More with Scott


I wasn’t going to write more about my adventures with Scott until several people replied to my first story about how we got together. So here goes.


First a little more about Scott and me. Scott was a very handsome guy. He was about 5-9/5-10 (the same height as me) and weighed about 150 (about 10 pounds more than me). He had light brown hair, cut in a short preppy style, and green eyes. His muscles were toned. No hair on his chest, a little on his legs, an ass that was smooth and almost a bubble butt. Six inch cut cock with average amount of dark brown hair. His best features were his legs. His thighs were amazing. They were solid, toned and felt amazing. I loved when he was between me because his thighs filled me up and I could feel and squeeze his ass.

I was also in very good shape. I had short dark brown hair and green eyes as well. I had average hair on my legs and chest. I lifted a little so my arms were toned. Scott said he loved my chest hair. Loved to run his fingers and lips through it. We were both 18 when we first hooked up.


We never really considered ourselves to be gay. We just thought of ourselves as experimenting and having fun. We both really liked sex a lot. We also loved to give one another an orgasm. Ever since that first time on the couch, we couldn’t get enough of getting off with one another and making one another get off. We continued to date girls after our first encounter, and then we eventually both got girlfriends that lasted most of our senior year.

I would still think about Scott sometimes when I jacked off. I had both topped and bottomed with him, so sometimes I would think about him inside me and other times I would think about fucking him. I’d get hard around him sometimes at school or at parties, but I just chalked it up to being a being a horny teenager.

In early May, we both broke up with our girlfriends right after prom. Scott also decided around that time that he wanted to throw a party for a few select friends at his parents’ cabin in the woods. He wanted the party to be the weekend before our weekend graduation, to celebrate the end of high school and get our group together one final time because most of us were all headed in different directions after high school. His parents also were going to be at a convention through the end of the weekend, so we’d have the cabin to ourselves.

It took a little convincing to get my parents to let me spend a weekend at a cabin with eight other friends, but they eventually relented when I convinced them that it would be a good way to prepare for college. On the day we were to drive up to the cabin, the two people I was supposed to bring bailed on me so I drive alone to the cabin, which was about 75 minutes outside of town. When I got to the cabin, Scott was already there with food and drinks. He gave me the grand tour of the four room cabin that his dad’s construction company had built. It had a large deck out on the back that looked into the woods and you could almost see the lake from except the trees were too thick. The cabin had a big main room and then three bedrooms. Two off to one side and a master bedroom with a private deck that was on the side of the cabin.

When Scott and I got on the main outside deck I asked him when the rest of our friends were coming up.

“Turns out, we’re it,” he said.

“Why?” I asked.

“Tom told me when I was leaving school that he got called into work, and he was going to drive the rest of the group because they were going back on Saturday afternoon,” he said.

“Damn they should have told me because I could have brought them up with me,” I said.

“Yeah, it’s too bad,” Scott said. “But you can go home if you want and think this will be too boring.”

“Nah, it’s cool for tonight,” I said. “I just escort bayan gaziantep got here and I’ve never been here before so it’s really nice.”

Things got silent. We were standing about four feet from one another on the deck. I leaned over the rail and looked into the woods, trying to see the lake through the trees. I had no idea why my cock was getting hard.

I didn’t realize Scott had moved behind me until I felt his hands rub my shoulders. I froze as his hands moved down my back and then under my t-shirt when they reached my waist. I leaned back into him as his hands moved around my waist and pulled me into him.

“There’s a lot just the two of us could do here,” Scott whispered into my left ear.

“There is?” I responded playfully. “Like what?”

“Well it could start with a kiss,” Scott said.

We began a deep kiss and embrace the moment I turned to face him. My hands we all over him as our tongues explored one another’s mouths. Fuck it felt good! Especially as we started to grind into one another. Scott pushed me against the deck rail and my hands found his ass, squeezing it while we kissed more deeply. Then Scott started to kiss and lick my neck, saying, “Damn you feel good Rick.”

I didn’t even realize that he had pulled off my t-shirt and thrown it onto the deck floor until he started to kiss down my chest and suck on my nipples. He continued down my body, sending chills all over me, then dropping to his knees to lower my shorts and briefs to my knees. My cock eagerly met him, which he took into his hands and started to gently lick and caress with his tongue before he started to work it over. I grabbed the deck rail to hang on for dear life.

“Oh Scott I’m going to blow right here man,” I half-moaned.

Scott pulled off my cock, pushed my shorts and briefs off me, and stood back up to kiss me. “Let’s go back inside,” he said. “I don’t want you to cum yet.”

We gathered my clothes as we walked back in and I kicked off my shoes. Scott then pushed me onto the couch in the main room and stripped off his clothes while he stood in front of me. He then straddled my legs and sat down on me. He took my face in his hands and kissed me hard for several minutes. I could feel his cock brush against my stomach and mine rub against his ass. Scott pulled his face away from me and looked deep into my eyes. “I want you to fuck me right now Rick,” he said in this deep and sexy voice.

“I didn’t bring any condoms,” I said. “I didn’t know there would be sex.” I laughed a little.

Scott started to run his fingers through my chest hair and grind down on my cock. “We don’t need condoms this time,” he said.

“Dude we have to be safe with things,” I said.

“I’m totally clean,” Scott said. “I’ve never ever had unprotected sex in my life. And you’re the only guy I’ve ever been with…Haven’t you always been safe?”

“Well, yeah but I don’t know that we should do it,” I said.

“Shhhssssh,” Scott whispered as he put his left index finger over my lips and started to suck on two of his right fingers. “Just let me do it like this, OK?” he said, rubbing his wet fingers over my cock. I was already so fucking horny that I stopped my protesting when Scott got my cock wet with his saliva then took it in his hand to guide it into his hole.

It was a little tight when my cock first entered Scott, and he paused for a minute, closed his eyes, and leaned over into me. He took the rest of me into him and then kissed me. It felt amazing to be inside him bare. Scott felt warmer and tighter, just incredible. He began to rock back and forth, then bounce up and down on me while my hands rubbed all over his smooth and toned body. Scott already had a tan, whereas I was still pretty pale from the winter.

Our fucking felt so incredible that it left me unable to speak. I couldn’t say anything other than moan and mumble a little. Suddenly Scott and I locked hands and held them tightly as he continued to wildly ride me. “Oh fuck Scott, I’m going to cum,” I said.

“Do it,” he said. “Do it inside me. I want to feel you cum inside of me.”

And I came. And came. And came. Shouting with each thrust into him. Then I put my arms around Scott’s body, pulled him into me and kissed his torso, alternatively licking and kissing his chest. I had just experienced the most intense orgasm of my life.

Scott ran his fingers through my hair. “You doing OK buddy?” he asked. “That felt amazing.”

I looked up at him. “You could feel that?” I asked.

“Oh yes, I could feel you shoot up into me. You made my ass clench,” he said. “It feels so nice and warm and gooey in me. You made my ass and legs shiver.”

Scott leaned down to me again and we kissed again. But this kiss felt a little different. I was kissing him as if he was mine and he belonged to me. Or at least I belonged inside of him.

“Come on,” he said. “Let’s get up before we make a mess on this couch and my parents wonder what’s been happening. They might not be too pleased if they knew I was getting fucked by a guy on the couch.” He kissed me again as we stood up.

After we cleaned up, Scott led me back into the master bedroom. It felt nice to lay naked on the bed, kissing a little, caressing a little, exploring a little. We finally started to spoon when Scott said that he wanted to look out at the trees through the window near the bed. It was getting late and I was getting sleepy. I drifted off to sleep in no time, Scott’s arms around me and his body pressed against mine felt nice.

I probably would have slept through the night if I hadn’t felt Scott playing with my ass. First it was just his fingers, then I felt his stiff cock press against me. “You awake?” he asked.

“Yeah,” I replied, leaning over to meet his eyes. It was dark in the room but the light from the moon was coming through the room’s windows and door so I could see him. “How late did I sleep? What time is it?”

“It’s around 9 and it’s also time for me to fuck you,” Scott said as he kissed me again. “Is that OK?”

My heart was racing because although he had fucked me we had never done it bare. Scott was so pretty, and his body felt so good pressed against me. “Yes. I want to feel you inside me,” I said, and kissed him back.

I was still laying on my left side, spooning with Scott when he begin to massage my hole with his left fingers. His right hand was on my shoulder rubbing me while he kissed the back of my neck. “I love the way you feel,” Scott said as his middle finger slid inside me. I closed my eyes and moaned a little until I felt Scott’s fingers in my mouth.

“I want you to lube my cock,” Scott said as I started to lick them. His hand returned to his cock and I could hear it getting lubed. We did it a few more times. The last time he spit on his fingers and this time lubed my hole. “I like mingling out spit together like this.” Then he pushed his cock against me. I was tight but it didn’t take Scott’s cock long to penetrate me.

I let out a very loud moan. “Oh god I had no idea it felt like this,” I said in a very loud voice. “Oh yes Scott. Yes.”

Scott worked his arms under mine so that he was pulling up using my shoulders, thrusting deep into me. “Fuck I didn’t know it felt like this. Fuck!” he said. His pubic hair was pushing into my ass cheeks as he continued to thrust deep into me while kissing/licking my left shoulder.

Scott continued to pound me until he let out a loud, “FUUUUUUCKKKKK!” He hugged me so tight. It felt like his pubic hairs were up in my ass. Our legs were tangled. Even though we had stopped I could feel his pelvis still thrusting into me. I also felt the warm sensation of liquid inside of me. Scott was heavily panting and I rolled over to my stomach. My ass and thighs were tingling.

“Oh my god,” Scott said. “That was amazing. That felt amazing. God I have never shot so hard before. And so much. I felt like I couldn’t stop cumming inside of your amazing ass.”

I ruined the moment by saying, “Should we get a towel so we don’t make a mess on the bed?”

“Oh my god yes,” Scott said. “There should be a bath towel in that side table drawer…pull it out.”

I pulled out the towel and put it under me.

“Don’t you want to towel off?” Scott asked.

“I’d like to feel you inside me right now. Not to sound gay but your cock feels amazing inside of me with that cum,” I said. Scott kissed the back of my neck again and again, getting harder and harder.

Scott eventually pulled out when he finally got soft. It felt like he was hard for 15 minutes after he came in me. But until we cleaned up I was so turned on by feeling his cum in me.

We fell asleep again in each others’ arms after we cleaned up. I slept like a baby that night and woke up what I thought was early to find an empty bed. I panicked when I didn’t see Scott, then got hard when I looked out the door window and saw a naked Scott standing on the private deck, looking into the woods.

“What you doing up so early?” I asked as I walked through the doorway.

“Just enjoying the view,” Scott said. His back was still to me.

“So am I,” I said as I put my arms around him and my hard cock pushed up against him.

“Feels like two things like the view,” Scott said in a flirty way.

“They might be enjoying what they see,” I said as I reached around to his cock, which was getting harder by the second in my hand. “Feels like someone else is glad to see me.”

I started to kiss Scott’s neck and shoulders as I stroked his cock before turning him around for a deep long kiss. Then I slid down his body to my knees so I could suck him. I worked all over his cock as he ran his fingers through my hair. When I slid my finger inside his ass he started to groan and moan and then cum into my mouth. I pushed in all the way to his pubic hair so I could swallow him for the first time. I loved the way he tasted like salty potato chips. It was even sexier that I could tell that I caused his knees to buckle.

When I looked up, Scott was holding onto the rail, breathing very loudly, and licking his lips in the sexiest way. I wandered back up his body, whispering in his left ear: “I love that I had you for breakfast.”

We talked that morning about our feelings for each other, and we both agreed that we were just experimenting with sex and considered ourselves to be “bi-experimential” as we called it. We both just really, really liked sex and had total confidence and trust in one another.

We stayed at the cabin the rest of the day. It felt amazing that day to be naked with him the entire time. We only wore clothes on Saturday night when we went down to the lake for a moonlight swim. It was a secluded location, but I still didn’t expect to swim nude until Scott stripped down before he showed me one of his creative dives off the dock. It was hot to make out in the nude with him on the dock, our wet bodies making things even hotter in the full moonlight. We only wore our towels and shoes back to the cabin so we could shower and then have more sex that night.

We were both sore when we got up on Sunday, and we didn’t realize at first that the reason was because we had been fucking like rabbits. We left the cabin around noon, after we cleaned it up, so we would beat his parents home. We would have left the cabin sooner, but I got incredibly turned on while we cleaned the cabin after our final shower together. It didn’t help that Scott cleaned only in his briefs and shoes. He had one of those hard bodies that kept me hard.

It was a very nice weekend.

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