Mother is Debauched Ch. 05


Marsha was bone weary after coming home from Dr. Lerner’s office. Her masturbation had been extremely intense, just like the Dr. expected. So after dinner with Beth and Kay, and an hour of television, she felt ready for bed. But Marsha had one thing on her mind that she needed to tell Beth and Kay. “I wanted to tell you both that I appreciate very much your willingness to include me in your adventures with Bob and Charlie. But after giving it some thought, I need to decline. It’s not a moral issue; it’s more of a relationship thing. I want to….I expect to have a more old friend-to-young friend relationship with my grandson. Sex would get in the way.”

“It’s okay Mom, we understand your feelings, and we respect your wishes.”

“I’m glad. And I think that you and Kay have the best interests of your boys in how you have approached them. It’s just not for me. I’ll only be here two more weeks; so if you want me out of the house one night, I’ll go to the movies.”

“We’ll let you know.”

“And let me be clear. I have no problem in what the three of us have been doing. No problem whatsoever. It has given me a new lease on life. I just have to find some way to extend it when I return home.”

“Mom, how was your medical appointment?”

“Dr. Lerner gave some new cream to try out…on my condition. Oh, I can be frank with you…my clitoris.”

“Have you tried it yet?” Kay broke in.

“I tried a little in the office. It was very good so far. I promised to report back to her. I am getting tired; so I am going to turn in early.”

“Ok Mom. See you tomorrow. And by the way, you would be more than welcome to move here to be close to us. It’s something for you to think about.”

The next morning, Marsha was having a second cup of coffee. Beth and Kay had already left when the phone rang. It was Samantha, from Dr. Lerner’s office.

“How are you, Marsha?”

“I’m fine.”

“Dr. Lerner asked me to follow up with you to schedule another appointment that she mentioned yesterday.”

“I’m not ready to make an appointment, yet.”

“Dr. Lerner will be extremely disappointed, and frankly so will I.”

“What do you mean?”

“I guess there is no harm in telling you, but I watched your tape last night. It was very sexy.”


“Didn’t the doctor tell you? She always tapes these sessions, as protection from patient misconstruing her intentions.”


“I didn’t mean to alarm you; I shouldn’t have said anything. But frankly, I was eager to participate in the little experiment. Dr. Lerner said I would be the first. Your special condition is amazing.”

Marsha’s heart was beating fast. “Samantha, would you be able to retrieve that tape for me. I would be glad to….pay you something.”

“I guess the tape could be embarrassing to your friends and family if it got in the wrong hands. Well, I shouldn’t, but you seem like a very nice lady. And it isn’t fair that the doctor didn’t warn you. But I would need something from you in return, but not money.”


“Sort of…an in-kind exchange. As I said, I was looking forward very much to our little experiment.”

“You mean you and me???”

“Well, my boy friend always had an interest in observing two women, if you know what I meant. But he would be discrete; he would never talk to anybody. In return, I would take the risk of retrieving the tape without Dr. Lerner’s knowledge to give it to you.”

“Who is your boy friend?”

“Well, you met him. It’s Todd, the man who drove you here.” Marsha remembered the handsome, virile young man from the car. It could be worse; but could she trust them, she thought? On the other hand, what did she have to lose? And she had to get the tape back.

“Ok, I’ll do it. But only if I get to see the tape beforehand.”

“It’s a deal. Would you come to our apartment this afternoon? We are closing the office early because the doctor is attending a seminar. Todd will pick you up at 1:00, and he will get you back by dinner time. And bring some of the cream the doctor gave you. I’d like to try some.”

“This is going better than I expected, Todd; she didn’t offer much resistance. We are going to have lots of fun today, and we don’t have to get some slut off the street for our sexual fantasy. She is safe and discrete.”

“You’re a dreamboat, Samantha. But aren’t you taking a risk in taking the tape?”

“Look, I will Uzun porno make a copy. So if the doctor presses me about why it is lost, I can always find it. But she wasn’t being very ethical with her patient; so I don’t think she will make a big issue. She has lots of friends who will play her sex games; she doesn’t really need Marsha.”

Marsha was picked up by Todd on time and found herself entering a cozy one bedroom apartment on the trendy north side of town.

“Glad to see you, Marsha. Have a seat on the sofa; while I set up the tape.”

Samantha was dressed in a tight fitting top which showed her curvy figure. She was much more buxom than Marsha remembered from her brief encounter in the office. Clearly, she wasn’t wearing a bra; her nipples were prominently visible. Her short skirt rode high as she bent to put the tape, revealing firm buttocks.

Marsha fixated on the screen; her naked body was displayed in all its glory, laying on the familiar table in office, placing the cream on her distended clitoris, a shot taken from close range. Marsha was shaken by the tape; yet attracted to her own sexual performance. After a few minutes, she was convinced that this tape should never be seen by anyone. She could see herself in an internet porn show. “Ok, you can shut it off.”

Samantha was waiting for the right moment. “Marsha, Todd and I have discussed this issue. We agreed that we don’t want to force you into anything. So you can have the tape, and Todd will take you home. However, if you want to engage with us; we can have a very good time. Whatever happens here will stay in the room. This is an experience that we think it can be made enjoyable for the three of us.”

For a moment Marsha was shocked. “You mean I can walk out now.”

“We hope you don’t; but yes. But if we start; we want to finish, with a commitment that we are interested in your pleasure as much as ours.”

Marsha thought about her new ideas about recreational sex, though it was being tested a bit quicker than she thought. And at least what was being proposed wasn’t incest. She still had regrets about drawing a line she wouldn’t cross with her grandson and friend. And Samantha and Todd were very attractive sex partners. “Are both of you clean, if you know what I mean?”

“Absolutely,” assured Samantha.

“And no pain or bondage or things like that?”

“We’re not into the kinky stuff,” Todd interjected.

Marsha amazed herself by saying, “Ok. How do we proceed?”

“Todd wants to observe you and me getting it on, becoming orgasmic. Then he will become part of the scene and for us to help him ejaculate by being very oral, if you know what I mean. After that, he thinks that he will have enough stamina to pair with one of us to help each woman to climax orally and vaginally. Does that sound good?”

“It’s a bit breathtaking. But I’m game. Do you want to apply the cream that I brought? It slows down the build up; but creates a huge after shock.”

“Yes; but let’s start by applying it to each other? I can’t wait to see your amazing clit up close!!!! Let’s go into the bedroom. Todd is going to sit on the chair in the corner and observe.” Samantha quickly stripped to the bare essentials. Marsha was amazed at her ample bosom with full nipples, just waiting to be sucked. And like Kay and Beth, she was fully shaved around her slit, with only a small wisp of brown hair in the triangle above. Marsha reminded herself that she was going to do the same very soon. Marsha also stripped, albeit at a more deliberate pace, lay on the bed, revealing her huge clit to Samantha’s piercing glare. “This is truly amazing. You have a wonderful asset.” Samantha picked up a small amount of cream on her finger, mindful that she didn’t want to shut her down completely, and rubbed it on Marsha’s little penis, glistening red with creamy moisture. Marsha returned the favor to Samantha, whose clitoris hid under a hood, emerging to the smooth feel of a sensual touch.

“Talking about assets, I wish I had your spongy bosom laying high on your chest.”

“Yea, Todd likes it as well especially since I can tongue my own nipples. He also likes to be squeezed between the two bosoms.”

“I’ll bet he does.”

“Ok, let’s put on a real show for Todd. His penis will react as you will see. Let’s make passionate love with each other, kissing and nuzzling, just as if we were true lesbians. And then Öğrenci porno we will do a sixty-nine, if you get the drift. I can’t wait to suckle your extended clit. And we can watch Todd play with himself out of the corner of our eyes.” Marsha couldn’t believe what she was doing. Only a few days ago, she never would have considered the possibility of rubbing her body against another woman’s breast let alone gently tweaking turgid nipples between her fingers. And experiencing the feathery touching of a beautiful young woman in her erogenous zones would have been inconceivable. Kay had started her in this direction and her own daughter had been both an object and a subject of woman lovemaking. And now she was experiencing even more depravity as she glanced at a virile Todd, playing with his member in the corner of the room, waiting for the opportunity to join them. And my goodness, his penis was certainly ample, more than she had with her husband. Even not fully distended, it looked to be at least eight inches and very broad. The thought of him inside of her made her shudder.

For now, Marsha had a pussy staring her in the face as she felt Samantha begin to suckle her own wonderful instrument of pleasure. Marsha’s tongue flicked out at Samantha’s sensitive parts, wanting to make her feel the same pleasurable sensations she was experiencing from her tongue. Both women were measuring the pleasure in minutes, rather than seconds, as the creamy application slowed the gradual tilt to the top of the mountain that both were soon craving. Samantha was the first to peak as she explored the little mountain that was Marsha’s pleasure palace. “I’m going to cumm; I’m going to cumm.,” she cried out as much for Todd’s benefit as her own, as the creamy white mixture exuded from her opening onto Marsha’s willing, sucking mouth.

Then Marsha emitted heavy breaths as her own moment with sexual destiny emerged, bursting into a thousand rays. “Unnnnnnnnnnnnnnhhhhhh, me tooooooooooooooo.” The waves of pleasure flowed through her heaving body. Neither woman wanted the pleasure to stop so both suckled each other fiercely, as their bodies heaved to and fro in released ecstasy. The sexual aftershocks continued until they could take no more as Samantha released Marsha from her grip, rolling over.

Samantha was the first to speak. “That was fantastic. Do you want some wine?”

“I prefer orange juice.”

“Great, I’ll be right back.”

“Todd, did we put on a good show for you?”

Samantha brought in some wine and juice.

“It was great!!!!!”

“Well, you helped out. I couldn’t help but watch you out of the corner of my eye. You seemed to be enjoying yourself.”

“And I have to admit, so was I.”

“I’m glad; I knew this would work for all of us. Now Todd can join us to make a real orgy, assuming you still have some energy.”

“Samantha, I never thought I would hear myself say that I can’t wait to feel Todd inside of me. That will just top off the day.”

“Good, because I am still oh so wet and hot. Todd, you have done well to hold it in. Now it’s your turn to lie on the bed. Fortunately, ours is king size.”

Following Samantha’s lead, the two women got on their knees, one on each side of Todd. Samantha began licking Todd’s awesome member, stretching it to well over eight inches, fully engorged with blood. First, Marsha caressed his testicles, which shrunk within his body the more his penis expanded. Then she used her tongue, making sure not to interfere with Samantha. It was a bit tricky, but she got the hang of it. In a few minutes, Todd’s lower body was heaving. “Gee this is great,” he expostulated. Samantha and Marsha switched places and Marsha felt the wonderful ripples of his penis on her tongue. Then Samantha grabbed the lead back and inserted his penis head in her grasping mouth as Marsha continued to play with his testicles. Pre-cum began oozing from Todd’s penis slit.

Samantha stopped sucking and said “Give him a hand job.” Without further ado, Marsha used Todd’s fulsome pre-cum to stroke his penis to and fro, while Samantha shoved her ample bosom into his face. Then Samantha and Marsha traded places once again; Samantha had more power in her grip and would occasionally flick her tongue over Todd’s engorged juicy penis head while giving him a hand job. She was much more practiced than Marsha. In a few seconds, Todd arched his back and streams of semen spurted onto Samantha’s face and down his ample penis. “Wowwwwwww. Wowwwwwww. Nnnnnnnnnn. Nnnnnnnnnn, Todd cried out in sheer joy as his semen juices flowed. Samantha kept up her stoking until Todd was completely drained.

“Todd, before you get soft. Slide into Marsha. Marsha, lay down on the edge of the bed and wrap your legs around Todd.”

Soon Marsha was experiencing the wondrous stretch of an eight inch plus penis rippling against her sensitive innards, reddish pink from foreplay and Todd’s pubic hair pressing against her still sensitive exposed clit. She told herself, “dildos and vibrators provided great sensations and huge climaxes; nothing was as good as a huge penis penetrating her inner sanctum.”

Samantha added to Marsha’s pleasure by rubbing her pear shaped breasts and fingering her huge clit after it rose to its full height. Marsha was in depraved rapture as her body and mind began escalating to the next level of extreme sensuality. She tried to return Samantha’s favor by kneading and caressing her fulsome breasts, heavily hanging near her mouth. Marsha’s mind and body were engaged in the full sensuality of torrid eroticism. The desensitizing cream had worn off as her pleasurable sensations started up the mountain peak, her little penis throbbing on its own will, and her innards racing simultaneously toward a fantastic vaginal orgasm that she had not experienced in a lifetime of cold sex with a neglectful husband. “Omigod, Omigod, don’t stop, don’t stop.”

She creamed profusely and suddenly; erotically bursting into full flame. Marsha’s clitoris hit the on button and her vaginal wall violently contracted. She couldn’t stop heaving. “Keep it up; Keep it up, Oh my, Oh my,” she cried to no one and to every one. Marsha could hardly make out Todd’s or Samantha’s faces, as multiple orgasms exploded inside and outside her vaginal zone, clouding her vision with tears. After what seemed a lifetime, she reached out to touch her breasts and throbbing little penis, rubbing gently to soothe the sensual ache as she came down from a sexual high, her body gradually relaxing from the ultimate in pleasurable tension.

Todd was smug. Samantha was smiling. “I told you we would have a good time.”

“But you only came once.”

“Not true, I was pressing on my clit with one hand, taking myself as I was feeling your bliss. Playing with your little cock was sensationally erotic. And I think Todd came a second time inside you, didn’t you?”

Todd nodded affirmatively, as he looked happy but exhausted. “Besides, Todd and I may have a second chance later tonight because when we discuss what happened this afternoon, it will get us going.”

After Marsha got dressed, the two women hugged each other. As Marsha collected the tape, Samantha offered one last comment. “Before Todd takes you home, I want to say that if you decide that this afternoon was an experience that you want to duplicate, give me a call. I wrote down my private number on this card. I know you don’t live here; but you do visit occasionally.”

“I also want to say how much I appreciate you giving me a choice. It made all the difference. I don’t know if I could do this type of sex again; but I do know that if I do, it will be with Todd and you.”

Samantha and Marsha hugged again. “That’s all I could ask. Todd, take her home.”

Samantha told herself that she was going to destroy the second tape when she got to the office tomorrow. “Doctor, be dammed.”

After Marsha went home to a pleasant dinner with Beth and Kay, the three chatted for a bit over coffee.

“Mom, what did you do today?”

“Oh, I had a pleasant shopping experience. I didn’t buy anything, but I saw some really nice things that I could have in the future.”

“I’m glad. By the way, Friday night is the boys’ night with Kay and I. Since you don’t want to join us, make plans. You can borrow one of our cars. We need about two or three hours alone.”

Marsha immediately thought of Todd and Samantha, but she didn’t think she could do it again so soon. But she realized it was a serious option; not just a one time event. Her new sexual explorations had resulted in a depraved and debauched woman. She smiled. The rest of her life was going to be much better than she ever expected. In her mind a strong voice said “I think I should move here to be near Kay and Beth and my new friends.” As she walked upstairs to bed later that night, her pubic area began stirring as blood started surging into her pleasure point. A few days ago, she would have been embarrassed. Now she wondered if she had enough energy to do something special with her special organ.

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