My New Neighbors


I am in my late thirties and live in a high-rise condo near the Delaware River in Philadelphia. I lost my wife to cancer a couple of years ago after a 12-year marriage. We had no children. I have lived in this place for about 2 years and recently noticed a new couple moved into the unit next to mine a week or so ago. The fellow looked to be in his early twenties and the gal didn’t look any more than in her late teens. Nice looking guy but very quiet. He barely grunted when I said hello in one of our joint elevator rides on our way to the lobby in the morning.

A few weeks ago I answered a knock at my door and there he was with a puzzled look on his face.

“Hi, I’m Bob and have just moved in next door and am having some problems with the trash compactor. I was wondering if you have the same model and could give me some idea of how the damn thing works.”

“Hello Bob, I’m Jim. Come on in and I’ll take a look.”

He followed me and it turned out we had identical units. I imagine the builder put the same brands of everything throughout the whole building.

I showed him how it worked and then asked, ” I just brewed a pot of coffee would you like a cup?”

He said he would love one and took a seat at the kitchen table. We chatted about a ton of things and he told me his parents had died and left him and his sister a good bit of money, at least enough to buy the condo and pay for their education. It was his sister I had seen going into their place a few days earlier. A great looking chick. It turned out she was studying nursing at one of the local teaching hospitals and he was just starting his college education at the University of Pennsylvania.

We had been talking for a few minutes when he stammered, “I notice you are a big hit with the ladies since I have seen quite a few in and out of your place.”

“Yes, I have been pretty lucky in that regard.”

I dropped that bit of conversation and showed him the new flat screen TV I just had installed, inviting he and his sister over to watch a big hockey game scheduled for tonight. He jumped at the chance saying he lived for hockey but his sister had a night class and wouldn’t be able to join us.

He was once again knocking at my front door shortly after dinner. The game wouldn’t be on for another hour, so we started to watch the pre-game show.

He finally loosened up a little and I asked, “Hey, have you seen any good porn flicks lately?”

He mumbled something I took to be a negative.

“Hold on, I just picked up a couple of new ones and haven’t even opened them yet.”

With that I stuck a disk in the player and there was a guy and gal going at it.

The flick was pretty good and within a short time they had another guy as company. It wasn’t long before they had a hot and heavy threesome going. The new guy at the party was doing a great deep throat on the first guy while he was busy eating out the gal. The guy could really suck cock.

The gal had lovely tits and a tight small ass and it wasn’t long before I was getting aroused. I squirmed around in my recliner trying to get my cock in a comfortable position. It was getting hard and my cutoffs were cutting into me with every inch it grew. I couldn’t help notice Bob didn’t seem to be able to take his eyes off my crotch and I thought I would test him out…

“Bob, this pic is as hot as a two dollar pistol. I am going to have to let my cock out for some air, it is getting way too crowded in my shorts.”

I was soon unzipping and letting my cock out to stand at attention with my hand lightly stroking my shaft while letting my fingers slide up to run over the pulsing head.

When I looked over at him he looked to be all flustered. His face was red and he was sweating with his eyes glued to my cock.

Now I don’t have the largest dick in the world but it is a solid seven inches and not too thick but has served me well every time I let it out!

He said, “Jim, have you always had such a large cock?”

“Bob, it’s not that large and stopped growing in my early teens.” balıkesir escort

“God, I wish mine was that big,” he mumbled.

I started getting the feeling if I played my cards right I would soon be getting the same kind of blow job as the guy in the porn flick. My hand lightly stroked my growing cock and it wasn’t long before there was a bit of pre cum showing. I commented on it and Bob looked even closer at my dick. He was mesmerized.

He was breathing a lot harder than he had been a short time before and finally said something about he could see why there were so many gals leaving my apartment in many mornings.

I started to stroke a little harder and faster and finally stood up and moved in front of him and asked, “Bob, how about giving me a helping hand?”

He hesitantly reached up and lightly touched the shaft of my cock.

“Bob, let’s retire to the bedroom and you will have more room to move your hand.” I suggested.

As soon as we were near the bed I kicked off my cutoffs and told him to strip because when I popped my cork there wasn’t any way to tell just how far and where I would shoot. He did and his four-inch hard dick shot out of his shorts. It didn’t look any bigger than one of a young kid. It was easy to see how he wanted a bigger one.

I took his hand and fell back on the bed pulling him with me. His hand quickly dropped to my cock and he wrapped his fingers around my throbbing shaft. The head of my cock was a purplish red and now there was a good bit of pre cum seeping out of my cock slit. He was soon jerking me off with the one hand while the fingers on his other hand were holding on to his own dick. It wasn’t big enough for him to get a handful so he had to just hold it with a few fingers and stroke himself carefully.

He kept that up a bit and then suddenly stopped. He had his head lying against my stomach with my dick pointing right at his face. He was staring at the head of it and not saying a word.

“Bob, why the hell have you stopped? You were doing great.”

He didn’t say anything but he took one hand and slowly started to trace the veins in my dick from the base right up to the cock ridge. He let one of his fingers dwell on the pre cum that was there and he smeared it around my cock head and then down my shaft.

He had the other hand softly rubbing my balls and then looked up at me and asked, “Jim, am I doing it right? I have never done this to another guy before and I am just doing what I saw those guys on the TV do to each other.”

“Bob, you are doing it great. Just keep it up,” I replied sort of breathlessly.

He did and laid his head on my chest and went back to just staring at the head of my cock.

I gently pushed his head down and said, “Bob, I would love to have you do to me what you saw that guy in the porn flick do to the other guy.”

I then put my hand on the top of his head and continued to push him towards the head of my cock.

“Bob, open your mouth and take my cock in there as far as you can.”

“Jim, I saw those guys in the film do that but I am afraid it will make me sick.”

“Don’t worry about it. We can go real slow and if you feel the least bit nauseous just stop where you are and rest a minute.”

It wasn’t long before I felt the warmth of his mouth surrounding my pulsing, throbbing cock. He just held me steady in his mouth for a long while without moving.

“Bob, I would really enjoy it more if you would move your mouth up and down the same way your hand was doing just a short time before.”

He moaned, “I’ll try.” . He was soon bobbing for an apple and my cock was bursting to let go. Since this was his first time giving head I didn’t want to take the chance of shooting down his throat and really getting him sick so I gently pulled out and took my dick in my hand and stroked myself hard and fast. Within seconds I was shooting a stream of warm, white cum all over his chest. I purposely avoided hitting him the face with it.

As soon as I stopped shooting I told him to take my dick and milk it gently and get some of my cum on his fingers and lick it off.

He looked at me strangely and I told him, “Bob, the next time you suck my cock I am going to come in your mouth and I think that you might like to know what my cum tastes like before you get the whole load over your tongue.”

He did and was soon licking his fingers clean. Not bad for a first time with a virgin.

We went back into the living room and sat there nude watching the game.

When the game was over I put in another CD and this one had a couple of guys really reaming out each other’s ass. I said we might be able to try that sometime. He looked at me sort of sheepishly.

“Jim, I would love to do that to please you but I am afraid you would do some damage to me.”

“Bob, we will do it the same way you sucked my cock—slow and easy and you can stop whenever you want.”

When the flick was over I told him to come back into the bedroom and I would let him try and please me again. I stopped off in the bathroom and got a tube of KY Jelly and brought it with me.

He was already on the bed and I told him, “Bob, I want you to suck me off a little to get me hard again.”

He leaned up on his elbows and sucked me in deep and I was hard in a few seconds. .

“Bob, get up on your knees and we can do it the same way it was done in the film.”

He was nervous as hell but he did it.

I lubed up a couple of fingers and slipped one at a time up his tight, little virgin ass. He moaned a bit but said it didn’t hurt too much and sort of felt good. I finally ended up with three fingers up there and started to pump my hand a little. With that I lubed up the head of my cock and made sure I had plenty of lube covering the shaft.

I got up on the bed behind him and was soon aiming the head of my steel hard shaft directly at his puckered red hole.

“Bob, you are going to have to relax. If you don’t it will hurt you a lot. I am going to go in you just a little ways and then stop for a bit.”

The head of my cock slipped in rather easily but then he screamed like he had been hit. I stopped but told him he had tightened up and that was why it hurt so much. I stayed right where I was and he soon got quiet again. I pushed a little more and soon had three inches up his tight little hole.

By this time he was crying softly and I asked him if he wanted me to stop. He mumbled he wanted me to keep going if it was pleasing me to do so. That was all I needed to hear as I pushed a lot more and soon had the entire length of my shaft buried deep inside of him. I could feel the walls of his ass contract tightly around my cock and it felt terrific.

By now he was crying hard and I did stop and pulled out a little. He reached around behind himself and grabbed the back of my legs and pulled me into him at the same time he was throwing his ass back on my shaft.

He had gotten to like it! I pushed all the way until my balls were slapping against his. I stopped right there to let him catch his breath before I started to pump slowly, then a little faster. I could feel his incredibly tight ass with the sphincter muscles that were clamping on to my cock. He was tightening and relaxing them and the feeling was driving me up the wall.

“Bob, reach between your legs and hold my balls in your hand.”

He did just that and then started a slow massage of my ball sack. Damn, this guy learns fast. The tightening and relaxing of his sphincter muscles were exactly what he had seen on the porn flick playing and the massaging of my balls was another porn flick scene.

I was soon riding him like a bucking bronco. I was taking my cock all the way out to my cock ridge and then driving it back deep into him. I could look down at my cock when it was almost out of him and could see it pulsing and almost begging to be allowed back inside of him. My hands were holding his hips tightly and I was pulling him back to me as hard as I could. My rock hard cock was now driving into him as deeply as I could and it wasn’t long before I was shooting stream after stream of warm white cum deep in his ass.

“Jim, I could feel your cock pulsing in my ass when you were shooting, it gave me a hard on,” he muttered.

We fell back sideways onto the bed with me still inside of him and now he started to stroke himself faster and faster. A minute later he was shooting a load a foot in front of his little dick. I never knew such a small dick could shoot so much, so far.

We lay there for a while with my soft cock still buried in his ass. He pushed himself back at me so were spooned together as tightly as we could be with him crying softly, asking if he did it right and did it please me. I assured him he was just great and he stopped crying. We lay like that for a few minutes before I suggested we get up and go shower.

“Jim, I never had anyone who really cared for me. My dad died when I was young and my mother had one boyfriend after another. I loved pleasing you today for you seem to be the father I always wished I had. I’ll do anything you want to make you happy.”

Oh shit, this was going to get serious.

After cleaning up we went back into the living room to watch some more TV. I asked if he was hungry then called and ordered some pizza. We were soon enjoying pizza and some great wine.

When we had finished eating I said, “Bob, come over here and kneel in front of me.”

He scurried across the floor and was soon face to face with my crotch.

“Bob, take my cock out of my cutoffs.”

He slipped his warm hand up to my waist and unbuttoned my shorts and my cock slipped out.

He looked at it from every angle before asking, “Jim, what do you want me to do?”

“Bob, open your mouth and take my soft, warm dick in there and start to pump and get it hard.”

He did and slowly let himself take my cock in until my bush was tickling his chin.

He had about six inches in before he started to move on it. I was soon as hard as a board and reached behind his head to pull him down further than he was going so far. I must have pulled too hard for he gagged and was soon up and off of me.

“Bob, I’m sorry for making you gag but you got me so damn hot I couldn’t control myself.”

He immediately dropped back down and soon had me deep in his mouth again. I looked down at him and could see his cheeks all hollowed out as he sucked my cock deep and hard.

The next thing I felt was him lifting my legs over my head. He had let my cock slip out of his mouth and was positioning his mouth to be directly in line with my asshole. I then felt his tongue licking it and then penetrating an inch or so. This kid learns fast, these were things he saw on the porn flick.. I will have to think up some new things for him to do for me or get some more CD’s for him to imitate.

I kept thinking about the last porn flick and what he was doing to me right then and within a few minutes I had pushed my cock back in his mouth and was ready to shoot. I must have been groaning for when I looked down at him his eyes were looking up at my face with a puzzled look.

I just said, “Keep going—here I cum.”

With that I pulled him a little deeper so my cum stream would have a clear path down his throat. It felt like I had shot a quart and he was still bobbing away. I stopped and pulled him back and told him to lick off my dick.

He did and then muttered, “Jim, did I make you happy?”

I assured him he had and said I was going to hit the hay since I had a big meeting in the morning.

He asked if he could come over the next night and I told him to give me his phone number and I would call and let him know. Damn, I think I have found a sex slave.

Three hot loads out of my thirty-nine year old cock in a few hours, not too shabby.

As he was getting ready to leave I told him I would have him and his sister over for dinner some night soon. He was excited about that and when I thought of the great body on that nineteen year-old sister, so was I.

Who knows what might become of that meeting? I’ll keep you all posted.

Hope you enjoyed the read. Once again we have my Volunteer Editor ‘BlueEyed5ftAngel’ for all of her help.

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