My Twin Sister is a Cheerleader


If you are looking for a quick jerk and a lot of sex this is probably not for you. There is no actual intercourse in this first section, although there is sexual activity. This is an exploration of an extremely shy young man who is taken advantage of by senior cheerleaders, and the resultant fallout. I am listing this as First Time, although there are strong elements of Non-Consent/Reluctance and Exhibitionism in the beginning of the story. Because it has more than one part I wanted to keep it consistent in my categorizing. All participants are 18 years of age.


My twin sister is a cheerleader. “So what?” you say? It’s simple. My mother is one of the “Cheer Mothers,” and as such hosted a “Cheerleaders Dinner” at our house tonight. Should be every red-blooded guy’s dream, right? What could be wrong with twenty young, nubile, cute, talkative girls in the house? What could be wrong with that? Nothing. Nothing at all, unless you are like me and are so shy you cannot speak to someone outside your own family. I don’t even talk much with my own family.

The only “F” I ever received in school was in Speech class. I got up in front of class and could not say a word. I had prepared the speech right enough, but when I stood in front of everyone my knees shook so violently I had to hang on to the podium, just to keep from falling to the floor. The blood flowed slowly up my neck and into my face. My sister said my ears glowed, they were so red. I opened my mouth, but nothing would come out. Every time I had a speech to give the same thing happened.

I can communicate in writing. In fact, I aced English, this story notwithstanding. I write political blogs and other persuasive articles regularly, but for some reason I just cannot get a word out when I’m trying to talk with someone else. I will open my mouth and have something I want to say, but it just will not come.

My other teachers all learned not to call on me in class, because the same thing would happen. Lack of class participation didn’t help my grades any, but I tried to make up for it in the thoroughness of my preparation and any writing we had to do.

That is what was wrong about having twenty young, nubile, cute, talkative girls in my house.

My mother of course knows my affliction, as does my sister, and they promised to try to keep the girls away from me. My twin sister is one of the young, nubile, cute, talkative girls who never met a stranger, and can charm anyone anytime. If you didn’t look at us you would swear we weren’t even related, we were such polar opposites.

Dad was out of town, so the plan was that I would spend the evening in our finished basement in Dad’s “man-cave”, and leave the upper two floors to the females, but as usually seems to happen to me that idea broke down right away. They all had just arrived, and the noise was such that I had to turn the volume up on our projection TV, even though the door was closed and Dad had insulated the basement to try to semi-soundproof it.

Mom had gone way overboard on preparing for this dinner. There seemed to be a competition between the “Cheer Mothers” on the dinners they hosted each month. What she hadn’t planned for was one of the girls totally plugging the toilet in the downstairs powder room.

I was minding my own business when all of a sudden the door at the top of the basement stairs flew open and I heard my mother say, “Jason, come quickly! I need you right now!”

Now, I love my mother. Don’t get me wrong, but she is totally inept when it comes to doing anything productive with her hands. Something as simple as unplugging a toilet is beyond her capabilities. Nor could she countenance the idea of just closing off the powder room and having the girls use one of the other five bathrooms in the house, not counting the one down in the “man-cave.”

With a sigh of frustration I rose from Dad’s LazyBoy with the built in drink cooler and went up the stairs to see what the emergency was. I emerged from the “man-cave” right in the middle of a gaggle of young, nubile, cute, talkative girls only to face Sally Jenson, probably the most annoying, over-bearing, irritating, pains in the gluteus maximus I ever had to deal with.

She could not see me without instantly doing something to embarrass me and make me blush. “Oooh, Ginny,” she said to my sister. “You didn’t tell me there would be handsome men in attendance at your party! I would have worn my sexy cheerleading outfit had I known!”

Her sexy cheerleading outfit? Sally always wore the skirt of her outfit with the waistband rolled over once to make it an inch shorter than it already was, and the sweater was so tight it looked like it was painted on. She was not wearing a bra, in contravention of the rules, and she wiggled her boobs at me just to be sure I noticed. “You are going to join us, aren’t you, Jimmy? I don’t have a big handsome man to escort me to dinner!” She laughed at me as I turned red as a beet and hurried wordlessly to find out what my mother’s emergency Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort was. It didn’t help that I was starting to sport wood from seeing her nipples impression on her sweater.

I was able to unplug the toilet with no problem, but I didn’t get the opportunity to escape I wished for. Jessica Peters accosted me as I tried to escape. “You aren’t going to leave us, are you, Jimmy?” She wrapped the ends of her below the shoulder length blond hair around her finger and twirled it the way girls do to catch a guy’s eye. “I was hoping you would watch our practice and see if you liked our moves. When they throw me up in the air, my skirt always flies up. Does that turn you on when my skirt flies up?”

Ginny looked at me sympathetically as I tried to escape. My face was red, and as much as I wanted to say something, the words just would not come out.

Tricia sidled up to me and said, “You might want to be here for that. Jessica forgot to wear her cheer bottoms. When her skirt flies up it will be her panties you would see.” I fled as quickly as I could and stumbled down the stairs to escape. Why did they have to torment me like that? I had gone to school with them since Kindergarten, and now it was my senior year. It didn’t help the picture of Jessica’s skirt flying up showing her young, nubile, cute, long legs, and her panties was stuck in my mind. First Sally’s breasts with nipples poking, and then the thought of Jessica’s panties had me sporting wood for fair.

I had not been blind to the other sixteen young, nubile, cute, talkative girls I had had to navigate my way through. Those cheerleading outfits were not designed to hide their bodies! It was a sight to see when they were on the football field or the basketball court, but up close and personal in my house when they were so close I couldn’t help brushing against them as I tried to work my way through the living room was sensory overload to a young man who has all the normal urges, but has them bottled due to his inability to even talk with a girl. I tried, I honestly tried, but it was just like Speech class. The blood would rise into my face and ears, and my vocal cords would seize up, and no sound would come forth.

I tried my best to ignore the noises from upstairs, and focused my attention as best I could on Call of Duty, which I have beaten so many times it is hardly a challenge any more, but I kept getting myself killed. Instead of the screen I kept seeing Sally’s tits pushing out her sweater, and kept hearing Tricia’s voice talking about Jessica’s panties. They weren’t the first tits I’ve seen, or the first panties either for that matter. I look at porn. True, I haven’t seen them in the flesh, but still. . . .

About nine o’clock my mother came down the stairs to say her youngest sister had just called. She was going into labor, and my mother had promised to take care of her other children while she was gone. She had to leave. The girl’s mothers were due to pick up all of the underclass girls any time now, and Ginny had strict instructions on the rest of the night. I groaned. I had forgotten the other five senior girls were having a sleepover with Ginny tonight. With Mom home I’d be OK, but without her to help run interference I knew I was probably in for a rough night. I’d wait just a few minutes until the underclass girls left and then try to sneak up to my room and lock myself in. Hopefully the others would be holed up in Ginny’s room.

My plans were thwarted when at 9:30 I heard the upstairs door pop open and six girls started trooping down the stairs, with Sally in the lead. They were talking and giggling together, teasing Marissa as they came. Marissa was a new transfer student in her senior year from an all-girls Catholic school, and she had never seen a naked man or watched porn.

They were planning to watch a DVD Sally had taken from her brother on Dad’s large projection TV with the surround sound. I quickly shut down Call of Duty and was getting ready to make my escape, when Sally, my worst nemesis noticed I was down there.

“Jimmy, I didn’t know you were down here. I might have come down sooner!” She walked over to the couch and dragged me down next to her.

Ginny, my sister, apologized. “I’m sorry, Jimmy. I thought you were up in your room. We can go up to my room and watch it, girls.”

“Oh, nonsense,” said Sally as she linked her arm in mine and pressed the side of her breast against it in the process. Think of math, Jimmy. Think of math! “Marissa has never watched porn. Have you, Jimmy? Maybe he can help explain it to Marissa!” Of course I was blushing furiously, and so was Marissa. I shook my head and started to rise, but Sally held on to my arm. “Oh come on. I’ve never watched porn with a real live man before. It’ll be fun.”

Tricia jumped on the couch on the other side of me and grabbed my other arm and said, “Yeah. You missed Jessica’s panties when her skirt flew up when we tossed her. We had to do it several times because we just didn’t get that routine right! Maybe this will make up for what you missed!”

I wanted the floor to open up and swallow me whole. Tracy, Tricia’s twin was right behind Jessica and grabbed the bottom of her skirt and flipped it up in the air, showing me the back of her thong, and of course her butt cheeks before it settled back in place. “It went like this, Jason. See what you missed?”

“Hey, quit that! I’m not showing him my panties!”

“Oh, settle down. He’ll see as much or more when we go swimming later. I’ve seen your bikini.”

“That’s different!”

“Not much.” I started to get up again, but Sally held me down and said, “Why don’t you watch it with us?” She was pressing her breast into my arm as she held it. I just didn’t have the nerve to get up and walk across the room with the boner I had in my shorts, but I didn’t want to be here either. Ginny looked uncomfortable with the situation, but Kelly plugged in the DVD and started it, then jumped on the other couch with Ginny and Marissa. Marissa looked over at me a couple of times, and I know she was uncomfortable with me in the room, too, but she was afraid to say anything and risk more teasing.

The DVD opened with a woman with ‘enhanced’ tits in a French maids costume supposedly dusting with a feather duster, bending way over with her feet apart showing the bottom of her panties above the tops of her fishnet stockings, and then moving around the room, ‘dusting’ and striking provocative poses from different angles. Another woman came into the scene, purportedly the housewife who watched her gyrations before walking over and kissing the ‘maid’ and stroking her tits and ass.

They started undressing each other and made out in various stages of undress until both were nude and horizontal on the couch. The ‘maid’ kept tickling the other woman with the feather duster. The ‘maid’ had a fully shaved pussy, while the other woman had a landing strip over hers. All in all it was so unrealistic as to be laughable, and it really didn’t do anything to turn me on. I thought the fake boobs looked ridiculous, although the other woman looked pretty good.

The girls were laughing at the scene and making fun of the women. Sally kept asking me if I liked it and what I thought, while pressing her braless breast against my arm almost as emphasis. Tricia had put her hand on my thigh down at the bottom of my shorts, which were an inch or so above my knee as I sat there. She kept tickling my leg with her fingernails at the end of my shorts, and had pulled them upward an inch or two. Her fingernails seemed to have a direct hotwire to my cock.

When the two women moved into a 69 Sally unconsciously squeezed my arm tighter and started squirming a little on the seat. Lesbian action never really did anything for me. Of course, I liked watching the naked women, but overall I found it disappointing. When the scene ended I noticed the girls all were flushed and breathing a little heavily.

Ginny went upstairs to get us some beers. Mom lets us have a couple of beers if we are going to be staying at home, and she told Ginny the limit tonight was two apiece. While she was gone Sally said, “How’d you like that, Jason? Pretty hot?” I had enjoyed watching the girls in the room more than chick on chick action. Maybe I’m not like other guys, I don’t know. I haven’t really talked about it with any of them. It just doesn’t do it for me. I just shrugged, and blushed. I hated being the point of attention.

Tricia scraped her nails up and down on my lower thigh again and said, “I think he likes it. Just look at that boner.” I tried to cover myself, but Sally wasn’t having it. She pulled my hands away and all the girls got a good look. I rapidly shriveled under their gazes, which caused Sally to remark. “Look, Jason’s cock is bashful, too! That got them laughing.

I wanted to leave, but I couldn’t get away without fighting to get loose. Being the butt of their jokes was not enjoyable. Fortunately, Ginny came back with the beers right then, and Kelly started the DVD. I looked over at Marissa, and she looked back at me with what looked like compassion in her eyes.

The next scene was outdoors, with a muscle-bound man with a tight unbuttoned shirt rode bareback, other than a blanket, on a horse up to a fence on which sat a girl in a long dress with a low-cut billowy top that showed the beginnings of her cleavage. Her nipples could be seen pressing through the thin cotton fabric.

The guy on the horse pulled her up onto the horse in front of him and started kissing her, then started caressing her breasts through the top. It was only minutes before he had pulled her top down over her shoulders and was kissing and sucking on one boob while squeezing and plucking at the nipple of the other.

I never understood why porn didn’t have any kind of real plot or story line to it. It really seemed artificial to me with two questionable actors coming out and going straight to sex, although I must say seeing her tits out and him sucking on them had my cock hard again.

Tricia had her nails going on my thigh, and had shifted her hand somewhat so that she was stroking on the inside of it more so than on the top. Her ministrations, although unintentional, had a direct impact on my arousal.

Sally on the other hand kind of moaned under her breath and squeezed her braless tit on my arm and rubbed it absentmindedly a couple of times when the actor was particularly intent in his boob play.

I had always thought porn was more of a thing for guys, but as I glanced around the room once or twice I saw the girls were all vicariously reacting to what they were watching. Marissa, having never seen such a thing was wide-eyed.

That poor horse was being put upon, because the next thing that happened, the girl swung her leg athwart his neck, but facing to the rear rather than to the fore, and her dress was pulled completely off and discarded. She was wearing no underwear, and leaned back on the horse’s neck with her ass just behind the horse’s withers as the man, who had lost his shirt, slid back far enough to lean forward, placing her legs over his shoulders, and planted his face in her shaved pussy.

Sally’s breath hissed in between her teeth. I don’t think she even knew I was there anymore as she watched the girl plucking at both of her nipples as the man ate her out. She was moaning and writhing in ecstasy, how real is questionable, until she wailed in orgasm, real or simulated.

Next, the man jumped down from the horse and lifted off the girl. He laid the blanket out on the ground as she dropped to her knees and unbuckled and unzipped his jeans and pulled them down. Marissa was leaning forward in her seat, wide-eyed, and with her hand over her gaping mouth in anticipation of seeing a cock for the first time. He had his back to the camera as the girl sucked his cock into her mouth and started going to town on a blowjob, while stroking his cock with one hand and playing with her pussy with the other. The camera moved around to a side view to see his cock, encased in her hand going in and out of her mouth as she moaned and he groaned until he came. The first shot went into her mouth, as was evidenced when he pulled out and it ran out, and then she jacked him some more causing him to come on her face and then all over her breasts.

The scene faded and the video show ended as he was still ejaculating on her, leaving Marissa disappointed. “I didn’t really get to see his cock! It was mostly covered the whole time,” she complained. I thought I was going to get to see one finally.”

I had noticed they really didn’t show it off like they normally do in porn movies, probably because he really wasn’t all that big. I think he was in the video because he had such a chiseled body, with a very defined six-pack and pecs.

Ginny jumped up and said, “Everyone ready for your second beer?” Of course we all were.

Marissa said something more about not getting to see her first cock, and how disappointed she was about it. Sally said, “I’ve got a great idea! Jason can show you his! From the looks of his shorts he has a pretty good one!” Now I’m not overly large, at six and three-quarters inches I’m a little above average, but I had seen guys in gym class that were bigger.

I instantly recoiled from the idea and tried to get away from Sally’s hold on my arm. She held to me though and looked up at me. “Come on. Let her see it.”

I shook my head “No,” rather vehemently. Being so shy I couldn’t talk in front of people I sure wasn’t going to drop trou and show off my cock! Sally wouldn’t take “no” for an answer. I guess she was so turned on by the video she wasn’t really thinking straight. She reached her other hand over and grabbed my cock through my shorts and stroked it back and forth a couple of times. “I really think Jason is bigger than the guy in the movie! Let’s see!”

I tried to push her hand away with my other hand, but Tricia followed Sally’s lead and grabbed my other arm and held it down. Now I’m not the buffest guy around, and I was leaning back in the couch without any leverage against their weight on my arms.

I tried to squirm free, but Tracy jumped into the fray and grabbed the bottom of my shirt, pulling it up over my face, and as the other girls pulled my arms up basically immobilized my arms. “Oooh! Look who’s been hitting the gym! Looking good, there, Jason!”

I was still struggling, lashing out with my legs trying desperately to get free when Tracy jumped on top of them and Jessica joined in to pin me down. “Take his shorts off, Tracy, said Sally.” I couldn’t see what was happening with my shirt over my face, and was struggling blindly, to no effect and Tracy grabbed my belt buckle and unfastened it, then unbuttoned my shorts, writhe as I might to get free. Jessica reached in to help and they quickly unzipped me and pulled them down off of my hips.

My erection had disappeared in all of the struggle to everyone’s disappointment, Marissa’s most of all. She was not in on the action, but she was the intended beneficiary, although the others were enjoying it as well.

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