Megan cheats Pt. 01


All characters are over 18 years old in this story

It was a fine day. The sun was setting and Todd was happily heading towards his girlfriend’s home. Megan and him have been together for a year now. They met back when she moved to their school and Todd instantly developed a crush on her. She, meanwhile, became extremely infatuated with him, feeling attracted deeply to the meek, innocent little boy who looked so vulnerably as he shyly turned his adorably blushing face away from her when she introduced herself to their class. They were only 9 years old then, and became reasonably close. Megan wasn’t very popular or pretty then and Todd was the only person who was really nice to her, unlike how she is now showered with attention from all the guys at the local community college they go to.

Then they turned 19 and both of them had even stronger feelings for each other. By then, Megan had developed into a real head turner, with her strikingly beautiful face framed by a thick mane of golden blonde hair that cascades down her back like a river fall to her round, tight ass, massive due to her training as a volleyball player and the hundreds of squats she has done over the months since she joining the school team. The girl appears way out of his league, with how thin and weak and nerdy he is, and yet she fell for him hard, quickly becoming obsessed with how cute he is when he let out a small startle cry upon realizing that she caught him looking, and then turning away. He was always so sweet and kind, and she just wants to be able to call him hers. She knew of his feelings and, after getting rid of the glasses and the braces, and developing her now very attractive figure, is certain it would be easy to win him as her boyfriend.

Not long after the girl’s nineteenth birthday, she would eventually come to ask him out on a date. “I think you’re adorable and I know you find me sexy, cause every guy does. So will you go out with me?” It was fairly amusing to see the cute fellow jump up and down and ecstatically yelling “Yes!” happily, unhesitatingly yielding to her wishes and agreeing to go to dinner with her. He was considerably alarmed at her choice of a fancy restaurant near their school that appeared way too expensive for two teenagers to afford, but she quickly dismissed the notion, telling the boy that she got a lot of pocket money from her father, who clearly spoiled her a lot. She proceeded to boast about all the money and connections she had over the course of their meal, while Todd thought to himself “She can’t be serious. There’s no way one family can have so much clout.”

At the end of their dinner, Megan managed to convince Todd to go with her to her house, after the boy gave his parents a call to ask for their permission. They were driven to her estate by her chauffeur, with Todd being startled by the luxurious Rolls Royce sedan that came to pick them up for the ride, fully fitted with a refrigeration and a small television. He began to realize that she might be as close to being as rich as she claims to be. Todd might have been her friends for a few years, but she never introduced him to her parents. When they arrived at her mansion, Todd was immediately flabbergasted by the sight of the large, building that would be better described as a castle. “My dad is really, really rich,” she said, “He owns a powerful multinational corporation and is a really powerful billionaire. That’s why we have so many bodyguards around, as you can see.” She got him to meet with her parents, Mr and Mrs London, who both appeared to look down on him because he didn’t come from a wealthy and influential family like theirs, and barely tolerated his presence in their mansion, while he sat down astounded, taking in the fur carpeting, the chandelier, the gold leaves lining the wall, the expensive couches and furniture…

Not that Todd dated Megan because she was rich. No. She meant way more than that to him than all the money in the world combined ever could. She was smart, funny, kind and just an amazing person overall. She was perfect. And she loved him, despite him being a wimp and a geek, as much as he loved her. Todd skipped happily up the front porch of her estate, after receiving a text message from her earlier in the day. ‘Stop by at my place at 5, baby’. He eagerly replied Tekirdağ Escort that he would, before going out to buy some flowers for her. It was their anniversary.

After entering, he headed towards her bedroom, only to stop by the door after hearing some creaking and moaning and the sound of flesh slapping together. No, he thought. Please don’t let that be happening. Oh God, please let me be wrong. Todd pressed his ear to the door and heard words that made his heart shatter into a million pieces. “Ohhh, Brad. OH, you’re so much better than Todd. Ohh, you’re so much bigger than him. Harder, baby. Fuck me harder. Fuck your slut so hard she won’t be able to walk straight tomorrow. I want to feel you cum inside me.”

Opening the door, the young Todd entered the room with his tear filled eyes, sobbing uncontrollably, dropping the roses to the floor, as his nude girlfriend looked up from beneath the hunk lying on top of her, smirking, enjoying the sight of her weak boyfriend watching her get fucked by a superior man. Todd cried as he saw Megan writhing about in pleasure, with her lover’s powerful hands grabbing on to her firm, muscular butt cheeks while his lips were attached to her tits.

Megan London said “Hey, wimp. Surprise! Brad’s been fucking my brains out for the past three months and he’s soo much better than you. He’s much bigger and he lasts waaay longer. I see you bought flowers for me. That’s really sweet and all, but I really prefer the sweet taste of Brad’s cum. Yours just isn’t anywhere near as delicious as his. Not that it matters since you cum so little and I won’t be drinking anymore of your seed.”

She then got up from the bed, walking over towards Todd before shoving him down to the floor and pushing him so he is forced to lie down on his back, while squatting over his small body, placing her asshole over his nose and clenching her strong muscles, shitting a load of Brad’s cum onto his face and laughing, savouring the look on his face as he shed rivers of tears shamefully, humiliated and heartbroken. Megan then stood up and headed back towards her bed, before turning to look at him over her should and saying “Get lost.”

Todd felt so humiliated and emasculated watching his girlfriend fondling her large, bare breasts with sweat glistening from her toned nude body, enjoying being drilled relentlessly by the strong, powerful stud above her, then flipping them over so she could ride him cowgirl position, her muscular ass slapping into his full balls that are churning with boiling cum, preparing to shoot out into her waiting hole.. The heartbroken boy could do nothing to stop the river of tears streaming down his face as he choked back another sob, before turning around and running out of the house, feeling defeated.

When he got home, he was thankful that his parents were still at work, and immediately went into his bedroom, sitting on his bedroom and crying into his hands, letting out all his anguished sobs that he suppressed while at Megan’s house. In the comfort of his home, Todd felt that he could not have any more privacy to cry and release all the bottled up pain. He spent what felt like five hours but was only twenty minutes sobbing pathetically, not knowing what else to do. Eventually, after realizing that doing nothing but sobbing isn’t a practical way to get over Megan, he decided to go to sleep. Taking off his clothes, he walked over to the shower stall and cleaned his body thoroughly, before grabbing a towel to dry off his lithe form and head off to the bed, deciding to take his much needed nap naked.

Todd carefully slid his petite frame under the blanket, allowing himself to be absorbed by how good the silky mattress felt on his small body. He stared at the ceiling, trying to let other thoughts enter his mind and distract him from the all too recent memory of having to watch his girlfriend sneering at him while having hard core sex with another man, displaying no signs of guilt at this whatsoever. She must have thought so little of him. Fine. She can have whoever she want. I want bother pining after such a conceited, self absorbed, narcissistic bitch anymore, thought Todd, who slowly drifted of to a nightmare-plagued sleep.

“You’ll never be able to fill me like he does, Todd,” dream Megan Tekirdağ Escort Bayan said, giving him an evil smirk from her position on her knees, before turning around to suck Brad’s 8 inch monster, allowing the pole to press and deep-throating him almost reverently. It was clear how much she enjoyed being debased by this large hunk, who withdrew his cock from her mouth, before his balls visibly contracted, and his dick began to erupt, spraying long ropes of jizz all over her beautiful face, cum landing on her cheeks, eyes and nose.

Todd sprang up from his nightmare, gasping. He took in a deep breath, trying to slow down his heart rate, which shot up due to his anxiety, before propping himself up, placing his back on the pillow by his headboard, letting the top of the blanket slide down over his hips. It was only a few minutes after he dozed off and he didn’t get very much rest. Two things registered with him. One was that, despite his eyes being filled with tears yet again, the same dream which made him sob in his sleep also caused him to become extremely hard. Naked Megan always turned him on, even if she was engaged in sexual activities with other men. A tent was formed on the blanked as a result of his rigid rod poking upwards. The second was that the inducer of his reluctant horniness is also in his bedroom with him.

The young heiress was dressed fashionably as usual, wearing an expensive blouse and a sexy short skirt that barely covered a third of her thick thighs. She sat on the edge of Todd’s bed, eyeing his erection whilst smiling at the immediately blushing and indignant boy smugly. It was almost as if she knew that she was the cause of his ‘hardship’. The shy Todd turned away from his girlfriend, not even feeling angry at her for her earlier cheating, despite how much finding out about it hurt him. He just wanted to get the break up over with. “W W W What are you doing her?” he finally managed to stutter, after choosing to let her do the dumping part.

“Can’t a girl visit her boyfriend?” the bitch said, still with the stupid smile on her stupid face. Wait, what? She still thinks of him as her boyfriend? No. He can’t allow that. There’s no way they can still be together after this. Yes, he just thought of her as his girlfriend earlier, but that was because they haven’t yet properly broken up.

He was too afraid to do it himself, fearing that saying the words will cause him to be assaulted with another bout of tears in front of her. But now it looked like he had no other choice. “I’m not your boyfriend, Megan,” he eventually managed to say. This caught her momentarily off guard, before her previously smug expression hardened.

“What did you say?” she began, snarling. “That’s funny, because I never gave you permission to break up.” This startled Todd greatly. Her permission? What the fuck? “Just because I’m having sex with other guys doesn’t mean you have any right to end this relationship. I’m not going to let you go, Todd.”

Now it was Todd’s turn to be outraged. He can’t believe the audacity she was showing. She can’t really expect me to still want to be with her after all that, he thought. Why does she even care, anyway? It’s not like he was on her mind when that brainless jock was on top of her. It took him a few seconds to gather his courage, before he said “What, one cock is not enough for you, whore?” He regretted it immediately when he saw the pain and anger flash through her eyes. As much as he still hated seeing her sad and feared upsetting her, he continued. “Cause I don’t want any sloppy seconds and that’s all a slut like you could ever give anyone.” He tried to stand up, but the realized he was still nude and Megan was pushing him down by his shoulders, her much stronger hands squeezing him so tightly he felt like she was fracturing his shoulder blades. It was a stupid idea trying to fight a girl who outweighs him by 30 pounds at 170lb.

Oh, and all of that is pure muscle too. She’s a pretty, rich girl who is also very physically strong, being in the school’s swimming, basketball and football team. Todd, meanwhile, barely attended PE classes and was a self proclaimed nerd who is only good at reading and studying, and can’t even really remember the last time he ever played a sport or did Escort Tekirdağ anything which required physical strength. She easily overpowered him and slammed him down on to his bed like he was a rag doll.

“Listen to me, geek. I don’t care how hurt you were by what you saw. You are mine. I will never let you leave me. This might be hard for you to believe, but I actually love you and am planning to grow old with you. I just need some good sex with other guys who can satisfy me.”

Todd struggled futilely, his thin legs pinned helplessly beneath her far more powerful ones. “I don’t love you anymore!” he blurted out, causing her to stop in shock.

“You..what? Y Y You don’t love m me, a anymore?” Megan stuttered as she slowly rose from his body and backed away, actually looking wounded by his words. It was good to see her being the one doing the stammering for a change, thought Todd, who surprised himself by harbouring negative thoughts for another person for the first time, much less the only girl he ever loved.

Todd nodded quickly before saying, in a force tone disguising his own hurt feelings “Just leave me alone, Megan.” The athletic beauty appeared to realize no good could come from prolonging this conversation and quickly left, hoping to figure out what to do later. She tried to hide the fact that there were tears streaming down from her pretty eyes, wishing that he never uttered those painful words to her. Todd spent the next couple of hours just sitting there silently congratulating himself for having the spine to stand up to her when it really mattered the most.

Unbeknownst to him, Megan, who had by now reached her home, was already plotting to get the adorable nerd back into her arms. She now realized what a mistake springing the truth of her affair on him in such a sadistic manner was. The girl understood now how bad he must have felt at what he must have perceived to be her rejection of him. Yes, he can never satiate her lust, but she also still love him because he is extremely cute and sweet in the little kitten kind of way that makes her want to protect him from other, evil girls who might try to ruin his innocence.

She was visibly distressed when her father, Jonah, came home that night. The man was, despite being an ambitious business owner, actually a principled, moral man, who cares a lot about his family, but perhaps more than he should, often overlooking his own principles where his wife and children were concerned. “What’s wrong, honey?” he immediately asked when he noticed his daughter sitting there looking like she was about to cry.

“I I I did s something r really stupid and now my boyfriend hates me!” she finally breaks down in tears for the first time since infancy. Seeing his daughter cry was very shocking, but more so was the cause. The middle aged business man heard about Todd a lot, and from what she told him about the young fellow and also what he observed during the several trips he paid to him and his wife ever since they started dating, he loves Megan too much to suddenly hate her, even if she did indeed do something really stupid. Unless it was really that horrible.

“What did you do, sweetheart?” Jonah London asked his daughter soothing. What came next as her response shocked and disappointed him.

“I had sex with another guy in front of him.” This was far worse than anything the billionaire could have anticipated, and as if that wasn’t already enough, his teenage daughter continued. “Then I forced him to eat the other guy’s uhmm, you know… from my, uhmm,…” At that point Jonah actually considered speaking out and siding with another person against his own daughter for the first time. Then she opened her mouth and resumed talking. “Todd said he’s breaking up with me. But I won’t let him! I love him and there’s no way I’m letting him go. He belongs to me. And I need you to help me dad. I can’t fix this by myself”.

Eventually, Jonah managed to find some words to utter. “Honey, I don’t think anything could ever fix what you did. Having sex with another guy in front of your boyfriend is pretty much the worst thing you can do in a relationship. Just accept that what you did was wrong and apologize to him.” Megan thought about it for a moment, before nodding. She wasn’t really planning to say sorry to Todd, however. She was willing to give up on the other cocks if it would make him forgive her and go out with her again, but it wasn’t really her fault he’s too small to satisfy her. When heading up to her bedroom, she resumed her plotting to get her adorkable Todd back.

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