my sister eve – part 2


Our folks kept us busy with trips out, Eve and I didn’t get a chance to enjoy each other’s ‘company’ for a long time. Every morning we looked at each other over breakfast. We could each see the desire burning in each other’s eyes, and could feel it as we stroked each other’s thighs and sex with our feet under the table every morning. But, unfortunately, this only ever lasted a few seconds as our folks would walk into the room and we stopped for fear of being caught.

This quick and secret teasing occurred in every room, every time we were alone. On the couch, I would stroke her legs or her breasts, while she caressed my cock through my pants. If our parents walked in then we pretended that we where fighting over the T.V. remote. To them, our relationship hadn’t changed at all.

On the eighth day after our boat trip, Eve and I had a chance to spend some time together. Our folks said that we should spend some time alone to work out our differences. Now that we were ‘adults’, they wanted us to be responsible and respectful to each other. They went walking for the day, taking lunch with them, leaving us alone in the cabin.

Our folks left and walked up the mountain. I watched them from the window, waving them goodbye. They were twenty feet from the cabin when my shorts were jerked down and, before I realised, Eve had my cock in her mouth. It was limp but as soon as her tongue touched the base, my whole member in her mouth, it sprang to attention.

All was good; I was looking at a whole day alone with my hot, sexy, cock hungry sister. I stroked the back of her head as she licked up and down my shaft, caressing my balls with the tips of her fingers. She started to suck and, moving one hand around my back, under my shirt, she stroked along my spine and pulled me closer to her greedy mouth. Suddenly our mom turned around on the mountain path, thirty feet from the window.

“Shit!” I hissed. I leant on to the window ledge, to avoid mom seeing what Eve was doing to me. Mom waved and then turned around to follow Dad up the path.

The shock of having my cock and balls stimulated, and nearly being caught, meant that I came much earlier than I had done in the boat. Cum splashed against the back of Eve’s throat, she swallowed it with a huge gulp and I grunted as the hot cum escaped from my body. Even though I was becoming limp, she kept licking and fondling, catching every last drop, determined to take her fill.

I felt guilty, she had pleasured me but I had done nothing for her yet. Without saying a word I picked her up, causing a small intake of breath, and placed her on the couch.

Immediately, I pulled her t-shirt off of her. In preparation for today, she had worn some special underwear. A black sheer corset sown onto a black half-cup bra, which had a silver lace pattern on the top of the cup. Belts came down from this to somewhere under her jeans.

I gently began kissing one breast, while I stroked and squeezed the other, and then swapped. Through the material her nipples became erect, and I could feel her hands pushing my head downwards.

Without removing my lips from her body, I began moving down, sucking and kissing as I went. I probed her navel with my tongue and she uttered a small squeal of delight. The entire time, my hands were still gently fondling those beautiful melons.

As I sucked and probed, my hands came down to the crotch of her jeans. I opened the button and zip, then gently pulled the jeans down her legs, stroking lovingly as I went.

Leaning back, I took in the sight. My horny sister slumped on the sofa wearing a very sexy G-string that matched her bra, a black sheer corset and suspender belts that were attached to black tights, a large lace pattern at the top of each leg. She looked at me longingly, squeezing her tits and quietly moaning.

I moved in, undid the corset and the belt clips, and took off her bra and corset. I left the tights on as I slipped the panties down to reveal her moist pussy-lips. I began rubbing my fingers along the outer lips and she got even wetter. Eve groaned with pleasure and I started rubbing on her labia, whilst probing her navel with my tongue. She was moaning heavily now; I could tell she was enjoying herself. The space in the house gave us more room than the boat, and even more fun I hoped.

I began flicking her clit with the end of my tongue and she groaned loudly as she came. Thick drops of cum dripped from her pussy-lips. As she had done for me, I lapped up as much as she produced. She came over and over again. So much that I couldn’t keep up. Her juices ran down my chin and dripped onto her feet. Her light brown pubic hair became dark with the mixture of her liquid and my saliva.

I brought myself up to her face, she licked the liquid off of my chin and we kissed full on. My mouth was still full of her cum, so we shared her juices between us.

“Mmmm, that’s nice! Was that my cum? It tastes nearly as good as yours,” she said with a smile.

“That was just the start” I replied, “We’ve got the whole day to enjoy”. I said, then she moaned with pleasure again as I sucked the cum off of her feet through her tights.

By now, my cock was hard again but Eve was tired from her multiple orgasms. I turned on the T.V. and sat on the couch next to my sister, both of us totally naked. I gently stroked her thighs and moved my hand towards her cunt, but she clamped her legs shut playfully. Eve’s hands were busy as well. One cupped and fondled her breast as the other stroked up and down my long hard shaft.

After a few minutes, Eve shifted over me and sat on my lap, guiding my hard-on towards her hot, soaking wet cunt with her silky smooth hands. For a while we sat there watching the T.V together, not moving to prolong the pleasure of being united to an extent beyond brother and sisterly love.

My excitement and anticipation had built up, so I one moved of my hands to her front, rubbing her breasts, while the other hand rubbed her clit. She began to squirm with pleasure, and I could feel my lap getting wetter as her pussy began to run. Her movements were stimulating my cock and, as she screamed with ecstasy, I couldn’t hold it anymore. I shot load after load of hot sticky cum into her soaking wet cunt. As she and I came, our juices mixed and dripped back into my lap.

As my cock became limp, she stayed sat with my prick plunged into her, squeezing me with her internal muscles, milking my cock and holding me inside her with her vulva, extracting all of my cum as she continued releasing her juices onto my lap.

She stood up, turned around and sank to the floor. She put her hands on both of my knees and spread them apart, licking and sucking our juices from my lap. This turned me on even more and my cock sprang to life, and without warning I shot another load into her face.

“I’m sorry! I couldn’t help it! You just make me so horny!” I groaned as it dribbled down her cheek.

“It’s OK; I think it’s kind of flattering”. Eve said with a giggle as she licked sideways, catching the cum on her cheek with her tongue.

After that, we sat together on the couch for a while, just holding each other close. Then we Escort Ankara got up for lunch, despite being full of each other’s cum. In the kitchen we both sat on the floor in front of the fridge and fed each other. Our hands constantly stroked the other’s chest and sex as we ate. Then we each went for a short lie down, to recover from the morning’s activities.

Walking through the living room, we picked up our clothes and flipped the cum-covered cushions over. Our rooms were opposite each other and I watched her climb into her bed in all her naked glory. I did the same and drifted straight off to sleep.

In the short time that I was asleep, I had the best dream. I was on top of a mountain, in a clearing; lying on the grass and watching the clouds go by. Then suddenly, an angel appeared from the sky with a bright light behind her. The light made her curves stand out but made it impossible to see her face. As she landed and walked closer I could see it was Eve!

I tried to get up but found that I couldn’t move. Eve walked over and knelt down on the grass beside me. She pulled off her flowing white gown and began stroking and sucking my cock while she played with my balls. After a few minutes, she stood up; I didn’t want her to leave. But she stood over me and I was looking up, right at her wet pussy. Then Eve bent her legs until she was kneeling over me with my cock buried deep in her hot cunt.

The dream felt so real, I could even feel the heat of her pussy, and then something made me wake up suddenly. My eyes were blurry but I could make out an outline of someone looming over me. To my surprise, my first thought was the safety of my sister. Then I realised who it was. My eyes were still blurry, but I’d gotten to know that moan very well over the past few hours.

“I’m sorry, but I couldn’t wait for you to wake up” Eve purred between her moans of pleasure as she rode me.

“It’s a nice way to wake up” I said smiling.

I looked around and noticed that she had pulled back the covers on my bed, and was kneeling over me, just like in the dream, with my cock in her cunt. As she moved up and down, I put my hands on her hips and helped her to ride me. I moved my hands under her ass cheeks and daringly started to rub her asshole with one finger.

The moaning before was loud and fairly frequent, but with my finger testing her ass, Eve started screaming and it became loud and almost constant. She came with a mighty gush, then another and another.

The screaming was turning me on even more, and the heat from her cum pouring over me was the feeling that took me over the edge. I shot load after load into her and loudly groaned with pleasure. She collapsed and lay on top of me, my cock still in her cunt.

While she rested, I continued to play with her asshole. The memory of the dream and the surprise of waking up to find I was being fucked had me so turned on that my cock stayed hard. As I played with her ass, I expanded and contracted my member inside her cunt, stimulating her even more. Eve couldn’t stop screaming. More and more cum spurted from her pussy and soon my bed was soaking.


After I moved my finger away from her asshole, we lay together for a while kissing, hugging and talking. Eve sat up then slid off of my hard-on, looking at it as she licked her lips and squeezed her tits together provocatively. I got up and we changed my sheets. She walked in front of me and I grabbed her ass, making her squeal and giggle with surprise.

We went into the kitchen to put the cum-soaked bedclothes into the washer and Eve sat on top of the machine as it started. The vibrations rang through her body and she started to groan with pleasure. My cock was hard after a few minutes watching her and listening to her arousing noises, and my desire was raging. I got the urge to ask a risky question. First I built up a base to ask from.

“You know in bed just now when I started playing with your ass,”

“Mmmm, that was amazing, it got me really hot.” She interrupted.

“Yeah, I could tell! Now, I know I’m your brother and we’ve only fucked three times, but could I … fuck your ass? I mean I don’t mind if you don’t want to, but I think it could be kind of, y’know fun”.

“Mmmm, maybe!” she groaned.

She jumped off of the washing machine, with a small intake of breath – damn she was sexy. Without saying anything she walked towards the sink. Then she turned around, looked back at me and called me over using her finger.

She had her back to me, and not having an answer to my question, I thought she wanted me inside her cunt from behind. My cock pushed deep into her pussy, my tip touching her cervix. But she moaned in disapproval and used her hand to pull me out.

“Not there” she said, “here” she said as she moved my cock up, towards her asshole.

She put her left foot up onto the bin, opening her forbidden hole wider to give me greater access. The warm juice from her cunt meant that we didn’t need any lubrication. My cock was as hard as it had ever been but there was resistance. I pushed hard against her hole, and she pushed back onto my prick. Suddenly, she was impaled on the head of my cock. She screamed loudly as I forced my dick fully into her, deafened by lust.

“Are you alright?” I asked as I stood behind her, my cock lodged in her asshole. I was worried for my sister; I thought I might have hurt her.


This was followed by the loudest screams that I had ever heard from her, in all of our previous sexual exploits and possibly even in her whole life. I pumped my cock into her as far as I could, and then pulled back until I was only just inside of her.

I loved my sister, even more lately, and I thought she deserved a really good time. I put both hands on her stomach, to hold her on my cock, but I slipped one hand down, and started to play with her clit. She came, then again and again. I could feel it trickling through my fingers as I inserted them up into her cunt.

This sex didn’t last very long, I was nervous about hurting her, and extremely turned on. I was fucking my sister’s asshole and it felt great. She gripped the base of my shaft and her anal passage stimulated my entire cock. Eve and I orgasmed together as I came into her ass. She’d had so many thanks to me, and there were more to come.

After my cock went limp, I pulled out of her and she fell to the floor. She was moaning and breathing heavily, like a purring cat. I was tired from the effort and she was tired from the screaming and orgasmic jerking. I was about to suggest having a rest for a while, but I remembered the last time. Even though I wouldn’t mind doing it again, I didn’t have any clean sheets left.

Now it was very tough to get a hard-on. Maybe after this holiday, I would be able to fuck more times a day than a porn star. A shower should keep me out of trouble and, I thought, out of Eve. I picked her up and put her down on the couch, made her comfortable and then went for a shower.

My folks had splashed out on this cabin. It may look like crap on the outside but it’s got all the top of the range stuff. Ankara Escort One of these was a two-story bathroom. The shower is on the top level and took up the entire room, its huge, it can fit ten people – I don’t know why – and it’s walk in. The only bad thing is that there’s no ventilation. The steam stays in the room for hours until it condenses and runs down the drain.

I wash in hot water every time, no-matter what – hot weather, sunburn, still hot water.
In no time at all the room was full of steam; I couldn’t see my hands in front of my face. I dropped the sponge, good job I wasn’t in prison, anything could have happened.

I bent down to find the sponge, and felt a hand on my ass; I spun around and saw nothing. Then I felt something on the tip of my cock. I felt downward and found my sisters head. I thought she was just licking my cock, but bending down I could see that she had already taken my entire limp cock into her mouth. It was curled up in her mouth, and I could feel the tip at back of her throat.

She was already sitting on the floor. I positioned myself over her and went down on her. We 69’d on the tiled floor. While she sucked my cock, I ate her out, using my tongue and fingers to bring her to orgasm. I stroked the outer lips, then her labia and used my tongue on her clit. Then I probed my tongue and fingers into her cunt with great care.

She moaned with pleasure and kept licking and sucking my shaft whilst she caressed my balls with her fingertips. My cock became hard and she gagged as it pushed against the back of her throat. Her cum came pouring out of her pussy, and I lapped it up. A few minutes later she and I climaxed as one. My cum, down to a trickle from so much lost today, ran down the back of her throat.

She stayed on the floor, tired from our sex filled day. However, I had to do more to thank her for the best day of my life. I rolled her onto her stomach and pushed her knees up, under her body. Her tight little buttocks stuck up over the rest of her body as she knelt with her head resting on her forearms.

This position made her pussy and asshole open to me. I took my finger and put it in her asshole, caressing her insides with my fingertip. She moaned with pleasure when I inserted it, and carried on as I moved it around.

Spurred on by her arousing noises, I inserted another finger and rotated and pumped them independently. She moaned louder and her pussy started to drip. I put my other two fingers into her asshole and continued the motions, wriggling them around as they pushed against her insides.

She started to scream with pleasure and her pussy got even wetter. Four of my fingers were in her asshole, but she still begged me for more.

Continuing what I was doing with her ass, I took my other hand and inserted my whole fist into her pussy. I was pumping and rotating both arms at the same time. Eve started screaming very loudly, only stopping to breathe in. She came several more times; I took my hand out of her cunt and licked the juice away. Her entire body jerked as she orgasmed over and over again.

“More please” she purred meekly as the last hints of orgasm hit her.

I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t get my cock up, because of so much use that day. She loved her asshole being touched and fucked; I wondered whether she’d like a tongue. I pulled my fingers out of her asshole and bent towards her.

My hand caressed her buttocks as I moved my face closer, pumping my arm in her pussy. She was still moaning with pleasure and this just drove me on.

I put my tongue on her right buttock and circled her asshole. Getting closer, I pushed against her skin with my tongue, and at the edge of the hole I circled faster and pushed harder. Eve moaned, quietly at first, but growing in volume, as I got closer to her hole.

Enough waiting, I thought. I poked into her asshole with my tongue, pushing the tip as deep as it would go. She screamed with ecstasy, the noise echoing over and over in the shower room. Her asshole opened up a bit more as I moved her leg slightly to the side. I pushed my tongue in further and started to caress her insides. Her screams were really loud now. I was surprised she hadn’t lost her voice.

She came and once again I licked it away. Knowing how much she liked it, I kept it in my mouth, turned her over and gave her a kiss, sharing her fluids between us.

“Come on, mom and dad will be home soon,” I said as she lazily and seductively stroked my member.

She didn’t want to leave, but knew we had to, otherwise we would be caught. We got out of the shower and started drying each other. As I dried her hair, she knelt so I could dry it better. Then she turned around and gave me another blowjob, which lasted nearly half an hour.

She constantly moaned with want and anticipation, then with satisfaction when I finally came into her mouth. We finished drying each other and put on some clothes.

I sat down on the couch and turned on the T.V. Eve came out of her room a moment later and sat next to me. We snuggled up to each other, my hand reached round her, holding her close to me. As it slid under her loose fitting jumper to fondle her tits, her hand crept down the inside of my shorts to stroke my shaft and balls.

We looked at each other, smiled then lovingly kissed. We sat there for quarter of an hour, continuously kissing lovingly and gently caressing each other.
When we heard the door to the cabin open, we stopped kissing and quickly moved our hands so that we were just cuddling.

Mom came in and said, “Why are you two so wet?”

“We were on the lake in the boat and it flipped. So we came back in and got cleaned up.” I lied, rather convincingly, “Eve just got out of the shower.”

A rather cheeky, yet very sexy, smile appeared on Eve’s face, and she seemed to hug me a little tighter.

“Ok, I’m going to go and get changed out of this walking stuff, your dad will be back in a few minutes,” mom said, walking to our folks’ bedroom.

Eve moved her full lips closer to my ear and whispered, “We should fuck outside tomorrow. On a beach! I could be a mermaid and you can be the shipwrecked man!” Another cheeky grin appeared on her face. “Mind you, the day isn’t over yet!” she whispered as she turned my head and we kissed passionately for a few seconds.

For the rest of the evening we ate as a family and watched T.V. as a family, and then we went to sleep, some of us anyway.


I slept for a while then began to dream again. I was swimming in the lake and felt something brush against my leg, probably just a fish. I kept swimming, but then I felt something grab onto my cock. I ducked under the water to get a look at what was happening. There was a mermaid beneath me, sucking me off. She looked up into my eyes and I saw it was my sister. I swam towards the shore while she constantly stroked and licked on my shaft.

I came in her mouth just as we got to the beach. I picked her up out of the water, and her fin turned into legs. Her perfect melons were in my face and my finger was already in her asshole. I began to suck her tits, paying particular attention to the red Ankara Escort Bayan disks around her nipples. All the time, I probed her asshole with my finger and she began to groan with pleasure as I carried her further up the beach.

I put her on the sand but carried on with what I was doing. Soon she was screaming and the downy hair around her pussy was dark and wet with cum. She pulled me down onto the sand and then rolled on top of me. My cock hadn’t become even a bit limp after the underwater blowjob and she guided my hard-on into her hot cunt.

She began to ride me, my fingers still playing with her asshole. My other hand reached up and started fondling her tits, she groaned loudly and her breathing became short and heavy.

Pleasuring her asshole, tits and cunt had given her the legendary ‘tri-gasm’. As she screamed, her body jerked violently and she came again and again. I woke up with a start, a rock hard cock and a strong desire to fuck.

I tried to get to sleep again but I couldn’t. I wanted to feel my cock in my sexy younger sister, so I carefully opened my door. Seeing that the light was still on in my folks’ room told me that we’d have to be quiet, they were still awake. I crept across the hall wearing nothing except my boxers. I pushed open the door to my sister’s room and walked in.

She was sprawled out on top of her bed covers, asleep wearing a flowing pink silk nightie. I moved to the side of her bed, and began to stroke her legs. My hands moved up her thighs pushing the nightie up with them, then I stroked up her sides. I could see her crotch, then her navel, then her breasts, and I kept moving up. Carefully I moved her arms up and lifted her head to pull her nightie away. Finally there she was, with only me to see her perfect naked body. Just the way I liked it.

I was stood over her, my cock jumping around in my boxers. I pulled them down, letting my manhood free. I climbed onto her bed and carefully entered her pussy. My stroking had made her ‘love-lips’ very wet and her pubic hair was damp. I moved forward into her several times then pulled out. I turned her over trying not to wake her and I realised that I was raping her. Strangely, this turned me on.

My cock was covered with her pussy juice; so I doubled her over and got ready to enter her ass. This time was much easier than in the kitchen, all her muscles were relaxed. I entered her ass and reached round to start fingering her clit. She woke up with a sharp intake of breath but soon started to moan.

I pulled out of her asshole and entered her doggy style, thrusting once then pulling out and entering her asshole again. I thrust once in one hole, then once in the other. Switching like this was tiring but she began to moan fairly loudly. I gave her a pillow to bite down on, to block some of the sound. Our parents were still awake, so her making a lot of noise was not a good idea, even though it turned me on even more.

One of my hands constantly fingered her clit while the other constantly circled or probed her asshole. She came again, her juice stuck to my fingers so I lifted my hand to her face and let her lick it clean, she moaned as she did. Suddenly, as I pushed into her ass again she screamed with pleasure, her face away from the pillow.

“ARGH!” she screamed as her body jerked and released cum onto my cock.

“Are you alright, Eve?” came dads voice from next door.

I froze, not daring to move, in case I made her scream again. Breathing heavily, she replied, “Yes I just, AH, fell out of bed. Goodnight, daddy!”
As she spoke, she orgasmed. Her body jerked violently underneath me as she came all over my cock and thighs once more, breathing heavily.

“Goodnight dear”, dad replied sleepily, blissfully unaware to what was happening in the room next to him.

We were nearly caught and it excited us both. I began to orgasm just as she had yet another. Her body jerked again as she came and came while she screamed into the pillow. I sucked on her side as I came, to stop my moans.

I shot a load of cum into her ass, but I could feel more about to arrive. I quickly moved my cock into her cunt, and came again. Her whole body jerked wildly with pleasure and my hands slowed down their rubbing and probing. Gently bringing her down from ecstasy.

We lay for a while in each other’s arms, stroking each other’s sex. She moved her body down towards my half erect cock and began to lick; starting at the base of my shaft and moving all the way to the purple head. She filled her mouth with our juices from my prick, and then she moved up to share them with me in a passionate kiss. She swallowed what she had left and dived back down to my cock.

She began playing with my balls, licking every crevice and hair, using her fingertips to gently rub the base of my shaft. My cock sprang to attention again, the head turning a deep purple colour. She smiled her sexy, cheeky grin, and took my cock into her mouth, using her tongue to lick the shaft as she sucked.

This was the best blowjob she had given me, either from more experience or the excitement of fucking next to our parents. I couldn’t move; all I could do was groan in appreciation. The sucking sounds coming from her were accompanied by her own moans of pleasure, which turned me on even more, making my dick grow larger.

The sucking seemed to go on all night. I sat up and she moved off the edge of the bed, kneeling on the floor. Then Eve moved her head quicker and quicker, sucking harder. I was getting ready to cum and she could tell. As I came, she moved backwards so the cum shot across her tongue. She sucked the last drops of cum from the tip of my cock and groaned with pleasure.

My cock went limp and she moved up the bed and we hugged for a while. Then she said, “I was about to come to your room, but I must have fallen asleep”.

“I thought I should return the favour from earlier today,” I said smiling at her. We kissed lovingly, hugged tightly and fell asleep in each other’s arms.


I woke up and started stroking her chest and pussy. My movements woke her up and she slid her hands all over me. We lay there stroking one another as we kissed. Teasingly, I put my finger in her asshole and rubbed for a while. She began to moan and her hand ran down my body towards my cock. I looked into her eyes as her moans got louder and she stroked up and down my shaft. Then I turned my head and looked over at the clock.

“Shit” I breathed, through Eve’s moans of pleasure.

“Shit” Eve echoed as she looked over at the clock.

Our folks would be up any minute. I helped Eve find her nightie, then rushed back into my own bedroom and got into bed. Both of our doors were open; I heard Eve say something, then a pair of boxer shorts flew at me across the corridor. I caught them and rushed them on, barely noticing that they were covered with our warm and sticky juices.

Seconds after I put my head on the pillow mom came into my room and ‘woke me up’. Then she went into Eve’s room and asked her how she felt.

“I feel great mom,” she answered with a contented smile, a product from our wild night and early morning tease.

“No injuries then,” mom asked.


“From falling out of bed last night,” mom said.

Eve got her cheeky grin back and replied, “No, I feel better than I ever have!”

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