My Blue Holiday


Here it was again…the holiday season was rapidly approaching and again, I am still single, living alone and not dating anyone. I spend most of my time working, watching television or browsing on the internet going in and out of dating sites to see who was on there. Since the dates I met from there never seemed to last for any length of time, I stopped wasting my time on them, but I still liked going through there to look at the supposedly available men; ninety percent of them were not available!!! I didn’t have a lot of friends around since I had not been in this city for any length of time, and the ones I did know were busy with their own lives and relationships. All I knew was that I needed something to do and someone to do it with, and soon!

A married couple that I had met and kind of bonded with, had taken me out a couple of places to enjoy a jazz band and have a couple of drinks and dance. They always teased me about meeting someone, but usually when I did, it never amounted to much. It just seemed like I was out of date with the dating game and I really didn’t know how to handle the new game.

This particular evening, I was bored and couldn’t find nothing on television I wanted to see, so I decided I would go out alone and have a drink or two and listen to the band. I took a long hot shower, always taking time to adore my dark, smooth and curvy body. I put on my favorite scent and proceeded to put my braided hair in a very sexy up-sweep style. I let the sides hang down on my shoulders, put on some large white gold hoop earrings, put on some heavy eye make-up and some ruby red lipstick to match my fingernails and toes. Looking in the mirror, I put on my sexiest smile and admired my work! I then went to the closet and pulled out a black sexy cut bra that held up my size 42C breasts and some black laced fitting low-cut panties.

I stopped for a moment and got some wine out of the frig so I could sip it while dressing. It always seemed to make me feel even sexier and it also made me horny, which helped when you were wanting to dress sexy! I had a couple of glasses then went to the closet to choose my weapon! Now what my intentions were, was to just look good and sexy and tease!

After putting on my Victoria’s Secret lotion, I took my fingers and slid them down the front of my panties and parted the lips of my pussy so that I could rub on my clit a couple of times. The heat down there was slowly rising and I knew I would have fun when I went out horny like this. My nipples automatically stiffened and responded to my fingering my clit and I stopped before I got too carried away! I pulled out one of my most revealing outfits in red. It was cut low in çanakkale escort the front and short enough to make you wanna peep under it. Either end of it would stir a rise in the male species! I finished with black fishnets and red heels. I looked good! I practiced strutting across the room in those high heels and laughed at my intentions…It was attention I wanted.

I drove across town, parked and I entered the little bar, which was quaint in decor and had a small stage for the band and tables scattered in order to make room if anyone decided to dance. There was a nice crowd of men who appeared to be alone and just about all of them had their eyes on me as I strolled across the floor to the bar. It wasn’t long before I had several drinks sitting in front of me that had come from several different guys. I had sat and crossed my legs at the bar, exposing most of my thighs and just about rimmed the edge of my panties. I could feel the heat emitting from between my legs and the drinks only aggravated it and made it more intense.

Soon a couple came in and walked to the bar. The woman sat next to me while her date stood next to her. We exchange pleasantries and I turned in order not to be in their space, but I couldn’t help notice how lovely she was. Not too tall, caramel colored and a beautiful smile. It was hard not to notice her cleavage, which was more than halfway displayed. I kept stealing looks up at him, now knowing what was meant by tall, dark and handsome! After they had bought me a few drinks and indulged me in conversation, we were laughing and talking like old friends and they were indeed delightful.

Before I knew it, the club was closing and I knew I had over indulged in alcohol when I finally stood up and my legs wobbled. Sheena and her husband Bill, grabbed me and insisted in taking me where I needed to go. I did not resist the invitation and let the owner know that I was leaving my vehicle in the parking lot. I then left with the couple and they insisted that I come to their place and have breakfast and continue partying. I thought nothing of it and agreed. It wasn’t long before we arrived at their home and we was inside laughing and talking again.

Bill who seemed more reserved and quiet, spoke up and said he was cooking some steak and eggs and for us to enjoy ourselves; then left the room. Sheena put on music and brought more drinks and continued to entertain me. After I had the second drink, I started feeling warm and flushed and hornier than I’d ever been and my eyes seemed a little blurry but not I wasn’t dizzy. I noticed that Sheena kept getting closer to me to the point of touching me when trying to express herself to me. I noticed too that she kept putting her hand on my thigh and each time it seemed to burn me like a branding iron. Putting her arm around my shoulder, she leaned over and said “let me whisper something to you.” I turned my head, and she pressed her lips against mine, holding my head so that I could not turn away, which was my first notion, but her sweet scent and the softness of her lips and the alcohol made me respond. Before I knew what was happening, I was locked in an embrace and sucking tongue with a woman! Every place she touched me was on fire and her hands were soon between my legs and rubbing on the crotch of my panties!

I knew I should stop, but something kept urging me on, like I was outside myself. I was so consumed with lust that I never resisted when she layed me back and pulled my fishnets and panties off in one motion, only stopping to remove my heels. She placed one of my legs over the back of the couch and buried her head between my legs. I had never felt a woman’s tongue before and right now, the difference didn’t matter. Her velvety tongue licked and probed my pussy, and sometimes sucked my clit as I squirmed and moaned with pleasure. I wanted her to stop, but I wanted her to keep going too. She soon had me to the point of no return and I needed for her to give me some release. She crawled up my body and began to grind her pussy against mine as she sucked my breast and started giving me hot, wet kisses.

When I did open my eyes briefly, I saw Bill standing in the doorway, pants open and holding his organ in his hand, jerking it off! I seemed to be viewing and experiencing everything from a distance, but I knew it was happening and could not resist. It seemed he was moving closer and closer to me, but Sheena grabbed my attention by thrusting her fingers inside me and sucking my clit again.

Bill walked up beside the couch and rubbed his penis against my lips until I opened them and he slid his penis in. It was long and thick and larger than I’d ever really had, which made it a little difficult, but I was mainly concentrating on the tongue inside me below! Sheena was squeezing my ass and kissing me inside my thighs and it seemed her tongue was everywhere and every time I tried to open my mouth, Bill would push his penis in further…gagging me.

It was as if someone had ignited me and I was so hot now until I wanted everything that was happening to keep on happening. Soon I was cumming and squirting my juices on Sheena’s tongue and in her mouth as she hungrily licked it up. Bill kept my mouth full with his penis until I finished my orgasm and then he moved down on the end with Sheena where they pulled me up and rolled me onto some pillows on the floor and Bill pulled me on top of him. He slid his penis inside and began to fuck me vigorously, thrusting his penis inside me as deep as he could and hitting every spot inside my pussy. I could feel Sheena behind me rubbing and massaging my asshole, then sticking her fingers and tongue inside my asshole, giving me a sensation I had never felt. A penis and a tongue rubbing against each other inside me. Bill was sucking my titties giving me even more of a sensation…and soon I felt like one big mass of passion!

When I screamed that I was cumming, Bill yelled that he was about to cum and pushed me off of him, so that Sheena could come and finish sucking him off. She slid her mouth over his penis and began sucking the cum out that was spurting and running down the sides of her mouth. She kept trying to swallow it, but it was coming to fast and too much. Bill had slid his fingers inside me and finished off my orgasm, and taking his cum covered fingers and sucking my cum off. Before I could even relax, Sheena and Bill each took one of my legs and stretched them open while she took a huge vibrator and slid it inside my pussy while Bill sucked on my clit.

The feeling of the buzzing going up and down and in and out, along with his hot lips, had me moving and squirming so much until they both had to keep up with me, but it seemed the orgasm would not stop! When it finally subsided, I took the vibrator from her, slid it in her mouth to lick my juices and pushed her over so that I could slide it up inside her. I pumped the vibrator inside her and twisted it around and turned it on the highest setting, making her scream in orgasm. She held onto my hand as I pumped it inside her as hard as I could and she loved it. “Suck me,” she kept screaming…I wanna feel your tongue!” High or not I just could not bring myself to put my mouth on her, so I moved out of the way so that her husband could. He removed the vibrator and buried his face in between her legs and ran his tongue and fingers inside her, sucking and licking her clit and sucking the cum right out of her!

We were all just kind of lying around now, everyone catching their breaths and whatever they had given me had began to wear off. Bill and Sheena were now caressing each other and kissing and I layed there watching them and wishing I was somewhere else. I didn’t want to be there now. I didn’t want any breakfast and I wanted to go home. I told them I wasn’t feeling good and was feeling nauseous and wanted to go home, so they helped me get dressed and walked me to the car and drove me to my place. I thanked them for a wonderful time, and apologized for not staying for breakfast and went inside my house.

The memories of the night soon faded as I drifted off into a peaceful, deep sleep!

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