Mrs. Hanson Ch. 02

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“Oh, hello Johnny!” Mrs. Hanson said cheerfully as she answered his knock on the door. Johnny’s jaw dropped; at how stunningly beautiful Mrs. Hanson looked this morning! She wore a sort of collared halter-topped white dress – a VERY revealing halter-topped dress – that flared out to a full, wide skirt ending right below her knees.

Mrs. Hanson’s white dress was very low and daring – she was practically bare to the waist, save her skimpy top portion. Johnny could not keep his eyes from roving; Mrs. Hanson was displaying a LOT of bare skin. “So tell me, Johnny, do you notice anything different today?” she asked, raising her arms behind her head. This caused her knockers – quite a respectable pair – to thrust straight forward, right in Johnny’s face.

Johnny gulped, flustered. Does she mean, like, she isn’t wearing a bra? he thought. Was it the cool, early spring air that raised goose bumps all up and down his spine, or the effect that cold fresh air had on Mrs. Hanson’s nipples through the thin, almost translucent fabric of her dress? She obviously never dressed this way at school. Embarrassed to be staring so obviously at Mrs. Hanson’s tits, Johnny dropped his eyes, only to notice her sleek calves and narrow ankles ended in a pair of lace-up ‘wedgie’ sandals. “I dunno,” he stammered, “uh, is it your shoes?”

“No, silly!” Mrs. Hanson laughed, placing a hand on his chest. “I’m not wearing my pearls!”

That was it, of course. Mrs. Hanson’s famous six-foot long pearl necklace was her trademark. She usually wore two or three strands tight about her neck as a sort of choker, then let the remaining loop dangle down below her waist; often playing with it absentmindedly, occasionally chewing on the pearls in a subconscious manner that seemed full of connotation.

To top things off, today Mrs. Hanson sported a new coiffure; her long blond hair, usually done up in the back with a pencil to hold it in places, was cropped to a short style of bouncy blond locks, full of flounce. To Johnny, her stunning new look – confident, mature, sexy – brought to mind a sort of ultra-hot Mrs. June Cleaver, the mom from the old Leave It To Beaver TV show.

Johnny had dutifully reported to Mrs. Hanson’s house at nine o’clock this Saturday morning to meet Mrs. Hanson, or rather, her daughter Susie. They intended to go over some work in the college-level physics class he was having difficulty in.

“Susie’s not back yet,” Mrs. Hanson informed him.

“Not back yet?” Johnny asked, puzzled. Where could she possibly be this early on a Saturday morning?

“No, she spent the night with her cheerleader girlfriends at the ‘Girl’s Sleep-Together’.”

Ah, that explained it. The Stuffville High School Girl’s Sleep-Together was an annual tradition, a sort of ‘girls only’ rite-of-passage the cheerleaders went through in their Senior year.

“But you’re welcome to come in, Johnny,” Mrs. Hanson continued. “Maybe we can go over some, uh, advanced concepts, or something.”

Johnny swallowed, half out of anxiety, half from enthusiastic memory of the last “one-on-one” session Mrs. Hanson had put him through. He’d tried to rationalize their last encounter; it was a sort of spontaneous thing that had just happened, he told himself, the sort of one-time thing that goes on between adults all the time; it meant nothing in regards to his steady relationship with her daughter, and probably wouldn’t happen again. Now he wasn’t so sure.

He caught a whiff of her perfume as she held the door for him. That, and the close proximity to her nipples poking through the thin fabric of her dress top, caused him to go immediately hard in his trousers. Mrs. Hanson didn’t even try to hide the fact that she was staring right at his crotch, and despite his overwhelming embarrassment, his boner seemed to be growing longer by the second!

Mrs. Hanson led him to the breakfast nook, by the countertop that connected to the kitchen area, and indicated for him to have a seat at the table. Johnny placed his books on the table and turned his head to encounter Mrs. Hanson’s massive boobs right in his face. As Mrs. Hanson arched her back her monsters jutted forward, seemingly suspended in the air mere inches from his face, straining at the thin fabric that seemed barely able to contain them.

“Now, Johnny,” she began, “I want you to tell me the truth about something. You’re a good looking young man – in fact, I think you’re hot – and I’m, well, older…”

Oh boy, thought Johnny, here we go. She’s going to bring up what happened the other day…

“…do you think I still have the kind of breasts it takes to get away with wearing a dress like this?” she breathed huskily, letting her fingers play gently about the sides of her round tits.

Johnny gulped, speechless. He could only sit there, frozen in time and space as he regarded her formidable pair. “Here, let me help you,” Mrs. Hanson said caringly as she took his hands Ankara escort and placed them over her huge cans.

Johnny could only marvel as he cupped Mrs. Hanson’s cantaloupes in the palms of his hands. Like the other day after school in Mrs. Hanson’s office, he was simply awestruck at how they felt; full, round and firm yet quite soft and pillowy, remarkable for a woman in her late forties. Johnny didn’t know a lot about tits; he didn’t know much about women at all, come to think of it, but he estimated Mrs. Hanson’s melons had to be somewhere in the 44DD league.

“Well… …I… …uh…” Johnny mumbled with characteristic dumbness while allowing himself to fondle and squeeze her impressive hooters.

“Go ahead, Johnny,” Mrs. Hanson continued, “pinch my nipples.” Johnny pinched and rolled her pointy nipples between finger and thumb. As he did so Mrs. Hanson emitted the most sublime sigh, “Oooooooooohhh!”

“Look,” she said, straightening up, “it comes off like this.” Reaching behind her neck, her dress suddenly seemed to come flying off, and Johnny became aware that her brassiere wasn’t the only undergarment Mrs. Hanson had gone without this morning.

Mrs. Hanson now stood before him stark naked, save for the laces of her ‘wedgie’ sandals that criss-crossed up her well-shaped, muscular calves. As before, Johnny marveled at how perfect her body seemed for a mature lady. He let his eyes wander from her spectacular breasts to the way her waist almost narrowed, to her nearly flat belly with but the slightest roundness, then down to appreciate the way Mrs. Hanson kept her nether hair neatly shaved and trimmed into an abbreviated blonde triangle. Mrs. Hanson’s generous hips gave way, as she turned, to the cutest pair of little round asscheeks, perched above a most impressive set of muscular thighs; her remarkable lack of tanlines indicated she was an ardent practitioner of sun worship au naturel.

“Well, Johnny,” she said breathily, “What do you think of me in the altogether?”

“You’re a very beautiful woman, Mrs. Hanson.” It was all Johnny could think of to say as she posed naked before him.

“Please, Johnny,” she said as she displayed her body. “I think it’s okay for you to call me Joy; after all, we’re away from school, we’re both adults, and after all, in case you haven’t noticed, I happen to be stark naked!” She pinched her large nipples as she said this, bringing them to a delightful hardness.

“Yes, uh, Joy,” Johnny managed to croak out. For some reason his throat had gone very dry.

Mrs. Hanson cupped her breasts, as if offering them up to him. “Please,” she breathed, “hold them… …kiss them…” Johnny put his hands up to hold on as he buried his face into her huge ta-ta’s.

“MMMMmmmpppHHH!” he mumbled, drowning in a sea of pliant titflesh; “mmm… …mmm… mmmuuurrrfff!!!”

“Oh yessssss…” Mrs. Hanson hissed, sucking her breath between her teeth, “…yesss… …suck my nipples like that!”

Johnny could barely get his fingers around her enormous funbags as he kissed and sucked first one nipple, then the next. “OOOoooOOOHHH!” she moaned, as he pinched and twisted whichever nipple he was not sucking between finger and thumb. “Oh, you’re such a good boy!” she exclaimed. She clasped her arms about his head and for a moment Johnny couldn’t even breathe.

When Mrs. Hanson finally let him up for air there came a further awkwardness. She indicated for him to stand, then held his head in her hands and kissed him long and slow. It was one thing for Mrs. Hanson to let him hold and suck on her tits, there was still a kind of disconnect in that, and as for that episode that had happened the other day in her office; well, Johnny was still in a state of denial about THAT. But to be standing face to face with Mrs. Hanson, holding her naked body and kissing her directly on the lips! It was almost more forbidden than everything else combined!

Despite his embarrassment at the way the morning was playing out, Johnny closed his eyes, let his hands go to her hips, and accepted the older woman’s kiss. She pressed her naked body against him; it was no longer any use in trying to hide the fact that he was fully hard as Mrs. Hanson grinded her hot box up against his ramrod.

And this was no regular kiss, either! When Johnny opened his mouth to let her tongue play with his, she nearly sucked it out by the root! Mrs. Hanson was really giving it to him; a full-on, open-mouthed French tongue kiss! “Mmmm…” With a slight moan Mrs. Hanson placed a hand on top of his and indicated for him to hold her bare ass. This was getting more intense by the second.

Mrs. Hanson finally broke the kiss and to Johnny’s relief moved back a bit from him, one hand on his chest, the other to her hair. “Oh my goodness,” she stated breathily, “what is it that you do to me, Johnny?” She adopted a sort of coy stance, bending a knee and letting the toe of one foot trace little circles Ankara escort bayan on the floor. This despite the fact that she was totally nude, every inch of her body quite on display for Johnny’s roving eyes.

Johnny sort of hemmed and hawed, hoping this would be it for now. He was still eager to make it up to Susie for letting her down the night of the Prom. If Mrs. Hanson gave him a workout now like she did the day of the prom, he wouldn’t even be able to jack off for a week.

Mrs. Hanson had other ideas, apparently. Leaning back on the table, Mrs. Hanson took his hand and placed it right on her pussy! He felt her soft curls, and as she opened her thighs and moved his hand down he felt her moist, hot flesh down below, softer still. Mrs. Hanson closed her eyes as she moved his hand up and down her slit; she was very wet.

“A woman has certain needs, Johnny,” she whispered. “Play with it? Please?”

She was so wet his middle finger went in quite easily. Mrs. Hanson smiled and laughed as she wiggled about on the end of his finger. Johnny was puzzled, however, when she placed her hand over his and indicated for him to withdraw.

“I want to show you something, Johnny.”

Johnny looked at her, confused.

“I’m going to tell you about something that will let you pleasure any woman, bring a woman to orgasm any time, every time.” Still holding his hand, she manipulated his fingertip over her wet slit. “This is my clitoris. Play with it.”

So THIS is a clit, Johnny thought. He’d encountered the word in his treasured collection of smut magazines, but up until this moment had no idea what it really meant. Mrs. Hanson began to sigh and moan as Johnny diddled his finger over her little nubbin of flesh, and juices began squirting out of her wet clam. She grasped the back of his head and forced his face back onto her generous globes.

This uncomfortable arrangement couldn’t last, however. Johnny was bent over at the waist as he manipulated Mrs. Hanson’s clit while at the same time she smothered his face in her boobs. Mrs. Hanson resolved the issue by placing her hand on top of his head and began to gently push down, indicating his face should go further south. “Please, kiss my pussy?” she hissed through gritted teeth.

Johnny was past his embarrassment stage; Mrs. Hanson had a sweet pussy, and as he became face-to-face with her honey pot he really liked the way she shaved; completely bald from the clit on down. Tentatively kissing her slit, he nestled his nose in her blonde curls and sniffed deep of her womanly aroma before sticking his tongue up her wet hole. “Oh YESSS!!!” Mrs. Hanson sighed. When he sucked her swollen clit into his mouth she let out a terrific moan: “OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH!!!”

Mrs. Hanson’s legs went wide in the air and her hands grasped at the back of Johnny’s head as she forced his face onto her sopping wet pussy; Johnny could barely breath. Now that he had the mysteries of the female apparatus partially unraveled, Johnny moved his hand up to fingerfuck her wet hole as he licked and sucked on her clit, getting first one, then two fingers in there to work it. Mrs. Hanson was rotating around the edge of the tabletop on her ass as she forced him to face-fuck her. There was a deluge of sweet love-liquids all over Johnny’s face as her tight hole clamped down on his fingers again and again and again.

She finally sighed weakly, “Enough… …enough… …I’m satisfied…”

There was a new embarrassment for Johnny. As Mrs. Hanson lifted his face from her crotch, his face was dripping wet with her juices; how should he clean himself? Mrs. Hanson didn’t allow him an answer to his dilemma as she brought his face to hers and planted a wet tongue kiss deep on his mouth. “MMMMMMMMmmmmmmm!” she moaned, breaking the kiss at last, “I can taste myself on you.”

Now her eyes went to the bulge in Johnny’s trousers; there was no use anymore in trying to hide the fact that he was harder than woodpecker lips. She reached down and gave his package a squeeze, then looked back up. There was a naughty gleam in her eye.

“I tell you what, Johnny,” Mrs. Hanson smiled. “You’ve been such a good boy. I’m going to let you give me a pearl necklace.”

“Wha-a-a?” Johnny asked, not sure of her meaning.

“You just lean back on the kitchen counter and relax,” Mrs. Hanson said as she went to her knees before him. “Leave the rest to me.”

Mrs. Hanson unbuckled his belt. There was a ZIPPP! noise and his zipper was down; she gave a tug and suddenly his jeans and underwear were around his ankles and his rigid dick was bobbing in the air right in front of Mrs. Hanson’s nose. “Mmmm, that’s what I’ve been waiting for,” Mrs. Hanson said with a smile. Taking his cock in hand, she rubbed the underside of his hot cockmeat all over her face. “Aaaaaaah!” she sighed with satisfaction as she planted kisses all up and down his length. She pursed her lips to lightly kiss Escort Ankara the tip of his hard, hot dick; then she parted her lips and took his entire pole into her warm, wet mouth.

“Ooohhh!!!” Johnny moaned quietly as she sucked up and down his rod. Mrs. Hanson moaned as if in reply; Johnny’s heart skipped a beat as a definite electric charge went right through his solid cock, right back through his entire being, and his hard dick seemed to swell yet even more in the wetness of her mouth.

Johnny looked down at Mrs. Hanson’s head going up and down over his midsection, her mouth full of cock. He could make out her curves, the lovely shape of her ass. She’s doing it again, he thought, she’s sucking my dick! Susie’s Mom is on her knees in front of me, entirely naked, with my cock in her mouth! Still, he had to admit, it was very pleasant to stroke her blond hair as she gently slurped up and down on his rod.

He couldn’t quite make out her face as she sucked him into her mouth. She made his length wet with her saliva and began to slowly stroke with her hand as she sucked; now it was his turn to moan. He began running his fingers through her long, soft hair; Mrs. Hanson didn’t seem to mind him holding her head in his two hands as she continued to deliver a long, slow, relaxing blowjob.

Johnny was in total heaven. After what must have been a good ten minutes of her mouth on his dick he tried pulling her up. He was thinking of the jaw discomfort she must be feeling by now. Figuring it was time to move on to the next obvious stage, that they should do it, Johnny said quietly, “Come on up here.”

Mrs. Hanson hummed, “Nnnh-nnnh,” and continued sucking his dick. The sensation of her voice was mindnumbing on his dick. Johnny arched his back and moaned with pleasure. Sensing this, Mrs. Hanson began to hum lightly as she sucked.

“Mrs. Hanson,” he said.

“Joy,” Mrs. Hanson managed to mumble, out the side of her mouth, as she continued to suck his tool.

“Let me make love to you.” He thought it was the polite thing to say.

Mrs. Hanson released him from her mouth, looked him in the eyes while holding his dick up in front of her face and stroking him up and down. “No, lover,” she said quietly, as her lips nibbled and kissed that sensitive spot down by the base, “I’m not finished yet.” With that said, she once more engulfed his dick in her mouth.

Johnny was very hard now, was very close to coming. Sensing this, Mrs. Hanson increased the tempo as she stroked him into her mouth. She pursed her lips on the very end of his dick and whispered urgently, “Come on, lover… …come for me now…” When she stuck the end of her tongue on the very tip of his dick, he came.

Mrs. Hanson directed his cock so that warm jets of sperm spurted all about her neck and chest. Thick strands of white sticky stuff landed all over her lovely, round boobs.

Mrs. Hanson stroked him until he finished coming all over her tits, milking him off at a slower pace until the last dollop of his creamy man goo landed on her chin. Then she totally surprised him by taking his sperm-covered dick into her mouth to suck him clean.

Mrs. Hanson finally lifted her head from his cock, wiped the strand of cum off her face with the back of her hand and licked it clean. She indicated the lines of goo he’d shot all about her chest and the base of her neck. “This is what they call a ‘Pearl Necklace’,” she smiled.

Then, holding her cum-covered tits in both hands, Mrs. Hanson sandwiched Johnny’s still semi-hard cock between pillows of hot titmeat. There was a final, tiny spasm deep in his loins. When Mrs. Hanson exclaimed, “Oh look! There’s more!” Johnny looked down in time to watch the tip of her tongue lap up the droplet of cum that had formed at the end of his dickhole.

They were still attached, by virtue of his cock still encased between her formidable pair. Suddenly, the phone on the wall by the kitchen counter rang.

Mrs. Hanson indicated that Johnny should answer it. “Heh… hello?” he stammered.

“Hello, Johnny?” It was Susie.

“Uh, yeah…” he managed to answer, ever the smooth operator.

“I just rang to say the Girl’s Sleep Together is over and I’m coming home, and I was going to stop by the Kreamed-On-Kreme and pick up some doughnuts we can all enjoy for breakfast. What kind should I get?”

Johnny held the receiver away from her face and looked down to were Mrs. Hanson was gently polishing his knob with her lips and tongue, still holding her tits up about his rod. “Uh, Mrs. Hanson? Susie wants to know what kind of doughnuts she should pick up on the way home?”

Mrs. Hanson just looked deep into his eyes with a sweet sort of Little Miss Innocent look on her face, her red lips still wrapped around the head of his dick. A wad of cum slowly dripped down her pretty chin. Holding her massive mounds in her hands, Mrs. Hanson looked down at the tops of her globes, literally coated with his thick, pearly liquid, then looked back up at him and shrugged her shoulders as if to say, ‘I dunno?’

Johnny held the receiver back to his face.

“Glazed doughnuts,” he said. “Your mama wants glazed.”

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