My First Time


I had always thought of myself as perfectly straight. I had never heard of the term bisexual, but I did know what gay or “queer” meant. So I would have never considered myself to be that! I never looked at guys’ cocks in the locker room. All I wanted to do was get my hands on some girl’s tits and maybe get either a blowjob or, if I was real lucky, get laid. So my first time with another man was rather unexpected.

My car was in the shop and all my friends were in Manhattan at a concert, but it was Friday night and I was not going to stay home. I hitched a ride with a semi friend of mine. He was okay, but a crappy drunk and I did not want to hang out with him that night. I was lucky, he was heading to his girlfriend’s house so he did not mind dropping me off at The Strip. The Strip was a couple of blocks back to back on Hempstead Turnpike with regular bars, discos, a strip joint and a couple of gay bars. Pretty much whatever was your persuasion was in this area. Me and my friends had a routine where we would start at one end and bounce back and forth across the street going to which ever bar we wanted to go to next. Even though I was by myself this night, I did the same.

My first stop was an old time bar. This place was good to get cheap glasses of beer and play a few games of pinball. Like I said the beer was cheap, so it was a good way to get the buzz started. Next stop was the strip joint. It was still early in the evening so there were only 1 or 2 dancers on at any one time. None of them I knew, nor did I find particularly good looking. One did an interesting trick with a lit cigarette, but that is beside the point. After awhile I left. It was getting later in the evening and most of the bars had a good crowd by now. I was starting to believe that my luck that night was going to be pretty crappy. I would see a good looking girl and go start talking to her. Well next thing I knew either the girl’s boyfriend would finally show up or the rest of her girlfriends, which she had been waiting on, would arrive on the scene. There was no way I was going to pry one of these girls away from their pack.

It was getting later and later and I was getting drunker and drunker. I thought to myself, I was not going to get any this night. I was in a disco and I must have heard Van McCoy’s “Do the Hustle” for what seemed like the 1000 time that night when I said to myself,

“Fuck it,” and decided to leave. “I’ll just get drunk by myself.”

The next bar I went into the music was loud, but it was in another part of the balıkesir escort place towards the back. The front of the joint had a bunch of people just drinking and chatting and dancing in place. I found a seat at the bar and sat down. I was running low on cash so I decided to just drink draft beer. I was going to mind my own business and work on my buzz when another guy sat next to me, ordered a beer and asked,

“How is your luck going tonight?

I chuckled and said, “Not very good.”

He was trying to make small talk, but I was getting loaded and not very talkative. After a couple more beers I decided it was time to go home. I told the guy sitting next to me,

“Hey it was nice talking to you, but I have to head home.”

Now was the hard part. I was pretty lit and about 5 miles from home. Did not have enough money for a cab and at 3:30 in the morning I was not going to call anyone. So, I started to walk home and I was hoping I could hitch a ride. After a hundred yards or so a car pulled up and a couple of guys asked if I needed a ride. My lucky night, I said sure and hopped into the back seat. While I was sitting in the back I heard the driver say,

“Yea, it was boring back there so I decided to head out also.”

That is when I realized that it was the guy who was sitting next to me in the bar. While we were driving his friend in the passenger seat asked if I liked to smoke some pot. I never bought pot, but I would smoke it if offered to me. He fires up a joint and passes it around. Whenever I smoked pot I would get so mellowed out, almost too buzzed. After a short drive I noticed we had stopped at an apartment that I did not live in.

“I have got to go pee,” said the driver. “Do you want to come inside for another beer while I go?”

“Sure” I said, smoking pot and drinking beer I was pretty messed up and figured what the hell one more won’t kill me. I did not have to go to work the next day.

We went inside; while the driver went to pee his friend grabbed a few beers for everyone. Then they passed around another joint and this time I said no thanks. We were just bullshitting when the driver asked if I had ever done poppers? I was pretty wasted so I said no but I would like to try it. He held a small bottle under my nose and said inhale real deep. This stuff blasted me!! My head was flying! After snorting this stuff I feel backwards on the couch with the craziest rush I had ever had. I almost felt like a vegetable. I could not move. But I did feel something strange going on. I looked down and the guy that drove me to this apartment was undoing my belt and pulling my pants down. I was so fried I did not say much, but I had a raging hardon. The guy started sucking my cock. He wasn’t being gentle with it; he was sucking it big time. I did not object because it felt great. While this is going on, his friend undressed and stood right next to my head and with his cock in hand and just stuck it in my mouth. I got a guy sucking my dick and it felt so good, so I just started doing to his friend what I remembered I like having done to me. It felt good having a dick in my mouth. His cock was about the same size as mine, 6 – 6 ½ inches, cut with a big, but soft spongy head, all swollen and purple, and the hard shaft going in and out of my mouth. I do not know how long this was going on, but I exploded in the guy’s mouth that was sucking away on my cock. The hardest and longest I ever came in my life. I felt like I was drowning him with my cum, but it felt awesome. He just swallowed away, taking every last drop that I had.

Now the two guys switched places. But just before they did the one guy put the bottle of poppers under my nose again and said take a hit. Bam, I felt wiped out once more. This stuff was potent. When I started coming back to reality I realized I had been turned over and my knees were on the floor with my chest on the sofa. I felt my ass being played with, first a finger sliding in and out then two. While this was going on the guy who blew me had his clothes off and he put his big cock in my mouth. He was much larger than his friend, easily 8 – 8 ½ inches. He also had real big balls in a long sac. I had a hard time wrapping my lips around his cock. While I was trying to suck his cock I could feel his friend trying to slip something larger than fingers in my ass. He was trying to fuck me. I could feel him pushing and pushing. It did not hurt, but there was a lot of pressure on my asshole. Then pop, he slid about half way in. Again it did not hurt, but I had this feeling of being full. He then backed out a little and pushed forward some more. After doing this for a bit I could then feel his pubic hair against my ass and his balls pushed up against my skin. He was all the way in. So now I had a big cock in my mouth, with balls slapping on my chin and a cock fucking my ass. I know it cannot equate with a woman’s pussy being fucked, but it sure felt good having this dick pounding in and out of my ass. All this time my cock was hard as a rock. My head was spinning, my dick was hard, my mouth was full and a cock was just fucking my ass hard. All of a sudden the guy fucking me grab my hips real hard and slammed himself as deep as he could in my ass. He was cumming over and over, filling my butt with his hot cum. I felt wiped out. But these guys were not done with me.

After pulling out these guys switched places again. This time the guy with the huge cock was going to fuck me. And this time it did hurt going in. It felt like I was being torn in two. The guy with the big cock just held my hips firmly and just stuck the head of his cock in my ass. I had to adjust to his size or this was not going to be fun. The other guy came up to my face and stuck the bottle of poppers under my nose again and had me take a whiff. This did its needed effect on me. I became very relaxed and I could feel the big cock start to slide into my ass. It felt like forever, but finally I could feel him push all the way in and his skin pushed up against my butt meant he was home. I have never felt so full in my entire life. It was not just my ass, but it felt like his cock was going to come out my mouth. He was big and fat and all the way in me. He slowly started pulling out and sliding in; pulling out and sliding in. After a few minutes he was in full fucking speed. His balls were slapping me so hard with every in stroke. My ass was on fire and my cock was straining so hard. He seemed to go on and on fucking me over and over and all of a sudden I started cumming all over the place. I had not even touched my own cock but I was cumming hard and heavy. Finally he grunted loudly and jammed himself as deep as he could go and filled my ass with more cum. I could feel cum dripping out my ass and running down my legs. I was exhausted and sore, but we were not done. These guys each fucked me twice. I sucked each of them off. I fucked one of them and must have cum about 5 times myself that night.

I crashed on the couch and the next morning they finally drove me home. My ass was so sore and I slept most of the day. When I walked I walked like I had a pole up my ass, kind of like what was up my ass less than 24 hours earlier. I felt great, used and abused, but felt great. This night started me on going out by myself more. If I could not pick up a girl I would then start looking for guys. I thought to myself I had doubled my chances of getting laid or blown. I did not live in New York much longer, and I had to be careful that none of my straight friends would see me when I went out on the prowl. But when I moved to Atlanta, watch out, there was nothing to hinder me, because no one knew who I was and I could go out and do whatever I wanted to.

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