Mrs. Dylan’s New Tenant Pt. 04

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As instructed, Jeremy approached Mrs. Dylan’s backdoor dressed in shorts and a t-shirt. She told him to knock on the door at 7 PM Friday after his classes at the university. After the severe spanking he had received from her the previous Wednesday, he wanted to make sure Mrs. Dylan knew he would answer her immediately, he would look at her when they were speaking together, and he would immediately obey her commands and directions. He kicked off his flip-flops and put them neatly beside the door. Looking at his Fitbit, he saw it was 7 PM. Then he knocked.

“Come in, Jeremy,” he heard from inside the house.

He went in. He couldn’t see Mrs. Dylan.

“I’m in the dining room. Come on down,” she called out.

Jeremy walked down the hall to the dining room. Looking in the room, he saw her standing just inside the door. She had on those same cargo pants but she wore a white blouse that buttoned up from its front. It stretched tightly over her belly and breasts, straining the buttons.

He looks good, she thought. I want him to have a good time today. It’ll be his first time having sex and I’m looking forward to popping his cherry. I’ll make it a good experience for him.

She went into the spare bedroom. There was just a queen-sized bed with a side table and a large leather chair in the room. He could see there was a small pile of folded towels on the side table. Mrs. Dylan was standing beside the bed. The boy stopped at the doorway and looked into the room.

“Come in,” she said.

Jeremy moved inside the room, standing just inside the doorway. Mrs. Dylan could see he was trying unsuccessfully to hide his nervousness.

“Come and stand in front of me,” she instructed him.

Jeremy walked the few steps that separated them and stopped in front of her.

“I want you take off your clothes, fold them, and put them beside the chair on the floor,” she told him.

“Yes, ma’am.”

He pulled his t-shirt over his head and then got out of his shorts. Folding his t-shirt, he walked to the chair. He dropped his t-shirt on the floor beside the chair and then quickly folded his shorts and placed them on top of his t-shirt. He turned and walked back to Mrs. Dylan.

She saw he was self-conscious of his nakedness. Despite that, his penis was semi erect. He stood a full arms length from her.

“Move closer, boy. I want to be able to touch you easily.”

“Yes, ma’am,” her replied. He took a small step forward.

“Closer,” she said in a soft tone Jeremy found enticing.

He moved to within an inch of Mrs. Dylan’s protruding belly and stopped.

“That’s good,” she whispered.

Reaching out, Mrs. Dylan ran her hand gently over his cheek. It’s so smooth, she thought. He obviously doesn’t shave yet.

“I want you to slowly unbutton my blouse,” she said softly. “And look at me while you do so.”

Jeremy stared into those dark, inviting eyes. As he did so he unbuttoned the top button. He glanced quickly at Mrs. Dylan’s slightly exposed chest and then looked back into her eyes. He fumbled with the next button and had to look down to the button to get it undone. As it popped open, the blouse opened half exposing her breasts. He could feel himself stop breathing as he saw the delicious white flesh of Mrs. Dylan’s boobs. He looked back into her eyes and saw an amused twinkle in them. She leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on his lips.

“Continue,” she said in a barely audible tone.

Jeremy reached for the third button and undid it, letting the blouse open to partially reveal her round belly. He could see one more button which stood in the way of his completely seeing her breasts and belly. His penis escort gaziantep bayan ilanları was rock hard. He undid the offending button and the blouse fell loosely open. Jeremy looked into her tantalizing eyes and let his hands move over her belly.

“Not yet,” she said quietly. Jeremy dropped his hands to his sides. Mrs. Dylan took a step backwards. She could see the boy’s eyes were riveted on her. She reached down, undid the button of her cargo pants, and then slowly pulled the zipper of the pants down. Running her hands from front to back on the open waistband of the cargo pants, Mrs. Dylan slid the pants over her large ass and then let them drop to the floor. Stepping out of the pants, she turned her attention to the blouse. Letting the blouse slowly drop off her shoulders and fall to the floor behind her, she observed her boy clinically. She drank in the hungry look in his staring eyes, the slow shallow breathing and the hardness of his cock. Precum was dripping from the head of his cock. Mrs. Dylan was aware her boy would ejaculate with little effort from her. But that wasn’t what she wanted. She wanted her boy’s first experience of penetrating a woman, of penetrating her, to be one he wouldn’t forget. Mrs. Dylan turned away from her boy and moved to the side table and picked up towel. Moving towards Jeremy, she handed him the towel. He looked confused.

“Boy, I want you to masturbate into the towel. I want you to enjoy your first sexual experience and I know you may not even make it to the bed in your present state of arousal. So, lets tone down the sexual tension and excitement you’re feeling. Now masturbate. And don’t ejaculate until I say you can.”

He did as he was told. Mrs. Dylan watched as his hand grasped his cock and he began to slide his hand back and forth on his stiff rod. She knew he would cum at any moment.

“Look at me, boy. Look into my eyes,” she told him.

Jeremy did as she asked. However, he was so close to exploding he could barely focus. Mrs. Dylan smiled as she saw his eyes begin to roll upwards and his knees bend slightly. His groans delighted her.

“You may cum now, boy.”

And Jeremy exploded into the towel. His loud groans jumped out of his open mouth. Watching his body convulse, she counted three solid spasms.

“Keep masturbating, boy,” she demanded. “I want every last drop out of you.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” he gasped. He continued to stimulate his cock until he felt himself becoming soft. With a loud sigh, he let his cock drop from his hand into the towel. He cleaned himself as best he could and bundled up the towel.

“Take that towel to the laundry basket in the bathroom and clean yourself up while you’re there.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” he replied.

Jeremy returned from the bathroom. His young, hard body pleased her. His cock hung flaccid, swaying slowly as he walked towards her. Stopping in front of her, Jeremy smiled shyly. Looking into his eyes, Mrs. Dylan reached out and gripped his waist with her strong hands. She drew him into her large body and wrapped her brawny arms around him. She could feel his arms embrace her, his arms reaching around the sides of her large, hard belly. Being a couple of inches taller than him, she kissed him lightly on his forehead. Moving her right hand upwards along his back, Mrs. Dylan placed her hand on the back of his head. Closing her hand around a handful of his hair, she pulled his head backwards until her boy was looking her directly in her eyes. There was a look of anticipation, of excitement, and, she was delighted to see, of submission in his eyes. She felt his arms eskort gaziantep bayan drop slowly from her sides as he let go into her embrace as her left arm pressed her boy tightly against her body. Mrs. Dylan felt powerful and filled with exhilaration. She brushed her lips over her boy’s lips.

“We begin,” she whispered.

Keeping his head bent back, Mrs. Dylan pressed her lips hard and hungrily against Jeremy’s lips. Pushing her tongue into his mouth, she let it roam about. He began to suck on her tongue which enflamed her. Letting go of his hair, she wrapped her arm around him and, with both arms, pressed him hard against her body. Pushing her tongue deeper, she heard her boy groan as she felt his arms holding on to her as he tried to pull himself even closer against her than he already was. Pulling her tongue out of Jeremy’s mouth, Mrs. Dylan lightly nibbled his lower lip and then, biting slightly harder she pulled on his lower lip and then let it go. Moving her head back a bit, she looked into her boy’s eyes. They were cloudy and his breathing was shallow. He was running his tongue over his lower lip, savoring the feeling on his bitten lip. She disengaged their bodies, holding his shoulders and pushing him gently away from her. She let her hands glide lightly over his body. As she did so, she could feel her boy lean into her touch. Letting her left hand slide over his tight belly, Mrs. Dylan stopped her exploration at his crotch. Running her finger over his penis, she could feel it was still soft. Good, she thought. This will give me time to ravish him before he needs to cum again. The boy saw a wicked smile cross her face. She let go of his flaccid penis and stepped backwards. She then stood sideways to Jeremy.

“Go and lie down on your back on the bed, boy.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” he responded quietly.

As Jeremy walked past his mistress, she whacked him solidly on his ass.

“Quickly boy. Your education is about to begin.”

Jeremy felt nervous and excited. His stomach felt queasy. He noticed for the first time that there was only a sheet and two pillows on the bed. No blankets. Arriving at the foot of the bed, he placed his hands on the bed and then his knees and crawled on all fours to the head of the bed. Mrs. Dylan watched the muscles in his tight ass be accentuated under his smooth skin as he crawled over the bed. Oh my god, she thought. What I want to do with that delightful ass, she gushed to herself as felt herself becoming wet. She watched desirously as Jeremy reached the head of the bed and flopped on his side and then slowly flip onto his back. Drinking in his slim, wiry body, Mrs. Dylan moved along the side of the bed, running her hand lightly and slowly along his leg. Stopping beside his soft penis, she lightly stroked it with the back of her hand.

Jeremy was overwhelmed. The size of Mrs. Dylan standing over him inundated his senses. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her big saggy breasts, large belly and massive arms. There was scent coming from her he couldn’t place, almost sweet and salty, that he found erotic and arousing. The feeling of her hand lightly brushing against his skin on his leg fought for its place of awareness among his overloaded senses. Feeling her stroking his penis sent an electric sensation through his penis and down his legs. He felt if he was standing and not laying down, his legs would have collapsed.

Mrs. Dylan stopped stoking his cock. She could feel it responding to her touch. She wanted to take things slower and take her boy through both a mental and physical experience for his first sexual encounter with a woman.

“Move escort gaziantep bayan over a bit so I can get on the bed,” she told him.

Jeremy bounced his body to his left to create more space. Mrs. Dylan sat sideways on the bed and then lay on her side facing her boy. There was about a foot of space between them so she reached across his body with her right arm and pulled him against herself. She then rolled his body inward to herself so they were laying facing each other. She held Jeremy in that position with her right hand pushing him lightly on his back.

“There, that’s better. Now I can see my boy.”

Kissing him, first lightly, on his lips, face and neck, Mrs. Dylan slowly increased the intensity of her kisses. As Jeremy responded by kissing her, she stopped.

“You let me do the kissing and the touching for now, boy. I want you to just relax and just feel what is happening to you.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” he whispered.

Mrs. Dylan then put her right hand on his shoulder and pushed him onto his back. She propped her head up with her pillow. Moving her massive right leg on top of his thighs, she began to run the fingers of her right hand lightly over the smooth skin of his chest and stomach. She could see his penis begin to move. Her hand found her boy’s left nipple and she circled it with her index finger. She could see his eyes were closed and she heard his breath coming with shallow sounds. Mrs. Dylan gently grasped his nipple between her index finger and thumb and began to softly massage it. Jeremy caught his breath and turned his head to look at her. As he did, she moved to cover his mouth with hers. She pushed between his lips with her tongue and ran it around his mouth. She could feel him push his body against hers as she kissed him. Moving to his neck with her kisses, she re-positioned her body so she was now partially covering his body. Releasing his nipple, Mrs. Dylan ran her hand over his belly, caressing it. Her hand touched his cock which was now hard. She could feel the wetness from his pre-cum.

“Ma’am,” Jeremy said almost breathlessly. “I think I’m gonna cum soon.”

“Not yet, boy,” she warned. She placed her mouth over his nipple and ran her tongue around it.

She heard her boy groan. The groan turned to a yelp as she bit his nipple just hard enough to shock him. She hoped this would slow down his excitement. Rolling on top of her boy, she pushed herself up to a kneeling position with him underneath her. She raised her haunches up so her weight was off of Jeremy.

“Look at me, boy,” she commanded. Jeremy looked at her.

“Don’t look away, boy. Concentrate on me.”

“Yes, Ma’am…Ma’am I don’t think I can hold on much longer.”

“You don’t cum without my permission, boy.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” he said fighting for control.

Mrs. Dylan then reached under herself to find her boy’s cock. She grasped it and then lowered herself down upon it. She felt it deliciously slide into her wet vagina. Jeremy gasped at the warm feeling that engulfed his cock. He was amazed to feel her almost massaging his cock with her vagina. He thrust up into her, pushing her bulk upwards as he did so. He closed his eyes.

“Look at me, boy,” she demanded. “Open your eyes. Look at me.” He opened his and looked at her but she could see his eyes rolling back into his head.

“Now, boy. Now. Cum for me, boy.”

She felt him spasm underneath her. His hot sperm exploded into her. Once, twice, three times her boy ejaculated into her. His body convulsed against hers accompanied by loud cries of pleasure and release. And then he stopped and became still. He was breathing loudly through his mouth and staring deep into her eyes. Placing her hands on his chest, she lowered herself so she could kiss him on his lips. She gave him a long slow kiss and the rolled off of him and lay beside him on her side. Pushing her left arm underneath him and her right arm over top of him, she pulled her boy against herself and held him tight in an engulfing hug. Jeremy relaxed into her as he felt himself merge into her large body.

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