My Life as Lauren Ch. 04


The shop became quite busy for the next few weeks and we even developed regulars that some of the staff became friends with. A couple of them only went behind the curtain hoping to get lucky but since realising what I wanted I had lessened the amount of blow jobs I gave. There was one guy in particular called mark who went behind the curtain, but mostly stayed in the regular part of the shop, and every couple of days came in to get a new book. He read all sorts but particularly he liked mysteries and love stories and from behind the curtain he read manga about crossdressers. We became quite good friends and he was quite flirty but in a nice way, he wasn’t after sex he was just nice, he was so nice it was annoying as I started to fancy him. He was quite good looking but had a soft face that I imagine could make him pass as a girl if he wanted to.

At one point when he was behind the curtain I made sure to dress really slutty and tried to be really seductive but to no avail, he just acted the same, flirty but with nothing behind it, at one point I even grabbed his hand and put it on one of my tits.

He turned and smiled “I bet it’s real,” he said giving it a squeeze and moving his hand. This really annoyed me as no guy had rejected me like this, in such a nice way. It became a challenge to me and at one point I even grabbed his hand and put Kartal Fetiş Escort it on my dick normally I wouldn’t care if a guy wasn’t into it, but this time I was scared that he would be freaked out and never talk to me again. But to my relief he just looked me straight in the eyes and said “You really are a special girl.” He moved his hand kissed my cheek and went to buy his book. That one sentence made me fall head over heels for him.

After that day my goal turned from making him want to fuck me to him want to ask me out. I flirted with him a lot and he flirted back but he never made a move, this carried on for at least 2 months and over that time we got to know each other quite well he even invited me to a party his friend was having but still he didn’t make a move. One day I’d just had enough and asked him what his problem was. At first he was confused but I asked him “Why don’t you ask me out? It’s clear that I like you but yet you don’t do anything.”

He looked at me then looked down and said “At first all I wanted to do was fuck you but then I heard you talking about how you were tired of all the quick fucks and how you wanted a relationship, and I realised I wanted that too, so I decided I didn’t want to be one of those guys. I wanted to treat you right.” I was a bit shocked at first but also a bit excited to hear Kartal Gecelik Escort that he did like me but I was still confused.

“So why didn’t you ask me out on a date?” I asked sensing he was going to tell me the real truth.

“Because I was scared that you wouldn’t want me as a boyfriend and I was scared that I wouldn’t be enough,” he replied almost in tears. I smiled at him and said

“Why don’t you ask and find out?” He looked at me and smiled.

“Lauren will you go on a date with me?” he asked I smiled and hugged him “So is that a yes?” he asked.

“Of course it’s a yes,” I answered. I hugged him again with any other guy this would probably be the time that we fuck but I realised something when I was hugging him, I didn’t want to fuck him.

Me and Mark got very close and I was able to talk to him about anything we liked some of the same things and Bev and Kate seemed to like him. He took me on dates and treated me like a princess. One day we were planning on going to a fancy restaurant he came into the shop and asked me if I was still ok with tonight of course I told him I was, he came up to me and kissed me forcing his tongue into my mouth, his hands went wandering and I felt them beneath my skirt and soon beneath my knickers. I enjoyed it for a moment then pulled back I could tell by Kartal Genç Escort the look in his eyes that he was upset and I couldn’t blame him.

We had been dated for a few months and the most we’d gotten to was me giving him a blow job once and I only did that because he was really trying to fuck me. Ever since we started dating I’ve wanted to take it slow and not mess it up so I’ve been too scared to fuck him. I’d spoke to Kate and Bev about it and Bev said to me “Put yourself in his shoes he’s dating a girl who he knows can be a slut when she wants and is a sex animal but she won’t have sex with him how do you think he feels?”

Kate then asked me “Do You love him?” I hadn’t given it much thought but I realised that I did, I looked at her and nodded. I saw a small tear roll down her cheek and I thought about how hard it must be for her after what happened with her ex. She walked over to me and hugged me tight and said “Then hold on to him and take a chance because if you don’t you will end up alone and empty.”

We pulled away and she was fully crying now I looked at Bev then back at Kate and said “I’m going to do it tonight.”

They both Smiled and Kate Said “We got to decide what you’re going to wear.”

It was quite strange, we were all treating it like it was the first time I was going to have sex and in a way it was. It was the first time I was having sex with someone out of love. It symbolised the end to a chapter in my life I could no longer be the slut that I was. The three of us couldn’t have the same relationship as before and I would be having sex with one guy and being slutty for only one guy.

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