Mrs. Miller

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{Sometimes I get in the mood to write something more naughty so here you go. I hope some of you enjoy.)

I knew Mrs. Miller and her husband Don all the time I was growing up.

I used to see her come out of their house in the mornings in an all white outfit, I thought she worked as a maid or housekeeper or something.

My name is James but everyone calls me Jimmy. By the time I was 10 years old I mowed her lawn and several others with the old push mower my Dad got for me.

The engine on it would start With a loud clatter if I managed to prime it exactly right, and it smoked so I had to put some oil in it nearly every day.

Dad even gave me a little wrench and taught me how to pull out the single spark plug and scrape it with my pocket knife after I pulled on it one day for nearly two hours.

Mrs. Miller gave me a dollar when I was done and if it was really hot she always had some lemonade. That was great lemonade, little pieces of sour lemon floated in it, but it was sweet at the same time.

She kept the heavy drinking glasses she used in her freezer, so they had ice crusted on the rim.

Mrs. Miller was my most favorite customer, so I was always careful with her lawn and yard to get it exactly right.

Such a nice older lady, I liked her. She had big hips and always wore long dresses with little flowers all over them. Sack dresses those were called I think. Ugly but comfortable.

I only remember the one time I ever saw her that she was not smiling.

I was 16 when her husband Don passed away, that was a sad time and for perhaps 2 months Mrs. Miller was gone to her relatives.

I went over and mowed her lawn anyway even though no one was home.

One day on the way to a neighbor’s place Mrs. Miller came out of her house as I pushed the old mower down the sidewalk. She wanted to thank me and she tried to hand me $50 but I would not take it.

As I said, I liked her and just wanted to help.

She reached out and grabbed me, gave me a big hug which made me feel funny. My Mom hugged me all the time but this was different.

I felt her big soft breasts against me, and realized she wasn’t wearing anything under that sack dress. She was really squeezed up against me.

That was a little bit of a surprise and it kind of stuck in my head.

When I was 18 1/2 and out of high school I went over to mow her lawn. I told her I had been accepted into college so I wouldn’t be able to do it for her any more in just a couple of months.

We talked for a long time, she wanted to know everything about me and my plans to become a Doctor.

I told her I had saved all my money as best as I could and had nearly $6000.00 in the bank, an incredible amount of money for my age. Plus I had some funding and my folks were going to help all they could afford.

We had some of her lemonade too, that was always great because she made it from those real lemons.

Two weeks later I went over there to do the lawn and the mower was being cranky. I pulled and pulled, the damn thing would not start. It was now so old it’s a wonder it ran anyway. It had broken down a few times and I gaziantep escort ilanları had managed to fix it but now it was all but done for.

I pulled some more as hard as I could, then felt something give out in my hip. I rubbed my hip and back a little bit, gave the mower a shot of starting fluid plus another tug and it finally fired up.

I got the lawn done, shut off the machine and limped up onto Mrs. Miller’s porch.

“Oh, what’s the matter?” Mrs. Miller instantly noticed that something was wrong. By then my hip was starting to swell up and I had pains shooting down my right leg.

“I think I pulled a muscle, my darn mower isn’t starting very well.” I told her.

“Come in, I had better check.” She told me.

“No, it’s all right, I will be OK.” I said.

“Jimmy! You come in here right now and let me take a look!” She ordered, her voice firm.

I meekly went inside.

She poked and probed my side and felt up and down my right leg.

“Oh, my. Your hip is really swollen, take your pants off so I can see.”

“My pants? I don’t….” My face turned scarlet.

“Don’t be silly, I am an old woman and I have seen lots of men back when I was working as a nurse.” Mrs. Miller was being very firm.

I sighed and turned my back, glad that I had on clean underwear. She took my jeans and set those aside on a nearby chair, then knelt down and began feeling my side and hip again. At one point she tugged the side of my underwear down, rubbed my bare flesh on my hip.

“Turn around!” She said.

I didn’t want to, I had felt myself getting a tingle down there from her hands on me and I was sure she would notice.

“Jimmy, turn around. I need to check you for a hernia.” I really was not even sure how that was done, but I reluctantly turned around.

I almost jumped out of my briefs when she pushed her hand up underneath my testicles.

“Hold still! Now turn your head and cough a couple of times.”

My face flaming, I managed to do as she asked.

“Good. I think all you did was sprain your hip, come over here and lie face down on the couch.”

“What are you going to do?” I asked.

“I am going to rub that out for you, and put some soothing ointment I have on it.”

“I think I will be OK….?” I stammered.

“Don’t argue with me Jimmy, I can help you.” She sounded stern again.

The next thing I knew I was lying face down on her big couch as she knelt on the floor and began rubbing my leg.

That actually felt great and I had to struggle to keep from moaning. When her soft hands got clear up to the top of the back of my thighs I still felt a little bashful but it felt so good I didn’t want her to stop.

Then she reached up with both hands and yanked my briefs down before I could react.

“Hey!” I managed.

“Hush. I don’t want to stain your underpants and besides, I need to get to your hip and lower back.” She said, matter of fact.

I didn’t know what to say, now I was sure she could see my balls so I tried to cram my legs more tightly together.

“Stop that! gaziantep escort kadın I better just take these off.” Mrs. Miller had my briefs all the way down my legs and was tugging them off before I could do anything.

Then she pulled off my socks, began to rub my feet as I lay there completely naked on her couch.

I was totally aware of her hands going up my legs, then my thigh. Her right hand was working out my hip, then her left hand went up between my legs and over to nearly join the other hand.

I felt her hand and then forearm slide by my balls, the back of her hand dragged across what was now a full blown erection.

She reached down and adjusted my leg further over, now I was sure she could see my balls.

Then she repeated that over and over and there was nothing I could do, I couldn’t get up because I was naked. Even worse, my balls were beginning to snug up and if Mrs. Miller did that very much more, I was going to….

“You had better stop, I am going to….” I managed. Her breathing had changed, it was coming in short shuddery little gasps.

I couldn’t help myself, I was going to ejaculate. Mortified, I buried my face in one of the cushions. She just kept doing that.

“Go ahead, honey. Let it go.” Mrs. Miller’s voice was now very soft, her hand turned and I felt her fingers and palm side down my length.

I could not stop it, I began to orgasm madly as she just kept on.

“That’s it, baby. Let Mama make you feel good.” She was whispering now, both hands were in there between my legs.

I knew then Mrs. Miller was doing this deliberately but I was in the throes of a massive climax and there was nothing I could do.

Finally I collapsed.

“Turn over, honey, let me clean you up.” Mrs. Miller’s voice sounded normal now. There was no point in my being shy any more so I turned over and watched as she produced a damp towel from somewhere and wiped me up.

“There, Jimmy. Do you feel better now?” She asked me with a smile.

I realized that actually I did, the ointment she had rubbed on me at first plus her hands had really helped.

The rest was a total shock to my youthful system.

“Go ahead and get dressed and come back into the living room, I will make some lemonade.” She said like nothing had happened at all. I grabbed my clothes and retreated to the bathroom.

Looking down, it really didn’t look any different but it still tingled some.

In her living room, she sat on the couch while I took the easy chair, they were positioned at right angles to each other. On the center table sat a pitcher and two glasses.

“I hope I didn’t offend you, I had no intention of…doing that. But as I was trying to help you, just happened.” She actually was blushing slightly now.

“It’s OK. I didn’t expect it but it felt real good and my hip doesn’t seem to hurt much now.” Oddly I now felt comfortable with her again.

“Oh, good. I was afraid you would be upset with me, an old woman taking advantage of such a nice young man like that.”

“You aren’t so old.” I told her. Actually, gaziantep escort kızlar even with her hair clearly colored, she appeared to be at least sixty to me.

“Well, I am 57 now, not a young woman any more.”

“God, are you really that old?” I asked, trying to make her feel good.

Mrs. Miller beamed at that.

“You are so sweet. Do you mind if I relax?” She asked.

“No, I don’t mind.” I told her, having no idea at all what she meant by that.

Mrs. Miller leaned back on the couch, tucking a couple of pillows behind herself.

Then she lifted her right leg and put it over the arm rest at the end of the couch. The hemline of her pull over dress slid upwards, displaying a bit of her white panties.

I couldn’t help but look down. She smiled when she saw me do that, reached down and casually tugged the hem up even more.

She was obviously doing that deliberately but her expression was one of having no idea at all.

I took a sip of my lemonade, felt my eyes go right back to her crotch even though I was willing myself to not look.

Mrs. Miller smiled at me.

“Please stay, I will be right back.” She got up and went into another room, came back out in just a few seconds.

She sat down on the couch, upright this time, looked over at me.

“Please don’t think badly of me, Jimmy? It’s been a long time….” With that she once again placed her leg over the armrest.

There were no longer any panties in the way!

I almost choked on the drink of Lemonade I had just taken.

“Please?” She asked.

“What..what do you want?” I managed, staring at her swollen and extended lips.

“Look at me. I want you to. Don and I…he had me do this sometimes for friends, it always made him hot. It’s been so long…” Her voice again was soft, her upper body was heaving.

It was the craziest yet sexiest thing I had ever seen.

So I looked. I even leaned forward to look. Her pussy was covered with an unruly mass of hair yet her lips were obvious, bulging.

I sat and stared at her, feeling myself erect completely again. After several minutes of us doing that in complete silence, Mrs. Miller reached down with both hands, pulled herself open.

I could see clear up inside of her.

She flicked herself a few times with her fingers, as I watched her outer lips began to pulsate in orgasm. Her upper body began to shudder, causing her breasts to jiggle beneath the cloth. I could see the large bumps in the cloth where her nipples were.

Then she was done. She put her feet back on the floor, sat there for quite a length of time.

“Thank you, Jimmy.” She said finally with a shy smile.

“Thank you, Mrs. Miller.” I told her.

I finished my lemonade and got up to leave, at the door she hugged me, just like that other time.

“You should come back over tomorrow and let me check out your hip again.” She said with a purr.

“Good idea, around 2?” I said.

“I will be here. Just so you know, we can’t..actually do it, Don was the only one ever and I promised.”

That sounded strange to me but the entire incident was strange.

“We can…touch and Mama will like making you feel better.” She added.

She had a huge grin on her face as I grabbed the handle on my mower and left.

Back at my house I went directly to the bathroom and whacked off, that vision of her hairy pussy on complete display to me.

She asked me to come back so she could check on me again?

Why not? I laughed out loud.

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