Naruto- KoRn Koncert In Konoha: Part 7




Naruto sat in his favorite chair behind his desk. His arms folded behind his head, eyes closed, and feet kicked up on his desk in an attempt to catch a quick nap while his balls generated more sperm. He had had a morning romp with the girls and wouldn’t have been surprised if he had been milked dry. But that feeling was now long gone. He was lightly napping now, until he got a call from the front gates of the compound which awoke him from his beauty sleep.

“Mr. Uzumaki, there’s someone here who wishes to speak with you.”

“Aww man, I was resting! Well I’m awake now, go ahead and send whoever it is up to my office.”

“Right away Mr. Uzumaki.”

He sat there in the closed room, patiently waiting for his visitor. Soon there came a knock at the door.

“Come in.”

The door creaked open and there stood the pink haired vixen which had tortured him for so long.

“Oh… hello Sakura. What do YOU want?”

‘I can’t believe I was disturbed for HER.’

Sakura stepped inside the room and closed the door.

“Is that any tone to use when talking to your best friend?”

Naruto felt rage course through his entire body as she said that. A rage that could only be rivaled by that of the Kyuubi.

“Best friend!? Is that what you just called yourself!? What a load of shit! All YOU ever did was beat me when I tried to be nice, called me an idiot, ignored my feelings for you and drove me down a highway to suicide until Hinata and Hanabi created an exit ramp for me! And you have the nerve to call yourself my best friend!? You must not be as smart as everybody makes you out to be!”

Sakura lowered her head and tears began to fall from her eyes.

“N-Naruto, I-I’m sorry.”

“If sorry could remove all the damage I took because of you, then that might have made a difference. But that’s not the case.”

She fell to her knees and began to openly weep on the floor.

“Go cry somewhere else, I don’t need your tears messing up my floor.”

“Please Naruto, don’t you think I’ve been punished enough? I’ve been teased all my life about my forehead, my attempts to get Sasuke to love me all failed, I was the weakest of the cell, Sasuke abandoned me and left for some snaky pedophile and then the one I love was almost killed in battle.”

Naruto’s rage could now easily defeat Kyuubi’s.

“YOU’VE BEEN PUNISHED!? I’ve had people of my own village try to kill me since I was a fucking baby! Last time I checked that’s a hell of a lot worse than being picked on for the way your forehead looks! As for you trying to get Sasuke to love you, I’VE been trying to get YOU to love ME before you ever fuckin’ met that prettyboy! And the weakest of the cell, bullshit! You’ve knocked me through a damn wall before you even got trained by Tsunade! And as for your love almost getting killed in battle, I’m secure enough in my strengths and weaknesses to say that I came nothing close to killing that asshole!”

“Naruto… I wasn’t talking about Sasuke.”

Naruto felt a portion of his rage subside and looked into her teary eyes.


“I said I wasn’t talking about Sasuke.”

Naruto continued to look at her, more confused than he had ever been in his life.

“I wanted Sasuke back in the village so I could personally knock him into the bowels of hell. And when I saw Kakashi-sensei carrying your body in through the gates I- I thought you were dead.”

She held her head in her hands and cried openly into them. Naruto’s rage slipped away from him and he went over to her trying to console her.

“I stayed at your bed for a week and a half while you recovered. I even fed you when you were awake even though I knew you couldn’t see who it was.”

“You… were the one… feeding me while I was in the hospital?”

Sakura nodded slowly. Naruto’s memory was nothing worth bragging about, but if there was one thing he would always remember it would’ve been the stranger who would feed him while he was incapacitated. After every feeding she would rub his forehead and kiss it. He had always assumed that it was Tsunade.

“I’m sorry Sakura. I was… I don’t know.”

“It’s okay Naruto, you had good reason to yell at me. That’s actually part of the reason why I came here.”

“Really? What did you want?”

“I want punishment for what I’ve done to you.”

Naruto smirked at her and spoke in the slyest tone Sakura had ever heard.

“Oh? And just how do should I do that?”

She blushed and bent before him on all fours. This was d? vu. That was the same position Hanabi and Hinata had used when they submitted to him.

“Any way you see fit… Naruto-sama.”

“Tell me, what were you expecting in this punishment?”

“I want you to exercise all hatred you hold for me. Treat me like trash. Just get all the anger you had for me and use it to give me pain.”

“Are you sure about this Sakura?”

“Yes do it, please Naruto-sama.”

That was all he needed to hear. He gripped her painfully around the wrist and yanked her to her feet and practically dragged her out of the room and down to his newly renovated dungeon basement.

“You’re gonna regret pushing me all those years. I’m going to beat you senseless you little whore.”

Sakura knew that he wouldn’t do anything to endanger her life. And since Ino had been helping her explore her secret violence fetish, she was eager to get what she knew would be the beating of her life. Once they got to the dungeon she was practically thrown onto a torture rack in the corner. He cuffed her wrists and ankles to it and turned the crank until Sakura thought her bones were going to be pulled out of their sockets.

“How does that feel you whore!?”

“It hurts so much Naruto-sama.”

“Good! I’m gonna take all the pain that you gave me and give it back to you tenfold!”

Naruto went to a large chest and opened it, bringing out a kunai and a whip. He came back to Sakura and began slashing her clothes open with the kunai. Sometimes the blade would scratch her skin and leave gentle cuts. Sakura was thoroughly enjoying herself. This is how she imagined her sex life from the very start of her teenage years. She had first noticed her fetish when Gaara had her encased in a sand coffin which would squeeze her tighter every few minutes, the pain, the fear, the pleasure. As much as that had turned her on it was nothing compared to this. He slowly pulled the kunai across her clothes until they were sufficiently slashed leaving only her red lace bra and panties. Naruto reached out and ran his fingers across the lace, observing how wet she was but also feeling something else through the fabric. He ripped them down to find a vibrator shoved inside of her leaking womanhood as well as a string of anal beads in her ass.

“It seems you hid a few secrets from me.”

He pushed the vibrator deeper into her causing her to moan before ripping it out and licking her cherry flavored juices from it.

“From now on, you may only play with your toys when I give you permission to. And to make that perfectly clear to you, you must be punished.”

He cracked the whip across her chest drawing a squeal of pain and pleasure from Sakura as thin lines of blood began to trickle from her creamy skin.

“Count for me trash!”


He whipped her again bringing more blood upon her skin.


Sakura was holding her eyes closed as tears continued to pour out of them despite how much she was enjoying this. Then came another booming crack.


She shouted as she began to let her juices gush from her cunt onto the floor.

“I think that should be enough of your punishment for now but know that next time you break a rule you get to take a little nap on the bed of nails.”

He tossed the whip away and released her from the rack causing her to fall to the ground in a heap.

“You better clean up after yourself whore.”

He knelt beside her rubbing her hair and pointing to the puddle of her juices on the floor. She crawled to the puddle and began to lap them up similar to the way a dog would.

“And just to help show that you belong to me…”
He went back to the chest and pulled out a dog collar complete with a tag.

“You will wear this at all times except for when you shower. I’ll have your name engraved on the tag later.”

Sakura lifted her head and allowed the collar to be placed around her neck.

“There. Now you look just like the submissive bitch I want you to be.”

Sakura lapped up the last of her juices and came to his side.

“Good girl. I believe that you deserve a reward for your obedience.”

Naruto unzipped his pants and pulled out his semi-erect cock and placed it at her mouth. He patted her head as she opened her mouth but was unprepared for when he gripped the sides of her mouth with one hand and shoved his dick in with the other. It was so sudden that tears began to leak from her eyes and she began to gag from the sudden invasion of her throat.

“There now get my rocks of slut and be careful what you’re doing. You don’t want to choke on it… do you?”

For emphasis he pushed further into her throat causing her to gag on it again. Her eyes went wide and she coughed. Naruto pulled out for a second to let her catch her breath. But she soon gripped his thighs and pulled them to her face to take it back in and to the hilt causing Naruto to shout.

“Do I do it that good Naruto-sama?”

“It feels amazing my little whore. I’ve been so very overburdened the past week. I sent all my wives away on a vacation so they could get some rest while I got some work done. It feels excellent to get a blowjob from my childhood crush after all the hard work I did this week.”
Sakura smiled at him before kissing the tip of his cock, Escort Ankara running her tongue over the slit as she began to engulf more and more of it.

‘Oh boy! Ino told me he had the tastiest cum in the world and unless he’s masturbated in the past week he should give me a buffet!’

With that thought in mind she applied a few techniques which Ino had been so generous to teach her combined with various chakra manipulation tricks she had learned from Tsunade. She gently scraped her teeth along his length allowing it to cut him ever so slightly. So slightly in fact that it sent shock waves of pleasure throughout his body. But that was only the beginning. She then concentrated hard in order to channel chakra into the cut. He shouted again and gripped her hair, forcing himself deeper if at all possible. Inner Sakura raised her fist into the air and did a little dance in celebration of her achievement. By forcing a specially altered type of chakra which actively went straight into his every pleasure point in his body it would ensure that she would receive her “buffet” very soon.

‘Cum Naruto-sama, I know you want to do it. It’s been a week since you got one of these.’

She felt his cock tighten within her mouth, a telltale sign that she was about to get exactly what she wanted. And then it happened. Naruto unleashed a feral roar and erupted like a volcano in her mouth, blasting wave after wave of his seed into her mouth. Sakura was truly amazed by how much sperm he had stored up, it felt like about a gallon. She had her cheeks fully expanded to allow for his flood and once it was full she pulled away and caught the rest on her face and tits, letting it flow down her front, splatter onto her face and spray into her hair. Once the streams had ceased, she got his attention by rubbing her face against his dick and opened her mouth wide showing him the cum she had captured letting a bit trickle from the sides of her mouth before swallowing it all down slowly with obvious lust.

“So my pet, did you enjoy your treat?”
“Yes master, I loved it. It was the tastiest thing I’ve ever had.”

“Good. Now you have to give me a treat.”

She smiled coyly at him and spread her legs wide for him. Naruto removed the ripped panties from her and ran his middle finger across the lips of her slick womanhood drawing a moan from Sakura before bringing it to his mouth and tasting it. He looked at her and smiled.

“I should have known you would taste like cherries.”

‘Shit. I guess Ino wasn’t kidding when she said I tasted like cherries.’

Naruto lifted her legs and left them to rest upon his shoulders as he lowered his head to feast on her sweet hole. He lapped the lingering juices from her earlier orgasm from around her lips. As he spread her lips she let out a moan of pure passion and tightened her legs around his neck.

‘Hmmm. It seems my little slave is sensitive here. I wonder what would happen if I did this.’

Naruto bit down hard on her extremely swollen clit. Sakura felt pain redefined as his bite sent waves of agony through her. Agony which she welcomed with open arms.

“Yes Naruto-sama! Do it again, it hurts so much! Give me more pain Naruto-sama!”

Naruto happily obliged her and bit her again, this time holding it between his teeth and licking it roughly with his tongue. She screamed and thrashed violently shaking her head from side to side.

“So you liked that hmm? My wives are going to have a lot of fun with you when they get back. I think they would enjoy having a pet.”

“Will they punish me too master?”

“I believe that can be arranged. I know a few of them in particular would love to torture you.”

“I look forward to that Naruto-sama.”

He smiled at her for a moment before returning to his previous task. He gripped her thighs tightly before dragging his tongue slowly across her snatch. She began to squirm once again when Naruto turned his attention towards her ass. He knew that several of his wives especially Hinata loved getting rimjobs so he thought he might try it out. He allowed his tongue to gently lap at her little pink pucker. Sakura began to thrash around and cry out again holding her hands to her mouth trying to muffle her screams of pleasure.

“It seems you’re sensitive here to, aren’t you pet?”

“I’m sensitive everywhere master.”

Naruto grinned another of his sly grins.

“Is that true? Well, I suppose I’ll have to put that to the test later now won’t I?”

Naruto poked his tongue into her asshole for emphasis. Sakura screamed again and trembled.

“I’m cumming master!”

With that Naruto moved his attention back to her pussy and placed his entire mouth on it and moved his tongue over her clit. Within seconds she had her hands in his hair and was screaming his name as she let her juices flow freely into his thirsty mouth.

‘Heh, this would be an excellent flavor for ramen.’

Sakura was struggling to regain her breath while Naruto got to his feet and grabbed his ball gag. Once he had what he needed he strode back to Sakura and gagged her with it before pulling her to her feet and pulling her over to an X-shaped table in the middle of the room. He practically through her onto it cuffing each of her limbs to the X then started removing his clothes. Once he was fully disrobed he climbed on top of her and began admiring her perfectly formed breasts. While they were only B cups he found himself in awe of them. They were perky and matched her body perfectly. Her nipples stood erect on top of her breasts like soldiers who had taken over two hills. He gripped the right one in his hands and circled his tongue around her dusky nipple before taking it into his mouth and nibbling on it a bit, listening with pleasure at the muffled moans of Sakura. Suddenly an idea popped into his head as he went over to the chest and pulled something from it. Sakura watched with great curiosity as he came back to her with something clasped in his hand. It was only when he applied them to her that she knew their use, nipple clamps. She moaned again at the pain. Naruto climbed back atop of Sakura and lined himself up with her tight passage. He pushed into her slowly, stretching her to the point where she thought that she would tear. Then something happened that Naruto hadn’t expected. He made contact with her virgin barrier.

“Still a virgin huh?”

She nodded slowly, tears forming in her brilliant blue eyes.

“There there. That’s nothing to cry about. Save that for after I take it away from you. Cause if you’re as hyper sensitive as you claim, this is going to hurt ten thousand times worse than a whip across your ass.”

She shut her eyes tight and nodded excited to lose it and feel true pain. She wasn’t disappointed when he pushed in fully and broke it. Her eyes shot open and she screamed into the gag as the pain took her over. She was in pure bliss as the burning pain radiated all over her body. She almost had an orgasm right there from the sweet pain coursing through her veins. Without giving her a second to adjust to this new sensation, Naruto began to pound into her rapidly. He found it hard to retain his sanity as he drove his tool into her tight virgin cavern. If Sakura could’ve been heard at the moment her screams would be transformed into understandable words.


As if he had understood her muffled pleas, Naruto increased his pace. He lowered his head and gripped the end of one of the nipple clamps with his teeth and pulled back upwards sharply making Sakura squeal in pleasure. Then slowing momentarily, much to Sakura’s protest, he removed the gag from her mouth in order for him to her the sweet obscenities as they flowed from her mouth. He then picked up to his prior speed.


Naruto happily obliged and pulled up on the clamp again only this time, he twisted it. That one thing triggered Sakura’s thunderous orgasm. Her vaginal walls clamped like a vice gripping him tightly as he continued to drive himself in and out until finally he gave up the battle and allowed himself to be milked of his seed, pouring it all into Sakura’s warm and welcoming womb.

“Was I to your liking master Naruto?”

“Absolutely. I had a lot of fun testing out your sensitivities and I know my wives will too.”

They took a short break to catch their breath before Naruto spoke again.

“Well, I suppose that leaves one more hole to try out.”

He released Sakura from the table and then threw her to the ground with a thud.

“On your knees filth.”

Sakura put herself into an all-fours position and turned her ass to him, shaking it for him and looking back towards him with a sexy grin. Naruto slapped her ass once just to hear her sweet scream of pain before lining himself up with her asshole and pushing in slowly. He could hear Sakura take a sharp breath and hold it in until he was fully sheathed inside her ass. Sakura was biting her lip to add extra pain to the already excruciating pain she received when he shoved himself inside her without much for lubrication other than the juices still clinging to it from the previous event. Naruto began thrusting in and out making Sakura bite down even harder. By this time she could taste the blood in her mouth and this was serving to turn her on even more. Naruto then slapped her ass again, this time so hard that he could feel the vibrations from inside. It was like screamfest in the dungeon as Sakura began screaming again, a sound that was now serving as an aphrodisiac for Naruto as every time he would hear it he would wrap his arms around her and claw at her stomach and chest and drive himself in harder, faster, and deeper each time.

“Master… I think I’m gonna cum!”

“Already huh? I really wanted to cum with you. Well there’s Ankara Escort always plan B.”

He made a one-handed sign and his pointer and middle fingers began to glow with what appeared to be electricity. He then acted quickly, poking his pointer into her ass along with his dick and the middle into her dripping cunt. The effect was immediate. Sakura felt a jolt of pleasure radiate from her two holes as her eyes rolled into the back of her head and came screaming his name. The effect was similar on Naruto as her gripped her sides tight and pushed in once more and firing his semen into her anal cavity. Naruto was still panting as he pulled out of her ass allowing some of his sperm to flow out of her.

“Hehe. I should take a picture of you right now Sakura. About to pass out from exhaustion and leaking cum from both holes. This is definitely a Kodak moment.”

Sakura smirked at him and rolled over into a comfortable recovery position as Naruto removed the nipple clamps before taking one reddened nipple into his mouth and suckled it for a few seconds.

“I love you master Naruto.”

“And I love you too Sakura.”

Naruto got to his feet and helped her up.

“We better get some rest. The girls are gonna be back later today and we have to be in good condition to please them.”

They then started upstairs to rest together but something told him that he wouldn’t be getting that much.


Naruto sat once again in Ichiraku’s slurping on his favorite ramen, carefully watched by Ayame.

“So Naruto, how’s married life treatin’ ya?”

Naruto slurped up another rope of noodles and answered her smiling ear to ear.

“Great Ayame! I’m having the time of my life! I love them all more than anything else. I’ve actually used some of my money to commission oil paintings of them. They all love me, and our sex life is beyond belief. My new place is awesome, plenty of room for everyone. So you got anyone in your life?”

Ayame blushed and looked away. She indeed had someone in her life. However she had no idea who he was. She had started to find these notes from a secret admirer a couple of weeks ago. But no matter how much time went by, he still refused to meet her in person or even give her his name and in her opinion it was going nowhere fast.

“Umm no, nobody that I know of.”

“I can’t see why not. You’re beautiful, and kind, and a great cook. It looks like guys would be all over you. I know I would.”

Something in her loins began to stir and she felt her breathing increase. Her heart was pounding. Was this his way of asking her out for a date?

“Umm, are you suggesting something Naruto?”

“Should I be?”

‘He’s completely oblivious, but he’s got a good heart. And he can take care of all those women’s “personal” needs. I bet he’s wonderful in the bedroom.’

“Say Ayame. Would you like to go out somewhere after you get off work? If you don’t have any plans that is.”

‘So he was leading into something! Tonight’s gonna be great!’

“I guess we could. But I want us to go to my house. I wanna fix you a special ramen.”

“Whatever you want. I aim to please.”

‘And please me you will. You have no idea what I have planned’


Naruto stood on the stoop of Ayame’s apartment. He rang the doorbell. From inside he could hear her footsteps coming towards the door. Suddenly it opened. There stood Ayame wearing the sexiest outfit he had ever seen her wear. However it was still covered slightly by her signature apron. It was a pretty shade of pink, lacey and beautiful, almost lingerie. One of the spaghetti straps hung loosely from one shoulder.

“Hi Naruto. Come on in and make yourself at home. The food will be ready shortly then we can eat together.”

Naruto walked inside and sat himself on the couch. There were several pictures of her and her family, including a family photo of a very younger looking Teuchi holding the baby Ayame in his arms. Standing next to him was a beautiful young woman who looked a lot like Ayame. He supposed that this was her mother. She was one sexy fox, a definite cougar. In walked Ayame holding a couple of bowls of ramen. She sat down next to Naruto and handed him a bowl and some chopsticks.

“Be careful Naruto, it’s kinda hot.”

“Thanks Ayame.”

Naruto grabbed the chopsticks and dug in. This was a flavor that he’d never tasted at Ichiraku’s before. It was sweet like the nectar of a fresh peach but salty like ramen should be. The broth was almost like a peach margarita. He licked his lips and smiled at her.

“That was delicious Ayame! What was in that?”

“Well Naruto, the usual ingredients plus one extra secret ingredient I thought you would like.”

“Tell me tell me! What was it?”

“Well I masturbated into your broth Naruto.”

He stared at her, dumbstruck. Did she just say what he thought she said?

“So do you like me or something?”

“No Naruto. I masturbate into all the food I serve in my house. Of course I like you! I want to get married to you! You treat all your wives so well and here I am nearing 30 and I’ve never even had sex before! I want you to be my first because you’re the kindest person I know. All the other men in the village are either dusty old farts or closet perverts. I know you’ll be gentle and considerate with me my first time. Will you please have me Naruto?”

“Wont the old man be mad if he finds out I took your virginity?”

“Not if you’re going to marry me before hand he won’t.”

“So you mean that you want to get married, before we fuck?”

“My mother would turn over in her grave if we didn’t.”

“So, you’re sure you want to marry me?”

“More sure about this than anything else in my life. So will you marry me as well?”

Naruto went to her and hugged her and kissed her deeply, feeling her kiss him back with double the passion.

“Oh Ayame, of course I’ll marry you too. And I’ll marry every woman in or outside this village as long as they love me as much as I sense my other wives love me. So help me God I will.”

She kissed him again and ran her hand through his spiky blonde hair, relishing in the softness of those golden locks. Knowing that soon she would be his, forever.


Today was the day. As with his other marriages, he was once again in the Hokage’s office with the marriage documents all laid out in front of him. The door creaked open and in walked Teuchi and Ayame. Teuchi looked like he was the one getting married. He wore his finest tuxedo and carried a box covered with fine green silk. He went to Naruto and took him into a different room with him.

“What’s up pops? You aren’t angry are you?”

“Nothing of the sort Naruto. I’m glad I could see my only daughter get married before I pass on. But there’s something I want to give you here.”

He handed Naruto the green silken box and smiled at him. Naruto took it and opened it up. Inside was a large gold ring with the Konoha seal formed with luscious red rubies atop the finest pure jade the world had ever seen.

“That was given to me by my wife’s father, The Second Hokage, when we got married. Much like his brother’s necklace, it is priceless. It has been valued as enough to purchase an entire nation. It’s brought me luck all these years and by heir rights, you should be the one to get it now.”

Naruto’s eyes began to well up with tears. Here he held another piece of Konoha’s history here in his hand. He put it on and held it up to the sunlight, watching in amazement as the rubies seemed to be like fire atop the jade. Naruto hugged Teuchi, who in turn embraced him as well.

“Now you two better get married now. Just make sure to take good care of her now. Remember that’s a Hokage’s granddaughter ya got there.”

“Thanks for everything Teuchi. I vow on my life that I will protect her with everything I hold dear.”

Naruto walked off through the door with Teuchi and was once again met with a beautiful sight. From where he stood, Ayame looked like an angel in her wedding gown white as snow, with the sun pouring in through the window she looked like she was glowing. He walked to her and took her hand. Tsunade spoke out.

“Okay. If consent of marriage has been given by Teuchi Ichiraku, father of the bride then we may begin.”

“I have, Lady Hokage.”

“Then under the vision of the Hokage and God himself, sign the papers.”

Naruto went forward and took the pen, signing his name to the documents necessary before handing it off to Ayame for her signature. Once finished, she stood next to Naruto arm and arm. Tsunade glanced over the papers and smiled.

“And now with the signing of these documents, as Fifth Hokage of The Hidden Leaf Village of Konoha in The Land of Fire, I now declare you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride now Naruto.”

Naruto willingly obeyed and kissed Ayame on her full ruby lips. They tried to keep the kiss going for as long as they could, neither wanted to break it. But sadly they had to when Tsunade spoke.

“Alright, save it for the honeymoon you two. This is an office not a hotel room. Plus you can’t use my desk for anything; I’ve got paperwork to do.”

After the wedding, Naruto and Ayame went to the finest restaurant in the village, The Hanzakuyaki. The food was very expensive, but nobody was saying it wasn’t worth every penny. It was absolutely the best food that he had ever tasted. Thought the real thrill was what Ayame was doing under the table. All Naruto could think was how talented she was with her feet, somehow being able to unzip his pants with her toes before his assist in pulling his semi hard cock out. Using both her feet she gripped his cock between them and moved them back and forth.

“A-Ayame. Should we be doing this here? Ankara Escort Bayan We could be caught.”

“It’s okay hubby. With the tablecloth here nobody can see anything.”

“But, with your feet?”

“You mean none of your other wives have ever given you a footjob?”

Naruto nodded his head and Ayame flashed a sly smile. She was going to relieve him of this and enjoy it the entire way.

“Just hold it for as long as you can then. If you’ve never had one before you’ll cum quicker. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.”

She moved her feet up and down his shaft at a fast pace loving the feeling of his prick drooling precum over her big toe as she ran it along the tip of the head. Naruto was stuffing his food in his mouth to keep himself from moaning. However, some groans were still getting through and people were starting to look at him. Ayame chuckled and kept it up, setting it to a faster rhythm to keep him moaning. With a few more strokes he was close to the edge and you could really tell it. He was moaning louder and louder. He began to yell out her name and then a split second later, he released himself all over her feet. She felt the warm, thick liquid splash over her toes as she placed them over the head to catch all of the fore of the spurts. Naruto started to pant and tucked himself back in his pants and zipped them up before getting up and gripping Ayame by the wrist and dragging her out of the restaurant drawing comments from the patrons.

“Uh waiter. I think I’ll have whatever the hell he just had.”


“Are you ready to lose your virginity Ayame? It’s kinda painful for women.”

Ayame kissed him and pulled him on top of her, massaging his tight ass.

“Oh Naruto, I’ve been ready for this for a week! Just please strip me down and fuck my brains out!”

Naruto needed no more persuasion and began to disrobe Ayame, pulling her dress off and tossing it across the room and then yanking his own clothes off. He kneeled on Ayame’s chest and began to pump his cock to hardness right in front of her face. Ayame scooted back and propped herself up so she could see better. He just continued to jerk himself faster, closing his eyes only for them to shoot back open when he felt her mouth take in the top bit of his shaft. He moved ever closer and she began to try to push her head back and forth but finding it difficult seeing as the headboard was hindering her bobbing. Naruto noticed this and pulled her closer to him before taking it upon himself to thrust into her mouth, touching the back of her throat every few thrusts causing her to gag slightly. She signaled for him to stop and he did, pulling out of her mouth and rubbing his precum leaking head over her stiff nipples.

“I don’t want you to lose yourself in my mouth honey. I want it in here first.”

She ran her hand over her lower belly right over her vagina where her womb would be. Naruto smiled and slid back so that he could sample her breasts before getting down to business. He ran his fingers over her nipples, twisting and pulling on them a bit. He then lowered his head to the left nipple and sucked on it, tasting his precum slathered over her nipple. It was always a bit weird when he tasted his own cum while kissing one of his wives after he had unloaded into her mouth, but really he had to admit, he could’ve lived with that taste. But back to business. He gripped her tit with his hand and rolled her nipple around in his mouth with his teeth, sucking on it all the while. He then pulled off of it and repeated his actions with her other breast. He let his hand snake down to finger her virgin cunt, knowing full well that soon her virginity would be no more. After he had sufficiently taken care of her tits. He slid his fingers out of her pussy and licked the juices off. He slid himself even lower and began lapping at the source of his ramen’s secret ingredient. He swore he could have drank her juices for breakfast in the morning, in fact he would ask her about it later. He put his tongue in further, tasting the sweetness of her virginity. The peach like flavor, the saltiness, the intoxicating aroma of her womanhood, he loved it all. Ayame, talking through her moans, spoke.

“Um, honey? Do you think I can be on top my first time? You know, so I can go at my own pace?”

“Anything for you Ayame-chan.”

Naruto got off of Ayame and lied down beside her as she got up and positioned herself over his hips, and slowly lowered herself down until the head inserted itself inside her passage.

“Ah, Ayame, the best way is to just do it fast. Push yourself down as fast as you can and break it. The pain will fade soon.”

Ayame quieted him with a heated kiss on the lips. Then she followed his directions and did it quickly. The pain was still intense. She kept kissing him to help her through the pain. Naruto did his part by wrapping his arms around her and rubbing her smooth back to get her through. Soon the pain faded away and pleasure began to appear. She straightened herself back up and brought herself almost completely off his cock before pushing herself back down completely. She began to pant and thrust herself up and down on his throbbing meat. This was unlike anything she had ever felt before in her life. The warmth of his penis was intense. It lit a fire inside of her that she hadn’t felt before, her kinky side unleashed.

“Empty yourself inside me Naruto-kun! I want your seed! Give it to me hubby! I want to fuck you every day for the rest of my life! I want to be your bitch forever!”

Naruto reached up and gripped her hips, moving her up and down his length while also thrusting himself upwards to meet her as she came down. He began to moan out and give her dirty talk of his own.

“Keep being the little slut you’re being right now and I’ll give you what you want soon enough. I wont stop fucking you tonight until I’ve filled every hole in your body with my cream!”

Ayame began to moan and her walls began to clench tighter. Naruto, being a pro by now, took this as the sign that she was cumming. And indeed she was. He felt her juices squirt out covering his dick and Naruto felt her silky walls trying to milk him.

“Oh shit Ayame! You’re about to get your wish! H-Here it comes!”

Ayame felt his cock begin to pulse and expand. He pushed up one last time and pulled her hips to him tightly, letting his boiling cum pump into her.

‘One, two, three, four, five, six, seven… Is a guy supposed to cum this much? It feels soooo good!’

Naruto’s flood of sperm began to fade away to a trickle. He could see some of it leaking from her cunny as she lifted off of him and got onto her hands and knees on the floor.

“You said you would fill all my holes. Keep your promise Naru-Kun.”

She wiggled her hips a bit for emphasis and spread her ass cheeks wide for him, letting him see her immaculate asshole.

“Are you sure you want your anal cherry too Aya-chan?”

Naruto said it in a teasing voice, knowing well what her answer was going to be.

“Oh please? Fuck my naughty little ass Naru kun. Fuck your little Aya-chan’s virgin asshole please.”

“Alright Aya-chan here goes nothing.”

He got up and positioned himself at her ass and thrust in sharply. Ayame screamed out, more in pleasure than in pain. From downstairs Naruto’s other wives could here and were all cheering for them. Hinata knew there more than any of the others that he was an expert at anal and she would probably lose herself within five minutes. Naruto pounded into her mercilessly. She felt herself leaking her juices onto the carpet. Naruto was going crazy fucking her tiny hole. She began to clench tighter by the second. Naruto was truly an expert at this. He had just started and already she had came. That meant with all the clenching cumming causes, he couldn’t be far behind. He pushed himself into her repeatedly, falling forward and wrapping his arms around her as her pumped in a few more times and began to unload himself once again. She could feel it warm her up inside as it blasted into her and it felt good as it splashed her rectal walls. Towards the end he pulled out and stroked it, shooting the last bit onto her back. Ayame rolled over, smiling.

“I loved you Naru-kun. More than anything else in the universe.”

Naruto however reclaimed his first position, squatting over her chest pumping his cock towards her face.

“There’s one more hole I have to fill Aya-chan. Just relax and I’ll feed it to you. You’ve worked hard enough tonight.”

So she listened to him, leaning herself against on of the chairs he had in his room. The most she did was occasionally lap at the head to taste more of his salty precum. He jerked himself into a state of bliss as he thought about Ayame swallowing all of his sperm.

‘She eats just as much ramen as I do so she should enjoy the saltiness of it. I hope I get her addicted to it.’

He ran his thumb over the tip rubbing the pre cum around the head, moaning as he did so. Ayame reached up and began to fondle his sack, rolling his balls around in her palm. They were still quite heavy with his essence. She loved the taste of his precum and wondered how much more she would love the taste of his actual cum. She would find out soon enough. As she fondled his balls further they began to swell and Naruto’s pumps became erratic.

“Aya-chan, open wide and stick out your tongue.”

Ayame did as she was told and stuck her tongue out. Naruto laid his cock on her tongue and pumped a bit more and then released more of his jizz. It flew into her open mouth and collected there. He then pulled back a bit once her mouth became full and used the rest to coat her face and breasts, some finding it’s way into her hair until, finally, it too died away.

“So Aya-chan, how was your first time?”

Ayame swallowed his seed and smiled.
“I loved it Naru-kun.”

“I’m glad.”

They got up and laid down in the bed together.

“So hubby, what do you want for breakfast tomorrow?”

“You know I was thinking of that a bit earlier…”

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