My Gypsy Ch. 02

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All characters are 18, and your comments direct me to the direction of the next chapter. Thanks for your support.



This whole affair should not be happening. But then, wasn’t it inevitable at the same time given our history. I let it start again.

I moved back home from college and got a teaching job at the same school as my sister. I had to know. The first time I saw her dark eyes and red mouth, that grin. The day Gypsy sat down at the desk in back at the French class I taught for advanced students. Even though she was my sister, there is only the one class and they made an exception about teaching to relatives (which normally involves parent and child anyway). The way my heart pounded as I walked past her desk, her legs splayed out.

“You have a nice day?” I started at my wife’s voice.

She was so beautiful, in such a feminine way. How do I explain that? Her voice, her eyes with a fleck of silver, the lilt of her voice. Those eyes. There were times I could not help feeling she was one of those women who could do better. But I think I always felt that way, and part of it was this nagging knowledge inside of the secret games I played. That no one knew. We were so right for each other though, and when I saw the pictures, how right we looked together. Happy. How horny I always was helped our love life, without her ever knowing the secret as to why.

“Fine. Ordinary.” I said. She leaned in and kissed me soft as I set my stuff down, “And how is Gypsy today?”

At that very moment a yellow slip of paper fluttered out of a pile of test questions, and I went for it quickly – Gypsy!

My little angel had pressed a post it note to her test! It was laying by my foot and I quickly shoved it into my pocket. It was so cute, I could just make out her curly handwriting and little heart drawn in the corner.

I was trying to lift it out of my pocket and peek at it, without my wife noticing.

She noticed me fumbling, “Is something wrong?”

I tucked the note back in my pocket, for later.

“Oh, I dropped something and was putting it back.” I felt flustered, but it seemed ok. “I’ll be back in a minute. Let me put this stuff away.”

When I left the room, I quickly took the little yellow note.


Impossible! I felt myself go red, my cock stiffen. She picked the most inopportune.

“If someone had seen this!” I said to myself, shoving it back into my pocket.



I called her cell phone later that evening to find out exactly what she had in mind.

I stared at her name on the face of my cell. When she answered I breathed out, “Where are you? Is it Ok to talk?”

“Yeah, I’m in my room, at computer doing my brothers French homework.”

“Good.” I paused, what do I say? Feeling a naughtiness rise in me. I was all alone, “And … just what is,” I let my voice go low, “my little sister wearing?”

“Mmmm. Just gray sweats and a T shirt. Don’t look too cute right now. Sorry.”

“M-K.” I felt a little foolish just then, she didn’t bite.

“But, you might like to know I got nothing on underneath.” Her voice was suddenly soft, conspiratorial, “Just me, au-natural.”

“So if I was standing right behind you?”

“Yeah. I could give you a nice show all right.” I could feel my cock grow hard. This ache in my groin. I lay my hand and felt my cock, pressed down. Ohhh, God. So hard. The ache.

There was a pause, she continued, “What you call about?” That tone in her voice. Sing song. She knew. She had the cutest little voice just then, she knew.

“I wanted to find out about, um. Uh.”


“The note.”

“So, you found it!” I could hear giggles.

“I wanted, uh, to know.” Silence, plowing on, “When, how, would, uh. You know?” I really didn’t know what to say.

“Mmmm, I don’t know. But tomorrow. Somehow. Maybe. I have so much homework. I’m VERY stressed.”

“I can meet you before.”

“No. I’ll figure something out, I need something to relax me. Release. Wait!!”

There was a pause.

“Shit. Dad’s pounding on the door, I’m not supposed to be on the phone.” She then shouted, obviously to dad. “It’s David dad. I have a question. Sheesh.” Then softer, “I’m back”

“So tomorrow then. You serious? You think we are getting a little too…”

“Ahhh, David, lets not think about it.”

“Ever bursa sınırsız escort since I got back…”


“We seem to have gone back to some of our old patterns.” She said nothing. In the silence I continued, “I didn’t intend to. Really. Are we getting a little out of control, maybe. I mean, you ok?” Still silence, “Gypsy? You still there.”

“Mmmmm. Yeah. Sooooo, what are you saying? You don’t want to?”

Shit. “It isn’t that.”

She was laughing now.

I start laughing too, adding “Yeah. I mean. Yeah. How did we get like this?”

She whispered in the phone, “I guess we always just been, a little closer than normal, maybe.”

“Yeah but.”

“David. Remember the time we were sitting in your car, chillin.”

“We did that a lot.”

“Yeah, but THE WOODS! The first time.”

“Oh, The Woods.”

“Yeah. I mean we did some stuff before. But that day in the car, in the woods. You gave me those beers, lured me out there with that beer. And we sat in the middle of nowhere talking and talking, and somehow it came up. You found out I wasn’t a virgin and it really bugged you!”

“And I still was.”

She was talking so soft and quiet into the phone, “Yeah, I mean I HAD a boyfriend, and you had a girlfriend and so I was pretty surprised and was just like teasing you.”

“Oh God, this is painful. I can’t believe I asked you if you were, or told you that I wasn’t.”

“Yeah.” There was a slight pause. She continued, “I was surprised, and am like asking you stuff, like ‘Well you seen a girl naked right?’ And there was a silence, and then I am like “NOOOOOOO!’ And you admit it, that you never had. And you said, ‘Not Really.’ And I say, ‘Not really? What does THAT mean?’ That all you ever had was a feel up of some titties. So then! You convince ME, through your pathetic sob story, for me to show you MY tits. And I go along with it. Remember?”

“You were drunk.”

“Nah, I wasn’t drunk. Not really. I was like, no big deal, I can do this. It was funny. So I take my top off and you are like, ‘You don’t have to do this, you don’t have to do this.’ I am sitting there in my bra and say, ‘Here it goes,’ and I slip it off and lean back, and you are staring at my tits.”

“Fuck. Oh fuck.”

“And then you wanted to touch them. But, next thing, The rangers are knocking on the window of our car!!”

“I couldn’t believe it.”

“God I jumped, no top on, and they are opening the car door. I have my top bunched up in my arms holding it in front of me, my bra is like right there laying on the car seat. You were so freaking beet red. We got beer cans in the car. And they want our driver’s license. I fish out mine and you fish out yours, and they are looking at it and us. They say, ‘You two married?’ We both say ‘No.’ They say, ‘You got the same last name,’ and you actually say – ‘She’s my sister.’

“I’m an idiot. I couldn’t think of anything.”

“I will never forget your voice. The one ranger guy gets an ass shitting grin on his face and says, ‘We ain’t reporting this.’ He looks at me, and at you. Gives our cards back and says, ‘Just get going, get out of here. He looks at me again, ‘Put your top on.'”

“Oh Gypsy. It was stupid.”

“So embarrassing. I thought that would be the end of it. But, after that you liked to grab my little titties, didn’t ya.”

“I never got to in the car.”

“So innocent. You thought I wouldn’t notice.”

“I was so jealous.”

“Laying your hand on my back and slipping your fingers around the side. Finally, remember what I said?”

“Yeah. You told me it was ok. You said, ‘They’re so small it doesn’t matter.'”

“So I let you rub my chest. And after, I’d be driving around with a hand on my little tits all the time. Not so small any more?”


“You like my tits then when they were small, or now?”

“I got to choose? Yours were the first breasts I ever saw, the first I touched.”

“The look in your eyes. And I still let you see them. God David. I never get over that day. I was scared and, aroused.”

“You got me aroused, right now.”

“Yeah? You tried to grab me other places too, didn’t you? I let you, a little. Remember when we were at the farm?” Her voice got so low.

“Oh god!”

“We were close that time.”

“Oh god Gypsy. I’ll tell you something. I shouldn’t, but, I so wanted bursa escort bayan to lose my virginity with you.”

“Hmmmm, I suspected. I let you do a lot though! Our little drives. Mmmmm.”

“I didn’t lose it, till college.”

“You hard?”

“Oh, yeah. The fact we can’t keeps the energy so high.”

“Mmmm. I’m so wet right now. Hey David.”


“I’m gonna put your cock in my mouth tomorrow. Our secret.”

“Ohhh.” I was stroking myself now.

We said nothing at that point. The two of us silent on each side of the line. How we could work each other up. It was crazy.

I heard banging on the door again and her voice.

“David. I gotta….”

“I know. Gotta go.”

I could hear dad in the background.



Blow Job

The whole next day I was on edge. I never saw her once, on my drive to school she was not along the road she usually walks between the house we grew up in and the school. How had I gotten myself into this state? Up till now it had all been relatively harmless teasing, touching, seeing, groping. My cock ached, was stiff all day, to the point of aching.

In the afternoon I had two more classes and still had not seen her. I walked the through the lunchroom thinking, maybe. We could get in my car and go drive somewhere, I kept imagining her giving me a blow job.

I stepped into my classroom, everyone sitting in rows and announced a short test. I handed the papers out, “you have fifteen minutes.” It gave me some time to clear my head. I was exhausted, my nerves on edge. I went to sit in my desk and as I slid under, my knees bumped something.


. . .

The desk is one of those old metal styles that drop to the floor from all sides, wide and deep. I immediately felt the soft tug of my sisters fingers reach up between my legs. What the hell? She was pulling my legs open around her, and pulling the chair further under the desk. Unmistakable! I felt her hand press down over my crotch, smoothing the fabric over my hard cock. Pressing her fingers around my shaft, rubbing me in long slow strokes. She began tugging at the zipper of my trousers and pulling the elastic of my briefs down. I slid myself closer and leaned forward, as her busy hands worked my cock out.

Oh my god!

My senses were melting at the feel of her soft hands caressing my dick, looking out at my class desperately to see if they noticed anything. All heads were looking down, pencils going. I reached under the desk into the darkness until I felt her small frame and began softly stroking her hair.

As I did that she wrapped her fingers around my hard cock and held its tip to her mouth, touching my tip with her lips. I felt the air go right out of my lungs at the feel of this amazing pressure of wet lips parting and closing around my cock, just the head at first as she sucked and licked me like a lolly pop. I sat there letting her bob up and down my whole length. Once I felt her bite me lightly and I jumped in my chair. I reached under and swatted her. She thought that biting my cock was funny!

I moved myself quietly, slowly to the edge of my chair, opening my legs as wide as they would go, giving her access. Gypsy began to slide her mouth along my length in a nice rhythm letting my cock press against her cheeks. Then letting me slip out she would lick up one side and the other and press me back into her mouth – over and over. She was gradually increasing her pace and taking me deeper and deeper into her mouth, holding my cock with her hand and squeezing my balls as she bobbed up and down. God she was good at blow jobs. I reached carefully under the desk and slid my hand into the top of her sweater, and began squeezing her luscious breasts.

As I became more aroused, my hips began involuntarily thrusting into her, fucking her mouth in rhythm to her movement on me. So she gave me a blow job as I squeezed her tits, all the while trying to appear normal from above my desk.

The room stayed perfectly silent. At one point, I called out, “Today, you have an extra five minutes. The test is a little longer than usual.” I could barely get the words out, my cock thrusting in and out of her mouth as I spoke, her tongue lapping the underside of my shaft.

She continued to pump on my cock, faster and faster, tightening her lips around me, sucking, grazing me with nilüfer escort her teeth, cupping and squeezing my balls with her hands. It was amazing. Sucking me hard, the pressure was exquisite. I could feel my cum rising from deep inside, that feeling of release. I began trembling, pressing my hands to her skin, and then grabbing her hair and pulling her up and down on me. It felt so incredible, when holding myself perfectly still, my cock began spasming into her throat spraying thick ribbons of cum. Fucking her mouth.

She held her mouth to my cock as long as she could, deep throating me, drinking me in as fast as I sprayed, but she did not take me all in. I tried to hold her to me, but she pushed herself away as I continued to spray cum beneath the desk. I was covering her with cum. Shit. Shit. What would I do? I knew I was spraying her face and hair, down her front. Time was almost up. I heard this little whispered, “ewww.”

I quickly and carefully closed my pants, attempting to compose myself. I zipped my pants and with a deep breath rose from my chair on unsteady legs. “Times up!” I could scarcely stand as I gathered their papers. Did they know? I was trembling, flushed. Did they suspect anything? My face felt like it was on fire, I collected the papers and immediately dismissed the class. Early.

Gypsy kept under the desk, remaining still as I closed and locked the door.

I looked across the empty room before padding over, and sat back down her head peaking out. She reached up again and lay her hand over my crotch, feeling the softness. As Gypsy emerged, she scooped a line of cum off of her chin and holding it in the palm of her hand.

“I’m a mess.” There was cum in her hair.

I took some kleenex and began to wipe her cheeks. She was smiling her white teeth at me, “Surprised!” She was holding her hands out from her body, cum stains down her cheek, covering the front of her hair. I was wiping her and throwing the tissues in the trash.

“You are terrible. Terrible!”

“I told you. What a mess,” she went on her tippie toes and leaning to me, kissed me soft full on the mouth teasing me a little with her tongue. I cupped my hand around her waist and returned the kiss, pressing her to my body, tasting her beautiful mouth as it opened to me, tracing a line on her teeth with my tongue. We silently kissed, softly tonguing one another, pressing to one another.

We leaned back from one another and touched foreheads. I let go and breathed, “Let me return the favor.”

I lay my hand over her crotch. She had on these skin tight stretch pants.

“I got class.”

I looked at the clock, “We have four minutes.” And I began to rub my hand over her pussy.

“David. Oh, I’m so wet. Not fair.” Her mouth was open in an O, and I kissed her as my hand rose up over her bare tummy. I lay it flat on her and slid my whole hand down into her pants, beneath her panties. She opened her legs wider, and a slid my fingers, squishing in between her legs. Immediately finding her clit I began to stroke her hard and fast.

She stood there looking at me, “We are being really bad.”

“Yeah, You started it.”

“Making me crazy.”

She was shaking her hips against me, pressing her cunt into my hand and trembling against me. I was looking down at my hand, the way it pulled out from her pants, rubbing her hard. God I wanted to fuck her, turn her around and bend her over my desk.

I breathed in her ear, “Your pussy feels so good. I’m going to bend you over right now and fuck you.”

“David!” Her eyes got wide.

“You want that. Want my cock inside you, fucking you.”

“Oh,” She closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around me, began to move against me faster. “Yes.”

“Say it.”

“I want you, fucking me. Fuck me so hard.”

“Take you and fuck you. Even if you say no. Say no.”

“No David. Don’t.”

“Fuck you so hard. Open your legs.”

“Ohh, No.”

“I’m taking you, turn around. Push my cock inside you.”

“Ahhh, I’m going to cum.”

“I want to strip you and lay you naked, roll you over, open your legs.”

“Ahh, yes, I’m cumming.” Her whole body shaking, she was bucking against me.

I held her up and felt her body sapsm, her hair buried into my chin as she held to me. I shoved my finger deep into her vagina, and let it slip away, shiny with her cum.

Her eyes shined as she looked up at me. She was so flushed.

All she said was, “I need your keys.”


“I got some stuff in your car. I need to change. Can you drive me home?”

I gave her my keys, took her by the arm and led her to the door and opened it, immediately letting her out before anyone came in.

I sat in my desk.


I still had one more class.

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