My First Boyfriend Pt. 02


While Brad and I drove to the restaurant I rubbed and teased Brads cock through his dockers and then I couldn’t resist and undid his pants and pulled his cock out stroking and bent over to start licking and sucking on his cock head. Brad was enjoying the road head . After a couple minutes the car stopped and as I lifted my head from his lap as I thought we were at the restaurant but we had stopped at a red light and when I looked around the car in the lane next to us looked at us. My thought was they knew what I was doing and I grinned as I looked at them (which it wasn’t dark out yet so they could clearly see) I went back to giving Brad road head as the light changed and we started moving again. Shortly after we did arrive at the restaurant and I tucked Brads cock back in his pants and we went in the restaurant.

The waitress lead us to our table and we ordered our drinks and started chatting about nothing really then Brad said he like getting road head and the look on those people next to us at the light was priceless when I sat up. He liked the idea of me being such a slut.

I told Brad I am horny 24/7 and love pleasing men and being used for their sexual pleasure even though I wasn’t sure why but I do love it. We had a nice dinner and then a couple more drinks before Brad asked if I wanted to go see a movie. I said I was enjoying the night so a movie would be nice. Brad asked for the check and when the waitress asked if separate checks which Brad said one check please as this is our first date. That statement shocked me as well as the waitress from the look on her face.

She brought the check and as she walked away she grinned and said good luck. We thanked her and left. As we got outside Brad asked me if telling her that made me feel uncomfortable which I said not really more shocked then anything. We got into the car which Brad again opened the door for me and closed it after I got in just as if I was the woman.

We drove for about 10 minutes chatting on the way and when he pulled into a parking lot where we went in and Brad paid for the tickets. We got something to drink and went into the movie room where we found a couple seats towards the back. As we waited for the movie to start we were chatting and Brad leaned over and kissed me and I kissed him back. We kissed a little but not to much as we really didn’t want to flaunt it as people started coming in.

We watched the movie and held hands most of the time and rubbed each others cocks through our pants ever so often. The movie wasn’t all that good (or rather I wasn’t really into it)but I was enjoying the date so far. After the movie was over we headed out and got into the car and it was about 1130pm by this time and we went to Brads house.

As the door closed Brad spun around and stuck his tongue down my throat and we started making out as we were taking our clothes off the best we could without breaking the kiss. Once we were naked we headed to his bedroom where he told me to lay on the bed. Brad got on top of me and we made out for a while then he started kissing down my neck (which always sends chills through my body)

Brad worked his way down my body and I was in heaven because it really felt like he was making love to me taking his time kissing and licking his way down my body and when he started licking and kissing my cock which was rock hard. He was driving me crazy. Brad lifted my legs a little and was licking my taint he had me squirming and going nuts.

Brad put my cock in his mouth and started sucking me and as much as I tried to hold off cumming it only took about 5 minutes when I told him to stop or I was going to blow. Brad didn’t stop and I filled his mouth with the biggest load I have shot in years. Brad swallowed most of my cum and when I was done he made his way back up my body and started kissing me again and to my surprise he still had some of my cum in his mouth where he put it in my mouth as we kissed.

I started kissing his neck and worked my way down his body stopping at his nipples to suck and pinch them before going down further.

When I got to his cock I licked and kissed his balls and gently sucked on each nut then he turned over and izmit escort presented his ass to me and I spread his cheeks and drove my tongue into his hole. I rimmed him for 10 to 15 minutes and by the moans coming from Brad I knew he was enjoying it. (normally after I cum I lose my sexual hunger but not this time) as I was hard again and felt I was making love to Brad.

We switched positions and were now in the 69 position where we sucked each other and Brad moves my ass up to where he was now rimming me and getting me really wet. Then he turned around and lifted my legs up and spit a couple times on my hole and said he wanted to be inside me. With that he moved closer and had his cock head touching my hole which made me shake with anticipation.

Brad slowly entered me with a slight pop as his cock head and my hole allowing his invasion. Once he was in my leaned down and kissed me as he slowly pushed his cock in further. My legs were on his shoulders and I started pushing my hips towards him to get more of him in. A minute or 2 later I could feel his balls touching my ass cheeks and knew his was all the way in.

Brad started pumping into me in slow steady strokes pulling almost all the was out then slowly back in until he was balls deep. This was driving me crazy because I never had anyone go that slow and the feeling was amazing and it lasted about 10 minutes before Brad started picking up the pace some.

He pulled out and flipped me over and got me on my hands and knees and reentered me and started pumping faster. I found myself pushing back on his cock with each thrust of him going in me. Brad says he needs to really fuck me hard and with that all I could do was moan and beg him to give it to me. Brad really started hammering my ass to where the headboard was banging against the wall (and if his neighbors were home would know I was getting pounded good as Brad lived in an apartment building)

I was so into it and getting pretty loud as he fucked me hard where Brad actually put his hand over my mouth to quiet me down some. He fucked me hard for what felt like 30 minutes but was probably 10 at the most. Then Brad grunted and I felt his cum fill my walls and moaned just as loud as his grunts. When Brad finished seeding me we both dropped flat on the bed with Brad still in me and we stayed there in the after glow until Brad went soft and slipped out which I sighed not feeling him in me anymore.

After wards Brad rolled over and we spooned as he was kissing my neck and asked if I would spend the night or he could drive me home. I spent the night needless to say. The next morning I woke up before Brad and decided to suck his cock and wake him up that way which once he woke up we ended up fucking again before we showered together and Brad sucking me off in the shower.

After drying off Brad made coffee and we sat at the kitchen table where we talked about our first date and decided to have another date that night. As we dressed and left for Brad to take me home one of the neighbors was outside getting his paper and said Hi to us and just grinned at us. Brad told me that was his neighbor and must have been home while we were fucking.

Fast forward 2 months

Brad and I had been seeing each other for almost 3 months and aside from the great sex we were having we also shared many other interest. I still hooked up with other guys from time to time but Brad has become my main fuck and he knew I hooked up with a few other guys and we also would go to the park or adult store together and Brad seemed to like using me and having others join us and he made sure others we played with knew I was his cum slut and did what he wanted.

One night we were at my place chilling and chatting when Brad asked me about the last couple months and what I thought about it. I told him I enjoy the way we get along and the sex was great. He said he enjoyed it also and really liked us hanging out and the submissive side of me, in fact I brought out the more dominant side of him that he didn’t realize he had. With that Brad asked me what I thought of becoming a couple?

I told him I wasn’t sure because I don’t think I could be true to one cock. Brad laughed and said that’s part of the reason he likes me because I didn’t want just one cock. I said if you’re okay with that then being a couple would be nice. Brad said great. So that night we became a couple and Brad stayed the night and we fucked a couple times that night before falling asleep.

The next day Brad sad he had a couple errands to run but would be back in an hour or so. I cleaned my house while he was gone and when he came back he said he had a present for me to celebrate us becoming a couple. With that he told me to get naked which I did wondering what he was up to.

Brad reached into a brown bag and pulled out a box and when he opened it he tells me he knows I want strange cock from time to time but it would be under his terms and with that he showed me a cock cage and kneed down inform of me and I was curious what it would feel like on and as he started to put it together on my cock I started getting hard which didn’t help but he managed to get it on before I got fully hard and I felt my 5 1/2 in little cock straining. Then Brad put a little padlock on it and stood up.

Brad kissed me and said now you can suck cocks even get fucked but your now getting sucked or cum without my permission. With that he put his hands on my shoulders and put pressure on me which I knew what he wanted and I went to my knees and pulled his cock out and started sucking him off. The cage was uncomfortable and my cock was straining to get hard (as I always get hard when sucking a cock) and as I sucked his cock he was calling me his cock sucking bitch and how much of a faggot I am.

After a short time he turned me around and spit on my hole and started entering me and once he was in and doing the slow pumping he asked how my cock felt being he nor I could touch it and although I did try to touch it I couldn’t and it was really turning me on and I stared begging him to fuck me hard.

Brad grabbed my hips hard and then started pounding my ass really hard and only lasted about 5 minutes when he shot his load deep inside me. It drove me crazy because I couldn’t touch my cock and I wanted to cum so bad but couldn’t. After Brad was done we took a shower together and he teased me even more while showering and tells me it will be his choice when and where I cum which made me nervous not knowing how long he would make me wait but excited at the same time.

A couple days later I was getting use to the cage and we were going out so we showered together and Brad unlocked my cage and said it’s time to clean your cock but don’t cum. For the first time in 2 1/2 days I was able to touch my cock which got had right away but Brad watched as I cleaned my cock but made sure I didn’t stroke myself other then to clean it and once we showered and dried off Brad again put the cage back on.

We went to dinner and then he took us to the local adult store where we went into the back where the little booths are and a small movie room was. It wasn’t really to busy but there were 4 or 5 other guys there either in booths and 2 in the movie room. We went into the movie room first and sat down to watch some of the straight porno that was playing (which when I do watch porno I am always looking at the cocks not the women )one older guy sitting a few feet away was stroking his cock and Brad pulled his out and started doing the same and looked at me and tells me to pull my pants down below my knees so that others could see my cock cage and couldn’t stroke my cock.

When I did the guys eyes widened as he looked towards us and seen my cage. Brad put his hand on my neck and pulled me towards his cock which I eagerly started sucking as the older guy watched. After a couple minutes I heard Brad ask the guys (2 others came in while I was sucking Brads cock) any of you guys want your dicks sucked because my caged cock whore loves sucking.

I heard someone moving and Brad pulls me off his cock and there stood another guy with his hard cock in his hand pointing it at me. Brad tells me to get on my knees and as I did the guy sticks his cock to my lips and as I opened my mouth he jams his cock in and started face fucking me and continued for maybe 5 minutes when he grabbed my head and exploded in my mouth telling me to swallow it bitch. Granted he was maybe 6 1/2 and not real thick but he was rough.

Once he was done he backed away and left. Brad says anyone else want this bitches mouth but the 2 that were left didn’t move just kept stroking their cocks so we got up and headed to one of the booths which there were 2 there that were called buddy booths and a little larger then the other 8 or 10 booths. We got in the booth and Brad put all the tokens we got in the video machine and added a 5 dollar bill.

He had me on my knees for a couple minutes then had me stand up and pull my pants down to my ankles and had me bend over where he lubed me up and his cock and entered me as I bent over. He got in position where I was facing the doorway entrance as he started fucking me. We heard footstep coming our way and a guy looks in and seeing us fucking and stands there watching as he stroked his cock. The guy then came in the booth and put his cock to my lips and I took his cock in my mouth and now I was getting spit roasted.

This went on for about 10 minutes and almost at the same time they both let go with Brad filling my ass and the other guy spilling a huge load in my mouth which I wasn’t able to keep up with and had some running down my chin and neck. The guy left and Brad and I set there watching a gay porno movie and about 5 minutes later another guy looks inside our booth and seen me stroking Brad and my pants down with the cage showing.

The guy was black and not really dark skin but more like a coffee and cream color. He pulls out his cock which strangely was a little darker that the rest of him. He was already hard and about 8 inches or a little bigger and above average thickness. Brad tell me to get on my knees and take care of the gentlemen. It seems I can deep throat on my knees better then other positions and when I went balls deep on him he moaned and said “oh Yeah” suck it all slut I got a big load for you to swallow.

Brad aid if you got a condom you can fuck this faggot then shoot your load in his mouth when your ready. He pulled his cock out and slapped my face with it and handed me a condom and told me it was my job to put the condom on his black cock. I opened it and put it on which stretched to condom pretty good. He then told me to turn around and Brad said the slut don’t need any lube because I filled his ass pussy with my load.

I felt his cock at my hole and then the pressure of his cock head popping inside me. He started forcing himself in a little more quickly then I would have liked but luckily Brad had stretched me out already so it didn’t hurt to much even with Brads cum inside me. Within a minute or so he was balls deep inside me and started pounding my ass. As he was pounding another guy walks in and again I was being spit roasted.

Brad was encouraging these to guys on and they were getting a little rough but not bad. I was enjoying the feeling of being used when the guy in my mouth pulls out and shot his load on my face and then left and shortly after that the black guy says he can’t stop and I felt his cock swell and he started cumming. Once he was done he pulled out and took his condom off and tells me to drink his cum out of the condom. I did and swallowed it all then he rubbed his cock on my face and smeared the other guys cum all over my face and then had me clean him clean.

After that we left with my still having hints of cum on my face and as we were leaving the clerk looked at us and grinned saying looks like someone had a good time tonight. Brad laughed and said this slut never gets enough. Brad and I were together for a little over 2 years when he had to move to Arizona for a big job offer and we tried the long distance relationship for about a year but grew apart. The times he shared my and used me went from a couple times a week to basically either a Friday or Sat night but I did suck him whenever or wherever he wanted and I think the longest I went without cumming was 3 weeks.

I still enjoy going to the adult store once in a while and it seems if I wear a cock cage it actually draws attention and seems I get used a little more being I can’t get sucked so they must like the idea of being able to use me with no pressure of having to return the favor.

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