Madeline in Oregon

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She hadn’t seen her Aunt Margo in many years but she wasn’t feeling guilty. Her family had made it clear. They did not agree with two women living together. The telephone call had to be dealt with immediately though. Margo was her mother’s sister and had received the lion’s share of the estate at the probate three years earlier. The call wasn’t from her Aunt, rather from Margo’s younger ‘partner’ Allen.

Aunt Margo had been married but after nineteen years they had divorced, childless and disillusioned with marriage in general. Now more than ten years later her Aunt’s boyfriend had called. Aunt Margo wasn’t well and had asked Allen to reach out to Madeline. She had arranged to travel to Oregon to spend sometime with a woman who could have been helpful years ago. Madeline was just leaving high school and had spoken to Margo of her interest in women.

“You’re too young to have settled this Maddy. I mean, sex with a girl once or twice doesn’t mean you have only one view of the world.”

Madeline had listened to her Aunt’s view of her sexuality but once in college had decided her preferences. The trip would be for only a week and the weather in September in Eugene was nice.

The call from Allen was short, “Sure I’ll book a flight and be there within the week Allen.”

She’d tried to booked a hotel but instead found a room in a small B&B nearer to Margo’s home twenty-five miles west of Veneta. Being closer to the Ocean would allow her to excuse herself. She could spend some time with Margo but also head to the beach twenty miles away. The idea of staying at her Aunt’s wasn’t an option. Her memories needed some distance.

Tess had wanted to travel west with her but Madeline knew that was the wrong thing to do. She would sort out her feelings during the ten-hour flight and keep her lover out of the mess that was her remaining family.

She picked up the black Mustang convertible after landing and drove the twisty road along the river with her hair in ponytail and the new green Ducks hat to prevent damaging her long hair. The day was nice and the road nearly empty. This rent-a-muscle car was just what she needed.

What she didn’t need was what she encountered arriving at Margo’s. She had never met Margo’s ‘friend’ Allen.

“I could call him my boyfriend but that sounds so yesterday Maddy.” Margo had said when they last spoken thirty months ago.

Now in Margo’s driveway she opened the door as a young man approached. She didn’t know who he was, maybe Allen’s son?

“Hello Madeline, your Aunt told me to expect a pretty girl but she didn’t say a tall beauty in a cool car!”

She paused before speaking, ‘oh my god. . . this is Allen? He’s barely thirty years old. My Aunt’s become a cougar’.

“Hello, and thank you for saying that. You, are you Allen?” She asked.

He was over six-two and lean, wearing a pair of beach shorts and a clean but torn t-shirt. Madeline was astonished. Her panty was damp!

She had stepped clear as the door swung closed and Allen reached out and hugged her. He smelled clean as his long arms wrapped about her narrow back and her breasts compressed as he hugged her again.

“You must know how much this visit means to Margo. She is inside napping but should be awaking in thirty minutes. Can I bring your bags?”

Madeline’s heart was racing as Allen released her, and he turned and reached into the car to pop the truck.

She spoke quickly, “I’m, I mean, I don’t have a bag. I’ve a room at the Pines. Can I sit down?”

Allen turned back toward her, “Oh, you look quite pale. Can I get you some water Madeline?”

She was sitting on the porch as he swept out of the door with the cool drink in one hand and a can of beer in the other, “I hope you don’t feel sick,” handing her the moist glass.

She looked up to his face as she took the drink, but was distracted by her thought; ‘I can’t believe this. He’s making me as wet as a teenager on a first date. This is your Aunt’s boyfriend. Thank god I’ve a room a few miles away!’

She drank most of the water and said, “I must have become dehydrated on the airplane. Thank you Allen.”

Allen also sat, “Margo is still quiet and the nurse will let me know when she awakes.”

Madeline was sitting in contrast to Allen forty inches away, wearing an expensive sleeveless V-neck wrap dress made of light-green chiffon. Her legs were bare and she wore a pair of off-white wedge sandals with a medium heel. She had her legs crossed and was looking at her Aunt’s buff stud of a boyfriend. Had her Aunt ever mentioned Allen was so young? Her questions couldn’t be answer at this point so she distracted them by discussing the ride from Eugene.

“I haven’t been here in the Valley for at least eight years. I enjoyed the windy ride. Now my hair is a mess.”

Allen smiled, “You look just fine Madeline. I know your Aunt always calls you Maddy. But you don’t look like a ‘Maddy’. Can I call you Madeline?”

Madeline looked over his shoulder to the field and hills beyond. Was he aware canlı bahis of his impact on me? Is my face flushed? I should use the restroom.

“Sure all of my friends do. Can you direct me to the powder room? It’s been awhile,” she arose and followed him into the small but comfortable front room of the house.

“Just there on the right. Margo is in the back bedroom so you can’t bother her.”

Before she relieved herself she touched her moist labia and brought the juice to her nose. She was very wet and the panel of her thong soaked. She had another pair in her handbag but that was in the car. She thought to call out for Allen and ask him to retrieve the bag from the Mustang but realized that Tess had handed her a soft sextoy as she left early this morning. It was in the top of her handbag. She would have to sit with wet panties and deal with Allen until her Aunt was awake.

As she left the powder room she saw a photograph of Margo and her ex-husband on the Hall wall. Uncle Richard was good-looking but the same age as Margo. Now her Aunt had a boyfriend who could have posed in a studmuffin magazine. His abs were distracting Madeleine, just apparent through the holes in his t-shirt. She had to find a way to cease these thoughts; she wanted to fuck this man. To fuck the first man in almost ten years? The threesomes her and Tess shared were not the same thing. How had he come into Margo’s life?

She was about to excuse herself and return to the Pines when she met the nurse in the front room, “Hello, I’m your Aunt’s nurse. My name is Esther.”

Now another problem had arisen. This wasn’t the type of nurse she had considered when Allen had spoken of her twenty minutes ago. The woman was almost her height and wore a white uniform and an apron. Her hair was light auburn and up in a bun. She wore little makeup but Madeline could see that this was a beautiful woman. Crazy beautiful. And Esther’s uniform was causing her body to respond. She could feel her moistness again.

How would she get through this afternoon? Was she attracted to this woman or was her elevated arousal really caused by Allen?

“Margo is awake, can I take you to her?”

Madeline followed Esther to bedroom, her eyes watching the movement beneath the nurse’s white dress. At the door she saw her Aunt in the bed. She looked like she was near death.

Quietly Esther said, “She looks worse today but your visit will change that. Her lungs are the problem but she can be comfortable here in her home for the next few weeks.”

Madeline stepped to the bedside and sat lightly reaching to Margo’s face. The soft touch caused Margo to turn and open her eyes.

“ah, ahh, Maddy, You look so wonderful. Is Tess with you?” her Aunt said.

Madeline considered this question quickly before answering. Her Aunt knew of her lover but they hadn’t met.

“No Aunt Margo, she stayed behind. I hope you’ll understand.”

Margo’s face twisted, “I know I’ve disappointed you. My stupid statements were from my disrespect for the lives of others. I had wished she would come with you.

Do you have a picture?”

Madeline almost asked the nurse to run out to the car for the bag but stopped. The woman was less likely to probe inside but she didn’t want to risk this beauty finding her toy.

“Yes I’ll show you them later okay?”

After thirty minutes of talking about the illness and the past eight years Margo closed her eyes slowly. Esther saw she was fatigued and suggested a pause.

“Can we let her rest for an hour?”

Out on the porch with these two wonderful looking people whom she’d just met they spoke about the difficult past six months and the consequence of the lung disease Margo had discovered.

“She will be comfortable at best and the pain medicine assures she rests frequently. Allen is a god sent for Margo.” Esther said as she turned to look at the stud sitting nearer to Madeline on the narrow porch.

Madeline could stop her lust only by continuing to discuss her Aunt’s condition. Esther assured her that Margo would be lucky to live another month.

“Allen what will you do? I mean to say, how are you handling this challenge?” Madeline saw that as she said this his eyes shifted to the floor.

He started to speak but stalled.

“Margo and I had ended our love quasi-affair over nine months ago. When I’d heard she was sick I came back to help her. At first she didn’t share how sick she was and Esther would visit only every other day or so. The hospital wasn’t helping her. A simple infection could have killed her. After three months a nurse was with her everyday and when we realized Margo needed more care your Aunt asked to have a nurse staying in the guest room. Esther is the second nurse to stay. The first one couldn’t continue due to her family.”

Madeline was able to stay focused for the next thirty minutes while the two ran through the care and treatments Margo had endured. Each time she looked across at Allen she had to quickly advert her eyes to the hills to stop her sexual bahis siteleri images stirring her pussy. If she turned to look at Esther she would shift her gaze lower only to see the smooth legs of this other beauty. She was somehow able to restrain herself until Esther confirmed that Margo was able to speak again.

After their second visit of the afternoon Allen said that he had to run into town to refill Margo’s prescriptions. Madeline was sitting quietly after sending Tess an update via text. Her handbag was beside her and closed. She had shifted the toy to the lower pouch but not until she’d removed it and studied it. The scent on the shaft of the toy was pleasant though Tess had cleaned it before handing it to her.

“This will keep you honest lover. Don’t forget where he was just yesterday.” Madeline was reviewing the memory of Tess’ joyful orgasm when Esther came out and sat down on the swing bench right next to Madeline.

She sensed that the nurse wanted to say something and turned slightly toward her. Madeline could smell her own arousal from her thoughts of Tess. How could any sexual woman sitting this close not know that Madeline’s pussy was dripping?

As her eyes moved up to Esther’s face she saw that Esther was turning as well and she saw that the nurse’s leg was shifting to cross toward Madeline.

“I’m about ” Esther moved a bit quicker seeing that Madeline was going to speak and stop what Esther wanted to happen. Esther’s left arm and her leg were softly around Madeline as her lips reached Madeline’s and Esther’s tongue moved with little resistance into Madeline’s parted lips.

The kiss was a surprise to Madeline yet she allowed this beautiful woman to lead the tongue play. Esther’s month was sweet and clean and her tongue moved within Madeline, asserting Esther’s will over any objection Madeline might pose.

Madeline move back away slightly, “Esther, you can’t ” but Esther pressed forward so that their breasts were touching through the material of their dresses while the nurse moved her hand atop Madeline’s. As the kiss continued Esther took Madeline’s long fingers into her own as Esther parted her thighs and her hand moved beneath the hem of the her white dress. She moved Madeline’s fingers near her naked sex. Esther had removed her panties before coming out to the porch.

“Your Aunt talks in her sleep Maddy.”

“But Esther, ” she stopped as the nurse’s tongue deeply entered her mouth again.

Pausing their kiss Esther said, “She says you sleep with girls, ” Esther was now fully in control as her hand had slipped from her own sex and was pushing Madeline’s legs apart, reaching to touch her soaked thong.

“I saw your toy Madeline. May I see it in your mouth? Will you let me fuck you?”

Madeline was panting as the hand between her thighs had penetrated her with three fingers. Esther was fucking her and Madeline couldn’t find the will to resist the attention. She wanted to stop, to feel she could prevent feeling she was betraying Tess’ love but she couldn’t. Now Esther was moving. The insides of both of Madeline’s thighs were wet and her lipstick-covered lips were smeared.

“How could you,” Every word Madeline tried to make was cutoff as Esther would push her sexy tongue back into Madeline’s mouth.

Then Esther just stopped kissing her. Madeline looked to the woman’s face and saw Esther smiling as she reached down into the handbag and withdrew the toy. The same toy that had fucked Tess just yesterday.

Esther brought the toy to her mouth and licking the helmet noticed the familiar scent, “So you want it in your tight passage Madeline?”

Madeline spoke slowly, “You’ve got to slow down Esther. For God’s sake you’re my Aunt’s Nurse!”

Madeline sat up wanting to stand but was weak. “I’m in a committed and loving relationship with Tess. I don’t want to continue this ” but Esther did and sensing Madeline’s reservations she had moved closer and pulled Madeline to her feet and again her tongue was willingly accepted. Esther knew she would fuck Madeline but she didn’t need to rush. She wanted an entire night of fucking therefore she moved slight back.

“This girl Tess likes toys in her bottom. So do I Madeline. We’ll stop and I’ll let you get settled. I suggest that you check your face before that cutie pie returns. He wants to fuck you too you know? But your panties have shown me that you’ll be mine.”

Esther moved away from the swing and stood just looking at Madeline, whose dress hem was up passed her waist exposing her wet pussy. Madeline was still breathing deeply but moved to cover herself. The soaked panty wouldn’t let her stop considering how close she had been to orgasm with this powerful and dominant woman.

Esther reached into her pocket removing her own panties. “You can use mine until we start this again.” She turned and walked toward the door.

At the door she stopped, “He does have a nice penis, but I like moist smooth girls like you.”

After using the powder room Madeline called Tess, “I maybe should bahis şirketleri have let you come along on the trip. My Aunt’s nurse is a real looker and she will be trying to get into my pants Tess.”

The call to Tess allowed her to explain in detail Margo’s desperate condition and Tess asked Madeline to relax.

“If this woman wants you then I understand. She can’t change what we have Madeline. I mean, is it just sex Madeline? If you lick her pussy you’re still going to need my loving body right?”

As Tess was nearly ready to hang up Allen returned and Madeline said goodbye and set the phone down. Seeing him reminded Madeline that only thirty minutes ago Esther was close to fucking her with Tess’ toy. Now watching Allen move she considered her options. Maybe she would ask Allen to accompany her to dinner. Esther’s had a job to do right here but getting away might be a good idea. She was surprised how easily Esther had taken the dominant role.

“Allen can you advise me on a place for dinner?”

He stepped up the porch stairs, “We had planned to have some take-out here. Would that be okay Madeline?”

Madeline made a little face, “I’ve had a long day and was hoping to disappear for a few hours after we speak with Margo again.”

Just then Esther step out, “Your Aunt is awake Maddy.” She followed the sexy woman back to the bedroom.

The discussion with Margo was about the estate and how the lawyer had arranged to transfer the various properties and assets. It was amazing that Margo had this very detailed information still within her mind.

“Did you remember to find the photos of Tess?”

Madeline used her phone to show the hundreds of photos of her and Tess’ past nine months. Her aunt had few questions but said afterward, “I will missing getting to know your Tess. It’s all on me though. I could have, I mean I should have compelled you to bring her with you. I should have reached out to the two of you months ago. “

Margo was again exhausted and Esther left to prepare her dinner.

Madeline asked Allen if she could help Esther with feeding Margo, “It’s not something I usually do because Esther does it so well. You could stay and watch but your Aunt generally isn’t talkative during the evening.”

Allen could see that Madeline was a bit sad and said, “I guess we could stop for a bite at the Diner. It does serve for another hour or so.”

Allen stepped out to the Kitchen to let Esther know he would get some food at the Diner.

During that small moment alone with Margo Madeline saw that she was alert. “Madeline, I know that you were surprised to meet Allen. He has been a good friend and though you may see it differently he and I were not lovers. Yes we did sleep together but he’s been more of a companion to a mature lady. Can you see what I mean?”

Madeline wondered, is she suggesting that he’s a gay man? Or is she simply trying to say she didn’t treat Allen like a ‘cub’?

“I just like him near. I can count how many times he’s been with me on one hand Maddy.”

Madeline wondered why this seemed important but Margo said next, “He a man with needs and I would say he’s very certainly noticed your beauty.”

“But Esther is better looking than me and she’s been near him for months right?”

Margo actually laughed, “She’s as queer as they come dear. She will most certainly try to bed you. Shit she has been servicing me weekly for two months.”

“What? Servicing you, you mean like for pay?” Madeline knew she didn’t have to say anymore.

A moment later Allen came in, “Oh you’re awake Margo. Esther will be ready in five minutes. Madeline and I will stop at the Diner for some quick food then she’ll stay at the Pines tonight. I’ll see you later.” He bent to kiss her forehead.

During the simple meal they shared their backgrounds. Allen had a Master’s in Biology and was between assignments therefore he could stay near Margo.

“She means the world to me Madeline. She has been a great friend and yes I do love her. Not like what you might think though.” He spoke of his family in Texas and how he’d met Margo but something seemed to be holding him back.

Madeline watched as he would pause after starting a new point then redirect himself.

“Do you feel alright Allen?” she decided to ask him directly.

He looked away than spoke softly, “I wanted to tell you that you’re much more lovely in person. For years Margo has shared the photos she did receive. I was stunned when I saw you get out of the ‘Stang. I mean, yes I mean to say, I’m highly attracted to you.”

Madeline reached across the table covered with the plates, “You’re so cute to say that Allen. You know I’ve a significant partner in Tess right?”

The next few days were similar; Madeline would get to speak with her Aunt for thirty to forty minutes and Margo would then sleep. The fourth day was Esther’s day off and Allen did most of the chores in her absence. Madeline came out to porch in the mid-afternoon to find Allen asleep on his back on the low bench. She could see he was dead asleep but also noticed that he was a stiff as a rocket. She started to move back inside but then paused to look back. His erection seemed to be calling to her and she stepped back outside.

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