Manipulating Jenny Ch. 19


Imagine what it’s like for him and her when a sexy teenager’s erect clitoris is stroked over and over by a body painter’s soft hair brush.

That’s exactly what our irrepressible now 19 year-old long-legged long black flowing hair Latina office prick teaser Jenny’s thinking after she picks up the phone for an appointment with a body painter. He’s told her models must be clean shaven, nude, and sign a declaration they were not enticed into it.

It’s a long weekend and she’s randy for some irregular and unusual excitement, calling her 18 year-old friend Alison about his advertisement for amateur models. He’s new to town and he’s seeking appropriate models 18 -25 to pose in a complete head to toe artistic cover up in washable theatrical production paint as a way to make him well known locally.

He’s so good at his craft they can walk downtown and nobody would think they’re naked under the painted on apparel. He’s paying each model $300 for the exhibitionist escapade and a free repainting sometime in the future. It seems like the ultimate dare for a sensationally sassy personal assistant to a randy boss called Raymond. If he knew what she’s up to right now he’d insist he be there to make sure she does things right.

But the body painter’s place is not Raymond’s domain like his space in the office tower so the 50 year-old boss will only hear about it later when she’s back at work on Monday and keen to tease him about her latest erotic adventure. She knows that brings out the worst in him and every time it ends up with another gift or another great lunch or another cash bonus to keep her from ever looking for a new job.

You can’t blame the man if you could see what he sees when she bends over to show him reports he’s asked her to dig up, often just to give her another reason to be in his office in her tight mini skirt and low cleavage no bra tops. Phew! Everybody loves Raymond, her boss thinks, and she loves what this Raymond packs in his pants. He’s one bachelor that got grey hair without every marrying and his attention to her details is designed to make sure this is one PA that would rather hand her boss an opportunity instead of a resignation letter.

Jenny’s interest in the body painting offer isn’t about the money; it’s the thrill of the dare and a chance to turn a stranger on while she’s being painted and acting naive and innocent. That’s her modus operandi. It brings out the supposedly innocent exhibitionist nature developed in her persona ever since she was seven and liked to flash too much bare skin about the place, even in shopping centres where many an old geezer was momentarily mesmerised.

Her penchant for letting men innocently perv on her with flashes of flesh is a hand me down from her very sexy mother who died after being run over when Jenny was only seven. She saw the last of her real father Ron in an erotic reunion a week ago. (Chapters 17 and 19) Her stepfather struggled in all those ensuing years to keep Jenny from going too far. When she turned 18 she rewarded him for his persistence, realising his love wasn’t superficial like daddy Ron’s.

With her very high libido Jenny simply loves to tease men sexually and with her centrefold sassy hot body she certainly makes their temperatures rise fast. And that’s not the only thing that she makes rise, she knows only too well. Her imagination ticks over constantly while she thinks how she can affect men while making out she’s naive. But she pounces like a Jaguar. She aims to go the body painter as a dumbstruck wannabe to see what happens.

Girlfriend Alison reminds her they already planned to go to the body piercer who inserted the two arousal rings in Jenny’s not so virtuous vagina nearly a year ago when she just turned 18 and were going back so he could have a close look at Alison’s so see if it’s suitable for piercing. Sometimes they’re not and the old master says he must be sure with a close pre piercing vulva inspection to gauge the thickness and sensitivity of her clitoris and inner labia.

He’s also keen to see how Jenny’s piercings are standing up several months later and question her on the success of her arousal enhancements They decide to postpone that for two weeks (upcoming Ch 20) so they don’t miss out on the body painter thinking you have to strike while the going’s hot.

Alison, slightly younger and not as daring as Jenny – but getting more like her the longer they hang out together – is curious about the body painter.

“Jenny you don’t even know who this guy is, have you checked him out?” she proffers in her more defensive manner. “You should ask to see his credentials.”

Now that gives Jenny an idea for a start. “Hey Alison that’s a great idea, I mean checking his credentials if he’s checking mine. He can only say no. Anyway, if he expects a chick to strip off for him so he can enjoy his hobby painting I think it’s only fair he gets his gear off too.”

“You’re incredible Jen, trust you to come up with that but I know what you mean. But what if he’s got a tiny dick?”

“Well Escort bayan too bad, but what if he’s got a big one?” our pretentious prick teaser puts to her friend.

“I bet you’re not game to ask anyway, you’re just saying that to make me come with you,” the blonde receptionist retorts.

“No Ali, you’ve got to come. Look, whoever he is he’s hardly likely to advertise in the paper and expose himself to the law if he’s not okay.”

“I suppose so.”

Jenny explains to Alison why she’s so keen to try it out. “Look if this guy’s okay and he’s that good to make a naked body look like it’s dressed I’d love to come straight over to your place painted up real good like and see if your sexy daddy Charlie notices anything different. “

The blonde giggles. “Oh he’d love that since our recent escapades. You know you really brought him out of his shell last time you were here.”

“Is he still strictly religious as he was before I met him?”

“Oh yeah, but I think he’s saying extra prayers now that nobody finds out that he’s a daddy doing things with his daughter. “

“Tell him I think about him.”

Alison’s dad would be tickled pink and his broad penis would start to resemble the underside of an alligator if he knew Jenny was thinking of him. He’d rightfully know that if she’s thinking of him she’s really thinking of his manhood.

“Anyway Ali all I could find out over the phone is that his name’s Jerry and he’s 48 and he said he’s been at it for many years.”

“Body painting?”

“Well he didn’t actually say body painting as such but that’s what I took it to be.”

“What exactly did you ask him Jen?

“I said I saw his advertisement and I’m 19 so I qualify in the age group but what’s his experience? He gave me his name Jerry and said he’s 48 and asked me to trust him as he’s not a student straight out of uni, and that he’s very good with his instrument.”

“So he didn’t exactly say he was an expert in body painting, just to trust him because he’s 48 and not straight out of uni and he’s got a good instrument,” Alison says with a laugh.

“No, I said he said he’s good with his instrument, not that he’s got a good one. I suppose he was talking about his work tool, you know, the thing in his hand he uses to make it come together. Look Ali of course he’d be an expert in body painting why else would he want to paint?”

Alison’s literally lyrical in her reply. “Jenny it’s just for the joy he gets out of seeing naive young women strip naked for him, what else?”

“Well I suppose if it’s his hobby and he does a good job who cares?” she fires back.

“Okay Jen did you find out how long it takes so we need to plan?”

“Yeah, he said it depends on the body design we go for, it takes from an hour and a half for a basic simple design to six to seven hours for a really complex one.”

“What? That long, we’d be there all day.”

“Hang on Ali, he said count on four to five hours as he average if I want a really professional job as several coats are needed otherwise it’s too easy to see sensitive parts of the body through the paint.”

“Oh boy Jen, it sounds like the kinda fun you go for, so okay I’ll be in it. Why not suggest he do you looking like you’re wearing those tight long legged Spandex tight pants that come up the crack of the pussy so if anyone looks there it looks the same as though you’ve got the pants on.”

“Good idea, I get enough looks there as it is so with nothing on but paint it would be rather interesting and I’d love to walk through the mall and see how many people look twice in disbelief. Anyway we’ll have to get there to find out. I’ll ask him to book us in for 9 in the morning.”

The following day they head out together and find the address is a large colonial style house with attics and a long front verandah on a small acreage set right back off the road up a long gravel driveway from the road. From the roadway they can’t see the house.

“Gee it seems a bit spooky, like those places in the old Alfred Hitchcock movies,” Alison says peering ahead.

“Oh cut it our Ali, you dramatise things too much just because we’re out in the sticks a bit.”

They get to the front door and ring the bell and sure enough when the door opens a man appears but he’s not holding an axe, he’s holding a paintbrush. “Come on in,” ventures the partly balding 48 year-old Jerry wearing a check shirt and shorts. “You are Jenny and Alison I take it?”

“Yeah, that’s us and you’re Jerry, right?”

“Same name all day ladies, come through this way.”

“Did many others turn up or are we the guinea pigs,” the ever alert Alison asks.

“Nope, so far just you two but I sure got a lot of phone calls. Seems they either didn’t know that real artistic body painting requires complete nudity or they wanted their boyfriends to come with them. I don’t allow that as they stick their opinions in where they don’t know what they’re talking about and I don’t invite trouble.”

He Bayan escort leads them into his ‘main studio’ a big area with one of the walls taken out so it’s more expansive. It’s covered in a thin vinyl sheets for carpet. “No good having real carpet or bare polished boards here too much cleaning up” he explains.

“This paint you’re using on us, how long does it last and will it come off or stain?”

He laughs. “Of course it comes off, with soapy water under the shower or you can leave it on for another day if you really want to surprise some extra people. It’s just theatrical paint and won’t stain. But don’t get caught out in the rain as it will soon get streaky and you’ll see bare patches as it comes off.”

What about your credentials?” Alison asks. He goes to his computer and flashes a succession of images from his hard drive to a big screen in the corner. “Here’s proof of what I do. Can you see anything wrong with that?”

“Nope,” says an eager Jenny, “they look pretty sexy to me but I’m just 19 like and kinda naive and gullible and I guess I’ve gotta believe it’s your work. I’ve never taken my clothes off for anyone; in fact you’d be the first man to see me starkers.”

Alison looks at her wide-eyed and amazed at such bullshit, wondering, then she realises Jenny’s giving her the cue to follow. “Yeah I’m much the same Jerry, just turned 18 last week and this is my first big adventure being like a model. It’s my first time and I’m pretty shy so you’ll have to put up with us being inexperienced like.”

He smiles the kind of smile a man smiles when he’s got deep down good reason to smile.

“Don’t worry girls, I can see you are both real amateurs and it’s easier to work with amateurs more than professional models.”

“Why’s that?” Jenny ponders aloud.

Without thinking he puts his foot in it eager to answer so confidently. “Well they take instructions better and I can get them how I want them and they eat out of my hand like. The professionals have been there and done that and they try to tell the artist what they want him to do as if they’re running the show.”

Jenny’s caught on real quick this guy can be a bit of a wag as well as know how to body paint. “Oh you won’t have any trouble from us, we’re like beginners and we’ll follow your orders as long as you know how to paint.”

“Well I hope you girls have bare pussies for this as it’s hard to body paint over curly pubic hair you know, if not I’d have to do it before we started.”

“You do that?” Alison asks amazed.

“Only if I have to, three of those women you just looked at I had to trim them up to the really smooth standard I need otherwise hair or even stubble spoils the look.”

“Well we’re okay in that department, clean as a whistle,” Jenny agrees.

“That’s good so how about we start by you both getting your clothes off and getting used to the environment for about 15 minutes so you’ll relax better. I found over the years the models are too stiff at first when I start straight away but once they lounge about a bit just chatting they really settle in better for the sitting.”

He hands them a declaration to sign that they agree to model naked and have their bodies touched for the purpose of rendering a professional body paint result. They sign it and start taking their clothes off. Jenny gets down to her low cut bra and tiny lace panties and pounces.

“Jerry, I think it’s only fair you wear as much clothes as us; I mean if we’ve got to let you see us with no pants it’d make us more comfortable if we saw you with no pants so it’s all square, you know.”

He puts an index finger to his chin. “You know, it’s funny you should ask that. Once in a while I get asked the same thing but I’ve never done it, ethics you know.”

“Jenny pouts. “Well Jerry I’ve never taken my clothes off in front of a stranger before. I feel pretty nervous about this so I just think if we’re naked and you’re not it feels as though you’re looking at us.”

“Ladies how do you expect me to paint you if I don’t look at you?”

“What Jenny means,” Alison compromises, “is that it’s a strange sort of feeling a girl gets when she knows a man can see her undressed and we’re about 30 years younger than you. That’s sort of erotic like isn’t it, you know, the difference between young and old?”

“For a start girls, I may be 30 years older than you but I’m not an old man by any means. Don’t you know the definition of an aged person starts at 74 now that people are living much longer? Anyway I’m very much a virile 48 thank you and sure, old enough to be your father stuff, but you’ve got to realise coming here for this that body painting a woman without any clothing is really an erotic thing for the model and the artist. Can could it be anything else if she’d nude?”

“I’m sorry if I sounded as though I think you’re really old,” Alison appeases, “we can see you’re not really way old like a rocking chair case but can’t you at least make us feel like we’re not more naked than we Escort are by you getting something off?”

“I guess that’s so but I’m a professional and I don’t let a woman’s bare body affect me. Okay then I’ll take my shorts off if it makes you feel better but can’t take my jocks off as exposing myself when I’m painting you is…..”

“is putting us all on equal terms,” Jenny interjects.

“Now that’s not what I mean Jenny, it’s kinda unprofessional that’s what I mean.”

“Rubbish,” the prick teaser retorts. “Who’s going to know but us and we’ve signed off on your form so there’s no problem surely.”

“Well, I dunno.”I’ve never done it for any gal.” He knows the starting point essence of this erotica is for him to be wearing some clothing, even if it’s only his shirt, provided they’re nude.

“Are you afraid we’d giggle or something,” Jenny says pulling the strap of her bra off one shoulder as a come on. “Look we don’t care if you’ve got the smallest one in town it’s just a matter of principle that if we’re totally undressed for you to see us starkers then you be the same. It’s like the level playing field thing, about being fair.”

He scratches his head. “Naah, too risky. You might tell someone.”

The three of them stand there, Jenny in her matching black lace bra and panties and Alison in her matching peach colours and Jerry the body painter waiting for them to take off their underwear.

Jenny’s a smart chick who knows how to beat a man at his own game and she knows his weakness — he needs models to get known and the only ones that turned up are in the room with him refusing to strip unless he does. All the other wannabes dropped out either because they weren’t adventurous enough to be painted naked or because he wouldn’t let them bring their boyfriends.

“Okay Alison,” she announces. “We’re getting dressed to go home; we’ll just have to give it a miss, he’s even shyer than we are.”

She reaches for her clothes and he takes the bait. “Hang on don’t rush off like that. I’ll see what I can do. If it’s that important I’ll just have to swallow my pride and get out of my gear.” Jerry’s a smart man too, he only had to take one look at the hot bodies on these two under 20s chicks to see what he’d let out of his sight.

“Okay girls, I’ll do it but no telling anyone.”

“Hardly!” Jenny grins knowing yet again she’s got her own way. Alison winks at her and shakes her head grinning.

Jenny and Alison strip down as he’s removing his pants. “I’ve got to leave my shirt on girls; I need it on to keep wiping my mitts.” He takes a look at their firm natural busty bodies and can’t resist a low wolf whistle.

“Sorry about that girls, I’m not a chauvinist don’t worry, just a man’s natural appreciation of real beauty like you girls have the perfect shape for body painting.”

He removes his underpants still staring at their heavenly bodies as the girls stare back in the direction of his upper legs. He can see his ship’s just come in and if he’s remotely lucky he can get on board later. His seven and a half inch-long penis bobs up to their gaze, and it’s a rock-hard two-inch wide thick girth one.

Jenny feigns shyness and puts her hand over her eyes, then her mouth, faking the gullible girl confronted by a naked man with a roaring horn look. Alison mutters “Oh my God!”

He notices how they respond and he’s sucked in by their alleged innocence. His cock’s not the longest but it’s almost identical in appearance to Alison’s dad’s pride and joy. Jenny’s pulse quickens but she’s careful not to let on she’s more experienced than she makes out. If anything happens anytime when she’s thrill seeking in her manipulative ways it must look like she’s innocent of all charges, and that means it’s the man who’s got to feel guilty.

His erection’s certainly got their attention — little wonder it’s 35 degree higher than the horizontal angle rigid as if it’s on standby like a rocket on the countdown. He apologises. “Sorry girls I’m like this, I didn’t ask it to happen, it’s just a natural male response to beauty.”

“Like the wolf whistle,” Jenny reminds him. “You said the sight of a woman’s bare body doesn’t affect you so you’re really no different to other men.”

“Ah, yes, I guess I’m a normal man after all, sorry about that. Look if it stays up don’t let it bother you it’s just that I was born with a high libido and sometimes I can’t control how it looks. It’s got nothing to do with the way you two look exciting me.”

“Oh my goodness,” Jenny pouts. “It stands out that much I shouldn’t have asked you to expose it just because of us. I never thought the sight of a woman could do that so easily,” she fibs, “but then by what you just said you just confirmed we’re exciting you after all.”

“Arr, maybe it’s because there’s two naked young women, not just one like I’m used to doing, you know, twice the excitement thing.”

“Should one of us get dressed and you do us one at a time not together,” Alison suggests.

He likes the sound of doing them both together but he won’t take her words too literally. “No, look it’s okay, come into the kitchen and we’ll have a cup of coffee and talk to settle things down and then I’ll get into it. You can ask me any questions about body painting.”

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