Make Me Forget My Own Name

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Lydia panted as her back slammed against the door. She could feel the cold edges of the metal handle as it pressed against her bare skin. His hands were roughly pulling on the sheer fabric of her black backless dress.

Oh, I need this, I want this so badly, Lydia thought. It had been so long since someone had truly wanted her. The sharp pain from the breakup had slowly begun to fade away—it had been weeks since the last time she had cried into her pillow. Every night now she woke up feeling herself, fantasizing about a naked body pressing against her own. So Lydia had decided it was time to try out one of those dating apps. What did she have to lose?

Lydia had not really expected the laughter with Marcus, the easy conversation, the way his eyes glittered in the candlelight as he clicked his wine glass against hers. She hadn’t expected to be panting like she’d just run ten miles in the hot sun as he bunched the fabric of her dress around her waist, revealing the smooth black bra barely covering her breasts.

This is really happening, she thought, this is what I wanted, isn’t it? A stab of fear flashed across her heart. She ran her eyes up the curves of his strong chest, up the muscles of his neck, around his firm jaw, and into the depths of his eyes. He was looking at her with hunger, drinking in the view of her bare skin. But beneath the hot desire was a kind look, a look that showed he cared about her. When a gentle smile curved up his lips, she felt something relax inside her, and felt the stress draining away, replaced by a rush of warmth flooding up from between her legs all the way up to her throat.

Dropping her purse, she grabbed his head with both hands, pressing his lips into hers. They flowed against hers, his heat sending little electric shocks through her brain. Their lips slid across each other, up and down, at just the right speed. Slowly she began to run her tongue across his lips until he opened for her. They kissed frantically as she released his head and began to tug at his shirt.

Marcus started to undo his shirt, still trying to keep kissing, his hands fumbling at his buttons. He kept glancing down to see what he was doing. Lydia panted in frustration as his hands slipped off another button. He finally undid a second button.

Still six more to go, thought Lydia, I have waited too long for this already. I am not waiting a second more! Shoving her hands between his buttons, she pulled, hard and fast. One of the buttons broke off, revealing just a glimpse of a hard stomach. She pulled again with all her strength, buttons flying out and clicking against the floor as she took in the shadows of his abs, the strength of his arms, the muscled depth of his chest. Lydia felt herself licking her lips as she gazed up at the surprised but amused look in his eyes.

“I like a strong woman,” Marcus said, “now it’s my turn.” He reached around the edges of her strapless bra, pulling it off like he was revealing a precious gift. His breath stopped short as Lydia’s breasts fell free. As he sighed in appreciation, any remaining hint of worry eased out of Lydia’s heart. Yes, she wanted to do this. She wanted Samsun Escort him to touch every piece of her.

It was her turn to lose her breath as his lips found her nipple. Jolts of pleasure rolled up her breast as he sucked and licked. She felt the blood pumping in, making her nipple into a hard mound. She gasped again as he pulled his teeth against her nipple before taking the time to suck hard on her other breast.

Somehow her dress was on the floor. How did that happen? wondered Lydia. Her thoughts fled away as Marcus ran his hands up the outside of her bare thighs, gently scraping his fingernails against her skin. He started to pull at her lacy black panties, but she grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the hotel room bed. “You’re not getting me naked first,” Lydia teased as she unbuttoned his jeans, “Let’s see what you’re working with here.”

As she pulled down his pants and briefs, she saw his cock slip out. He was halfway hard; still soft enough to hang down, but full enough to give a good view of his length. To be honest, Lydia thought, it’s a pretty normal size. Maybe a little bigger than usual, but nothing giant. Somehow that made her feel even more relaxed. This was just two real people in an ordinary hotel room. There was no pressure to make it magical. They were good to each other, they wanted each other, and right now, she wanted to feel that hanging cock get hard in her mouth.

“Take your socks off,” Lydia commanded, “I want you completely naked for me.” Marcus chuckled and gave that knowing half smile. “Yes ma’am,” he teased, stepping out of his pants and pulling off his socks, “whatever you want, I am glad to…” His words cut off in a gasp as Lydia grabbed his shaft in one hand and ran her tongue along the loose skin just below the head. She looked up and saw his eyes almost rolling back in his head with pleasure. Very satisfying result, Lydia thought to herself, I guess I still got it.

She dropped to her knees, making sure to give him a good view of her free breasts as she started sucking eagerly on his shaft, running her tongue around and around his cock. She could almost feel the blood pulsing in as it quickly began to harden, more and more, until Lydia could feel it filling her mouth, pushing towards the back of her throat. It feels so good to be filled up like this, she thought, How long as it been since I’ve had that? I can’t believe how much I want this dick inside of me, filling up completely.

She was surprised to feel a wet patch on her hand. While she had been sucking hard on his cock, she must have been rubbing her hand up and down over her panties. Her pussy was soaking wet now. She also noticed Marcus breathing in ragged jerks, eyes clenched tight, little sighs and groans of pleasure coming from deep in his throat. Lydia smiled around the cock sliding up and down her tongue. Yeah, I definitely still got it.

“I want you inside of me.” Lydia said. Actually, it was more like she whispered. Her breath was coming hard, too. Her pussy was glowing with anticipation, and she could feel the wetness sliding over her lips. She gave a little squeak as Marcus Samsun Escort Bayan picked her up off her knees and literally threw her onto the bed. She started to frown at him for being rude, but then she felt her panties slip down her thighs and a hot tongue began sliding around her pussy lips. All irritated thoughts flowed out of her mind. “Oh yes, that feels so good,” she sighed, both hands clasping tightly onto the soft comforter.

Marcus grunted something, his deep voice vibrating between her legs, but she couldn’t make it out.Lydia giggled to herself. It didn’t matter, anyway. His tongue was still doing wonders, licking her from bottom to top, swirling around her lips, pushing in deep into her pussy, then working its way up to her clit. Lydia gasped again as his tongue began gently circling the hypersensitive bump. Around in a circle, then licking up from inside her pussy again and again and again.

She grabbed his hair in both hands, pushing his face into her pussy. “Give me all your tongue. I want it deep in there.” Marcus grunted something again, and then his tongue began to flick in and out, thrusting in deeper and deeper, curling up each time to brush the folds of her G-spot. There was almost too much sensation this time, too sensitive. “That’s so good, baby. Just a little slower now. A little slower. That’s it! Oh, that is definitely it.” Pleasure rolled up her pussy in waves all the way up to her belly. She could feel her legs starting to shake as Marcus kept his tongue pushing in and out at just the right rhythm.

After a few minutes, Lydia could feel the blood starting to rush into her pussy. That familiar pressure that she hadn’t felt in a long time began to grow. She heard someone moaning, and not in a pretty way. Deep and guttural moans. Is that me? She couldn’t tell. Her mind was beginning to fog up. The pressure started to build more and more with each thrust.

The sensation was amazing, but she started fantasizing about a hard cock pounding into her. The tongue just couldn’t reach far enough in. She wanted to be filled up completely as his cock slid into her dripping pussy. “Please, baby, I want you inside of me.” Lydia was a little shocked at how much her voice was pleading for him. But she couldn’t help it. “Please, I want you. Please! I need you now. Please, baby, I need you so bad.” The hot and wet swirling suddenly stopped, leaving her clit still vibrating with anticipation.

Lydia lay back, occasionally shuddering from the desire throbbing through her body. She heard a condom wrapper rip. I’m glad he remembered. She thought. I am way too far gone to even think straight right now. It shows he’s a good guy, just like I … Her thoughts cut off as she felt the tip of his cock begin to slide into her. The head slowly moved in and out, just at the sensitive opening of her pussy. The longing to have him all the way inside was burning hotter and hotter.

“Come on, don’t tease me, baby, I want all of you. Come and give it all to me.” She looked up past his hot naked chest into his twinkling eyes. “I will, baby,” he panted, “you don’t know how much I just want to pound Escort Samsun you. We’ll get there, baby, but I want to slide into you just right, until you cum so hard you’ll forget your own name.” He emphasized each point by pushing in a little deeper each time.

Lydia felt a twinge of frustration. The longing was so strong she just wanted it all now. But she trusted him somehow. She knew that they had just met each other, but their conversation had been so smooth. It was easy to laugh with him, and he was willing to listen. You could see in his eyes that he wanted her badly, but he also cared about her. He wanted her to feel safe, and free to just totally let go.

So, Lydia just let go. She let go as Marcus built up speed, little by little, until she almost wanted to scream. She let go as he slid into her faster and faster, deeper and deeper. His hands stroked her legs, her belly, her breasts, her arms, her fingertips. His body rubbed against her clit and his cock was hitting all the right spots inside. Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore. She reached out and grabbed his firm ass, pushing him inside of her until she was completely full. “Yes, give it to me!” Lydia yelled, “Yes! Yes! That feels so good.”

Marcus started pounding her hard. She could feel the power of each thrust pushing all the way from her pussy to her belly, making her breasts shake and bounce. His lips found her nipples, sending electric shocks through her body. Loader and loader, her moans ripped out from deep inside her, merging with the sounds of their pounding bodies, merging into the pressure that built up in her pussy as she dug her fingernails into his broad back. Her toes began to clench, her calves tense, her whole body squeezing with anticipation.

Suddenly the pressure burst inside of her, flooding her with pleasure, erasing any thoughts from her mind, sending spots across her eyes, as her pussy contracted once, twice, a dozen times, pumping jolts of power deep into her belly, deep into every part of her body.

Vaguely she heard the voice of a woman crying out. Somewhere in the distance Marcus was panting, too, harder and harder, until he groaned, his face clenching up tight, his fingers tangled in her sweat-soaked hair. She could feel him throbbing inside of her as waves of cum pumped out of him.

They lay like that for a while, their slick bodies cradling each other. Marcus stroked her gently and held her close. “That was amazing for me. How are you feeling, Lydia?” She lay there for a moment, sincerely confused. Who is her talking about? She wondered. I feel like I should know. Lydia who? I don’t care. I feel like I’ve melted like butter. I’m so warm and relaxed….

A moment later she burst out laughing, snuggling deeper into strong arms. “You know, you were right. For a second there, I really did forget my name.” She smiled a wicked smile. “Just to be fair, later tonight I’m going to make sure you forget your name. In fact, I promise I’m going to make you forget how to think at all! You’re going to be a mumbling little baby when I’m through with you.” They both laughed long and hard, their naked bodies molding together as they held each other tight.

Later that night, Marcus found out just how far Lydia was willing to go to keep her promises.

(This is my first story ever! It is just a simple first taste. If you enjoyed, please let me know, and I can cook up some more.)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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