Missing My Mom


Brad had been waiting in anticipation all week, his mom was coming home! Now, any 18 year old misses his mom, but for Brad, things had become different. Over the last year, he had come to view his mom, Carrie, in a whole new light. She had always been attractive… but he hadn’t really cared before. He had enough on his mind with his older sister, Emily, coming home from college on the weekends, wearing all kinds of skimpy outfits that drove him crazy. Her figure, which he estimated as around 36/26/36, was usually accentuated by tights and shorts, or skimpy skirts and tank tops. Her pouty lips and strawberry blonde hair accentuated her pretty face, and she was always teasing him in provocative ways…

Carrie, on the other hand, was the embodiment of sensuality, although it hadn’t always been that way. After their father divorced her, she had earned a degree in business and become very successful with a local corporation. She had begun to dress smartly, and to take good care of herself, working out at the gym. She had colored her hair a sexy red, and her lips had a sexy look he couldn’t quite put his finger on… She had shapely legs, and her overall figure belied the two children she had born, and her 40 years – she had Emily when she was 19. Her best asset, however, were her incredible tits. Brad had peaked at her bra once, finding a 40D. More than that, however, was there shape! They were PERFECT! They seemed to have no sag, and stood straight out, capped by big nipples.

Brad had stumbled in on Carrie nude 6 months ago, and while he was deeply apologetic, he had been given a huge eyeful of the best tits he had ever seen, Penthouse included! That, combined with the way she carried herself, brought Brad face to face with a dilemma – how could he quit thinking about his mom, when she was SO sexy, and around him all the time. It was obvious that he was very important to her, and that she needed his approval. Anytime she wore a new business suit, she literally modeled it for him to make sure it met his approval. Lately, each time this happened, Brad could only stare in amazement as Carrie would turn for him, showing off her shapely ass and legs, then turning, almost proudly, to show how the blouse clung to her perfect breasts. He found himself staring at her in her bathing suit at their pool, and any other time he could feast his eyes on her…

Carrie was also a very touchy-feely person, which Brad had always enjoyed – he was that way too. However, it had turned into a problem over the past few months, as Brad began to turn his lust towards his mother. Now, her loving strokes, her sweet hugs, were treated by him, embarrassingly, as foreplay instead. Often he was rock hard, and embarrassed, after any meaningful contact with his mother. He tried not to think this way, but he couldn’t help it. Now that Carrie had been on a business trip for three days, he wanted more than ever to be able to look at her, to touch her, to press against her. While his social life was active, and the dates plentiful, no girl stacked up to his mom. He had sprouted, although still not tall, at 5’9″, but had become very muscular in the last year from hours in the weight room. His thick, lite brown hair, blue eyes and winning smile were nice touches that made girls very attracted to him, but they paled in their sexy allure, and their looks, to his own mother.

Emily was staying at college this weekend, and Carrie was driving in that afternoon. Brad couldn’t wait to SEE her again. She had called earlier, to say she would be home around six…. Brad had cooked some steaks, and some baked potatoes, for them to have a good dinner. Carrie walked thru the door at six sharp. She was wearing black stockings (he wondered if they were pantyhose, or thigh highs), heels, a black skirt with a generous slit, white satin blouse (very clingy), and a purple jacket. Her red lipstick accentuated her already full lips, and her smile was worth a thousand words. “MMMMMMMM come here, baby, let me get a hug from my boy!!” She wrapped her arms around Brad’s muscular shoulders, and her mouth nuzzled his shoulder as she squeezed him hard. She smelled bağdatcaddesi escort great, and her soft hair glided over his nose.

“HEY mom!! he breathed, enjoying the feel of her, her smell. “Wow I missed you!”

“I missed you too, baby” she said. “Something smells good.” Brad started to thank her for thinking so well of him, then realized she meant the steaks. “Oh yeah, dinner is served.”

Carrie took down a bottle of red wine. “What a trip – I am ready to UN-wind!” With that, she poured herself a glass and began to sip in earnest, looking closely at her good- looking son. “MMMMMMM baby, you get better looking each day – how many girls did you make suffer this week?

“Oh come on, Mom! Stop….” he said, and he continued to stare at her, smiling, as her lips drank in the purple liquid. They ate their steaks and made small talk of the goings on of the week. As they talked, he couldn’t help noticing her staring at him, once or twice, in a different way.

They cleaned the dishes, and moved to the living room. They sat on the couch, and Brad turned on the TV. There was a movie on, and as they settled in to watch, Carrie kicked off her shoes, stretching out her legs… Brad looked down, smiling at her stocking calves and feet, so attractive…. “Mom, bring those feet over here and I’ll give you a massage,” he offered, wanting to touch and caress her.

“Mmmmmmm sugar, that would be wonderful.” Carrie scooted down, placing her calves in his lap, enjoying the touch of his strong, young hands. She tilted her head back, then sat up, taking off her jacket, slowly, looking at him seductively, smiling. “There, that’s better,” she cooed. Brad couldn’t believe his eyes. Without the jacket, there was far more attention focused on his mom’s perfect tits, and his cock began to grow in appreciation. She laid back on the couch, watching him and not the TV, then closed her eyes. “There, now that IS better,” she murmured, as his hands went to work on the soles of her feet. He stared at her, eyes closed, loving the feel of her stocking feet, so smooth. His hands moved up her heels, to her lower calves, watching her, studying her lips, her hair. Her skirt had ridden up a bit when she slumped down on the couch, and he could tell she wore thigh highs, even making out the lace at the top. This only served to make his cock harder, and he felt it press against his mom’s curvy calf, the head swelling against it. Did his mom smile just as he felt it push against her? He felt very warm, and she shifted, causing more of his cock to press against her calf. It felt so good, but he wasn’t sure if this was a bad thing, or not. His mom was SO sexy, but would she be mad, never speak to him again, if she knew what he thought?

“Mmmm Brad, that is SO nice,” she moaned as his fingers stroked her calf muscles, gliding over her hose.

“Glad you like it, mom!”

“Mmmmm baby, I think I could like that ALL nite,” she purred, smiling big with her eyes closed, then licking her lips. He thought about her wet lips, how he’d like to kiss them, how good they would look around his hard cock. His hands made their way slowly up her calves, until he reached her knee.

He began to go back down, when she moaned a moan of disappointment; “Awwww, you’ve already done THEM, I was hoping you would go higher….”

Brad’s cock hardened, as he gazed up at his mom. She looked so great, and he would have done anything to move up her soft thighs – now he was being invited! He didn’t know if this was all innocent, or if his mom was flirting, but he wasn’t about to lose the opportunity. “Oh, sure, Mom – sorry!” He grinned as his fingers moved up the back of her thigh, both massaging, and now caressing, her smooth shapely thighs.

“Ohhhhhh, that’s it,” she sighed, in obvious pleasure – but was it sexual, or otherwise? Brad was enjoying it so much that he really didn’t care…. He scooted up the couch, replacing Carries legs on his lap, to get a better position to massage her. Neither were watching the TV now, it was just a sound in the background. As he beykoz escort replaced her legs, he took them off his hard cock, but when he began to massage her thighs again, she shifted her calves back onto his manhood, which was now hot with desire. Once or twice he thought she might be gliding them over his cock, almost stroking it, but he wasn’t sure. The visual sight, as well as the feel of her and her touch on him, made him begin to ooze precum. His hands nervously continued their climb, and as he went higher, he was forced to push her skirt higher – he tried to do it nonchalantly, not letting her notice, with the back of his wrist.

“Here honey” she smiled, “let me help you” and she raised her hips, at once pushing her skirt up around her hips, to the level of her satiny panties, which were a definite bikini cut. “I ought to pay you for a massage this good, your fingers are wonderful, baby” she cooed, smiling at him, then closing her eyes to continue enjoying her touch. His hands continue to move up, and she puller her legs back a little to give him better access to the back of her thighs, her feet in his lap, twitching back and forth a little, occasionally grazing his cock. She HAD to be teasing him, that was the only explanation, as his cock was about to burst.

As he shifted his gaze, he thought he could see the outline of his mother’s pussy lips thru the tight bikini panties. “This is insane,” he thought, “I would love to rip those panties off right now, and eat my mother’s pussy – I have to get a hold of myself!!!”

“MMMM Brad, that feels SO nice” Carrie moaned, as his fingers worked her muscles. As he moved up, his hands moved to her ass, but because of the angle, they actually ended up on her very inner thigh. As he watched, her eyes stayed closed, and he could feel the heat actually emanating from her pussy, as her breathing became slow and long. His fingers moved up by the millimeter, waiting to be stopped, feeling his mother squirm a little at his touch. When he was just about at her pussy lips, she suddenly moved, sitting up slowly, smiling seductively at him.

“BRAD, baby, that is soooooooo good – let me return the favor and rub your shoulders, baby.”

Brad protested, “No mom, I’m fine, really – I’ll just do you….” disappointed at the untimely interruption.

“Honey, it’s okay, relax – we’ve got time for more… but I want to make YOU feel good, turn around, and take off your shirt so I can massage your back better.”

Brad took his shirt off quickly, proud of his muscular chest. He scooted back toward his mother, who moved one leg around his right hip, the other laid over his left thigh. “Mmmmmmmmmm nice, hon” she said. “Working out a lot?” Her soft hands caressed and massaged his shoulder muscles – it felt great to him! “Are you tense, baby?” she asked.

“Ummmm, no, mom, just feel a little funny with my shirt off like this with you, that’s all.”

“Oh really – would it help if I took mine off as well?” Brad paused only momentarily, then quickly nodded. He heard Carrie pull the material up and over, then saw the blouse thrown in the floor. “Well, that’s more comfortable, anyway!” she said. Her hands moved down his back, the massage was great. She leaned forward and asked, “Does that feel good?” hissing into his ear. Her breath was hot, and her lip grazed his ear, sending chills down his spine.

“Yes, mom,” he managed hoarsely. She began to massage his lats, tickling him a bit, then moved to his tummy, her nails dragging along his skin. He giggled, as did she, and as he twisted, her hands ended up on his chest.

“Mmmmmm, broad” she complimented him. She seemed to be exploring, enjoying, now, not massaging, and he loved her touch. Her fingers traced over his nipples, and they hardened as he sucked in his breath. She apparently sensed this, and repeated the motion, her fingertips on his nipples, stroking them now. She leaned against him, and he could feel her large firm breasts – it was as if he could FEEL her nipples against his back, hard and long. The feeling was incredible, and he moaned bostancı escort in pleasure as his mom teased his nipples, throwing his head back a little. He felt her lips on his neck, kissing him softly.

“Ohhhhhh, mom, that feels SO good!” he moaned, as she sucked his skin hard.

“MMMM good – I want my baby to feel good – you like that?” as she rolled his hard nipple between her fingers. “Oh, Brad, you feel so HOT, you make my nipples so hard, do you feel them??”

“Oh yes, mom, they feel soooooooooo good!” Brad turned around to face his mother, coming face to face with her NAKED tits!!! She had removed her bra unbeknownst to him, and it HAD been her naked breasts and nipples on his back! His lips locked against hers, and she moaned into his hot mouth, loving the intimacy, the passion she felt with him. His tongue, warm and long, probed her waiting mouth, exploring and tangling with hers. I felt so good, she thought she would melt. His young waiting hands cupped her large, full tits, massaging and kneading them. She moaned louder into his mouth, her nails digging into his muscular back. His palm began to tease her nipple, making it even more erect, if that were possible.

She broke their kiss, sinking her teeth into his neck, then kissing and licking his ear, panting. “Oh, god baby, you are so damn hot, you make me so wet!!” Brad couldn’t believe his ears, nor his good fortune. His mom’s tits were incredible, so large, but so pert, and soooooo full. He could have cupped them for years, but he was dying to suck her nipple, so he lowered his mouth to her right nipple, opening wide to suck in as much flesh as possible, his tongue flicking her hard nipple. It was red, and possibly a half inch long, thick and hard – it was PERFECT!

She pushed his mouth into her breast – “Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh – oh yes baby, suck my hot tits – lick my hard nipple, baby!!” Brad redoubled his efforts at her reaction. She continued – “Mmmmmmm baby, suck and bite them for mommy, bite that hard nipple!”

Brad bit down, and was rewarded with veritable screams of pleasure from his mom, as her nails dug into his scalp. He began to chew, suck, and kiss her nipple, and they were both loving it. He felt his mom fumble at his waistband, pulling his gym shorts down a little, and exposing his swollen cockhead. Her thumb traveled over it first, then she circled it over and over with her palm, making Brad moan louder as he continued his assault on her hard nipple, while he pinched and twisted the other one. His free hand traveled to her skirt, finding the clasp, and trying to unhook it. She moved her hips up to help him, and soon it slid down her legs, leaving her in panties and stockings only.

She pushed him off her, and pulled his boxers and shorts over his cock and down, moaning “Oh God, Brad, I want your big cock!” He almost came at her words, but instead pulled his legs thru his shorts, leaving his 6 ½” cock at full attention, thick and swollen.

“Those panties have to go, Mom” he blurted, and she smiled a naughty smile.

“Would you like to take them off?” Brad only grinned, and got on his knees in front of his mother, hooking his fingers around the waist band, and pulling them down and off her smooth sexy legs in one motion. Her shaved pussy was amazing, and he pushed her legs farther apart and dove between them, at first simply licking her pussy lips and enjoying the taste of her, the smoothness. She gasped and moaned from deep within herself, and the fact that it was her son eating her wet pussy had her ready to cum!

When his tongue traveled up and down her slit, it was over, and she felt the first waves of orgasm washing over her – she shoved Brad’s head into her pussy, yelling “O fuck honey, I’m starting to cum, lick mommy baby, liiiiiiicccckkkkkk mmmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyy.” Brad began to lick her clit and slit in earnest, as fast as he could, to intensify her orgasm. Her hips began to buck wildly, screaming “O fuck yes eat me, I’m cumming! I’m cumming!!” She began to squirt her pussy juice all over his face, flooding his mouth. He greedily licked up all her juices, continuing to lick her swollen clit and slit, his hands under her thighs, holding them open to expose her better.

As his mom came down from her orgasmic high, she continued to moan, but softer now, stroking his hair, looking down at him as he kissed and licked her pussy lips, cleaning her up. “MMMMM that’s my boy,” she said. “Now it’s MY turn!”

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