My Dream Wife

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The following story is pure imagination. Unfortunately it never happened to me, to meet such a woman in my younger days and marry her. So this unfulfilled dream from me and many other men has taken its toll and expressed in my writing of this story. As my dream unfolds I’m 30 years old and married. My name is William and married for the past three years to the ideal wife. Her name is Hillary and she is a beautiful woman with natural auburn curled hair and chestnut eyes, a gorgeous body and she’s a hot piece of ass.

She isn’t one of these wives who thinks that sex should only happen twice a week and then just at night in the bedroom. If I want to fuck her in the kitchen while we are having breakfast, or in laundry room while the clothes are in the dryer, that’s fine with her. When we get into bed at night and I’m in the mood to fuck her, she’s always in the mood to let me. She never says, not tonight, I have a headache, or uses the excuse It’s late and we have to get up early in the morning. Her pussy has a love affair going with my cock and she believes they should be together as much as possible.

The perfect wife? Wait, there’s more. She’s a very imaginative lover. Less than a year after we were married, she told me she’d get a big charge out of watching, while I fucked another woman. When I was convinced she meant it, I was all for the idea and that’s what we did. She invited her friend, Nancy, over to play fun games with us. Nancy’s husband Ronald was out of town, so she was able to spend the night. I took turns screwing them. As they pulled my shorts down, my seven inch cock stood erect and throbbing. They stood there looking, then both touched it with their fingers, as if to assure themselves it was real. Next, each shed her negligee, and then led me to the shower. They adjusted the water temperature, then directed the spray on my body, as each with a bar of soap covered me from head to toe with suds.

They seemed mesmerized by my dick as they knelt, stroking him with their soapy hands. I warned them to stop or I was going to lose control, but they only increased their stroking action, commenting on how big the head was getting. I could hold back no longer and the come started spurting out all over them as they alternated their hands, pumping against the swelled head. After the initial squirts, they positioned their mouths to try to catch some as they pumped. They each received enough to taste before my climax ended, then sat there watching him wilt as they savored the flavor of my come. After rinsing off and drying, we retired to the bedroom, where they refreshed the drinks and sat talking.

As we finished the drinks, they wanted to know if I would eat them, as Nancy had never been with a man that had wanted to eat pussy. I had never eaten two at the same time, but was willing to try. I positioned their bodies at forty five degree angles, their butts touching and legs up in the air. l knelt at the edge of the bed, devouring these two beautiful cunts with my eyes, while trying to decide which one to dive into first. Their pussy lips were full and standing open, revealing the tiny opening to the love tunnel. Each had a pink clit sticking out from under the hood, inviting a nibble. As I stared at this erotic sight, I could see the beads of moisture beginning to coat the lips of their pussies. I started fondling the lips with my fingers and both girls’ hips twitched as I touched their clits.

They escort ataşehir were both massaging their breasts and moaning little sounds of pleasure, when I finally decided to start on Nancy’s blond pussy first. I licked from the love tunnel up to the clit, circling it for a few seconds before repeating the operation. As my tongue arrived at the clit on each stroke, Nancy’s hips raised up and a little gasp escaped her lips. The flow of nectar increased as I started stabbing my tongue into her hole at the beginning of each stroke. My hand had been caressing Hillary’s pussy while I licked Nancy’s, but after about a minute I changed, and began licking Hillary while fondling Nancy. After ten minutes, both girls were moaning constantly, their bodies quivering and both cunts were flooded with their cream. I locked my lips around Nancy’s clit with suction while fluttering my tongue over the tip. Her hips started violently jerking as she climaxed, and it was all I could do to stay on her clit.

As the spasm diminished, she reached down, pushing my head away, and laid her hand over her pussy. I then repeated the same sucking on Hillary’s clit, bringing on her climax. Nancy had moved her hand, leaving her creamy pussy exposed to my view, the clit shrunken to a small knob under the edge of its hood. I couldn’t resist licking her nectar, so started gently licking her cunt again. My dick was rock-hard and throbbing for release, but I was receiving so much pleasure from the taste of her cream and the sounds of her moans, that I continued until her hips began undulating. Moving up on the bed, I pulled her around and lowered myself between her legs Reaching down, she grasped my dick with both hands, guiding it into her tunnel of love, emitting a gasp of pleasure as I drove it all the way in. Her feet were on the bed, pressing her body up to meet mine on each stroke as I slowly undulated my hips, reveling in the wonderful feeling of her velvety cunt muscle as it rippled over the length of my cock on each stroke.

With my weight on my elbows, I fondled her boobs and nipples. As the hunching of her hips intensified, I could feel her cunt muscles gripping my cock as if milking him, then the cervix started touching the head of my dick with each stroke. Her vocal response turned from moans of pleasure to screams of yes, yes, yes, as she violently pounded herself against me. I managed to hold back my climax and she from her cunt and moved over to Hillary’s waiting pussy, where she guided it in and we began undulating in rhythm. The wonderful feeling of her cunt was just mesmerizing to my hard throbbing cock and as she approached orgasm, her cervix began clasping at the end of my dick each time her cunt muscles clamped down. When her cries of yes, yes, started, I had to let go with my climax. Each time the head of my dick smashed into her cervix, a spurt of come gushed into her womb. Her climax was more intense than Nancy’s, but a few seconds shorter. l rolled off between the two girls on the bed, feeling completely drained, and dozed off into a restful sleep.

I awoke as Nancy pulled the bedspread over my body and Hillary opened the bedroom door, fetching a wheeled food cart into the room. While uncovering the food on the cart,I got up, slipping my slacks on, then looked to see what she had prepared. A full continental breakfast with eggs bacon ham toast honey and orange juice plus hot steaming coffee. We polished kadıköy escort off breakfast in record time, as we all had worked up quite an appetite.

That was the start of it. Hillary has a lot of women friends. One after another was invited over for the evening, or if her husband wasn’t going to be home, to spend the night in bed with Hillary and me, with me like a rabbit, coming out of one hole and jumping into another. Hillary got a big charge out of watching each of her women friends being fucked out of her mind. And each one was thrilled watching Hillary and me going at it. They were fascinated by the length and thickness of my cock. Each of them went crazy when l worked it in and out of her pussy.

Hillary decides what woman will have a fun night with us. I leave that to her. Like any normal, average guy, I enjoy strange pussy and I never have to go out and look for it. Hillary brings it to me. Which pussy excites me the most? The next one. The one I haven’t had before and expect to get my cock into very soon. l was especially happy with the one Hillary found for me last Friday when we went out to dinner. She spotted this lovely young woman sitting alone at a table. Hillary went over to her, got into a friendly conversation with her, then invited her to join us at our table. She was delighted to accept. Her husband was out of town on a business trip. Monica was a gorgeous creature with dark, shoulder-length hair that flounced about her shoulders. Her eyes were an expressive shade of blue. Her boobs were expressive too, standing right out there, daring me to sink my teeth into them. I tried to be charming and attentive. During the meal I got the impression she was feeling horny and if my wife hadn’t been there with us, we’d have hurried off to someplace where we could jump into bed together.

I’m sure she could tell that I wanted to fuck her. Hillary watched us, all smiles, knowing the three of us were going to have a lovely time together. After the meal we took Monica home to our place for the evening. While Monica and my wife sat and chatted amiably, l was busy mixing drinks and serving them. After the third round, Monica had lost any inhibitions she might have had, and l was snuggled up beside her on the couch. Hillary signaled me to go ahead and kiss her. I pressed my mouth onto Monica’s in a kiss that soon became hot and passionate. When we finally we came up for air, Monica made a pretense of pushing me away and giggled, about what Hillary would think of her actions. Hillary cleared that up real quick. She sat on the other side of her, kissed her on the cheek and told her not to worry about how things looked, because she was among friends. She told her that we were all for a good time here.

Monica looked at her for a moment with a sly smile, as though the light was beginning to dawn on her. She didn’t seem to notice me fondling her boobs Then, when i put my hand on her knee and moved it up under her skirt, she still didn’t get upset about it. But she asked my wife if the purpose of being there was to enjoy me to which Hillary said that she would also enjoy her. But she first wanted to watch us going at it. Monica was taken a bit aback and was asking if my wife only wanted to watch. To which my wife replied that she gets a big charge of watching me make another woman happy and afterwards Monica can watch me and Hillary while she will be masturbating to our hot steamy sensation. maltepe escort bayan

She let me undo her blouse and I kissed her creamy soft titty flesh that her bra didn’t cover. When I ran my hand up between her legs to her crotch, I found my wife’s hand was already there, rubbing Monica’s pussy through the thin material of her panties.

Hillary gazed into Monica’s blue eyes .whispering in soft husky voice that she liked to feel between a woman’s legs as much as I do. Monica gazed at my wife with a warm, loving smile. She confessed that she had a secret urge to explore between a woman’s legs. This was her chance and asked me if I would mind as she did my wife too.

Before I could answer Hillary mentioned in a sweet tone that I would not as long as my cock gets lots of action in her pussy. By then I had removed Monica’s bra without her making a fuss about it. Then, while I sucked on one of her titties, my wife sucked on the other one. Monica was delighted and so were Hillary and me, because we had ourselves a new playmate.

A few moments later, Hillary and l stood up and removed our clothes. Monica watched us intently, seemingly unable to take her eyes off my fully erect dick. While she watched, my wife quickly removed Monica’s skirt and panties for her. Monica didn’t make any effort to stop her. When I moved in close to Monica, Hillary took Monica’s hand and placed it on my cock. Monica began to playfully stroke it. At Hillary’s invitation, Monica stretched out on the couch and parted her legs. As l climbed over her, Hillary took hold of my boner and guided it into Monica’s pussy. It was hot and slippery with her cunt secretions. Kneeling in front of the couch, Hillary sucked on one of Monica’s boobs while I shoved my dick into her. Hillary loves to suck on a woman’s tits while I’m fucking the hell out of her. My wife was having the time of her life, watching me fuck Monica for all l was worth.

Monica was doing everything she knew how to show me how much she enjoyed what I was doing. She had more movements than a swiss watch and she used them all. She cried out in the joy of her orgasm, while I fired off my load and it hardly slowed us down at all. I was behaving like I always do when I fuck a woman, like I’m never going to quit. Monica was impressed. Hillary, likes to watch me having a good time, and of course she knew that when l was finished with Monica, I’d take care of her urgent needs. While l was fucking Monica for the second time in the missionary position, Hillary got onto the couch with us and sat on Monica’s face. Monica had no choice but to eat her pussy while I was pounding my cock into her cunt. But she didn’t act like i was forcing her to do anything she didn’t want to do.

After I gave Hillary a good sound fucking on the thickly carpeted floor, while Monica watched us and cheered us on, the three of us went into the bedroom and lay down together. We spent the night making love time after time. Most of the night I was on my back, one sitting on my dick, the other on my face. By the time I licked one to near climax, the one on my dick would climax, then they would change places and it would start over. After another hour of fucking the two of them, my dick refused to stiffen up anymore. So l spent a long time watching Monica and Hillary sucking on each other’s tits and eating one another’s pussy. Then we all dozed off to sleep.

Thank you for reading my dream come true at least in writing. I’m so excited when I write each story so I can’t get into further details as by the time of lovemaking description i’m as horny as hell. I get my own pleasure from writing and I hope you too. Use your imagination to extent the described scenes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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