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This story is a work of fiction fantasy and is meant to be taken as such. It contains depictions of unprotected sex with young people. I warn you in advance that it is very graphic. If you do not like the idea of “sloppy seconds” this story is not for you. Otherwise, please enjoy. It was written quickly, so I apologize for any errors I missed. Please feel free to comment.


The summer before my junior year, my dad’s job transferred him to another state. I was bummed that I’d have to start a new school. It was going to be hard to make new friends. To make things worse, I had been practicing hard and was a sure thing to be the varsity football team’s starting running back. Now, I’d have to prove myself all over again and be lucky to play at all. Fortunately, I was close to my old coach and with the help of a letter from him to my new coach, I was able to get a varsity tryout. Apparently, their star running back just graduated and they were looking for a replacement. I impressed them enough that I made the team, but because of seniority, I had to play backup to someone else.

A few weeks before school started, we picked up practice. I felt pressured to do extra well since I was unknown and needed to be impressive to make new friends easier. Though I wasn’t too happy about it at the time, now I’m glad we moved at the beginning of the summer. I was bored since I didn’t know anyone yet and ended up working out at the gym all summer. I put on a few extra pounds of muscle and could tell I was stronger. Also, dad helped me do drills after work to increase my speed and stamina. I guess I’m picking up dad’s work ethics after all. I felt stronger and faster than ever and looked forward to testing out my skills against the other players.

My new coach, coach Handcock, had a unique play style. He cross trained his running backs as wide receivers to keep the other team’s defense off balance. Since I didn’t have as much experience, he would team me up with Austin, the team QB, to practice some long passes at the beginning of each practice. We got to know each other and I started making my first friend which was great since Austin’s a senior. It’s always good to be close to a popular senior in a new school. So, things were looking up.

Speaking of looking up, I got my first glance at some of the girls at my new school when the cheerleaders started warming up at the end of one of our practices. Granted, most high school cheerleaders are hot, but usually there is at least one over weight or otherwise unattractive girl on the time. Not this one. They were all smoking hot! I couldn’t wait to get to know them.

Our first game was an away game about three hours away. It wasn’t for two weeks after the start of school. By then, I had started to settle in and make some friends. I had even gotten to flirt with a few of the hot cheerleaders. Dru was a tall, leggy blonde with a huge rack that I heard was fake. Ashley was a shorter, petite blonde with a tight looking body. Taylor was the youngest girl on the cheer team. She was only a freshman, but she had a very sultry look with straight red hair and an ass to die for. Carmen was the only black girl in this southern school. She was about 5’4 with light brown skin, dark eyes, big juicy lips, and lovely curves. I couldn’t wait to meet the others.

At the game, I was pumped up to play, but had to start out on the bench. At the end of the third quarter, though, we were down by a touchdown when Jerry, the starting running back, got tackled for a pretty big loss and sprained his ankle pretty badly.

I hated to see him hurt, but I was excited to finally get my chance. It was second and long, but after a couple big plays, we were back in the game. I was doing pretty good, but nothing out of the ordinary, until Austin through a pass to me just a little high. I jumped as high as I could and was surprised when it hit my hand. Then, suddenly, I got hit hard. I didn’t have control of the ball, but somehow the hit positioned me differently and the ball ended up tightly in my grip. When I landed, I still had the ball in only one hand and was in the end zone. To be honest, it was all luck. I still don’t know how it happened, but it was all I and the rest of the team needed to push us over the top. After that, I was on fire, making play after play. By the end of the game, I had 3 touchdowns and several really good plays. It was enough to win me the starting position and coach Handcock even named me MVP of the game. I was on cloud nine, but soon found out that was just the beginning.

We all hit the showers and then clambered onto the busses. As I was getting onto my bus, coach pulled me off and told me I’d be riding the head bus now with all the seniors and starters. That sounded good to me since most of my friends were on that bus. When I got on, everyone was cheering for me. It was great. This bus was set up a little differently. The windows were tinted and there was a divider with a door separating a small section in the front from the rest of the bus. In the back section diyarbakır escort of the bus, there was bench seating all the way around the perimeter, so we could all sit in a big circle facing each other. It was pretty cool and surprisingly clean. I found my way to the back and took a seat. There were about 30 of us in all and plenty of room to spread out.

After a few minutes, 10 of the cheerleaders climbed on board. Austin leaned in and told me that this was the best part. He said that the coach let the cheerleaders ride with us after every win. I jokingly said that explained why this school always had a winning season. He chuckled and said I had no idea how true that was. He asked if I remembered having to give blood to the school nurse during my physical. I said I did and he replied that it was actually to make sure I wasn’t carrying anything.

I didn’t really understand, but I didn’t get a chance to ask. Ashley plopped down beside me and gave me a big kiss. When she let go, she said Way to go, stud. As she was talking, another of the cheerleaders I hadn’t even met yet a tall, thin brunette named Lori, grabbed me from the other side and gave me another big wet kiss. She told me congratulations as her lips left mine. I was dumbfounded and told them both thanks.

They each held my hands on their smooth, bare thighs as we flirted. I could feel their firm breasts pressed against my arm as we chatted excitedly. Obviously, all this attention from these sexy young women was getting quite a rise out of me. Lori had her hand just under the leg of my loose fitting shorts, dangerously close to my growing erection. I was engrossed in the two girls, but became suddenly aware of all the surrounding people. I looked around and saw everyone playing around and chatting with the girls. Directly across and facing me, was Carmen. She was sitting on Austin’s lap and teasing him by wiggling her ass into his crotch. I didn’t have to see the ecstasy on his face to know he was enjoying it. Toward the other end of the bus I could have sworn I saw a girl on her knees with her head in a guys lap, but I brushed it off since my eyes hadn’t fully adjusted to the dim light yet.

Either way, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and distracted enough not to notice me, so I decided to enjoy being seduced by the hotties on either side of me. Lori had already started nibbling my neck when I turned to see Ashley’s pouting lips begging to be kissed. I removed my hand from Lori’s leg and placed it on the side of Ashley’s face. That was encouragement enough to start a passionate make out session. Ashley and our tongues vigorously explored each other’s mouths while Lori began to hungrily suck on my ear lobe and ease her hand slightly further up into my shorts. I began to do the same with Ashley, easing my hand further up under the edge of her short skirt.

To my pleasant surprise, Ashley actually opened her legs to give me easier access. She then seductively whispered that all the cheerleaders had removed their panties before getting on the bus. That remark, along with the heat from her pussy and the juices I could feel dripping down her legs caused my dick to harden beyond what I’ve ever felt. That last surge of erection caused my penis to touch Lori’s wandering hand. She boldly reached up and started to stroke me as Ashley and I continued to make out. Her soft hand felt wonderful along my shaft.

Apparently, I couldn’t reach my goal fast enough as Ashley moaned for me to stick my fingers in her. All to happy to oblige, I found her soaking wet slit and began to insert two fingers into her wanting hole. She was so well lubricated that I had no problem penetrating her tight cunt. As I continued to finger Ashley, Lori climbed down to the floor, pulled my dick out and stuck it in her hot mouth. It was so warm and amazing. Nearly as warm and tight as Ashley’s pussy I was continuing to finger fuck.

As Ashley broke our kissing to focus on the pleasure between her legs, I remembered all the other people on the bus. With my fingers buried in the pussy of a hot blonde and my dick in the mouth of another girl I just met, I began to look around the bus. Now that my eyes had adjusted to the light I could see what was going on and my earlier suspensions were confirmed. It was Dru who was on the floor, shirt off, and sucking the cock in front of her. Although, I was pretty sure she was a little closer than before. Across from me, Carmen wasn’t just wiggling her ass into Austin’s crotch, she was bouncing up and down. And Austin’s shorts were around his ankles. The sudden realization of this orgy in the making was almost enough to make me shoot my load into Lori’s vacuum of a mouth.

Right about the time I took notice of their situation, Austin’s face tensed up and he started moaning loudly. After a few seconds and some hard thrusts upward into Carmen, he slumped back into his seat with a smile. Without hesitation, Carmen stood up and removed her top to reveal a very nice set of round and perky, brown boobs with dark nipples. She stepped out of her dress and forward to me.

Lori, moved out of her way and over to suck the jizz off of Austin’s spent dick. Carmen said, I hope you like sloppy seconds, as she lowered her pussy to my dick. I didn’t have time to respond as my dick sunk into her snatch. As she began to bounce up and down, Austin’s cum began to coat my dick and trickle over my shaved balls. I would never have thought I would experience something like this and would have probably thought it was gay and gross. But for some reason, it was turning me on like never before. I could actually feel a strong tingling at the base of my dick that I’d never experienced before. Maybe it was all in my head, but I didn’t care because it was amazing.

With all of this commotion, I almost forgot about Ashley. I removed my fingers from her pussy as she was lining up another guy’s dick for her opening. Sitting only inches away, I heard her gasp and saw her eyes roll back as I watched him slide his bare dick right into her moist snatch. The bench was deep enough for her to lean back as he pinned her legs up near her head and thrust his unprotected cock deeply into her waiting pussy. Carmen must have seen the look on my face because she told me not to worry about it. The school nurse is all so the cheer coordinator and makes sure all the girls on the cheer team are on regular birth control. She’s coach Handcock’s wife and obviously, they are a pretty liberal couple. I was relieved to hear this because minutes later, the combined effects of her pussy clamping down on my dick with her orgasm and the sight of Ashley cumming all over the cock that was pounding into her was too much for me to handle. The tingling at the base of my dick went to the next level and caused me to shoot the largest load of cum I’ve ever produced straight into Carmen’s spasming cunt.

Shortly after, the guy fucking Ashley let loose inside her. She quickly slid off the bench and took his spent dick into her mouth. As Carmen lifted herself off me, Austin’s and my jizz came pouring out of her pussy and coated my still hard dick and balls. Though, I had just let loose the biggest load of my life, all the fucking around me, kept me ready for more. I lost track of Carmen as my attention was directed toward Dru, who had just finished sucking off another guy and letting him blow on her big fake titties. She came over, on her knees and took my cock into her mouth. Dru was the kind of girl you expected to be a slut just from looking at her. I was sure that if she wasn’t already, she’d be stripping or doing porn very soon. Living up to my expectations, she started giving me some mad head, making a show of it. She licked my dick clean of all the cum from Austin, myself, and Carmen. She sucked the cum off my balls as well. Although, she was cleaning me off, it was definitely a dirty girl. She kept it sloppy, getting the jizz all over her face. As she started to deep throat me, a guy came up behind her and positioned his dick toward her pussy. She wiggled her ass back at him to line him up and let him know she was ready for him. I could feel her moan on my dick as he shoved his into her other end.

At this time I noticed Ashley in a similar situation. She was still sucking the guy she had just fucked, while Austin was now filling the void in her pussy. After a few minutes, he pulled out and started working his dick into her ass. I was surprised to see her push back to encourage him. It took a little work, but he was able to use the sperm from her pussy for lube and eventually got his cock balls deep into her tight ass. Her moaning set off the guy in her mouth. Apparently, he still had quite a bit of jizz left for his second round, because I could clearly see it dripping out of her mouth and onto her pert little nipples even though she was obviously swallowing what she could. That set off the guy in Dru’s pussy. He thrust into her pretty hard several times, pushing her mouth all the way down to the base of my cock. I could tell he was spurting his seed deep into her womb.

When he finished and pulled out she knelt down and asked if I wanted to titty fuck her. With a rack like that, how could I refuse? She leaned back and pushed her boobs together. I could see that was the favorite target of the men she had been blowing previously because her boobs were covered with 4 or 5 loads of seamen. Before tonight, I wouldn’t have been so willing to stick my dick into that spermy mess, but after the hot sloppy second experience I just had, I thought I’d give it a go. I slick my dick under and between her tits as she held them together. They were very firm and big enough that they completely engulfed my dick. As I slide my cock further into her cleavage, I could see the sperm that I was pushing from between her breasts start to pool at the top of her cleavage just before the head of my cock broke through. As I slide backward, the puddle of sperm followed as if being vacuumed down. I began to pick up pace, rocking her body with my thrusts. My cock was once again covered with jizz, but this time I didn’t know whose. As I thrust harder, the pool of cum I was pushing between her breasts began to splatter her face. Like a good whore, she loved it and started lapping at my dick with her tongue to get more. As I continued to fuck her like this, a couple guys came up and began to spurt jizz onto her face and in her open mouth.

As enjoyable as it was to fuck this hot little whore’s tits, I was wanting some hot pussy again. So, I laid her on the bench and shoved my cock up her used fuck hole. As I stuffed my dick into her, the previous guy’s jizz oozed out all over my shaft and dripped from my balls. I repeatedly shoved my dick all the way in her until the base of my shaft disappeared inside her hot cunt. I raised one of her legs to give me better leverage and felt her pussy start convulsing around my dick. She yelled out a variety of obscenities as she announced she was cumming and needed me to fuck her brains out. I rammed into her harder and harder until her legs were trembling from her powerful orgasm. This position also left her and her magnificent boobs face up and perfect for several more guys to come paint them with sperm.

As Dru was being covered in jizz, I was getting close to busting my second nut of the night. However, I knew I’d probably only be good for one more round and I hadn’t even gotten to fuck the two girls I started out with. I turned back around to see Ashley receiving a facial and another guy blowing his load in her cunt. I took over for the guy behind her and as I grabbed her hips and lined up my cock, I saw jizz running out her ass and pussy and down her firm, tan legs. I assumed that meant Austin blew his second load in her ass, which means Ashley had now taken two loads in her pussy, one in her ass, one in her mouth, and one on her face all from different guys. By now, all of this was turning me on immensely. I buried my dick into her cunt and was happy to see that she was still as tight as I expected a little while ago when fingering her.

Although, she was very tight, all the sperm already inside her allowed me to slide into her cunt in one smooth motion. She was so tight, it was not easy to get all the way inside her, but I was determined. After a few minutes I was balls deep in her hot slit. Her tightness cause a lot of the jizz inside her to be pushed out as my cock entered her. There was gobs of it matted to the base of my shaft, running down her legs, and dripping off my balls and her clit. A guy that she had started blowing when I entered her pussy had now decided to take my previous place in Dru’s pussy. He didn’t last long and for some reason decided to pull out and cum on her pussy rather than in it. When he shuffled away, there was a glob of fresh sperm over her clit and labia joining the jizz that was leaking out of her slit.

I kept fucking Ashley as I was turning to look. This action ended up turning Ashley toward the scene as well. Apparently she took it as a hint and dove right into Dru’s cum drenched cunt. I almost blew my load right then, watching Ashley suck and lick up all the fresh jizz from Dru’s pussy. From Dru’s reaction, I could tell she enjoyed it as well. I temporarily held my dick in Ashley’s pussy to prevent from blowing my load. I wanted to find Lori to make sure I’d get to fuck her tonight as well. I was very turned on by the idea of fucking this hot girl I had just met and not said more than a few word to. While I was looking around I saw a surprising sight. Innocent looking little red head Taylor was engaged in one of the sluttiest acts I’d seen all night.

She was riding a guy who was laying in the floor, taking his complete dick in her pussy. While this was going on, a second guy was positioning his dick toward her ass. She held still for a moment to allow him entrance and then let out a loud moan as she was doubly filled. Here was this sweet looking girl taking a cock in her pussy and another in her ass at the same time and loving every minute of it. I couldn’t believe it.

Watching that hot scene made me remember something, though. I looked down at the hot piece of ass I was working on and saw Austin’s sperm still leaking out of her anus. I decided that before I blew, I’d have to try it out myself. As I pulled my dick from her pussy, Ashley groaned, looked up from Dru’s pussy and back at me with a pout on her face and jizz dripping from her lips. I smiled at her and then started slowly shoving my dick into her tight ass. Her eyes rolled back into her head as she moaned, fuuuuuuck, yes!

I thought her pussy was tight, but her ass gripped me like a vice. After some work I was able to more easily slide in and out of her. After she started getting somewhat accustom to the new sensation, she returned to the work in front of her. She plunged her fingers into Dru’s opening and locked her mouth around her clit. As she fingered her cunt and scooped out jizz, she would be sure to suck it up. Dru was wiggling around and cumming continuously while guys continued to mouth fuck her and pour there jizz down her throat, over her face, hair, and breasts. Occasionally, they would shoot over her pussy and on Ashley’s face and hair as well.

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