Making The Play

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Big White

The plane landed in JFK international airport at 3pm. Krystien had been looking forward to seeing her messaging friend, Alex. They had been sending messages via MSN to each other ever since they were teenagers. It was Krystien’s idea to come to New York to see Alex for their long awaited meet.

She stepped off the plain and followed the path to an open area with various guests waiting for other passengers either visiting or coming back home. She scanned the area for the familiar build of Alex. He was easy to spot; with his tall, muscly build. Krystien smiled as soon as he noticed her walk down the stairs.

Alex strode towards Krystien and embraced her in their first hug. He kissed her on the top of the head and they walked towards the station where the luggage was.


“It’s good to finally meet you.” Alex grinned while walking towards his parked car, “I’ve been looking forward to this for a LONG time. Oh I almost forgot.” He reached into the trunk and pulled out a single lily and offered it to Krystien.

She gasped and took the flower while hugging him once again, “Thank you. It’s beautiful.”

“You’re beautiful.” He replied, kissing her on the cheek.

They finished loading Krystien’s luggage into the trunk of the car and drove away from JFK, into The Big Apple. They spoke franticly of their interests and what they had been doing over the past couple of years. Krystien was an actor at a dinner theater in Edmonton, Canada. Alex, on the other hand, was a star football player.

They both knew that sex was an option tonight but neither of them said a word about it. They had many conversations about this night and Samsun Escort what would happen, followed by pictures and webcam broadcasts.

They both had different expectations though. Alex was open to anything that would happen that night while Krystien was hesitant about anal sex. She wasn’t fond of it and had heard bad experiences from friends. But, she had thought long and hard about it and decided that she would try it, provided that Alex had condoms and lube.


They arrived at Alex’s apartment not long after the plane touched down on JFK’s runways. Alex helped Krystien out of the car and grabbed the luggage. He managed to hold one of her hands leading her up to his loft. The smiles never left each others faces.

They managed to get apartment 307 in a matter of seconds. Alex threw the luggage on the ground and lead Krystien to the living room. They went to the bedroom and put on a slog rock song.

Alex gently lifted Krystien onto the bed and ran his fingers through her caramel, brown hair, caressing her neck with sweet kisses. He moved up her neck and kissed her on the mouth playfully. Krystien sighed with pleasure and kissed him back. The kissing became rougher and hotter each second. Making them both pant and moan from the friction of gagging each other with their tongues.

Alex slid his hands up Krystien’s shirt and fondled while she moaned and bit her lip.

“Bella…?” Alex whispered in her ear, asking a silent question.

“Yes Alex. I want you too. Please.” She begged.

Alex smiled and pulled off Krytien’s shirt. She returned with a seductive move of peeling off Alex’s shirt and Samsun Escort Bayan pants while he fidgeted with her bra. He’s jaw feel as he saw her breasts fall from captivity. Sure, they were small but a perfect B34. He moved down her body towards her panties and caught a piece of the fabric in his mouth. He pulled the black panties down her legs and off of her feet with his teeth.

Krytien laughed while his gaze returned to his prize. His mouth fell for the second time and he wiped down his boxers. He leaned forward and caressed her check and kissed her passionately while spreading her legs. He moved his free hand between her legs and rubbed the otter lips of her vagina. She moaned silently and shivered.

Alex looked down at himself and noticed that his penis was more erect than before. It had swollen three times the width. His breathing was shallow and he positioned himself above a fidgeting Krystien. She tensed as the head of his cock touched her.

“Are you ready, babe?” He asked.

They both took a deep breath as he slid in her. She gasped in pain and a tear fell down the side of her face. Alex knew that he had broken her hymen and that she was in pain but he would replace the pain with pleasure.

He moved his hips in and out, going deeper into her inviting darkness each time. They both moaned loudly and the friction increased. Alex moved back and forth faster and faster until Krystien finally broke into a cry! She wrapped her legs around him and locked her heels together. They rocked away from each other then as close as possible.

“ALEXANDER!!” Krystien screamed clearly hitting the brink of an Escort Samsun orgasm.

“Ohh.” Alex moaned in responds, “Babe, I’m gonna cum”

They rocked at a continuous pace when Krystien tensed as Alex released into her several times making her scream. She un-tensed and milky liquid flowed from the filled hole. He butt raised in the air and her head flew back as another orgasm surfaced.

She slowly lower her body and unhooked her legs as Alex slid out. They were breathing deeply after the arousing form of sex. He bent down towards Krystien and kissed her. The kisses moved down her body till it reached her outer lips. He licked her and flicked his tongue all over her pussy. He then pushed his tongue inside of her while working her with his thumb.

Krystien moaned in pleasure. He dug his tongue inside of her till it went limp from exhaustion. He pulled back and flipped her around bending her over and fingering her vagina harder that his tongue could have done.

Alex re positioned his moist, hard cock behind Krystien and fucked her from behind. She screamed that it hurt several times but they both calmed down as the breaths got deeper and shallower. They were both enjoying the satisfaction of anal penetration.

After he was done he flopped on the bed and pulled her into his arms. Her hair was wet from sweat and she had tears running down her face.

“We’re n-not done..” She spoke in a quiet tone while moving down his body, “It’s y-y-your turn, Alex.”

She moved down and cleaned the left overs fromhis cock. She licked his shaft slowly moving up towards his head. Krystien slipped it into her mouth and slipped it out repeatedly. She then gripped it with both hands and slid it down her throat with Alex’s help.

She came up after 10 minutes of constant gagging and crawled into Alex’s arms. They lay there, panting like dogs in heat. The deed had been done and they were no longer virgins.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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