Memories Or Dreams?


I stood waiting on the waters edge, looking out to sea, the air had a chill in it but the sun was still warm enough to keep me from having to wrap a sweater around my shoulders, I removed my sandals and placed them next to the towel I had placed onto the sand, on the towel was my sweater, a small picnic basket, a bottle of wine and two glasses. I started to walk along the waters edge, the sea lapping up around my ankles, my arms swinging from side to side as I looked into the sky and up at the clouds.

All of a sudden I felt someone take my hand, wow I jumped right out of my skin, I quickly turned around and yes your right it was you, I looked up into your eyes I could not believe that finally we were together, after all those months of talking on the computer and now I was finally here and as you took me into your arms I melted and gave into your kiss, it was a kiss of such warmth, so much said in one kiss, I could feel your body lifting me off the floor as we kissed on and on.

When we finally stopped kissing we stood looking for ages into each others eyes, taking each other in, it was such a wonderful moment in time, so longed for and so wanted, I slowly slid my hands up over your chest with a cheeky grin on my face, you smiled back and we just fell into each others arms again.

Do you remember, wow its just like yesterday, that first time we met, as we once again kissed I could feel the heat from beneath your shirt, it was at that point my body started to stir, I felt my insides start to tingle, wow what a feeling, you sensed it also and slowly started to run your kisses down my neck, as if you just knew what I wanted, reading my mind you could say, you have always had that knack, lol that’s why I guess I love you so much, you always know what I want and need.

As we held and kissed more my fingers fumbled with your shirt, opening your buttons with fingers shaking so much it was unbelievable, you took my hands into yours, remember? And kissed them and told me you loved me, wow, the shaking got worse and you just laughed, you placed my open hands against your chest and the shaking slowly stopped and once again while looking into your eyes I slowly opened your buttons one at a time and when finished I slid my hands up over your chest and slid your shirt off your shoulders and onto the sand below.

While sliding my hands back over your shoulders, I leaned forwards and kissed your chest, I could taste the salt on your body as I slid my tongue over it, my kisses started to slide down your chest to your stomach, so firm and muscular, I could not wait, I started to unbuckle your belt, you placed your finger under my chin and lifted my head, smiled and said wait.

Taking my hand into yours you swung me around and placed your other hand onto my shoulder, I let go of your hand and wrapped it around your waist, and together we walked, we walked along the waters edge, kicking up the sand and laughing, we talked and talked, we planned our future there and then on Trabzon Escort that beach and I have to say we where pretty close, were we not?

We walked and talked till we realised we had walked up to the rocks that closed the beach off, we turned and started to head back to the picnic basket as we had both realised we were starving, the sea air always does that to us remember? as we walked my hand was resting in your back pocked and with every step I could feel your butt cheek in my hand, I was stirring within, my body was wanting so badly.

I suddenly stopped, you turned round and looked at me with a puzzled look on your face, I just smiled and you smiled back, taking a step towards you I slid my hands around your waist and placed a kiss on your lips, next I ran them along your jaw bone towards your ear, were I slowly kissed and caressed your ear with my lips, and whispered it’s time!

I slid my hand back into yours and squeezed it, looked up at you and laughed, you looked back at me, remember? And I just took off, running in and out of the sea, my arms spread out taking in all the breeze as it run through my hair, god I will never forget that day, I felt like I was running over the clouds of heaven as I felt you grab me from behind and pull me down onto the sand.

Laying on my back looking up at you, I started to run my fingers through your hair as your lips once again met mine, the kiss was electric and as I ran my fingers down your back I could feel your hot flesh burning through my top, my hands ran all the way down your back and then spread out so I had one hand on each of your hips, I then lifted my leg and flipped you over onto your back and placed my self across your waist, I slowly then started to remove my top, I slid it up and over my head throwing it to the floor and then looked down to your belt buckle I had already once tried to open it, this time you did not stop me, I undid your belt buckle and slipped it out of the loops of your jeans, then I unbuttoned your jeans and leaned down placing a kiss onto your stomach as I lowered your zip.

I never quite remember how we managed to both get completely naked but we sure did it and as my bra fell onto your chest and your hands ran up over my flesh, to this day I can still feel the excitement that come over me, the fluttering in my tummy and the goose bumps that formed over my body completely, you thought I was cold but it was the pure excitement of being there with you and I have to say my love I still get that feeling every time I look into your eyes and see those memories within them.

You wrapped yourself around my body, pulling me close to you and laid me onto my side, face to face we both lay on the wet sand, the sea lapping up and over our ankles, your kisses starting to run down my body, your lips latching onto my breast, sucking and nibbling on my nipple which was so hard and erect, I slowly lay on my back and your body seemed to lay across mine as your hands glided down Trabzon Escort Bayan my side across my stomach and down between my legs, I lifted my leg and you pushed it to one side opening me up and as my leg fell to the side your tongue slid all the way down my stomach and into my wetness, oh god, my back arched as I could feel your tongue seeking out my clit and as you started to suck on it my fingers griped tightly onto your hair.

My other leg now raised at the knee and both feet pushing my butt slightly off the floor, as I raised my butt allowing my wet mound to meet your mouth you pulled me over, I was once again on top and looking right down at what I can only describe as my hero, oh yes it was a sight to see and as I took it into my hand I could feel it throbbing and I knew exactly what you wanted, I slowly started to caress your balls, remember? And as I did your butt lifted of the floor and you let out a groan then went back to sliding your tongue in and out of my now very wet pussy.

While I caressed your balls and slid my hand up and down your shaft I slid my tongue along the base of your cock, slowly teasing and exciting you, as I felt you getting harder and harder I licked up your shaft and before you knew it you was deep within my mouth, as I took you in as far as I could you let out a gasp and started to purrrrr, OMG I was in heaven, I had never experienced anything quite like it, my whole body started to shake as you continued to purr on my clit.

As I sucked on your very hard and swollen cock, my body shaking and my juices flowing, my mind swam, I just kept thinking if he can make my body explode like this what else can he do? And you know what, your still teaching me a thing or two aren’t you? As my body seemed to just go out of control with your tongue now deep inside of me and your cock as deep as it can go in my mouth I started to feel your body tense up, ohh god you was shaking uncontrollably, and no sooner as I gave one really hard suck you filled my mouth, pushing deep into me, I swallowed but you filled my mouth to fast and I had to pull away, your cum shooting into the air as you slid out of my mouth, your cum running down my chin and dripping onto my breasts.

As I leaned up to witness you spurt out of control you started to suck faster on my clit, I slid my hands down and started to rub myself and as I watched you finish cumin I once again cum filling your mouth with all my juices, your hands ran up my sides and clenched onto my hips and pulled me down onto your face and lapped at my wet pussy just making me cum harder!

The tide was coming in and as the last few shakes left my body I fell to the side off you and landed on my back, you took my hand as I lay there for what seemed like ages just looking up into the sky, the clouds making pictures, when I finally turned my head you was sat up looking at me, just watching me, I smiled at you and you smiled back, still holding my hand you leaned forward and kissed Escort Trabzon my shoulder, I watched you looking deep into your eyes and as your kiss left my shoulder you winked and got up, my hand sliding out of yours and falling to the sand below where I lay, I rolled onto my side as you picked up our clothes and proceeded to walk towards the towel where the picnic basket was.

I slowly got my self to my feet and started to walk towards you, as I did I tried to walk in your footsteps, I saw you look back and smile as I jumped from one foot print to another, your stride was so long and I had trouble reaching each foot print, you stood and watched me and as I got nearer I saw you throw the clothes to the floor and take a step forwards, as I made the last jump I fell into your arms once again and was greeted with a slap on my butt, I looked up and smirked, I liked it and you could see I did and slapped it again before letting me go and walking over towards the picnic basket and the bottle of wine.

I sat down just as you passed me the glasses to hold, I took them and you poured the wine, after placing the bottle on the sand you took one of the glasses and took a sip, I watched you as you swallowed the wine, a grin on your face as you watched me watching you, I could not take my eyes off you, your cheek bones so defined and your eyes the bluest blue I had ever seen, such a sight to behold.

I sipped my wine as I turned round to look out to sea, the sun was lower and there was a chill in the air, I grabbed my sweater and slipped it around my shoulders and brought my knees up to my chest, you shuffled over and sat behind me sliding your arms around me, pulling me into you and as I lay back in your arms your legs crossed over mine warming my body, kisses on my neck, wow the flame sparked within me and I felt my tummy tingle once again.

I finished my wine and lay the glass on the sand, I could feel the cold starting to get to my body and I shivered, you moved over on the towel and lay me down on my back, I looked up at you and you gestured a kiss to me as your hands slowly slid up my body, Ohh wow the heat from your body as you lay yourself upon me, my legs lifting and parting, I could feel your hard trying to find it’s way into my wetness, I slid my hand down and guided you in and as the very tip entered me I gasped, your mouth covered mine and slowly you slid yourself all the way in.

As I felt you sliding all the way in my back arched, your tongue exploring my mouth, I slid my legs over yours, pulling you into me more, ohh as you pushed your hard swollen cock in and out of me I could not help but moan and groan, as you picked up rhythm I ran my finger nails up and down your back, I could see the pleasure in your eyes as I dug my nails in hard, faster and faster you pumped at me, ohh god I thought I would explode completely, I had never wanted something so much, yes my love I wanted you so badly and here I was with you deep within me, pumping, pushing and fucking my so hard, ohhhh god I could feel my body arching my hips raising off the floor as together we came, one final thrush from you and one final dragging of my nails up your back and YES we were there in heaven, OMG it was wonderful, so fucking wonderful.

“What more can I say?”

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