My Miranda


I went upstairs to her room to tuck her in and say goodnight, but she was already asleep. As I stood in her doorway I couldn’t help but notice how Miranda had grown up. It’s a shame her mother couldn’t handle parenthood. Her drugs were more important than her family I guess. I had gotten “fixed’ before she left because I couldn’t bear the thought of her giving birth to another child, perhaps a drug addicted one. Anyway, it was her loss because Miranda was growing into quite a lovely young lady. I knew she would soon no longer be my little girl.

It had been particularly warm that day but by evening there was a slight cool breeze blowing through her open window. She rolled over in her bed, pushing the sheet off of her and revealing to me her slender near naked body.

Miranda stood about 5 foot 6 inches tall and weighed about 115 pounds. She had beautiful brown eyes and long flowing brunette hair. She had a perfectly shaped ass and firm B-cup breasts. Laying there on her back in just her cotton bikini panties, with her pert nipples erect from the cool breeze, she was a picture of perfection. As I felt my cock stiffening up, I retired to my own room to reflect on the vision I had just experienced.

It was summer and school was out. I was a teacher at a local community college and I had not signed up for summer courses so that I may spend this time with my baby girl. I was up early the next morning and in the kitchen preparing breakfast. Miranda came downstairs about an hour after I got up, wearing those cotton panties and a short cropped t-shirt that exposed her flat smooth teen tummy. She wasn’t very shy around me as I had raised her alone for the past 10 years.

“What’s for breakfast, Dad?” she asked.

“Bacon, eggs, ‘taters, and whatever else you want” I replied.

“Mmmmmmm! All my favs!” she exclaimed. “Can I have some orange juice too dad?”

“Sure sweetheart. Here, help yourself.” I handed her the bottle and she poured a glass.

“What’s on the agenda for today Miranda?” I queried after we finished breakfast. We had been doing quite a lot this summer and I was hoping to stay around the house for a relaxing change.

“I don’t know, dad. What would you like to do?” she replied. I told her that I would like to just hang around the house, but she was free to do what she wanted. She decided to call some friends and go to the mall. I watched in utter awe as she ascended to her room to change, her prefect ass ever so gently swaying from side to side with each stair she climbed. She showered and met her friends outside and off to the mall they went.

After she left I went upstairs to change and get ready to do absolutely nothing. As I passed the bathroom I noticed Miranda’s t-shirt and underwear lying on the floor. She usually picks up after herself but I know she was excited about hanging at the mall. I picked them up to put them in the hamper. I couldn’t help but notice that the crotch of her panties was moist… I closed my eyes and hoisted them to my nose and took in a long whiff. Holy crap! What was I doing! I threw them in the hamper and quickly ran to my room. I just sniffed my daughter’s panties! That’s wrong! I know I have admired her body, and got turned on at the sight of her bare breasts the night before, but sniffing her panties? But all the while questioning my behavior, I was getting very excited. Something about it being wrong seemed very erotic. It was kind of dangerous in a very sexy way.

I returned to the bathroom to retrieve the panties and retired to my room to begin a new fantasy. There, I again held her moist underwear up to my nose and whiffed, long and hard and continuously. My cock was getting harder with each inhale of her sweet pussy scent.

By now I was naked and laying on the bed with her sweet scented panties resting on my face, envisioning my sweet daughter sitting there, her virgin pussy hovering above my face. My right hand was furiously stroking my aching throbbing cock. I exploded in a matter Beylikdüzü Olgun Escort of minutes, spewing cum all over my chest and stomach and hand. What a rush! I cleaned myself off with Miranda’s panties, and then enjoyed the combination of her sweet pussy scent and the odor of my own cum.

As I was getting dressed the phone rang. It was Miranda and she was upset. “What’s the matter honey?”

“Megan met some guys and wanted me to go to their house with them and I said no so she left me here!” she said, sounding rather pouty. “Will you come and get me dad?”

“You bet baby! I will be there shortly.” With that, I returned her now cum-soaked panties to the hamper, finished dressing, and went to pick up my distraught daughter.

When we arrived at home she immediately went upstairs to her room and closed her door. She emerged a short time later in a pair of shorts and a cropped t-shirt similar to the one she was wearing in the morning and her hair pulled back into a single thick long ponytail.

“I’m in for the day, dad. I’m all yours! So, what would you like to do?”

Oh, the thoughts that raced through my mind! Let’s see, honey… We can go upstairs and you can sit on my face…! NO!!! I tried to erase all those thoughts from my head.

“Let’s watch a move, okay?” I said, trying not to think about my little solo session earlier.

“Sounds great to me!” she replied. We picked out a comedy, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, and settled on the couch for some daddy-daughter time. Miranda sat close next to me and snuggled up. I guess she was still a bit upset at Megan and need to be comforted. I put my arm around her and pulled her close.

About halfway through the movie I noticed Miranda had nodded off, her head resting on my chest as I know sat stretched out on the couch. I had on leg on the couch and one on the floor with Miranda practically on my lap, curled up. I gently stroked her silky smooth hair, starting with the ponytail, and then moving up to the top of her head. She looked so innocent lying there, cuddled up on my lap. She was so innocent, yet so sexy.

I ran my hand down along her cheek bone, gently tracing the outline of her angelic face. I traced her nose and her slightly parted lips. I could feel her warm breath as she slept so peacefully. I was getting aroused. I kept thinking about how wrong it was but I just couldn’t stop. I ran my hand down her side to her waist, then gently over her butt, tightly wrapped in her little shorts. I stopped when she began to shift, fearing that she would wake up. She settled back in, having shifted slightly onto her back.

I moved my hand up to her partially exposed stomach. It was so smooth and tight. I gently ran my finger around her belly button. Feeling totally aroused and apparently quite bold, I slowly slid my hand under the elastic waistband of her tight little shorts, stopping at the first knuckle. By now I was sure my throbbing cock was jabbing Miranda in the back! But she just lay there, sleeping peacefully. Feeling empowered by her deep sleep, I ventured further down, looking for the top he her panties. But the further I went the more skin I felt until I reached a soft patch of pubic hair… She wasn’t wearing any underwear! Holy crap! I was venturing into some very murky waters and I had no idea how to deal with it. So I did what came naturally to me… I continued!

As my hand slid further down her shorts, I could feel her moving ever so slightly. I went slow, stopping at any sign Miranda was waking up. But what if she did? My hand was already buried deep into her shorts, on the verge of entering her pussy. I was busted anyway you look at it. So throwing caution to the wind, I parted her pussy with my index finger. She was surprisingly moist, as if she was excited…! As I gently pressed inward, she let out a soft moan and wiggled a little, parting her legs ever so slightly as if to give me more room.

By now she had shifted completely Beylikdüzü Otele Gelen Escort to lying on her back, in between my legs. With one hand gently fingering her pussy, I moved my other hand up her crop top to her small firm breasts. Again I was pleasantly surprised, expecting an undergarment but discovering just bare skin! My god, how soft they were! They were very soft yet very firm, with stiff erect nipples. I cupped one of her breasts in my hand, softly caressing it, gently pressing her nipple between my fingers. By now her pussy was pretty wet and she was moving around a bit, although she still appeared to be sleeping.

My cock was as hard as it has ever been and I know I was leaking pre-cum. The longer I fingered her teen pussy and fondled her small tits the more my cock throbbed. Then it happened. As I was fingering her clit she arched her back and let out a moan, and proceeded to cum all over my hand! I didn’t stop finger her until she pushed my hand away.

“Dad!” she screamed. “That was you? I thought I was dreaming! Wow! I’ve never had a feeling like that before, even when I play with myself!”

“So you’re not disgusted with me?” I asked, rather embarrassed.

“No, I’m not daddy.” She whispered. Then she leaned in and kissed my lips. Her lips were so very soft and her kiss was so very gently.

Noticing my cock still bulging through my pants, she quickly offered up a suggestion. “How about you lay back and let me fix that for you, okay dad?” I complied.

First she removed her t-shirt and shorts, revealing to me for the first time her beautiful and completely nude body. She was absolutely perfect in every way! She let her hair down from the confines of her ponytail and flipped it out to cover her soft shoulders. Her big brown eyes just gazed at me as I took in the picture of perfection that was before me now. Her tits were small but her nipples were very big. She had a small mound of very short soft pubic hair trying hopelessly to hide her still glistening pussy. Her ass was small but shaped like a heart. Her legs were shapely, seemingly an extension of her beautiful tush.

She leaned in and lifted my shirt over my head. Then she unbuttoned my jeans and slid them down and off. In my haste to pick Miranda up earlier that day I neglected to put on any underwear. She stood in front of me, staring at my thick throbbing cock. “I’ve only seen pictures” she muttered. “It looks better in person!”

With that she knelt down in front of me and took my cock in her hand. Slowly she began to stroke me with long steady strokes, never taking her eyes off mine. She was so sensuous kneeling there, my cock in her hand, being ever so gentle, ever so loving, gazing into my eyes with an expression of complete affection.

After a short while she stood up. “Okay dad, now for the big finish!” and with that she straddled my lap. “I know you probably wanted me to suck you but I want this right now! Perhaps I’ll do the other some other time!” She slowly lowered her wanting, dripping pussy onto my aching cock. Facing me, I could see the discomfort on her face.

“Go slow baby. If it hurts too much then you can stop. It’s okay to stop” I assured her.

“I’m okay daddy, for real!”

In minutes she was completely impaled on my cock. She sat there for a moment, eyes closed and breathing hard. She opened her eyes, leaned in and kissed me. She parted my lips with her tongue and we locked in a passionate embrace for what seemed like an eternity. Then she pulled away and whispered “Fuck me, daddy”.

I wasted no time as I felt I was already pretty close to exploding! Good thing I had already jacked off earlier that morning! I started out slowly lifting and lowering my hips with my cock firmly planted into her tight teen pussy. She got into the rhythm and we were now bouncing in unison. Her little titties were twitching ever so slightly with each upward thrust, her hair bouncing around on her Beylikdüzü Rus Escort shoulders.

Without pulling out, I stood up and lay her on her back. With her smooth firm legs wrapped around my waist I continued fucking my little girl, thrusting harder each time. After a few minutes she finally spoke again. “Fuck me from behind daddy! I want to feel you from behind!”

I slid my cock from her love hole and she turned over onto her knees and elbows. I gently re-inserted my cock into her soaking wet pussy and continued to fulfill her request and my fantasy. I was fucking my daughter! My beautiful, sexy, sensuous, firm, small-titted, previously virgin daughter! The thought made me go faster and harder until I was ready to explode.

I let out a loud grunt and she screamed as I unloaded stream after stream of my hot sticky cum into her little pussy! Wow! I did it! My fantasy was fulfilled. If I died that night my life would have been complete!

We collapsed together onto the couch and fell asleep holding each other’s naked body. I was awakened some time later to the sensation of a moist mouth wrapped around my cock. Miranda had woken up before me and proceeded to “clean me up”.

“You were a mess dad! I couldn’t just leave it that way!” she said with a sexy smile and a wink. Then she went back to work. My cock hardened up again in no time flat! She was sucking, stroking and licking me like her favorite Popsicle! “I’ve been practicing with bananas!” she whispered as she gently kissed my now swollen cock head.

It didn’t take long to make me cum. “Here I go baby! Daddy’s gonna cum!” Hearing that, she held my cock firmly in place with her lips as she looked up at me as if to prepare herself for the flood that was forthcoming. My eyes clinched shut and my body stiffened up as I felt my cock swelling even more between her lips. Then as if the dam broke, stream after stream of cum flowed into her mouth. I came so much that she had cum seeping from her lips, still clamped tightly around my pulsating cock.

As my cock softened in her mouth, she continued to suck on it, trying to get every drop she could and driving me nuts in the process! When she finally pulled her mouth away, she was grinning from ear to ear. “Now that was a good time” she exclaimed. With my fresh cum still on her lips, she pulled me in and kissed me, again with the tongue. I tasted my own cum from my daughter’s lips! That has got to be one of the most erotic things I had ever done!

After showering together, we each retired to our own rooms to get dressed for dinner. I decided to take her out to celebrate whatever it is called when a father seduces his daughter.

“What should I wear dad?” she asked, standing naked in the doorway of her bedroom looking back over her shoulder.

“Where something nice because we are going to eat well tonight!” I answered.

“Sweet! I’ll put on something REALLY nice for you daddy!” she said with a wink and a smile.

I finished dressing first and waited downstairs for her. I heard her door open and waited with great anticipation for her to appear, eager to see what she had chosen to wear for me. As she emerged at the top of the stairs, I was speechless.

She had on a very tight little red dress cut well above the knee. It had thin shoulder straps that showed off her sexy shoulders and arms. She was wearing sheer black thigh high (I could see as she descended the staircase!) stockings with what looked like NO PANTIES!

I met her at the bottom step and took her hand. I leaned in and kissed her on her soft lips.

“You look stunning sweetheart!” I told her.

“Thanks dad. I wore this just for you!” And off we went.

We arrived at one of the finer Italian restaurants in town and were treated to a magnificent dinner. All evening long, men and women alike were stealing glances of me and my little girl. Many were wondering, I’m sure, if I was a pervert or just lucky. Miranda was only 18 but that night she looked 28, and I was loving it!

At then end of the meal the server asked if we saved room for desert. I started to ask to see the desert cart when Miranda interjected. “We’ll be having desert at home. There’s a Popsicle waiting for me and I believe he’s having pie!” She winked at me, stood up, and said “Let’s go!”

… be continued!

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