My Exception is You Ch. 13

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***Every character in this story is 18+ years old***

Hey lovelies! No one asked for it, but I’m offering it… If you want to know what my visual inspiration is for Bruno and Clay please keep on reading. If you don’t, and want to keep your personal image of Bruno and Clay in your mind, skip down to enjoy this Bruno chapter below the hash lines! lol.

Clay: just like Google/Instagram search Kyle Krieger in literally any photo (not the face, just the body, but like if you don’t mind his face then sure! lol). Clay in my mind is like a slightly less buff/blond version with some stomach hair (add sexy happy trail to his dick) but similar build. Especially those juicy thighs and mancakes… You’re welcome. 😉

Bruno: This one is a lot more specific. Instagram search Bretman Rock and find specifically the “HBD TO ME” picture where he’s holding a cake. And then also just a few posts before that one, the picture of him in the woven hat, shirtless. Like those two pictures scream Bruno to me. Of course not exactly, but that is a gist.


I was pacing my dorm room, fiddling with the ties to my sweatshirt when Jake grabbed my shoulder. He gripped it roughly, jostling me before laughing. “You look terrified,” he breathed and I shrugged, nodding slowly. “Alright I understand why. You’re meeting someone from Clay’s family. But, he invited Devon and me too. And his roommate Mel will be there too,” he reminded me and I sighed, shoving my hands into my pocket as I glared at the ground.

“It’s never felt this nerve wracking before!” I grumbled and Jake laughed.

“That’s because you’ve never been in the position of saying, hey by the way I’m the reason your cousin is probably going to hell!” he teased, trying to lighten to mood. I rolled my eyes, pushing away from him to check my hair in the mirror. I hated how unruly it got when I let it grow out, snagging one of my headbands and sliding it on to push it back.

“Should I cut my hair soon?” I asked and Jake shrugged.

“It’s definitely getting longer, but I think it looks kind of nice like that. Especially with how wavy it is,” he ruffled it violently and I winced, pushing it back off my face as I studied myself. I had on a pair of my baggier jeans and a light hoodie, not shirt on underneath. I felt ok but part of me wondered if I should put a nicer outfit on to impress his cousin.

“Fuck, why am I so nervous?!” I grumbled as Jake pushed me out of our room, my hands fumbling over my pockets to make sure I had everything.

“You have to chill Bruno!” he insisted, pulling his phone out as he threw his arm over my shoulders and lugged me along with him. “Hey Dev, yeah we’re heading down now. I know, Bruno’s a hot mess though,” he teased, ruffling my hair up. I scoffed and pushed his hand away, not wanting to look like a bushy mess by the time we got to Clay’s house. “Alright,” he hung up and smiled at me as he pushed me through the door to the stairs.

“Clay told me Katie was like his sister and that they were super close growing up!” I started panicking again and Jake sighed, pushing the door open as I walked outside. Devon stood with his arms crossed, a stupid grin on his face as he studied me.

“You’re really tweakin’ out huh?” he laughed, gripping the back of my neck and jostling me around.

“You two really don’t know how to make someone feel better!” I barked, shoving him. He stumbled back, laughing as Jake pat my back roughly.

“We’re just trying to get you out of your own fucking head. Isn’t that why Clay invited us?” he pressed and I pouted, crossing my arms.

“I didn’t want either of you there,” I insisted and Devon chuckled as we started walking toward Clay’s house. “Honestly he can’t stand either of you, so why he invited you-“

“That’s a bit harsh!” Devon started, Jake acting appalled as I rolled my eyes. “I like to think Clay really appreciates what I’ve done for the two of you. And he seems to really enjoy how much Jake cares about you, at least from what Jake’s told me,” Devon continued. I could only scoff and grumble as we continued.

“Well what about Tyler?!” I demanded then and Devon shrugged. “He’s been super great recently too,” I insisted, thinking about this past week.

“Maybe he said no? Or Clay didn’t ask,” Jake shook his head slowly and then glanced at me with a subtle smile. “You know I’m really happy he’s finally treating you right,” he started and Devon laughed as I sighed. I felt so embarrassed. “Although it’s starting to be hard to stomach how lovey dovey the two of you have become,” he continued then.

“For real! It’s fucking insufferable!” Devon laughed with Jake, both of them enjoying my frustration. “But it’s great to see you two finally out and happy,” he insisted and I shook my head.

“I think Clay is having a harder time with it than he is letting on. Especially with coach being a fucking prick to him now. Not to mention his family situation hasn’t gotten any better. Only some istanbul travesti of his cousins and stuff on his mom side are remotely supportive,” I mumbled, still irked and baffled at how insane some of the messages and voicemails were. That night was emotionally exhaustive and brutal; I hated leaving him alone but I didn’t have it in me to handle anymore by the end of the night. But that’s when Katie and him talked and she insisted on visiting this weekend. So now here we were…

“I hope she’s hot,” Jake started as we walked up the stairs and I punched his stomach, glaring at him as he wheezed and laughed, curled over slightly. “Jesus Bruno, I’m just saying it would be a nice plus!” he rubbed his side and stomach, shaking his head as he smirked at me.

“Can’t say I don’t feel the same way!” Devon snickered, knocking lightly. The door opened and Mel smiled studying the three of us.

“Mel this is Jake and Devon, our friends,” it felt funny saying our, and having people know I meant Clay and myself. But it wasn’t a bad feeling, just different. She leaned on the door, crossing her arms as she pursed her lips.

“You two look like trouble,” she gestured between them and I smirked as they scoffed. “Bruno why are you friends with them?” she demanded, her eyes light as she bit her lip. The more I got to know her, the more I realized she was such a character.

“This asshole has been following me around since middles school,” I slapped the back of my hand into Jake’s chest and he winced, his hand on my wrist as he smirked at me. “And this fucker was the only one who stood up for me after I came out,” I gestured to Devon and she sighed, shaking her head.

“I suppose it can’t be helped then, huh?” she stepped back, letting us head inside.

“Clay never told me his house had a bouncer!” Devon teased, Mel laughing happily as she followed us. I glanced at the living room, noticing a small duffle bag by the couch. My stomach fluttered as Devon and Jake plopped down onto the couch.

“Clay!” Mel called up the stairs and my heart sunk, a nauseous feeling creeping up our of my stomach as it churned. “Can one of you make yourself useful and come help me in the kitchen?” she gestured to them, Devon laughing as Jake looked baffled.

“Who does she think she is talking to us like that?!” Jake laughed as Devon got up and walked past me.

“Hey Clay, is this Katie?” Devon called out behind me and I flinched, turning slowly as my hands started to tremble. Clay’s back was to the living room, Devon smiling as he reached out to hug someone. My heart felt like it was in my throat, this irrational fear consuming me.

“Bruno!” Clay smiled at me and I blinked, trying to snap out of it as he hurried over to me. He hugged me, my body responding but I felt like I was on autopilot. He kissed me then hesitated, his forehead wrinkling. “You ok?” he demanded and I swallowed, nodding once.

“Just nervous,” I whispered.

“Nervous?” her voice called out and I flinched, pulling away as Clay stepped back. She was just a bit shorter than me with long, brown hair. Her eyes were hazel and she had a big smile. “Bruno?!” she demanded happily, giggling as she hurried over and hugged me. I felt stunned, holding her as I glanced at Clay. He looked too amused. “I’ve heard so much about you!” she gushed, holding my arms as she pulled away. Her face was bright, her smile warm as she studied me.

“Wish I could say the same,” I muttered and she pouted, glaring at Clay. “Oh no, he told me enough. But I’m sure he blabbed on about me,” I defended him, hating how uneasy I felt.

“I’m just so excited to meet you!” she insisted, Clay sighing as he rubbed my back. “We’ve been wondering when Clay was going to date someone and settle down a bit,” she crossed her arms as she nudged him, his hand gripping my waist as he pulled me into him.

“Well he picked right!” Jake called out then and I flinched as he stepped up. She glanced at him, smiling as she held her hand out. “Jake, Bruno’s best friend. And Clay’s newest fan?” he offered lightly, Clay looking embarrassed.

“Yeah I’ve heard about you too. Bruno’s body guard,” she teased and I blushed, shaking my head as I adjusted my headband. “And that was Devon, you said Tyler was coming too?” she asked Clay then and he nodded.

“He had to submit an assignment but was coming over right after,” he breathed and she nodded, looking pleased.

“Awesome, I’m excited. It’s nice putting faces to the names,” she actually pinched my cheek, giggling before turning and heading into the kitchen. “Mel!” she skipped out and I sighed, slumping into Clay as exhaustion hit me.

“He’s so nervous, it’s adorable!” Jake tugged on my ear, Clay laughing quietly as he hugged me. “I’m going into the kitchen,” Jake left quickly and I shook my head.

“He probably thinks your cousin is hot,” I muttered, Clay rubbing my back as he kissed my forehead.

“You ok?” he ignored the comment, squeezing me gently as I looked up at him.

“Just stupidly istanbul travestileri nervous. Is this how you felt with my family?” I demanded and he smiled, biting his lip as he nodded. “Fuck, I feel so bad acting like it was all ok. Especially if this is how it felt,” I grumbled, hugging him tightly as I buried my face into his chest.

“It’s ok. It feels like good enough payback to me,” he whispered. I felt his arm move, then his hand on my neck. Without hesitating I moved, looking up in time to see him leaning into me. My eyes closed as I sighed happily, our lips pressing together. He hesitated, breathing gently against my lips. “I love you,” he muttered, my eyes opening to see his staring back at me.

“I love you too,” I whispered and he smirked, exhaling a light laugh before both his hands held my neck. He kissed me tenderly, my hands on his ribs as I clung to his shirt. “Come on, let’s hang out with Katie,” I pulled away, taking his hand. His kisses had put new energy in me, washing away all of my nerves as I barged into the kitchen.

“-was always the type to play pranks growing up!” Katie giggled, eating what looked like a cupcake as Jake sat next to her, admiring her.

“What kind of pranks?” he demanded, glancing at Clay and I as we walked in. Devon was sitting on the counter eating a cupcake himself as Mel peeked into the oven.

“Just stupid stuff. Like telling all of our younger cousins crazy stories about things hidden in our grandparent’s house, or those joke toys where you open the box and get scared by things popping out!” she gestured animatedly with her hands, Jake chuckling as he nodded.

“That was so long ago,” Clay walked past me then, leaning on the counter as she shrugged.

“But he was always sort of mischievous. I blame his parents though. Had he been raised normally,” she scoffed, biting her cupcake angrily. Hell she was even chewing on it with irritation evident in her actions as she shook her head. “Like any other kid should have been treated and I’m sure he’d have been better off and not been such a dick,” she glanced at him and he smirked, closing his eyes as he shrugged.

“What do you mean?” Devon demanded, seeming confused as he glanced at me. Jake looked intrigued too, although I’m sure he could guess based on the things Clay said when he snapped at him.

“Oh his parents are a fucking nightmare! No offense,” she offered quickly and Clay actually laughed.

“Please, I feel the same way. You can’t offend me when it comes to them,” he breathed and she smiled, nodding once as she shrugged then and turned to Devon. “Like, not normal. Way too strict and controlling. I feel like military schools would love to take lessons from their parenting book,” she shook her head and Clay sighed, glancing at me as I frowned.

“I guess that explains why you were so annoyingly perfect since the day I met you!” Devon insisted, Clay nodding as he fiddled with a crumb in front of him before flicking it. A knock on the door made him flinch and then disappear. “So Katie, what about you?” Devon started and I smiled, sitting down next to her.

“I’m sure Clay’s told you about all of us. To some extent, but we want to know about you,” I agreed and she smiled at me, patting my hand before grabbing another cupcake. I grabbed one myself, Mel smiling as she watched me.

“I made those myself,” she breathed and I smiled.

“I’m sure they’ll be delicious!” I insisted.

“That lasagna you made was amazing!” Katie gushed excitedly, her hand on my arm. I tried not to drop my cupcake from her force, smiling as I took a bite.

“It was her recipe,” I gestured to Mel, my cupcake tucked in my cheek as I covered my mouth. That got me a cute giggle from her, easing me a bit.

“What smells amazing?” Tyler’s voice called out and I turned, smiling at him as he came into the kitchen. Clay stood behind me, leaning onto me as I rest my elbows on the island.

“I’m making caprese chicken breasts with roasted potatoes and asparagus,” Mel breathed and I sighed, Katie smiling.

“Can you come live with me instead of this asshole?” she slapped Clay’s shoulder, Mel giggling and blushing. “That lasagna was killer, these cupcakes are amazing, and that smells fantastic too,” Katie gestured to the oven and Clay sighed.

“Stop trying to steal my best friend,” he grumbled and Katie giggled, her nose scrunching cutely.

“So you’re Clay’s cousin?” Tyler asked, glancing at Katie. She nodded and he sighed, glancing at Mel then.

“Roommate,” Mel put her hand to her chest and he smirked.

“I think I’ve seen you at his parties before,” he gestured to Clay and Mel nodded. “Alright cool. I’m Tyler,” he chuckled and Katie smiled. “And you’re here because of what happened this past weekend right?” he cut right to the point, Katie nodding still with that same smile on her face.

“Yeah our family fucking sucks. But I wanted to make sure Clay was ok, and after hearing about all of you I asked if I could meet everyone,” she admitted travesti istanbul and I sighed.

“So Clay had some nice things to say about me?” Jake demanded, seeming happy and surprised.

“Not really,” Katie giggled and he pouted, studying Clay and I. “But from what he told me I knew you were just being a good friend. Which is awesome!” she nudged him and he actually blushed. “But yeah, Clay feels like a brother to me. And I want him to be happy and know he’s surrounded by amazing people. Especially after hearing about some of the shit my family’s said to him,” she darkened then, shaking her head slowly.

“Well enough about that! Dinner is going to be ready soon, let’s actually use the damn dining room for once yeah?” Mel gestured and soon enough everyone was helping out setting the table like a weird, awkward but enthusiastic family. We talked over dinner, no one even noticing we were all done eating for the longest time as the laughs and stories continued on well into the night.

After a while we drifted into the living room, pulling out Cards Against Humanity to play and drink into the night. By the time we finished a few hands I was realizing how silly I was for worrying. Katie was such a sweetheart and so fun to be around. In fact her and Clay were pretty similar and that was amusing as well.

“Oh and Clay took me to prom!” Katie blurted out as we all got another round of drinks. Clay looked embarrassed, his cheeks flushed. But that could have been from the alcohol too. “Asked me to play up being upset no one in my class asked me. Of course that was because I had a secret boyfriend who was too old to go,” she hiccupped, giggling then and Clay chuckled.

“Yeah well, we were saving each other from interrogation. You were single and I was offering you an out. And you didn’t know it but you prevented my mom from picking a date for me,” he grumbled and Katie giggled.

“Your mother is such a fucking shrew, god I always hated her,” she lost any filter she had as soon as she started drinking. Of course it made for some interesting stories, but hearing her blunt opinions was both jarring and amusing.

“What about your mom?!” Clay snorted and she scoffed then blew a raspberry, shaking her head as she grabbed her cards.

“They’re two peas in a terrible pod. But at least my mom isn’t as senile,” she teased and Clay laughed happily.

“Who’s judge?” Devon demanded, and I felt my forehead wrinkle as I raised my hand hesitantly.

“I think me?” I offered, feeling rather drunk myself. I grabbed the card, leaning on Katie a bit as I read it. “What’s that smell?” I snorted, slapping it down. “What a dumb card,” I grumbled and Katie giggled, pushing me away as I tried to look at her hand.

“No cheating!” she insisted, Jake chuckling. “Wait help me pick,” she went to turn to me and I fell over laughing.

“Katie I’m the judge!” I teased and she gasped.

“Oh shut up, I’m drunk!” she slapped my leg lightly and then turned to Jake. “You, help me!” she insisted and he laughed, leaning in to look at three of her cards. “I like all of them,” she admitted and he read one of them, dying of laughter before tapping it.

“That one for sure!” he insisted and she bit her lip, slapping it down excitedly. Everyone had their cards in and I grabbed the pile. I put it behind my back, shuffling them around as Katie giggled and squirmed excitedly. I read a few, a lot of them rather funny I had two left and flipped one over.

“Auschwitz?!” I demanded, baffled as I laughed. “Oh that’s not right!” and then I flipped the last one. “The gays!” I collapsed, punching the table as I laughed so hard. Everyone was laughing too, but I think I was a bit too tipsy. “Oh my fucking god yes,” I held it up, wiping my eyes and Katie giggled, grabbing it.

“Shouldn’t it be my point though?!” Jake demanded playfully and she scoffed, holding her card away as she shook her head. He pretended to be upset as Tyler grabbed a card to judge, ignoring their bickering. I glanced at Clay who was biting his lip, reading through his cards. He tapped Devon, showing him a few as they conferred. But my eyes were glued to him. And I didn’t know if it was always alcohol that made me this way, but I got really horny whenever I watched him long enough.

In fact every time I was a bit tipsy and around Clay I found myself always in a precarious situation with him. He set his card down, grabbing another when he glanced at me. He hesitated, studying me when a sexy smile pulled at his lips. My dick twitched and I blushed, pulling away as I realized he could read right through me. We played a few more rounds when Mel yawned, seeming tired. Katie and I were both incredibly drunk at this point, everyone else only a bit tipsy.

“I think Bruno should stay here,” Jake laughed as I tried to stand up but wobbled and fell over, laughing at myself as I laid on the floor on my stomach. “Is that ok with you Clay?” he asked.

“Bruno’s always welcome to stay here,” he breathed easily and I groaned, wiggling as my stomach turned.

“You always want me in your bed,” I rolled onto my back, tucking my hands behind my head as I pressed my feet into the ground. “You can’t stay away from all this,” I lunged my hips up into the air, Katie giggling as she slapped my stomach.

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