spreads her legs, inviting my hand to explore between them.

“I don’t know.” Barbara says. “What happens if your husband comes home early… or if the kids see him? You’re taking a big chance bringing him to the house.” “We’re not going to fuck him at the house.” Cyn pants, as I run my finger up and down between her moist pussy lips. “He’s just going to meet you.”

“I want four orgasms!” Shelly says. “I trust Cyn’s judgment and I’ll fuck him Thursday night.”

“Not at her house!” Barbara says exasperatedly “Maybe we should meet somewhere else.” She says. “Maybe like a restaurant or a bar or somewhere.”

“Yeah, that won’t attract too much attention.” Cyn says, smiling at me as I slip a finger between her wet cunt lips. “How about this?” She asks, talking rapidly into the phone. “I’ll rent a room for Thursday night at that hotel downtown and we’ll see who ends up in it, okay?” She says, stifling a moan, as I pump my fingers in and out of her pussy. “I’ve got to go!” She breathes.

“Sounds good!” Shelly says. “I’ll dress for the occasion.” “Whatever!” Barbara says, hanging up.

“You are stunning!” I tell Cyn as she ends her phone call and tosses her cell phone aside.

“Stunning?” She smiles. “I thought I was ravishing.” She teases, raising her ass up and spreading her legs farther apart.

“Stunning, ravishing, captivating, delicious.” I smile. “Pick your adjective.” I say, Escort bayan using my other hand to squeeze her sumptuous ass cheeks. Cyn rises up on her hands and knees and pushes back against my fingers, as they rapidly piston in and out of her increasingly wet pussy.

“Whatever you want to call it.” She says, wiggling her ass and pushing back against my hand. “Right now, why don’t you put that thing back where it belongs.” She says, smiling over her shoulder at my hard cock.

“Is this where it belongs?” I ask, kneeling behind her and rubbing my cockhead up and down between her wet pussy lips.

“Mmmmm.” She moans, thrusting her ass back towards me and impaling herself on my rigid pole. “More like this!” She says, grinding her ass against me, as I grip her hips and start pumping in and out of her.

“Oh yeah!” She cries, as I pick up the rhythm and watch my cock slide in and out of her fur-trimmed hole. “I can’t get enough of you.” She breathes, as I marvel at the sight of her thick, black pussy lips gliding back and forth along the length of my cock.

“Oh yes! Fuck me harder, Mike!” She yells and I close my eyes and start slamming into her, yanking her ass back against me, as I thrust forward. I’m pounding into her like a jackhammer and her pussy is on fire! I can feel the heat emanating from her slick, velvety pussy walls, as my hard cock pummels her smoldering hole.

“Ohh! Ohh! Ohhhh!” She cries on each downward stroke of my cock. “Oh fuck!” She screams. “I’m cumming again!” She pants, as she rams one of her hands between her legs and starts frantically rubbing her clit.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yeeeeeaaaah!” She cries, clenching her pussy muscles around my cock, as her orgasm shakes her body and jiggles her ass cheeks against me. My cock responds to her quivering grip and I ram it all the way home, erupting in a fountain of cum deep inside her pulsating pussy. My hands continue holding her hips, as I jerk against her firm round ass cheeks, spewing several smaller loads, before I’m completely spent.

I follow her, as she lowers her body to the bed, her pussy muscles keeping my cock trapped inside her saturated hole. I kiss her neck as I settle my body against her back. We lay there for quite some time, catching our breath.

I still can’t believe that Cyn finally called and said she wanted to get together. I immediately blew off my classes and it’s been well worth it! She’s insatiable and I’m sure we would keep going into the night, if she didn’t have to go home to her husband and kids.

“I’ll call you if I can, but we are definitely on for Thursday night, right?” Cyn says, as she digs through her purse for her car keys. “God! This was wonderful!” She says, kissing me hard on the lips.

“Yes it was.” I say, as she steps out the door. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I pound my fist against the wall. What a day! We actually hooked up! I’m almost jumping up and down. Now I just have to get Thursday night off.

I call Amber to see if she’ll take my Thursday shift. She says she can do it but she has to cancel a commitment she made to her parents. I hold on while she talks to them.

“Yeah, I can do it!” She says, when she gets back on the phone.

“Thanks Amber. I’ll owe you for this.” I tell her sincerely.

“And I’ll collect.” She says, teasingly.

“It’s a deal.” I tell her.

“Actually Mike.” She continues. “There is a big favor you can do for me, and I’ll owe you, big time!” She says.

“Sure, what is it?” I ask.

“Well…” She hesitates. “There’s this party Friday night for all the cheerleaders in my squad. I don’t have anyone to go with and it would be so cool if I showed up with a college guy. If you’d… you know… like… pretend to be my boyfriend. Just for the party!” She adds. “I would be forever in your debt.”

“Forever in my debt, sounds perfect.” I didn’t even know Amber was a cheerleader, but the idea of a high school cheerleader party sounds intriguing. “I’m not working and I don’t have any plans, of course I’ll do it.” I tell her. “Do I get all the normal boyfriend privileges?” I tease.

“You already get those, Mike!” She says. “What more privileges are there?” She laughs. “You’re the best! I’ll text you with the details. Thanks, Mike!”

“Thanks for covering my shift Thursday night.” Hanging up, I lie back on my bed trying to imagine what will happen Thursday night at Cyn’s house.

Cyn calls on Wednesday and we talk for about half an hour.

“I wasn’t sure if I’d talk to you before tomorrow night.” I tell her.

“I woke up this morning and felt empty.” She says quietly. “Like I was trapped between the incredible memories of yesterday and the exciting anticipation of tomorrow, but nothing for today. I had to call you.” She says. “Just to hear your voice.”

“I wasn’t sure how you’d feel about yesterday, once you got home.” I tell her. “I wondered if you’d want to see me again once you’d gotten your revenge out of your system.”

“It’s not about revenge, Mike.” Bayan escort Cyn says, trying to explain. “When I found out about my husband’s infidelities, I wanted to confront him and have it out. Shelly was the level headed one, who made me think through the consequences of that.” She says and I hear her take a deep breath.

“I realized that I didn’t want my marriage to end. There’s a lot I still love about my husband and he’s a great father to our kids.” Cyn says. “But once I decided not to confront him, I needed a way to live with his infidelity. Just ignoring it, and going on as if nothing happened, would make me feel like some pathetic, submissive housewife and I knew I would hate myself for it.” She takes another breath and I wait for her to continue.

“It took a while to work through it, but I finally realized that if we were both fucking around, I could look him in the eye and not feel humiliated.” Her voice has gradually gotten quieter. “Does that make any sense?” She asks, nearly whispering

“Yeah.” I answer. “I’d never thought about it like that.” I say honestly. “But it has a weird logic to it.” I answer. “Do Shelly and Barbara feel the same way?” I ask.

“I’m not sure.” She says. “You heard them on the phone, yesterday.” She laughs. “Shelly wants to jump your bones and Barbara… I don’t know.” She says. “We’ll see tomorrow night.”

“I can hardly wait.” I tell her. It’s only after I hang up that I realize that’s the third version I’ve heard of why she wanted to hook up with me. Oh well, all is fair in love and sex… I guess.

Thursday night, I arrive early, nervous as hell. After changing three times, I finally decided to just wear a pair of khakis and a button down dress shirt. The house is five minutes from the bookstore, in a nice neighborhood with manicured lawns and expensive landscaping.

I’m about to ring the bell, when the door swings opens and two little kids burst out, dragging a teenage girl behind them.

“Wait!” She laughs. “Not so fast.” She says, almost running into me.

“Oh! Hi.” She says, stopping dead in her tracks and holding onto a little boy’s hand. “Can I help you?” I’m almost speechless. She looks enough like Cyn to be her daughter, but she’s a teenager, so she couldn’t be.

“I’m here to see Cynthia Emry.” I stammer. Her short black hair barely covers her ears, which are adorned with hoop earrings and several silver piercings. She’s wearing tight, low slung, blue jeans and a black v-necked sweater that accentuates the soft curves of her medium sized tits.

“Aunt Cyn!” She yells through the open door. “Someone’s here to see you.” She smiles. “I’m Jasmine.” She says, disengaging her hand from the little boy and extending it to me.

“Mike Judd.” I say, shaking her hand and enjoying the feeling of her soft flesh.

“Come on, Jas.” The little boy says. “Let’s go.” He’s tugging at her arm, trying to get her off the porch.

“I’m taking them roller skating.” She says, shrugging. “I better go. Aunt Cyn should be down in a minute.” She assures me, bending over to pick up the little girl. Her sweater rides up above her jeans as she bends over, revealing a black thong stretched across the top of her ass, with a thin strip of it disappearing into her tight jeans.

“Hi Mike.” Cyn says from the doorway, catching me staring at the sway of Jasmine’s sexy round ass, while she carries the little girl to the car.

“Hi.” I say, as I step into the house. “Your kids are cute.” I say, not to mention your niece!

“Thanks. You’re a little early.” She says, kissing me on the cheek. “I thought they’d be gone before you got here.” She’s dressed in jeans and a yellow sleeveless blouse that I think I’ve seen her wear to the bookstore. She looks beautiful and the memories of Tuesday stiffen my cock, as I step closer to her.

“Sorry.” I say, kissing her on the lips. “You look delicious.” I tell her, as I squeeze her ass cheek through her jeans. “Is anyone else here?”

“Not yet. Shelly and Barbara should be here any minute.” She says, leading me into the living room. “Make yourself comfortable.” She says, gesturing to the couch. “Would you like a coke?”

“That’d be great.” I answer. “I’m a little nervous about this, Cyn.” I confess, as she walks towards the kitchen. Her jeans hug her firm ass cheeks and I’m distracted by the seesawing action, which I assume she’s exaggerating for my benefit.

“Yeah. Me too.” She smiles at me over her shoulder. “Don’t worry, you’ll be fine.” She calls from the kitchen.

“I hope so.” I call back, as the doorbell rings.

“Get that, will you, Mike?” Cyn says, as she walks into the living room carrying two cokes and a plate of cookies.

“Sure.” I say, jumping up from the couch and answering the front door.

“You must be Mike!” Shelly says. I’m pretty sure it’s Shelly because of her voice and Cyn’s description. She steps into the entryway, wraps her arms around me and gives me a kiss on the cheek.

“I’m Shelly.” She says, keeping Escort her hands on my back and her large tits crushed against my chest. “And you’re gorgeous!” She exclaims, leaning back to look me over, while she keeps her hands on my waist. She’s shorter than Cyn, and when I look down at her, all I see are tits. She’s wearing a scoop necked top and her huge black tits are barely contained by her lacy black bra.

“Thank you.” I say, tearing my eyes away from her significant cleavage to look at her face. “I’m very glad to meet you.” I say, as I take in her features. She has a pretty face; much darker than Cyn’s and her hair is almost shoulder length.

“I’m Barbara.” I hear from behind Shelly. “Nice to meet you too.” She says, sarcastically as she pushes past us into the living room. I catch a glimpse of her face as she walks by and damn if she doesn’t look like Halle Berry! Her hair is in tight braids against her head, cascading down into loose ringlets that brush against her shoulders as she walks. She’s wearing a knee length skirt that is stretched tightly across the curves of her ass, a form-fitting turtleneck that clings in all the right places, and brown thigh-high boots. She has light brown skin and a body that is absolutely breath taking.

“Don’t mind her.” Shelly says, keeping her arm around my waist as we walk into the living room. “She’ll warm up to you soon enough.” She says. Fuck! I hope so! I watch Barbara sit down on one of the chairs opposite the couch and her skirt rides up her light brown thighs. Her expression seems to be a mixture of apprehension and disgust. Shelly and I sit side by side on the couch and she wraps her arm through mine, crushing her ample breast against me.

“He’s wonderful!” Shelly says to Cyn, who is just sitting down in the chair next to Barbara.

“I think so.” She says quietly, as she watches Barbara’s reaction. We make small talk for a while, Cyn drawing me into the conversation to talk about my classes. Shelly can’t keep her hands still, rubbing up and down my arm or across my back, dipping her fingers inside the waistband at the back of my pants. She’s sitting about as close as possible without being on my lap and our thighs are pressed against each other.

“Jesus, Shelly!” Barbara cries. “You’re acting like a damn dog in heat!” She says, exasperatedly. “Give it a rest!” She says, fidgeting around on her chair and unknowingly giving me a glimpse of her black panties, as she uncrosses and crosses her legs.

“And you!” Barbara says, turning her icy glare towards me. “You must think you died and woke up in a vat of chocolate, or something! Sitting here all smug, like you’re some plantation owner picking out which slave girl to fuck!” My mouth drops open and I start to speak, but Shelly beats me to it.

“Look.” Shelly says, pulling her hands away from me, as she leans forward on the couch. “Don’t judge me, Barbara!” She says, pointing her finger across the coffee table. “I work 45 hours a week helping troubled kids trying to find purpose in their life. Then I go home to the typical demands of a wife and mother; cooking, housework, homework, you name it! If I want to spend a few hours on a Thursday night doing what I want to do, even if that’s acting like a slut, then I damn well can. I know what I’m doing and I know what my husband’s doing while I’m here doing it!” She says, sitting back on the couch, her large tits rising and falling with her increased breathing.

“And don’t say those hateful things to Mike!” Cyn says. “He’s here because I invited him. He’s only known about you and Shelly for two days. He’s probably more stunned than smug. And where the hell did that slave analogy come from?” She asks, rhetorically. “You’ve got some real issues, girl.

“I’m sorry.” Barbara says, standing up and heading towards the door. “This just isn’t working for me, okay?” She says. I watch her beautiful ass sway towards the door, while Shelly cuddles back up to my side.

“Don’t let her break our mood, lover.” Shelly whispers in my ear, quickly shifting gears, as Cyn hurries after Barbara. “I want to be your slut for the evening, doing every nasty thing you want to do.” She whispers, while rubbing her hand up and down my thigh.

“Will you let me be your slut, Mike?” She asks, nibbling on my ear, while brushing her fingers along my stiffening cock.

“Yeah, Shelly.” I answer, glancing down at her large black tits, ballooning out of the cups of her bra. “You can be my slut.” I whisper, turning my face to brush my lips against hers.

“Oooo.” She coos. “I’m going to have fun with this.” She whispers, gripping my fully erect cock through my pants. “I’ve got plans for you.” She says, slipping her tongue into my mouth and pushing her tits harder against my arm.

“You two look like you’re ready to use that room.” Cyn says, as she walks back into the house.

“We are!” Shelly says, disengaging herself from me. “Aren’t we lover?” She asks. As I stand up, my hard cock tents the front of my pants and I look sheepishly at Cyn. I know it’s weird, but I almost feel like I’m cheating on her.

“It’s okay, Mike.” Cyn smiles, like she’s reading my thoughts. “That’s why you’re here, right?” She says, handing me a hotel room key.

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