Max’s Vacation Surprise Ch. 2


I continue to drive, my pussy throbbing from this latest fantasy that you are a cop, telling me what to do, having your way with me. The sky starts to change and it begins to rain so hard I can barely see the road. I decide to pull over and camp for the night, not wanting to spend my money on a hotel because, as usual, I haven’t budgeted. I find a decent campground and pay my fee in the night box, not even bothering to see if there’s a ranger on duty. I hurry to an open sight, nearly blinded by the rain, and get all my gear out of the back of my little truck. Though it takes only minutes to assemble, I manage to get drenched while putting up my tent. Once I have the fly up, to ensure no rain comes into the tent, I begin to bring what I need in from the car. Only then did I remember how horny I had become in my car.

My tank top, now soaked, is clinging to my heaving breasts and I see my nipples straining through, hard as pebbles. My movements become slower as I watch the rain slowly roll down my chest, all over my arms and feel it slithering down the nape of my neck, onto my back. My back always being the most sensitive part of my body involuntarily arches from the trickles of water and my excitement, sending a chill through my whole body. I scramble into my tent, wet dog and all, and begin to place everything where I cab most easily access it. Sleeping bag, pillow, flashlight, book, trail mix, towel, vibrator. Vibrator!? How did that sneak in there? Hmmm….daylight was scarce and my tent us well concealed. What the hell else do I have to do? What the hell else do I want to do??? I carefully place the big, black vibrator next to me and shimmy out of my wet clothes.

My vibrator looks like an enormous cock, it’s black and shaped like a penis, with about as much give. At the base of it is a piece that sticks out and is meant to vibrate on my clit. The whole thing has a control panel that makes it swing and vibrate. I don’t bother getting under the sleeping bag; I just lie back and slowly stroke my nipples, one in each hand. My right hand slowly grazes over my body and I moan softly. I slowly enter my index finger in my pussy and find it warm and slick, I take a moment to gently finger myself in and out, in and out. I’m just enjoying my openness, my nakedness in this tent in another state, all alone and it’s dark. I take my time while I grasp the base of the vibrator and hold it against my chest while I lift my legs so my knees are upright. I spread my legs, knees falling to my sides and enjoy feeling of the outdoor air teasing my wet pussy as I lay there, open and ready. I slide my vibrator down my tummy and lift it out and toward my waiting pussy.

I pause again, right as the tip is barely inside me, and close my eyes in silent ecstasy. Sinop Escort In one motion, I ease the black member into myself completely, pushing at its base to see how far it will go. As my pussy swallows the vibrator, the little tag on the end grazes my clit, actually pushing into it. I jump, as thought I’ve forgotten about this feature. I choose not to play with the buttons and make it vibrate, rather I begin to slowly push and pull from the base, withdrawing it completely, then pushing it back in. Slowly and firmly, I continue this rhythm, unknowingly beginning to moan. A little faster, but not by much I continue this rhythm as I throw my head back and close my eyes tight from the pleasure. My mouth hangs open and I barely hear my little murmurs of, “uh, uh, ohh, uh huh..” in sync with the pumping of the vibrator in my hot pussy. I begin to push a little harder now and with each thrust the contraption at the base rubs my clit with force. The combination of the penetration and my clit being stroked is making my breath quicken and as I exhale I’m now groaning, yes, yes, yes. IN…with incredible force, massaging the inner walls of my pussy, causing explosions on my clit, which is now a swollen nub of flesh…OUT…pulling backward at my inner walls and reluctantly withdrawing from my clit, pulling it back with the force. A light coat of sweat is now covering my body. I take my left hand and circle my nipple; savoring the chill its created, then slowly, so slowly, rolling my nipple around with my finger.

My right hand stays busy pushing in, out, in, out. I can’t take it anymore, I’m moaning and thrashing and pumping furiously. All sexual points are heightened to the extreme; my pussy is producing more and more milky wetness (milky, creamy, molasses in heat wetness), my clit is engorged and totally withdrawn from its hood, my nipples are at full attention, large and dark pink, so hard they almost look like squares poking upward from my breasts. Each thrust teases an overwhelming orgasm, harder and faster, harder and faster. Pumping, pumping, pumping…oh, God, I can’t take it anymore, it’s too much too much, my body is screaming for release, my voice is screaming for release. Suddenly, my body is owned by a tremendous wave of pressure, beginning in my pussy and shooting outward to all points of my being. I tense, grimace, mouth open and panting, vibrator frozen inside me as I convulse and am awarded the familiar yet overwhelming force of orgasm. I squint my eyes and ball up on my side as I feel the aftershocks from my clit and pussy contracting onto the vibrator, each convulsion like a mini orgasm. I curl up and stay in my moment of dark warmth and wetness. I drift off to sleep with my vibrator resting gently inside me.

I wake Sinop Escort Bayan up about half an hour later and look around, feeling like I had dreamt that crashing orgasm, but feeling sore enough to know it was real. Realizing that my vibrator was still inside me, I figured I’d have a quickie. I rolled onto my back and spread my legs; I was going to let the machine do the work this time around. I flicked the clit vibrator button and immediately, my head was swimming. The noisy little buzz was a slight indication of the ferocity with which this little instrument was buzzing my clit. I opened my legs wider and within moments was again washed over with orgasm. As my orgasm subsided, I had to turn off the little vibration, as my clit was too sensitive to take the motion. When I turned it off was when I heard a man’s voice right outside my tent.

Forgetting to even take my vibrator out of my pussy, I draped my sleeping bag around me and unzipped the door to my tent. It was the ranger, “Ma’am, sorry to bother you but this site has been reserved and if the party shows up, you’ll have to move.” I’m bright red as I stammer, “Oh…I didn’t know…it was raining and I ..uh..” The ranger looked more closely at me, “No worries, Ma’am….are you alright? You look a little flushed..” That was when I noticed that this uniformed man was nice and tall, at least six feet with salt and pepper hair and a warm smile. “I’m okay, just got a little cold from being wet in the rain, then you kind of scared me.” He leaned in closer and secured the sleeping bag around my shoulders in a strangely forward and paternal move; I watched as his long arms grasped the sleeping bag and felt so unusual that this man was inches from my body and had no idea that there was a vibrator peeking out of my pussy! I shifted a little, hoping it would slide out. It did slide out, but I leaned on my foot, which was leaning on the control panel, and I must have activated it! Suddenly, there was a familiar, to me at least, buzzing coming from underneath me.

he ranger looked concerned, ‘Whoa…what’s that?? It sounds like a snake, ma’am you’d better move so I can check it out.” I was freaked, “No! No, I’m sure it’s not…it’s nothing, really don’t worry.” The ranger was persistent, “I can’t leave you here with a snake ma’am, wouldn’t be responsible, now please, if you’ll just get up for a minute…” He physically moved me and there it was. We both looked down at it, up at each other, down at it, up at each other again. Humor was my only escape, “Um, Mr. Uh, Ranger…what kind of a snake is that?” We both laughed but the awkward moment didn’t subside. When humor fails, use sex. I pulled him into my tent and zipped up the door. I laid him down and he didn’t resist.

My sleeping Escort Sinop bag fell away from me, revealing my nakedness and shadows in the dark of night and candle lit tent. I wasted no time in undressing him, only pulling his pants to his knees because he said he had to finish rounds soon. By the time I got to his penis it was almost at its peak of hardness. Instead of touching him, I just sat there and watched. I watched as the night air and mere sexual tension inside the tent brought him to a complete, throbbing erection. I was practically salivating, as I couldn’t wait to get his rock hard cock in my mouth. I leaned onto him, my naked breasts resting on his spread legs, and my right hand held the base of his cock while my left hand explored his balls. I leaned my head forward and licked the rim underneath the tip of his cock, all the way around, excruciatingly slowly.

My left hand was pressing firmly on the area below the base of his cock then grazing its way back to his balls and rolling them around gently. I then put just the head of his cock in my mouth and sucked the whole head, just to the rim…he was squirming now, his hands on the back of my head. I withdrew and noticed his disappointment as his eyes rolled open and down to me to see what was happening…I sat up and showed him my right hand; I had him follow it with his eyes as I buried it deep into my pussy, closing my eyes and moaning softly. This caused him to moan and, keeping my right hand busy, I leaned forward and took his whole swollen erection into my mouth. I pumped furiously, no longer delicately, up and down, bobbing with abandon. The pace of my right hand is quickening as I’m fingering my pussy and teasing my clit, which makes my movements more furious while sucking his cock and tasting his precum. He’s thrashing and moaning and just as I know he’s close…

I come. I didn’t realize it was going to happen, I just came. I stop sucking is cock and shudder with my hand inside myself. He just lays there, I’m on his stomach with his cock in my mouth, as I orgasm. I recovered quickly allowing more attention to be paid to his pending orgasm. I pushed his legs apart with both of my hands, clenched my lips and began bobbing up and down with more pressure than before.

He began talking, “Oh, yeah, suck my cock…I’m so hard…suck it uhhnnn…oh shit, I want to come on your tits..” I withdraw, lie down on my back and push my tits together with my hands. He straddles me and starts pumping his cock between my tits, the head poking out the top with each thrust. I push my head down and begin to meet the head of his cock with my tongue at each upward thrust. This really does him in and he quickens his pace, panting heavily and I can feel the shaft of his cock throbbing in preparation…then, as my tongue is flicking the head of his cock while the rest of its buried between my tits, he moans loudly and spurts hot come all over my tits and in my mouth…I lean forward and take his manhood in my mouth to catch all of the second wave of his orgasm…

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