My Small World


This is my first attempt at writing erotic fiction. Would appreciate feedback.

Chapter One

The Beginning

What do you do when you have a couple of interesting cricket matches on the television and you wife wants to go visit her sister. Do what I do, tell her she will have a gala time with her sister without someone keeping an eye on her spending. And then, keeping smiling as she packs up, always saying a few words that you are going to miss her while she is gone, but that you need a couple of days of peace and quiet. Then still smile as she drives out of the gate, wave.

And having done that it being a hot summer morning, take a nice cold shower, pat and adjust the cushions on the sofa, get yourself a old beer and sprawl in front of the television.

I did all of that! And imagine my irritation when I hear a car stop before the house and I hear the creaking sound of the gate opening. I deliberately did not get up, wishing whoever it was away. But wishes don’t come true, do they.

“Hi.” Her face peeped out from behind the grill door. Kiran. My wife’s best friend. And a real looker at that, husky voice and a ass that could make a saint commit crime. Tight, round and slightly jutting out. Her boobs were of mediocre size, and amazing small for an ass that like that but then who cares so much about the boobs anyway. The area below the navel is what makes a women. Not that she lacked any of the charms in the sections above the navel. She is good looking, sexy lips, and does a light makeup that really goes well with her.

A couple of time I have flirted with her, and she with me, that is as far as it went. I have although sometimes soaking in my bath I have fantasized what it would be like to have this beauty sprawled under me on the bed with cock deep inside her, or watch her wide lips take my cock. And once during fucking my wife asked me if I had a chance to fuck one her friends who would I select. I had replied Kiran. As to the same question she had said Amit.

So it was a surprise seeing her here, for she knew my wife was not here, they had spoken just this morning. My pause made her ask: “Not going to let me in?”

She walked after I opened the door. “She is gone?” I blurted.

“I know.” She replied. ” I have come to see you and not her.”

Well. I still a little flustered had the presence of mind to ask her to sit. She did. Putting her arms on either side of the cushion she sat and crossed her leg, her mini skirt shown the better part of her insides. Smooth skin, shining an invitation I wanted but dare not take.

I took a deep breath: “So, what can I do for you?”

“Well… I am here to do something for you… of course in the end I will get something out of it too”

My curiosity was piqued. She sensed my lack of understanding and blurted out: ” You told your wife once that if you had a chance it would be you would like to fuck. I told her once too that I had hots on you. We decided to give you a present. So here I am. Your present.”

I was wide eyed. She got up. Can I take a bath somewhere. I pointed to my bedroom, and pointed to the cupboard when she asked me about anything to wear.

I scurried about immediately, putting things right, got a fresh can of beer for her. I would have preferred wine but that would best suit the night.

And when she came out wearing just a T-shirt and a skimpiest of shorts, I knew I did not have to pinch myself any longer to believe what was happening. We sat opposite each other, my cock already beginning to stir. She says: “So, are we going to just sit here drinking beer or are we going to fuck. We don’t have time you know, You need to fuck a dozen times at least.”

She got and came standing before me, her navel right about my face. She took off her T-shirt and flung it away. Her tits jumping free, small, cute virgin like tits. And large brown nipples. I undid the button and the zipper, and had to pull the shorts down, it was hugging her ass, her tight and ample ass.

And there she was. More sexier than I had imagined in my bathtub. Muskier smelling too. I looked at her closely cropped patch, a tiny little bit of her pussy lip gleaming out, and surrounding area wet already. I put my palm to judge the wetness, and she spread her legs slightly, put her knees on the couch on my either side and brought her cunt right above my face.

All the blood had left my brain and congregated in my cock. I licked her, I bit her pussy gently and let my tongue fuck her. She moaned slowly at first, small little sighs of pleasure, and then when her clit has swollen up like a tiny cock I started to work on it, she was grunting and half screaming now. And oh, her squeal as she came was music. Women should scream that way when they come. Such a lovely thing to know you have pleasured a women, my cock swelled a little more, and her cunt flooded with tangy juices.

It was time, I knew to measure this cunt with my cock. I lead her to the bedroom, gaziantep escort ilanları and climbed up too and took her leg and put them against my shoulders. Her pussy lips, swollen now like a African women’s lips opened to show the pink entrance. I put my cock on it and pressed it in. It slid in, stretching her cunt apart. I plunged my eight inches deep inside her. And I was looking at her face, watching. I like this first contact, a shudder passed through her body, her eyes opened in amazement. I loved the feeling. That’s how my wife reacted when I fucked her, each time.

I slowly fucked her. Getting rougher bit by bit. Slowing down to check myself and while she shouted: Don’t stop, don’t stop, fuck me hard.” I would fuck her hard. Till I knew I was just close from coming, and really banged into her. Full force of my weight behind it, my hands on her tits, forefinger and thumb holding each nipple and pulling them as hard as I could. But oh she enjoyed the pain. I did too. I am not so rough with my wife, I should be I thought later, but being rough was fun. After all, today this lady was my whore.

And then she screamed, almost the instant my cock swelled to release it load. She screamed and screamed and lunged up , her teeth on my shoulder, biting hard, my hands now pulling her hair as I hot juice burst into her steaming cunt like a volcano.
Good thing too that my house in a distance from the road or other houses. Her screams were loud. Either this botch was really sex starved or she usually was this loud, I knew the answer soon enough.

After having panted long enough, I pulled my cock, now half its size, and rolled over to the side. Our bodies were bathed in our sweat, half of hers on mine and half mine on her. Her cunt, her leg still spread apart, was oozing my semen out. I used my palm to scoop it up and rubbed it over her tummy, she pulled my hand and began to lick it. I pointed to my limp cock and said, there is more of it her if she want. She wanted all right. She slid down between my feet and started licking like a bitch laps at spilled milk. Once clean, even though I wanted more, I was too hot to enjoy it. I told her I would fill the bath, and sat there as the water filled around me. She joined me, looking a little drunk.

As the water filled up to the shoulders and I switched off the tap, she picked up a sponge and started to sponge my chest. And said, slowly, her voice a husky whisper: “You know, I am not just saying it, but this was the best fuck of my life. Oh, I have fucked around, yes… any man that caught my fancy. But you… you fucked today like a crazy horse. I like the feeling of being hurt, from now on please use my body as you will. Anything. Beat me, hit me, scratch me, whip me, do as you please, except my face – I have to work on Monday. And fuck me hard… please, I don’t know if we will ever get a chance. Maybe she will feel jealous… but fuck me hard.”

I just smiled. This was good news to me. “Till when are you going to stay?”

“Oh, before this I thought I would go back tomorrow morning, that was the plan. But now I think it will be Monday morning straight to work. Only we will have to go and buy some clothes I can wear to work.”

We stayed in the bath for nearly half an hour, and then she dried me with a towel and then insisted we wear nothing for the duration of her stay. I had no objection for that. We were hungry and ordered pizza. I came quite fast, in less then fifteen minutes. She put on a robe to go to the door to get it. Then took of the robe and we ate pizza while we watched West Indies play New Zealand. She was not interested in cricket, her mind only on sex.

“I tell you what,” she said, the last piece of pizza in her mouth, “the hair near your cock looks like in a need of a cut. Can I shave you?” We went back to the bath room where she lathered the crotch and lovingly shaved the full grown hair. Come to think of it, there should be shops, operated by girls of course, where can go for such shaves. There is nothing more boring than doing it yourself and nothing more sexier than have a chick do it on you.

As she shaved, my cock shamelessly grew in size. She laughed and quickly finished her work. And she stood up and said: “Let’s go to bed, I was to suck your fucking semen dry. And boy, she did!

I have had limited experience in getting blow jobs, I must confess. My wife and I usually begin our fucking that way, I suck her a little she does the same. For one she finds the cock to big to give it a good suck, and second she doesn’t like the smell or taste of semen. So when Kiran almost pulled me to bed and I lay with leg spread like a woman opening her cunt, I had misgivings. I would have rather preferred that tight cunt again, or maybe have a go up her ass.

Her tongue darted along, fluttering like a hummingbird. She did not touch my cock, now its full length, no, she used just one finger to hold it up, it was the balls she went after, cleaning them with a tongue, lapping at them at times, flicking her tongue often, and the she went underneath. Small little surges of electricity passed up spine. God she did not even have to touch my cock to make a beautiful. My balls had shrunk and tightened up. My thighs were beginning to quiver. And then abruptly she stopped, jumped out of the bed and walked out saying just: “Wait.”

I did not have to wait for long, she was back in a jiffy with a jar of some jam from the kitchen. She scooped up some and plastered it all over my cock and began to lick it away. Oh what a fucking pleasure that was. She finished her licking and then began the period that almost made me go nuts. She got up, took a sip of water, pointed two fingers at her eyes and said. “Just keep looking into my eyes please, okay?”

I nodded. She was back to where she was before, but now her hands were on my thighs and her eyes looking right into mine. She bend down, her eyes still on me, and her lips opened to take my cock. A little at first, half a little later. And then as her talked she went in, taking the whole of eight inches. It was my turn to scream, this was the first time I had embedded my cock into a mouth. And her head began to bob, up and down and sideways. She would suck the cock like a lollipop for a while, just the head and then take the whole thing in and hold it in for a few seconds. Her tongue rubbing the underside, her mouth squeezing it hard. The intense pleasure was something I had never felt before, not when I had fucked my wife for the first time, not when I had shoved my cock up her ass. No. This was something out of heaven.

She teased me, withdrawing her mouth all the way out, only a strand of saliva connecting the cock to her lips. And I would wail for her to take it back. Her eyes piercing me, enjoying the pleasure she was giving me. But she started to play with me, just flicking her tongue on it, and my cock began to get its final stiffness. She sensed it and with one bob of her head it was back again, bulging against her cheeks. I shot my come, hurriedly trying to withdraw but put a hand on my chest pushing me back, and drank my juice. A little dripped out of the corners of her mouth, she was shaking too with the jerks cock, shuddering too as she came with me. She only took out the cock far it had ceased throbbing, her eyes tight shut now.

She slowly licked the remnant of the semen from the cock, cleaning it up. She lay next to me, exhausted, A few blobs of semen on her chin and upper lip, she used her palm and spread it all over her face saying huskily that it was good for the skin.

She dozed off. I left her to sleep and went out to the living room, and relaxed in my favorite chair. I must have dozed off too, and woke up with her hands caressing my hair. We felt much better. She had washed up and looked exuberant.

We sat across and talked.

“You know,” I said, “to be completely honest this was the best fucking blow job I have ever got. I wish my wife could do it half as good. I sometimes feel that there should be schools where one can go and learn to do these things. Someone to teach you how to suck cock, someone to teach you how to lick a pussy. Even normal cunt fucking needs some training, how control coming too fast, how to start slowly, how to pick up speed etc. I was a lousy fucker until a long time.”

“I agree, I met so many men who were just interested in just getting up the cock, shoving it in and shooting it off. There is more to it than that. Even kissing is wonderful if done well. But you are very good at cunt sucking. That was the good. But there are a few things you could learn though…” she laughed, ” just how not to stop once you get to the clit little the woman explodes under you. Cunt should be the main course, not a appetizer for a cunt fuck. Maybe you could finish the day with the woman giving a blow job. But yes, I agree, there should be a place where you can go and learn.”

I was shaking my head with a smile. She frowned and asked why.

“No I was just thinking. I wish you could tell these things to my wife, she is such a good friend of yours. She doesn’t like blow jobs nor cunt sucking. Forget about ass. I wish there was a school I could send her to.”

“I will talk to her. But man, when there are no schools sometimes you have to start one yourself.”

I smiled: “Would you be a teacher in that school.”

“Gladly, the best thing about it would be another session with you. Say, even if she doesn’t agree would it be okay if we fucked once in a while? I liked your fucking. This was the best I have had in a long time. Sex is one thing men and women who are having it should be open about it. Experiment freely. Try everything.”

“I would gladly fuck you at every opportunity I get… You can be sure of that. But talk to her about these things, okay.”

She yawned, stretching up her arms that got my cock stirring. “I think I am going sleep for a while. Why don’t you too, we are going to have a long night ahead. The best fucking is always in the cool of the night.”

We went to bed. And I just recalled we had not kissed. Not properly at least. We kissed and touched each other for a while, and seeing that I was up again and she was still wet, I slid my cock in her and we slept that way. I dreamed of fucking my wife while Kiran was licking at ass from behind. And then all of a sudden I saw another cock in my wife’s mouth, a fat juicy cock she was sucking at like crazy, and then Kiran moved up and offered her juicy pussy to my lips. I was still watching my wife as the fat cock throbbed and jerked and came into her spilling the seed inside her and on her face. That is when I came too, in Kiran cunt. She must have been having some sort of dream she clung to me digging her nails into my back. We woke up, I kissed her again, my cock still inside this wonder bitch we went back to sleep.
It was a deep slumber. I woke up to see that the sun had set. She must have just woken up too as I could here her in the shower. I joined her there. We showered together, soaping each other . I told her to ignore the half rising cock, let it starve for a while. We dried ourselves and she went to the kitchen to cook up some dinner. She looked so cute with the apron in her nude body, her but jutting out invitingly that I had to control myself from just bending her over and taking her in her ass. But that could wait. I had all of tonight, all of tomorrow and maybe one last fuck before she left to work.

I mixed some Scotch with soda for her (I knew that’s how she liked her whisky) and poured one for myself with water and ice. I went to the living room and sat watching a rerun of Cheers.

She was out in just over half an hour. A simple fish curry with was all she made, but more than enough for both of us. I asked if we should open a bottle of wine and we toasted each other and drank the wine. The wine was giving her a little flush. The curry was hot and we enjoyed it a lot after the blandness of the pizza in the afternoon. We finished the bottle of wine. And sat watching the TV for a while, sweating.

She wanted to go take a shower, I stopped her saying a little sweat was good, it brought the womanly aroma. She me honestly she liked that too. But she went to brush her teeth anyway, telling me to so. She did not want me jumping like a monkey if any chili in her mouth or hand touched my cock. Neither did she want her cunt her on fire. We brushed our teeth and washed the hands well.

I asked her if she would like to sit on the swing out side. My house has high fence and is well covered by trees and bush. And in the evenings it is particularly nice to sit there with the cool breeze from the tall tree. She agreed. And the evening breeze brought a shiver or two in our naked bodies. We snuggled close to each other, hugging to warm ourselves. Our bodies joined, skin against glued by sweat. The heady aroma of the woman was making me want her more. I told her so. I want to lick your whole body.

“Of course you can”, she replied, “but first I want you cock up in my ass.” She was whispering in her sexy, husky voice. “I want you to lubricate me first, one finger, then two, make me ready for the cock as I bend before you like a bitch in heat. Then when I am well oiled and loose and ready shove in your huge cock. Tear my ass apart. Bloody it if you have to. And if I squeal with pain and ask you to stop, spank me. Hit me on my back, hard slaps, until my back and but is red and blue. When I have a cock in my ass I always wanted to punished like I was a ugly, naughty bitch. I wish you had a whip and you could whip me too. As long as your finger or cock is in my ass you can hurt me, as long as it is not permanent. Slap me, beat me, pull me nipples, bite me. I am a bitch because I talked my friend into fucking her husband. And I am going to talk her into fucking you both together. Maybe talk her into sucking a juicy cock while you fuck her too. Would you like that? But forget about all that, tonight it is you and me. Tomorrow we will make proper love, tonight we will be animals. Don’t respect me. Treat me like a bitch. Pull me by my hair and take me to bed, throw me over. I will not give up my ass easily, beat me until I have no choice but to go on my knees and offer you my ass. Its tight, only taken once before by a lousy five inch stick of cock. It has never tasted a juicy cock like yours.

So let’s see if you are man enough to make me give up my tight red puckered hole. If you are animal enough to take it. Because this bitch is not going to submit to anyone less than an animal.”

The monologue in her husky voice was sending tingles up my spine. Was she serious. I had never faced a situation like this before. Never hurt a woman. My cock though liked it. It was hard like a rock, ready to explode and splatter all over into a thousand pieces. I told her to get up lets go. I got up, awkwardly walking in the cool breeze with my cock up like a pole. A few steps and I realized she was still on the swing. I turned and asked if she was not coming in.

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